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The Secret To Building A Great Circle Of Friends (Truth)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

The Secret To Building A Great Circle Of Friends (Truth)

The above is a brief introduction to The Secret To Building A Great Circle Of Friends (Truth).

Let's move on to the first section of The Secret To Building A Great Circle Of Friends (Truth)!

The Secret To Building A Great Circle Of Friends (Truth)

that's the intro to baby let's go see
what's popping in the kitchen alright
good morning everyone my voice has been
it's like the most gone it's ever been
but we're waking up I crashed here
because we stayed super late had an epic
little party after actually almost like
caught the entire backyard on fire by
leaving this on the propane coming up
and then someone lit it and just went
like it covered like 20 feet but crazy
crazy event after the two days this
Monday right now was very difficult to
wake up it's been super super cool as
you guys can see if you haven't seen the
house at all
go jump our house pretty dope so I
wanted to just drop the video probably
after this one we'll see the vlog but I
wanted to jump on here and share a
couple quick things cuz if he a lot of
people always ask me about social circle
friends I'm gonna give something it's
just my personal structure if you will
so I don't think about like everyone I
know is a friend for me I have one
friend that's it and people might get
offended by that but it's not saying I
don't like you I don't with them
well look at this little spot I can
chill that oh this is perfect
I love this house but um I have a lot of
acquaintances and there's a lot of
different levels to that so this hour I
think about things I'll explain how I
find friends what I do my structure like
events because I just spoke at this
event I have declined probably a dozen
or so event invitations both paid and
unpaid because I don't speak that's not
me I don't care to I'm not like good at
I don't think that's not really my thing
so I'll tell you why I did this one but
the reason I think about things as
friends versus acquaintances is because
for me everything is perception in life
so I've been around a lot of bad people
I've gotten burnt like
I literally have everywhere I turn I get
burned like every single person that
literally is the worst thing for me and
now I just I just stop like I just don't
mess with people like that slit about
tell my friends like yeah like I just
don't like people like people in
themselves bring so many problems I
don't need a big social circle I really
don't I only need a couple the right
people so for me that doesn't mean I'm
just like ignoring everyone I'm inside
all the time I'm acquaintances with all
these people with everyone I can
FaceTime them I'm on toking like work
we're homies but that doesn't mean like
I'm out of my way to like you know come
spend a ton of time with that like you
can't invest in Natalie crazy yeah
they're the homie so I want to give a
little bit of incentive why structure
like this without trying to give away
too many names there's one situation I
will give let's just say someone said
that I could rely on them to do
something in a living situation and
absolutely screwed me over I've called
the police on them multiple times I
don't ever need to do I don't like to do
but it's just such a situation has
about 15 grand worth of valuables of
mine and it just goes to show like
complete flip-flop on who this person or
who I thought they were so you have to
be very careful with that in the
beginning here's the thing I recommend
you meet everyone do as much as you can
for example you guys will check out the
vlog in a few days depending on when
this is up but it's like this big event
is like 150 people here and like 20
different speakers I was on an
e-commerce panel which is one of the
businesses I run for those who don't
know and it was super super cool I don't
speak I've never spoken on stage I don't
know a good reward people said they
loved it was one of the best but
although all the speakers you're
absolutely amazing ton of amazing people
so we were speaking on that and the
reason I said yes to this first of all
it's my friends okay they're running
this it's their beautiful new house in
Arizona they were throwing like an
opening welcome thing and of course I
make yo you want someone you know how to
help with the e-commerce thing you know
like finding like people who know what
they're doing and not saying give value
of course I didn't get paid to do this I
would not have accepted money to do this
I flew out here I took multiple days of
my own time literally getting next to no
work done to come out and do that okay
because you know that I'm close with
them I respect him that it would be the
highest level of
acquaintances if you will so and I just
that's that's my own personal separation
of how I think about things so a lot of
people again back to what I said earlier
take offense to that like wait what do
you mean we're not friends and we've
done this this yeah
I've you a friend is like in ever it's
like the perfect person if you will so a
friend is someone where I like a lot of
people I have a lot of acquaintances but
a friend is where you're both on such a
similar wavelength and you have such a
similar mission such a similar
personality style it's huge I get very
close and people have similar
personality styles to me and that's not
saying I don't like all these people now
I'm not toking about anyone here
specifically but you know the reason I
separate that whether it's old friends
family it's people from my school
anything people I meet online or in
events you know massive conferences
anything I always just like to have that
separation that's just how I think about
things so for me coming to this event
with super quad met a lot of people it
was absolutely amazing after we got off
stage and stuff because we we rolled up
extremely late but uh you spend some
very late nights here with only a couple
hours of sleep so you guys can probably
tell I'm a little bit off but it was
cool so many people just coming up to me
you know time out like again and again
every time to finish conversation a
whole group of new people
that was amazing shout out to every
single person who did that I hope I
answered your question correctly I hope
I helped you out in whatever way you
were looking for so it was super cool to
meet a ton of people and for me I don't
come to events I don't not only do I not
speak at events I don't go to events a
lot of people have asked me you know
I've had the opportunity to speak at
them go to them that's not how I learn
okay so someone said the way why don't
you go to events or what's wrong with it
nothing okay events are amazingly the
amount of connections I've made here
super cool people that are gonna link me
with people who can help me do so many
things like cool stuff in my personal
life as well as a lot of help with
business that's amazing
glad I came okay and every time I don't
go I'm usually like dang should have
gone but you know what I like to be very
focused on my work I don't I don't like
jump outside of that to meet a ton of
other people all the time because I know
what I have to do at the end of the day
so that's prioritizing but for me I
don't learn in this setting so again
this goes back to my personality type
but I never did well in the classroom so
if you want to think about it like this
if you have someone toking on stage and
there's a hundred people in the audience
I don't learn like that can I get some
golden nuggets sure can I write down
some notes of whatever they say
sure but your learning is only dictated
based on what they're saying so yeah it
says zero I I would literally you need
to go to an event you need I don't care
who you are go to an event I'm not
bashing I'm explaining my learning style
so when I do come to these events this
is where like right at the beginning I
find a couple of new people cool people
that I vibe with the media then I can
just pick them out like took me 30
minutes here 30 minutes I got a couple
amazing new people in my life and
immediately we dip off and go to our own
thing look around on different side of
the house toking building that
connection because if there's a hundred
people here there's two different ways
you can look at this event you come for
the people or you come to listen to
speakers you could also do both but for
me it's finding that those people and
then going deep in the relationship
because you can't get a crazy deep
relationship with 100 people you're not
even gonna remember I don't remember
everyone's number who's in my phone like
I mean a ton of crazy people like you
know people who have had multiple
nine-figure exits the craziest companies
like literally partner like Equity
Partners in Shopify like all this crazy
stuff like it's super super cool let me
change this battery real quick it's
flashing red we're not gonna die alright
we're back with a fresh battery in the
camera and I've got a little bit of a
guess what's going on in AC Adams he has
no idea of this videos about it's
toking about friends how to find
friends the right social circle
influency people I toked a lot about
the event you know for me I don't know
about you but I don't you can't connect
with a hundred people under 50 people
there's no way you can get that you'll
forget about it so I like to find a
couple select people and just go deep
with that relationship every time just
build that out if you want to expand for
a few minutes anything with you know you
finding friends having to cut out
friends anything like that to help them
to know a lot of people always ask me
and probably use well about having the
right social circle being around the
right people you know how are you around
like Jake Paul's billionaires people
like living with them if you want to
expand on that first I mean first of all
huge hat off for Hayden for coming
through the Belgium our grand opening it
was a phenomenal event he killed it on
the panel it was the key to I would say
finding the right people are connecting
the right people are building that right
friend group I mean when it starts out
with just friends like me and you
connected on social media we're gonna
have two years ago same thing with me
me and Jeff and all these guys that are
literally living here now and I would
say the biggest thing is just like when
it comes down to friendships its
simplicity for me it's the repetition of
connection right you meet someone once
you're not gonna go deep with them to
the extent that you guys can actually
build a genuine relationship but it's
the repetition it's the repetition of
connection that I believe really builds
a friendship and over that repetition
you really get to see and dictate who's
really your friend who really vibes with
you who you can actually add value to
but when it comes to events I tell
people all the time like you meet a
hundred people out of event but you're
only going to meet you really wanted ten
real people that you're gonna walk away
from what I don't even know if I could
remember Ted yeah like I have numbers in
my phone somebody text me goes great
meeting on my course brother don't
remember who was yeah look I kind of
feel bad about it but what I always do
now is I think you saw me with someone
just yeah that's a great well that's
like gonna bring it all together it's
just bringing people together I mean
like if I know Karen and I know you but
you guys don't know each other yeah
bringing people that you know around
people that you know I think that helps
build the friendship because if you're
hanging out with someone on a repetitive
basis and you're hanging out with
someone else
to bring everyone together it just
builds a relationship and I think that's
where for me that's helped a lot for me
to just build this I was a tribe of
friends like yourself and all these guys
that are just killing it in this
industries and in there multiple niches
but yeah I would just say the repetition
of connection is by far the major key
yeah especially in that connecting
person for those other two people know
that they're similar they would vibe
because I think it has a lot to do with
personality types like you know how you
act how you conduct yourself how you do
things like we're the most like
stupidest group of degenerates you will
ever mean your life like if only you
guys knew well you know what we get the
job so other than that yeah I hope you
guys enjoyed the video this obviously
friends are so important that's a little
who you're surrounding yourself with
that's why I've been so selective oh my
gosh we got a clown uh haha what's up
buddy do you want to be my do you want
to be my friend okay so he was a joke my
circle is already full just kidding we
have two open spots if anyone wants it
so we hope you guys enjoyed this video
shot it's Casey i'ma leave his Instagram
link down below
other than that if you enjoyed this one
be sure to drop a like and as always
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right okay
not for long it's like you're okay but
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entire bowling alley in LA or something
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cheered if you heard that yet yeah
Bowles bowling dude I don't know that's
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ideas you're gonna yeah I just don't
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slow but anyways would they be insane
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