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The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing for your SMMA

Published on: November 17 2023 by Jaime Higuera

The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing for your SMMA

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Mindset Behind Outsourcing
  3. Outsourcing Sales and Outreach
  4. The Importance of Handling Sales Personally
  5. Outsourcing Lead Sourcing
  6. Creating a Streamlined Lead Sourcing Process
  7. Hiring a VA for Lead Sourcing
  8. Service Delivery and Outsourcing
  9. The Value of Hiring Experts for Service Delivery
  10. Qualities to Look for in Media Buyers
  11. The Role of Communication in Service Delivery
  12. Streamlining Reporting and Communication
  13. Conclusion


Outsourcing has become an essential aspect of building a successful social media marketing agency. Many agencies find that by outsourcing certain tasks, they can not only grow their business but also gain more time freedom. However, there is often a negative connotation associated with outsourcing, as people assume it involves hiring unqualified talent from cheap labor countries. In reality, outsourcing involves building a real business with a team of highly trained and experienced individuals. In this article, we will explore the three key components that should be outsourced within your social media marketing agency.

The Mindset Behind Outsourcing

Before diving into the specifics of outsourcing, it is important to address the mindset behind it. Outsourcing is not about taking the easy way out or slacking off while others do the work. It is about building a professional team that can contribute to the growth of your agency. When outsourcing, hiring individuals who are a cultural fit for your agency is crucial. These team members should undergo a thorough hiring process to ensure they are highly skilled and experienced. With the right mindset, outsourcing can be a valuable asset to your agency.

Outsourcing Sales and Outreach

One aspect of your agency that can be outsourced is sales and outreach. However, it is important to note that you should never outsource the actual process of hopping on a call and signing clients. As the CEO and founder of your agency, you should always be the first and final touchpoint before a client signs on. This not only allows for a personal connection but also provides insight into what your clients need and want. Sales calls can serve as an essential market research tool for your agency.

The Importance of Handling Sales Personally

Handling sales personally might be intimidating, especially when starting out and not feeling confident in your sales skills. However, mastering the art of sales is crucial for the growth of your agency. Once you are comfortable with sales, you will never have to worry about money again. Additionally, no one can sell the business, mission, and vision of your agency better than you. By being actively involved in sales, you gain a better understanding of your clients' needs and can adapt your agency's offerings accordingly.

Outsourcing Lead Sourcing

While you should handle sales personally, lead sourcing can be outsourced to streamline your workflow. Developing a tight and streamlined lead sourcing process is essential before outsourcing. This process should be well-documented in a standard operating procedure (SOP) that can be easily taught to others. Once you have a well-established lead sourcing process, you can hire a virtual assistant (VA) to handle the sourcing for you. This allows you to focus purely on sales calls and signing clients, knowing that quality leads are being generated.

Creating a Streamlined Lead Sourcing Process

When outsourcing lead sourcing, it is important to ensure your process is efficient and effective. The SOP should be well-documented, outlining each step clearly. This eliminates potential friction when onboarding a VA and ensures scalability as your agency grows. With a streamlined lead sourcing process, you can have confidence that your VA will generate high-quality leads for your agency.

Hiring a VA for Lead Sourcing

Once you have established a successful lead sourcing process, it's time to hire a virtual assistant to handle the task. A VA can effectively implement your lead sourcing SOP, freeing up your time to focus on sales and client communication. Hiring a VA allows you to leverage their skills and expertise while maintaining control over the sales process. It is important to find a VA who is reliable, detail-oriented, and capable of following your lead sourcing SOP.

Service Delivery and Outsourcing

Service delivery is another crucial component that can be outsourced within your agency. Instead of trying to become an expert in every service your agency offers, it is wise to hire specialists who excel in delivering those services. For example, if your agency offers Facebook ads, find media buyers who are dedicated to running ads and have a track record of success. By outsourcing service delivery, you can provide your clients with top-quality expertise while focusing on other aspects of your agency's growth.

The Value of Hiring Experts for Service Delivery

Becoming an expert in every service your agency offers takes time and hands-on experience. By hiring experts in each field, you can leverage their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional service to your clients. When outsourcing service delivery, look for professionals who are hungry for success and have a track record of spending significant amounts on Facebook ads or other relevant platforms. Additionally, consider their compatibility and envision a long-term working relationship.

Qualities to Look for in Media Buyers

When outsourcing service delivery, particularly media buying, there are specific qualities to look for in potential hires. Hunger, or a strong drive to excel in their field, is a key trait to prioritize. Look for individuals who are ambitious and motivated to become top players in the industry. Additionally, consider their track record in terms of ad spend. Media buyers who have successfully managed significant ad budgets are likely to have the necessary expertise and experience.

The Role of Communication in Service Delivery

Effective communication is crucial when outsourcing service delivery. It is important to find a balance between freeing up your time and staying involved in the process. Involving the individual responsible for service delivery in client communication allows them to understand the results they are achieving and convey them effectively. This not only saves you time but also builds trust with your clients. Additionally, they can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their expertise.

Streamlining Reporting and Communication

Reporting and communication can be streamlined by utilizing reporting sheets or tools like Google Studio. Creating efficient reporting systems allows you to automate the process and ensure that clients receive regular updates on their campaign's performance. By implementing streamlined reporting and communication processes, you can focus on strategic aspects of your agency and trust that the service delivery team is effectively communicating results to clients.


Outsourcing is a vital component of building a successful social media marketing agency. By outsourcing sales and outreach, lead sourcing, and service delivery, you can achieve both growth and time freedom. It is important to adopt the right mindset, viewing outsourcing as a way to build a professional team and efficiently scale your agency. Handle sales personally to build a strong connection with clients and gain valuable market insights. Outsourcing lead sourcing allows you to focus on signing clients, while hiring experts for service delivery ensures top-quality results. Streamlining reporting and communication processes further enhances efficiency and client satisfaction. By strategically outsourcing, you can propel your social media marketing agency to new heights of success.


  • Outsourcing is crucial for the growth and time freedom of a social media marketing agency.
  • The right mindset is essential when approaching outsourcing.
  • Sales and outreach should be handled personally to build personal connections with clients and gain market insights.
  • Lead sourcing can be effectively outsourced once a streamlined process is in place.
  • Hiring experts for service delivery allows for top-quality results and scalability.
  • Communication and reporting can be streamlined through efficient systems and tools.


Q: Can I outsource the sales process entirely?

A: While lead sourcing can be outsourced, it is highly recommended to personally handle the sales process as the CEO and founder of your agency. This allows for a personal touch and a better understanding of client needs.

Q: How can I ensure the quality of leads sourced by a virtual assistant?

A: Before outsourcing lead sourcing, develop a well-documented and streamlined standard operating procedure (SOP). Train your virtual assistant on the SOP and regularly monitor and provide feedback to ensure the quality of leads.

Q: Should I outsource all services offered by my agency?

A: It depends on your expertise and capacity. If you can become an expert in every service your agency offers, you may choose to handle them personally. However, outsourcing service delivery allows for specialization and scalability.

Q: How involved should I be in client communication when outsourcing service delivery?

A: While it is important to free up your time, staying involved in client communication is key. The individual responsible for service delivery should be involved in communication to effectively convey the results and build a strong client relationship.

Q: What reporting tools can I use to streamline reporting and communication?

A: Google Studio is a powerful tool for creating efficient reporting sheets. It allows for automation and customization, making reporting streamlined and visually appealing.

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