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The UGLY Truth About My Business Early On

Published on: December 9 2022 by MyWifeQuitHerJob Ecommerce Channel

The UGLY Truth About My Business Early On

The UGLY Truth About My Business Early On

in this video I'm going to give you a
behind the scenes look on what it was
like to run my eCommerce business in my
first year and how neurotik of a mess I
now one of the reasons I love
documenting my online business ventures
is that I have the ability to go back in
time and relive some of my experiences
running my business and this came in
handy the other day when a reader asked
me the following question
Steve it seems like you always know what
you're doing do you ever get impatient
with the progress of your business and
do you ever compare yourself to other
entrepreneurs and get frustrated with
now my first reaction was to respond
with something along the lines of don't
give up it's completely normal feel this
way don't compare yourself to others
blah blah blah blah blah but instead I
dug deep into the archives of my blog to
find this gem for you now here's the
thing whenever you read about an
entrepreneur who has made a large sum of
money in a short period of time there's
always a misconception that their path
to success was quick and smooth now take
my Stanford tree living buddy Pat Flynn
for example if you read his blog and his
tips it seems as though he can make tens
of thousands of dollars per day by
barely lifting a finger now what you
don't hear about enough is the pain and
the hardship he went through to get to
this point now the fact is is that once
your online business is up and running
life does get easier and we tend to
forget about the early stage pain now
looking back at our online wedding
linens business there were several times
when I was a neurotik mess and I did a
lot of stupid things now notike the use
of the word I here my wife was usually
more level-headed and patient now some
of the most commonly asked questions I
get asked are was business slow early on
was there any point in which you didn't
think things would work and was there
any point that you got frustrated and
just wanted to quit now if you were
planning on asking me any of these
questions I'll just save you the time
right now and just say yes as loudly as
I can type now in fact there are many
stupid things that I did early on which
I will share with you below so number
one my mood was dictated by sales now
after the many weekends and late nights
spent launching our business I wanted to
see results right away and in fact I
wanted sales so badly that I became
obsessed with every single customer that
visited our site now one of the coolest
and biggest time sucking features of our
online store is that you can follow a
customer as they browse through your
shop what product are they looking at
are they in checkout what do they have
in their shopping cart you have all this
information at the click of your finger
now here's just a note today you can
actually watch full length videos of
your customers and track their Mouse
movements which brings stoking to a
whole different level now early on when
things were slow I used to stok our
customers and my mood would be dictated
by their actions
come on baby that's right put something
in your shopping cart you want those
linen napkins I know you do because
they'll look great on your dining room
table Meanwhile my wife would always
look at me and say hey Steve will you
stop stoking our customers already it's
just gonna get you all worked up
nonsense dear oh they put something in
their cart I think they might buy
something come on baby buy it buy it buy
sweet they're entering their information
just a little further come on baby come
on baby click on submit you can do it
it's the big pink button in the lower
wait what's going on they've been stuck
on the payment page now for over five
minutes what's wrong oh my God why would
they leave without paying for their
merchandise crap is this something we
did is there something wrong with our
store it's game over man game over and I
would go on like this for several
minutes and then my wife would say
something like I think you need to get a
life honey you are my life dear we just
lost another customer now whenever we
did successfully sell something I would
be on cloud nine for the entire day but
when customers abandon their cart I'd be
left with this empty feeling of Despair
now this roller coaster of emotions was
not healthy for my psyche now it's one
thing to passively observe the behavior
of your customers online but I
desperately wanted and needed feedback
in order to improve our store why did
customers not complete checkout why did
customers leave the store so quickly I
wanted to know unfortunately when you
just launch your business and people
aren't buying feedback can be hard to
obtain which brings me to neurotik
action number two
sometimes after a customer had abandoned
their cart I would call them directly
and just ask them why and as you can
imagine some customers were shocked by
the call and some of these conversations
were downright uncomfortable
our records indicate that you attempt to
check out and your order didn't go
through popularly do you require any
assistance to complete your order
and this usually would take customers
completely by surprise and they'd be
like huh who is this
I'm sorry you were trying to purchase
some wedding handkerchiefs from our
online store about 15 minutes ago
that's strange I don't remember buying
anything I was just looking around how
did you get my number well you entered
it when you left your unpurchased items
littered all over our online store now
this is what I wanted to say okay was
there a partikular reason that you did
not complete your purchase no reason I
was just looking around what is it that
you want again please don't call me
now in my defense even though I drove
away some customers early on I actually
did get some quality feedback so for
example one time a customer told me that
there was a bug with our credit card
processor and his debit card would not
work another customer I called told me
that our pictures were too small to make
out the product details and I also
discovered that many customers went
through checkout just to find out the
shipping costs because it wasn't obvious
what the final total was
I was even commended once for good
customer service now even still getting
called by a store right after you decide
not to buy is not necessarily A wise
thing to do now even though my wife
still makes fun of me for doing this
I've toked to many entrepreneurs over
the years and calling abandoned cart
customers is actually a common practike
in fact in entrepreneur I just hung out
with at e-commerce fuel told me that he
has a full-on team dedicated towards
calling back abandoned card customers so
take that wife now looking back this is
one of the best things I ever did for
our business early on and Heck if you're
sending a customer an abandoned card
email you may as well call them too
because the conversion rate is super
now the next thing I did was I changed
things up too quickly whenever I did
receive any sort of feedback I acted on
it fast and as a result our online store
was in a constant state of flux I never
gave any of my changes any time to
digest instead it was like customer X
couldn't find the checkout button very
easily perhaps I should make it twice
the size and move it slightly to the
left customer why I thought she needed
an account to buy something perhaps I
should re-implement the entire checkout
process and what ended up happening was
that it was constantly making tweaks
without observing the impact of each
change and it was counterproductive and
stressful as well because I worked at
such a quick Pace that I often made
mistakes now probably the most egregious
mistake I made was when a syntax error
caused a picture to not load properly on
one of our checkout pages
now customers trying to make a purchase
were greeted with a big red X where one
of the photos should have been
now the next time that you read about
someone making a big or making lots of
money in a short period of time realize
that they had to work hard to get where
they are today now we all have our
neurotik moments that we'd rather not
share publicly like I just did with you
and don't even get me started on email
marketing there was a time when I had a
very small email list and I used to
stok everyone's open and click-through
rates stella432 gmail.com why aren't you
opening my email don't you know that I'm
just here to help come on Stella what's
going on woman
would you like me to email you again
with a different subject line Stella
Stay With Me Baby Stella stay with me
now here's a little secret we are all
not as confident as we appear to be and
the scary thing is that I barely scratch
a surface with my own mistakes now the
fact is that there aren't any true
shortcuts things will come along
gradually as long as you constantly try
to improve now if you find yourself
getting impatient with your progress and
you want to know how long it should take
to be successful with your business then
watch this video next

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