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the ultimate guide to dropshipping book pdf

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course | COMPLETE A Z BLUEPRINT 2022

hey guys, it's camille sarnon as the e-com king, and in today's video, i'm going to be giving you guys a brand new shopify drop shipping free course for 2022.. me and the team are going to be showing you how to build and advertise a successful, branded shopify drop shipping store in 2022. from the very start, this is gonna be a complete step-by-step, no bs- shopify drop shipping free course for 2022.. this is the only video that you need to be watching in 2022 if you want to start a successful shopify dropshipping business period. there's no other video out there that's going to be as valuable as this video today, and if you've been thinking about buying a paid course, you do not need to be buying a paid course. this video will be better than the paid courses that you've seen and this video will be the best free video on the internet right now. this is gonna be better than any paid course that gurus are selling you from a thousand dollars up to five thousand dollars, and i do truly believe that this is the best course on the market right now and it's completely free combined than any other course out there now, if you appreciate this completely free 2022 shopify drop shipping course that me and the team have put together. make sure you smash the like button and leave a comment to support this video. now, what we're going to be teaching you in this free course is how to find winning products, how to build a premium website with a page builder, how to set up all the apps that you're going to need to automate some of the processes, how to make video ads, ugc content, which stands for user generated content. we're also gonna be teaching you how to run google ads, tiktok ads, facebook ads, youtube ads and influencer marketing. so we're gonna be teaching you guys all the main advertising platforms right now that are giving out the best return i'd spend. you're going to be learning each one of these, and i'm not just done about scratching the service. we're going to be teaching you the exact blueprint for all of these different scenarios. now, this is the reason why this is the only video that you need to watch in 2022, and you're probably thinking that this is a very bold claim- and the reason why is because there's going to be 10 battle tested experts teaching you in one free drop shipping course. now, if you've already watched my channel before that, you know i've already put out two of the free courses, which is my 2020 free course and my 2021 free course. now, this free course in 2022 is not just gonna have me teaching you. it's gonna have another nine experts in different industries- google ads, youtube ads, tiktok ads, building websites- teaching you because, at the end of the day, i'm not the best at teaching everything within e-commerce and dropshipping. i'm very good at certain things, but i've got a team in place that are very good, for example, like youtube ads, google ads- and they're gonna be teaching you on a certain topic. so, for example, youtube ads will be covered by one of my business partners for dank, who's a specialist and expert in that field. so you're now getting taught by industry leaders and industry experts- each industry- so you can get the best experience possible. now, the reason why i'm saying they're battle tested is because they've been doing what they've been doing for the last few years by generating a full-time income, so they know what they're toking about. and this is six to seven figure tested information. with all the information we're teaching you today, it's actually generated- me and other people- between six and seven figures, and it's also future-proof information that you can learn and use throughout the next few years. now i want to make a massive disclaimer. this is a long-term business. it is a real business, is not a get-rich-quick scheme business either. this business has changed thousands of lives, including myself and all the other nine experts that i teach new today, but it's doing it on a long-term basis. now, if you've come into this video today to try and get rich quick, try and make as much money as possible in a short amount of time, then this video isn't for you. so if you're new to drop shipping, this is how the business model works. number one: you create your online store and you add your products. customers place an order. drop shipping supplier ships the order to your customers and you will never see or hold the product. then you make a profit. and the reason why the dropshipping business model is so lucrative and amazing is because it lets you start an e-commerce business without taking major risks like other e-commerce businesses that have to buy in bulk, that have to have a fulfillment center, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. now, drop shipping will let you test multiple products before committing to buying in bulk and private labeling, and we're going to be teaching you in this course how to do both scenarios, because drop shipping is just a test to see when you find a good product, to then scale it into buying a bulk and, obviously, private labeling and things like that. now, this is how much cash flow you're going to need to start this business model in 2022. you're going to need an upfront amount of 2 000, and this is more than what it was in the previous year, and the reason why is because a lot of businesses since last year have started to go online because of the global issue that we've had and they've become an e-commerce business, which means that there's more demand and there is more competition, which means you need more money to compete with these people. now, the more money you have up front, the better, of course, because businesses rely on cash flow to succeed. you need to be topping this amount up by five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars on a monthly basis because, again, this is a real business model and you need cash flow to sustain the business. now, the five hundred dollars for a thousand dollars could be just whatever profit you make. you reinvest it instead of taking it out and buying something, so that's something that you can also do if you want to be topping this up. these are the main drop shipping costs within 2022.. the shopify plan is going to be 29.99 and it's on a monthly basis. but if you use the link in the description and in the free cheat sheet, you will get a 14 day free trial and some exclusive benefits, and that will be the same with any link that's in the cheat sheet and in the description. it is going to be a partnership link, meaning that we give you guys some exclusive benefits of using those links, so you get a better offer than you would go and direct with these companies. now the domain name is going to be 14.99. it's a one-off fee. then the theme is going to be around about 19.99 on a monthly basis. the logo can be done for free. the apps are going to cost you around about 20 to 100 on a monthly basis. now the marketing is what's going to be the biggest cost involved, and that can range from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. now this budget can last a month, it can last three weeks, it can last three months. it just depends how you're advertising the product. but the marketing is the most important part of your business. now this is the make or break to your business. if you don't have good marketing, you won't get customers and you won't make money, so you need to spend money on marketing to acquire as many customers as possible to actually keep the business maintained. now you're more than welcome to skip to any part of the video that you need, because i know some of you guys are watching this, are already used to drop shipping, so you can skip to any module that you want, and there will be timestamps in the description and in the slide bar so you can find it. but i would recommend that everybody watches this from the very beginning and make sure that you guys join the free telegram group for any help, because if you've got any questions related to this free course, then me and the team that are going to teach you in today's free course are in there so you can.

Dropshipping in the UK | FULL Step By Step Guide for Beginners

how to start a uk drop shipping business: a full, step-by-step guide for beginners. if you want to start your own drop shipping business and you've got your eye on the united kingdom, there's a good reason for that: it's one of the biggest markets in the world and doesn't have as much competition as other regions, like in the us. that's why, in this video, i will show you all of the ins and outs and how to start your own uk drop shipping business, whether you live in the uk or not. quick intro and let's go: hello everyone. i'm lyron from autods and in this video, you're gonna learn how to start your own dropshipping business in the uk, no matter where you live around the world and no matter what selling channel, what platform you want to sell. on one second before that, subscribe to our youtube channel if you haven't done so yet, if you always want to stay updated and learn about the biggest and hottest topics that are coming out in the world of dropshipping and, of course, like and share this video if you appreciate the value. now, having said that, let's go ahead and begin on how to start a uk drop shipping business. for all of you guys who are beginners here and you haven't heard much of the term drop shipping, yet this is a very easy business model with low risk that can give you high rewards, and the way it works is you have an online store where you sell products without holding any inventory, which means no initial investments and no big expenses right from the start. once a customer purchases a product from your store, you simply ship out that product to the customer's address directly from your supplier, meaning the product does not go through you, the seller, the drop shipper. you are just the middleman keeping the profit between the source price and the selling price. so what we're doing here basically is we are the middleman between the supplier, the manufacturer and the end customer. all that you need to do is find the right uk drop shipping suppliers with great products that ship from the uk and find the right selling channel to sell it on- and there's more than one right answer for this- and in this selling channel, you're going to list that suppliers, products or multiple suppliers, if you want to scale and earn even more, and you'll simply be importing products from your uk suppliers to your selling channel. and this is where the uk online shoppers will go to see what products you have for sale and purchase from your store. let's see how all of that works and everything else that comes along with the territory. let's start with some of the most frequently asked questions. is dropshipping even legal in the uk, especially if you don't even live in the uk? can you sell to them, and what are the rules and regulations that come along with that? so drop shipping is, and always has been and always will be, a legal business model. anyone can become a drop shipper, an e-commerce store owner. all you need is a computer, an internet connection and the right knowledge and tools, some of which i'm passing on to you in this video. and, for those of you who don't know, everything that i'm going over in this video is also on our blog, artikle, which i'll leave a link to right below. so drop shipping is definitely a legal business model. you just need to keep a few things in mind, like selling the right products, do not sell products that are copyrighted or that are trademarked, and you also want to abide by uk's business rules. go over the acs advice on preventing underage sales and read uk's competition and consumer laws for businesses, as well as their online and distance selling rules. hearing about all this may sound a little bit scary, but believe me, it's not. all the information here goes along with common sense and it's actually very practikal and easy to follow. just stay away from products that you cannot resell and also dangerous products like tobacco, firearms, weapons, ammunition, flammable material, flammable liquids and all things of those sorts. besides that, and copyrighted and trademark products, you shouldn't have any problems selling to the uk. but go over those rules and regulations just to be on the safe side, and always remember if you're going to dropship with our automation tool without ods, you'll always be protected when you're trying to add a product to your store that you are not allowed to resell, since autodesk has a large vero database with all kinds of products that you are not allowed to resell as a drop shipper. so you'll get hit with those warning signs and you can take it from there. so that's another layer of protection for you when starting off, and this way you'll be able to avoid making other people's mistakes. finally, the links to everything that you need to read about. i will also leave them right below this video and you also have them in the blog. artikle: is drop shipping profitable in the uk? well, i probably wouldn't be making this video if it wasn't, but to better show you how profitable dropshipping in the uk is. you can check out this chart from statista on the ecommerce sales in the uk from 2014 to 2019.. now, granted, today we're in 2022, which is three years past this chart, but just by looking at the increasing numbers which you can see here in billion in great britain pounds, so this for so here. for example, 2015, we almost reached 500 million great britain pounds in sales just from e-commerce in the uk, and you can see how the numbers increased every year. now drop shipping alone, and also the uk market, is growing exponentially every year. there is never a better time to join than now, and in one year from now you're going to say the same thing one year ago and so forth, moving forward, and this chart is just a small example of the potential of having an e-commerce business in the uk. so, yes, it is a very profitable business model and a very profitable market to target to when running your ecommerce business. what are my uk drop shipping tax obligations? now? this is a question that many, many people are asking before starting a uk drop shipping business, whether you live in the uk or not. so what are your tax obligations? how does this work and how do you get around this to doing it the right way, the legal way, and doing everything by the book? as a drop shipper in the uk, you have three tax obligations. the first one is income tax, the second is your vat and the third is customs duty. let's go over each of them one by one. your income tax is what you have to pay your local government, so wherever you live around the world, your local government probably wants you to pay an income tax for every income that you are making, including having a drop shipping or ecommerce business. what this means is you will have to pay your own government a certain percentage from your total profits, and this can easily be done if you have a local accountant. so what you need to do is speak with a local accountant and ask them: what are your income tax obligations and every other tax obligation that you have if you want to dropship from where you are to the uk market. your local accountant should help fill you in with all the information, including what your tax percentages are and everything else that comes along with the territory. so your income tax differs on where you live, and that is why you need to speak with a local accountant. the second is vat. when drop shipping to the uk market, we have to charge our customers a 20 fat fee from every purchase and then we'll have to pay that 20 to the uk government. now there's two ways of doing this. one: you can collect it from the buyer yourself on every cell, collect 20 vat and then pay that to the uk government. or you can have the customers pay that to the delivery company that's delivering the package to them. but of course the buyers would much rather have you pay the vat, and that will give them another reason to buy from your store. so make sure that you have a store policies section on your ecommerce store and in the policy section let the buyers know what happens with custom duties and taxes. who's goi?

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

i'm john crostani and i make over half a million dollars a month with affiliate marketing. but i'm going to show you how to get started if you're a complete beginner, and i'll be going over on my computer right here a step-by-step way for you to go from zero to euro. [Music]. hey, so if you're looking to start affiliate marketing and you are a complete beginner, first of all, i recommend you do check out my introduction series to affiliate marketing, but in this video i'm going to be showing you exactly how to get started. we're going to be doing a couple things here. we're going to be one first part of affiliate marketing is joining an affiliate network, and this is where you find products you can sell or link to and make commissions from, first step. second step is you want to find a product, a specific product, that you can sell on the internet, that you resonate with and that you can make money with. so that's gonna be our second thing. the third thing that we're going to do is we're going to actually go out there and sell it now. if you are a serious action taker, i recommend go through all these steps in this video and actually you can start earning your first commissions right now. if you just take these steps, so let's get on my computer and i'll show you everything step by step so you know what you're getting into. so here i am, and if we google just affiliate networks, for instance, we'll find a bunch of results. we'll find a ton and we'll see. if we just look up the top 10 affiliate networks that aren't amazon, we'll see a ton of affiliate networks. we see clickbank, jvzoo, giddy up share sale or van gate. how do you decide what to join now? first off, two great affiliate networks to join are amazon and my other favorite is clickbank. so amazon is very easy to join, and let me show you how to join amazon's affiliate network. now, if you're on amazon right here, as you see, i'm on amazoncom. okay, we'll scroll down to the bottom of the page and what we see is in the footer. it says: make money with us. okay, right there, and you'll see there's a lot of ways you can make money with amazon: selling private label brands, business, etc. but what we're interested is become an affiliate now. that's what we're going to start with right there. so when we click on this, we'll see profit from our experience. earn up to 10 advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader. join now for free. okay, so very easy to join and start selling stuff on amazon. see, it says join, advertise, earn and basically you'll just want to join and one of the things it will ask you for is it will ask you to put in a website. now, do you have a facebook profile? my guess is yes, or if you don't, you can create a facebook profile for free. that's your website. okay, very easy. also, you know, i've heard of some people just putting in random websites that have a lot of visitors in their niche and i guess amazon doesn't check. but keep in mind your youtube channel. you can set up a youtube channel for free. your facebook profile is free and you can set these things up and use them as your website. okay, very easy. now, amazon, you don't make a lot of money for purposes of demonstration. i could, you know, say i'm selling this book, anathem, which is about 20 book. if you earn 10 of that, what are you making? two bucks, you're not going to become a millionaire selling recommending books to people unless you're making more than 10 percent. so the affiliate network that i really like is called clickbank, and you can see clickbank right here. there's a lot of affiliate networks, but clickbank is the most trustworthy and the oldest affiliate network around. it's been around for 21 years. it's based in boise, idaho, and this is the network that i made my first commissions on. many people have made their first commissions on, and it's also been the affiliate network that i currently make most of my money with. now, if we click here- affiliate marketplace- right there, we'll see all of the products that you can sell on a commission only basis. so let's click this search icon right here and see how many products we can find okay. now you'll see there's other over 4 500 products in the marketplace. let's zoom in. so this gives you a lot of options of what do you want to sell? okay. what do you want to sell to make a lot of money with? okay, and you'll see. they tell you how much money you'll make if somebody buys what you're selling as an affiliate. you see 37 if you sell this, 56 if you sell this, 41 if you sell this. there's a lot of money to be made selling these different products. now to find something you resonate with. you kind of want to choose what i recommend. i personally sell business opportunity type products, but what i recommend you do is: let's just get started on amazon. okay, as i said, the way you make big money is with another affiliate network outside of amazon. but let's just get started with amazon for the time being, for demonstration purposes. is that okay? is that okay? okay, cool, sorry, i didn't hear you there for a second. so back to amazon. now i'm going to go to amazoncom and, once again, let's say, i want to start off with advertising this book nfm, which is a, a book i'm reading right now. it's a really good book and we're gonna search this on, uh, amazon and look it up so we'll see. okay, well, it's nine dollars. okay, nine dollars, right here. so i'm going to click on the book and what you'll see is, when you're accepted for an affiliate network, you see this little bar. it says amazon associates site stripe right here. this is where i'll get my affiliate link. so what i'll do is i'll click, get link text right there and you'll see it says text link created below. now this is my affiliate link which i will use to sell this book. this is the link. people need to click on this link and buy the book and i make money. okay, does that make sense? people click on this link. they buy the book and i make money so we can look at the full link here. i'm not going to go into the full what the full link is, but this carries basically, the link carries information that tells the way affiliate marketing works. is the link contains information that tells amazon that's the person clicked on my link, versus they searched for it online or whatnot, and that link is in right here, the tag, so that this stuff tells them. but we're just going to grab the short link, copy it. now i have my link. i joined an affiliate network, i selected a product and we're going to move on to posting about how we can actually, you know, getting some people to come to my website. okay, so now there are a few ways to get people to come to your link. okay, you will already have access to them now. do you communicate with anybody digitally? my guess is yes. you do. you probably use text messages. that's a way you could get your link out to people. you use email. that's where you can get your link out to people. you use instagram. that's the way you can get your link out to people. do you ever post comments on youtube? that's the way you can get your link out to people. facebook is a way you can get your link out to people. all of these methods are ways you can get your link out to people. now, most of the time, you're probably having very like, just you know, you're toking about random social, male, female, social dynamics in your life. that's cool, but we're toking about making money here, so that's what we'll need to be toking to people about in our emails. now, let's say i'm recommending this book. the first place i could start is through email. i want people to click on my link. i could send an email to a couple of my close friends, let's say you know, or just people i know. you know, i could send one to you know, my friend carlos. i'm not actually gonna type in my friends emails here, just so you don't email all my friends, but i could type in my friends and i could, you know, write something like book recommendation and i could say: you know, i remember you asked me for a sci-fi book recommendation and i'm reading a really good one right now. i absolutely love it. check it out. and i put my link there, see t.

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How To Make Money Selling PLR Ebooks on Amazon in 2022 | Amazon KDP (Tutorial)

in today's video, we'll be toking about how to make money from plr ebooks on amazon. you can sell plr books wherever you are in just a few clicks. so stay tuned as i tell you about plr ebooks and how to make money with plr ebooks on amazon. you don't have to worry about other skills needed, since you can do this pretty easily. but first i've got some good news for you. i will be giving away 1 000 in cash prizes and paypal money this month to 10 subscribers- so 100 each- as our way of saying thank you to winsor for the draw. here's the three easy steps to win the money: first, subscribe to this channel and turn on your notification bell so you won't miss any new videos. second, like all of our videos by simply pressing the like button and number. finally, and the most important step, is that i want you to count how many times i say the word money in the video and i want you to comment down the number below while leaving a comment about why you like our videos. make sure to do all three of these steps in all of our future videos for the entire month and, once again, 10 lucky winners will be announced every single month via our community post. now, what exactly is a plr ebook? plr stands for private label rights, and plr books are those created by someone who then licenses the book to other people for them to also resell. this means you'll be buying a book created by the original author, wherein you have a licensing agreement that states you don't owe them royalties after profiting from the plr ebook. all you have to do is pay them a one-time rate and the plr ebook is basically yours to resell. so the next question in your mind might be probably where to get these plr ebooks in the first place. you can choose from a lot of websites, and there's one that gives you free plr, which is wwwfreeplrdownloadscom. this website has a variety of plr ebooks, including google analytiks, content creation mistakes, maximum profits for free reports and a whole lot more. just scroll down the website and you'll find just about any topic you'd like to sell. these books are free, but if you want something more and have the money to kick start your plr business for the long run, you might want to check out buy qualityplrcom. this website offers plrs which you can buy for a certain cost. while you can certainly buy plrs, it's generally better to start first with free plr ebooks and see how it goes. if it becomes successful and you can find profits already, you can go ahead and buy your plrs, which you can then sell. now that you know how to get plr ebooks, let's proceed on how to sell these on amazon. of course, you need to have your own amazon account and have this registered as a seller by using your email. it's, again very simple and you don't need anything else. the next thing to do is to choose the plr you want from the best sellers list. just simply type in ebooks in the search box and you'll quickly see the best selling ebooks right now in the market. as you can see, these books are usually fiction and they do well, no matter the season. you can also see some non-fiction ones, including those about politiks and self-help. so, with that in mind, just choose which genre you like best. next, go to the free plr sites and choose from the different niches listed. for example, i want to focus on health, so i'll click on that and a bunch of free plr ebooks about health would appear. as you can see, there are 13 pages of plr ebooks related to the health niche. these are books about aromatherapy, organic skin care products, sleeping hacks and even remedies for eczema. everything is provided for you, which makes the whole process efficient and fast. take your time to browse some of these books and choose the best plr ebook for you to sell. make sure to pick one that you know will give you good reviews after selling. a single bad review could affect your sales and profit. never pick a random book because this might cost you in the long run, even if it's for free. make sure to check for quality. now you can click on your chosen book. here you can see the book's description, the number of pages and the file size. you can also see the license source file and details for the cover. in some books the cover is already included, while some don't. the same goes for the sales page and squeeze page. scroll down below where you can see the download button. just click that and the plr book will now start downloading. you can now proceed to make the e-book cover. i'm sure you're already familiar with canva, an editing site that allows you to edit like a graphic design pro. log into wwwcanvacom and click on a custom size. make sure to convert the pixels to inches so it's easier to understand. the size would depend on the book size, and it's usually 9 by 12 for ebooks. go ahead and click the create new design button. you can now start creating your own book cover with canva's editing features. if you don't want to edit, you can simply go with a cover that came with a book. but i suggest you take the time to make your own plr ebook cover. when designing, make sure that it would fit the plr book. just experiment and get creative on canva. so you're done with a cover. it doesn't end with just a cover. you have to make an advertisement banner as well. this is for ads that would attract people to buy the book. using canva again, just select from the different poster templates and start designing for your advertisements. so here's a template you can choose and edit according to the ebook. now that you're done with both the cover and the banner, let's proceed to uploading the ebook to your amazon seller account, which is about 40 dollars per month. if you haven't signed up yet, go ahead and do so. after login to the account and upload your ebook, you're now good to go to selling the ebook and making money from it. after listing, you can monitor your product and its sales. just wait for a few people to buy and wait for their book reviews. you're almost there. the next thing to do would be to promote your plr book to get even more sales and money. simply posting your book on amazon isn't enough. one thing you could do is by using pinterest to promote the book, where you can make a few mood boards. you can then include the ebook to the mood board. if you want to go the extra mile, you may also upgrade your pinterest account to a business account. a general account will also work just fine. you can add pins and promote the book all over pinterest. you can even do this on other platforms as well, like facebook and instagram. the next step would be to bundle up for sales. generally, amazon gives you the option to provide discounts when a customer buys a lot of books. so here you can see ebook bundles wherein the price is discounted to half of the original price of all the books combined. generally, the discounts range from 25 to even 70. this strategy lets you sell more books for less without any hassle. for more listings, customers will surely buy from you again, and in bulk, even if they only intend to buy one book initially. after you can start to translate the plr ebook to another language. this would double the audience, allowing you to price the book higher. also, if the book is doing well in sales and is increasing in popularity, you can easily increase the price. the next thing you can do to up your sales is to repurpose the plr using the same plr ebook. you can modify this with a new title, a new label or new marketing. you can even use the plr to make different types of books. so that's how you can make money out of these free plr ebooks online. with just a few modifications and some marketing, your chosen plr could be the next popular book on amazon.

COMPLETE Amazon FBA Tutorial In 2022 | How To Sell On Amazon FBA And Make Money (Step By Step)

hey, what's going on everyone? my name is dan and in today's video, i'll be showing you how to build a successful and profitable business selling on amazon fba from scratch, for complete beginners. now, if you just found out about amazon fba- maybe you've seen people toking about it online, how much money they're making. maybe you've been interested in starting something like this for a while- starting an online business- then this video is for you. first off, i want to start off this video by saying that there has never been a better time to start a successful amazon fba business ever than now. even though a lot of people tok about how competitive amazon is or how oversaturated it is- or maybe you've seen videos about people losing money on amazon- in fact, there's never been a better time to start than today, and all you have to do to see this is just to look at the statistiks. first of all, if we look at the defining company of our generation, it's definitely amazon. amazon is like a tidal force on our entire economy and it has changed the lives of millions of people, especially with the world situation going on. that has you know. that started in 2020 and continues as i make this video today. ecommerce has been the one industry that has absolutely blown up and the key company that has benefited from all of that is amazon. currently, over 50 of all e-commerce sales in the united states happen on amazon, with amazon processing 14 of all ecommerce sales worldwide. right, so 50 over 50 just in the united states and 14 of all e-commerce sales worldwide happen on amazon. every month, over two and a half billion people log on to amazon. that's literally one in every three people alive today on earth. if we look at the number of amazon prime accounts in the world- that's amazon's two to three day monthly subscription for two to three day or same day shipping- there are currently over 150 million amazon prime accounts. that's people who are logging onto amazon every single day with their credit cards plugged in and ready to buy. and in the united states alone, over half of all households in the us currently have an active amazon prime membership, and that number is rising exponentially. and, by the way, this video that you're about to watch here, this complete tutorial, i'm really going to put my all into this, like i'm really going to share the absolute best strategy, all of the steps so that you're able to actually start selling on amazon and start making sales and change your life. you really have the ability right now to start something that will completely transform the rest of your life and will allow you to achieve financial freedom, will allow you to start a real business where you're selling a real product and you're building up something that actually has intrinsic value, as opposed to other businesses out there, as opposed to stoks and crypto and things like that, where you really just don't have control. if we tok, in terms of business, e-commerce is the absolute best business that you can start today, simply because of the fact that you have total control. you can start off with a small amount of money and grow it into a six and seven figure income for yourself, just as i've done for myself in the past few years, and all you have to do to make this happen is to watch this video. now, if we look at amazon stok, it has literally doubled in the last 12 months. amazon, it's obvious it's not going anywhere and, even though there are lots of people out there that are toking about the fact that it's too competitive and it's oversaturated, is it even worth it if you look at the number of new amazon prime memberships compared to the number of new amazon sellers, which are third party sellers- people like you and me. you can see that the number of new signups for amazon prime just vastly, vastly outpaces the number of new sellers. so, in fact, selling on amazon actually becomes easier every single day because there are more customers every single day that join the website for every new seller, meaning that right now, as you're watching this video, there has never been a better time to start, and it gets really confusing because there are so many gurus online. there are so many people online that tok about how it's too late or too competitive or, you know, money lost. if you literally type in amazon fba on youtube, you can see all these videos that try to scare you, when, in fact, if i was starting an online business fresh today from xero, from scratch, you know, not having a lot of money, having no experience, i would start amazon fba because there's just no other business, there's no other way of making money online that even compares, and the fact that there are so many people online toking about amazon fba- you know, toking about passive income, online business, e-commerce- everybody wants you to buy their course, but how do you make out the truth from the noise? right? it's a big problem nowadays: you don't know who's legit and who's not legit. you don't know who to trust and who not to trust, and it seems that all the videos that you watch about amazon either try to scare you or are trying to show you how much money that guru made- and they're posing next to the lamborghini near their supercar. so that's why it's so easy to get overwhelmed with not knowing who to follow. who's actually giving the right no obs information about how to start a successful, profitable amazon fba business. now a little bit about me. if you're brand new to my channel, welcome. super happy to have you here. my name is dan vass and if we look at my journey, i literally tried everything okay. so if we just go back several years now, when i was about 20 or 21 years old, i wanted to start an online business. i was, you know, the typical college kid story where i was just hating my life. in college i was studying business. i was actually working at the bank and i just absolutely hated my life. i didn't see any kind of future where i would work nine to five. the rest of my life. i would barely, barely get by paycheck to paycheck. i would maybe get some kind of a house in the suburbs where i'd have like a million dollar mortgage, because that's how much houses are where i'm from. i grew up in canada, right, and uh, you know, crazy real estate bubble, and so i just said: you know what? this is not for me. i don't want to live a life of scarcity. i want to live a life just like i'm seeing all these people online living. and at the time i was seeing all these influencers online. they were traveling the world, you know, they were making money online. they were posing next to supercars and i just couldn't help but wonder: how are these people doing it? and so that's what led me onto this journey of trying everything. i tried affiliate marketing, i tried stoks, i tried cryptokurrency, i tried social media marketing, and none of it worked until i actually found out about amazon fba. and when i found out about amazon fba, that's when i completely committed to amazon. i saw the potential. i started watching non-stop videos like eight hours a day. this was in 2017.. in the span of the following three months, i went from zero, literally just making no money. i was 40 000 in college debt. i went from that to making 32 000 in a single month in revenue and i had made more money in a single month than anyone has ever made in my entire family up until that day. and i know that so many people tok about how much money they make and all of this. but the truth is is that i am no different than you. if you look at my channel, there are no supercars. there are no you know, luxurious, luxurious mansions or you know anything super flashy. you know i might maybe show off my traveling and stuff like that because i love that right, and you know you want to show off the freedom lifestyle a little bit because it inspires people, but the truth is that i am no different than you. my mission in life is to become one of the greatest e-commerce entrepreneurs and through that part of my mission is to share the absolute best ecommerce content online on youtube here on my channel.

Wix Automations - A COMPLETE Guide

what's going on? wix nation mps here from wix training academy, and today i'll be introducing you to the beautiful world of automation in wix. that's right, wix automations. if you haven't heard of them, you need to hear them, because they will help expedite the efficiency and the effectiveness of your websites, your business, etc. you need to use them. if you're not already using them, trust me, i guarantee you you're spending way too much time doing certain things that could be handled for you. we all know automation's the key nowadays, right? so how can we implement it into our wix websites? well, we're going to jump into that in just a moment. my one only ask is if you're not already part of our wix nation community. i would love to have you. it starts by clicking that subscribe button and turning those bell notifications on. we are the largest witch training community here on the internet. we call ourselves wix nation. i would love for you to be part of that wix nation community. in addition to um, you can actually get access to free training courses etc. if you go to the link down in the description below and head over to wixtrainacademycom and join the academy completely free. just would love to have you over there. so the wonderful world of automations here in wix number one. how do you even get to them? how, how do i access them? right? so you start in your wix dashboard. if you see over here on the left hand side, you'll see automations. you click automations. now what are automations? well, automations are quite literally, tasks that are automated for you using software. now here's the deal with automations. here's why it's so beautiful, because it integrates with all of your different wix apps and wix functions. so basically, automations are like if-then statements. if this happens, then this. so it's what's the trigger and what happens? what's the action? trigger, action. let me show you. let me show you an example. let's set up a new automation. so if we go to new automation, you'll see, exactly as i mentioned, choose an app and a trigger, right? so first off, you want to title your automation. then choose an app and a trigger. meaning: right now, maybe you've got multiple wix apps happening on your which website? but let's just say. let's just say that what you want to have happen is: every single time you get a new member, so members area visitor signs up as a site member. so every single time, let's say, you've got a membership website, every single time you've got a new member, you just want to send a welcome email out to them to congratulate them, right? maybe right now you're doing that manually. maybe each time you get a new member that signs up, or you know someone that that just recently became a member, you send them a welcome email or something of the source, just to introduce yourself, and you've probably realized it's a bit of a time suck, right, you're constantly sending welcome emails. not that that's a bad thing, because that's a good thing, because that means you're growing- but you would like to just have it kind of automated. i'm, i'm willing to bet you use just about the same template: automated, uh, welcome email every time, anyway. right, so the trigger is members area app, and the trigger of that members area app is when a visitor signs up as a site member. so that's the if part. right, that's the trigger. now the then part. so if a visitor signs up as a new site member, then here's what i want to have happen in this case: i want to send an email to the contact, right, i want to send a welcome email. so the trigger is: new, new member signed up. the action is send an email to that contact. in here you can actually come in, you can edit your sender details. if you haven't done that, this is just basically changing the from name to be either you and or your company's name and the reply to email to be your email, right, so that way, if people reply to the email that you send out, you can actually see it and respond to it, and then next you can actually come in here and edit the template of this email so you can change it around: change the subject line to to resemble a welcome email. now i'm not gonna go through and do the email design, because i'm not showing you how to create a welcome email for new subscribers. i'm showing you the beauty behind automations here on wix. so if, then, so if a new member signs up, then trigger this. and then here's the other cool part: you can actually choose the timing of when this happens. so does it happen immediately after they become a new member they get any welcome email sent out to them, or do you want it to be a custom time? do you want it to be a day after they sign up, or 30 minutes after they sign up, or two hours after they sign up? right, you can choose what that time is, and then you can limit the frequency. so you can either choose to don't limit it- meaning every single time they become a new member they get an email, or it's once per contact, so this person only registers once and will only get one welcome email, or once per contact per every 24 hours. so you have the ability to come in here- and i use the example of you getting a new member that signs up to your website and sending a welcome email. but you can see that is nowhere near the only thing you can do. you've got a bunch of different triggers here, a bunch of different apps you can do anytime you send out, um, a price quote. every single time you send out a price quote, you can create yourself a task. that task could be: uh, follow up if invoice is not paid, and you can set this to yourself, assign it to yourself, you can assign it to a team member and then you can say: follow up in seven days if this invoice is not paid, and then you can choose when this is triggered and you can have it be set immediately. so that way this task will pop up up in your notifications and you'll be able to be notified to follow up on that invoice if it's not paid. that's another example. so you can see there's just a myriad of different things you can do with automations, and this covers most of your wix apps that would have automation automations associated with it. so really make sure to go through here and see you know what you're doing actively. what what i always like to say is: take like a daily um just journal or or just a daily reflection and figure out what tasks are you doing on a daily basis and which of those tasks can be automated here using wix automations to free up your time to focus on other things, so that way you're not investing all of your time on tedious, monotonous tasks that software could be doing for you. right, and that's the purpose behind wix automation. it's really, really a powerful tool. a lot of people either don't know about it yet or just really haven't used it to the full extent of its ability, and that's why i really wanted to make this video, because i think there's so much power behind this wix automation tool and software that you could be using to free up some of your time, because time is your greatest asset and so if you can free up more of that, you can free it up to focus on what you like to do, whether that's other tasks in the business and or spend time with your family, travel, etc. whatever that is, it frees you up to have more time. so if this video helped you guys out today, i would kindly ask that you, number one, hit that like button. and number two, if you haven't joined our wakes nation community, you subscribing and turning those bell notifications indicates to me that we're doing a good job here on the channel and that this content is valuable. so if you could, i would kindly ask, hit that subscribe button, turn those bell notifications on. it's really appreciated. i really appreciate you guys. you'll have an opportunity to plug into the largest witch training community here on the internet, what we like to call wix nation. i would love to have you here. and then also, like i said, if you want to hit that link down in the description below, go to wix training academy dot com. click, join the academy completely free. get access to all the goodies over there. your one sto.