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thefreeadforum.com free classified ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

- Many online videos claim that posting ads on sites like Free Ad Forum can make you a lot of money.

- I decided to investigate this claim and test it out myself.

- In this article, I will share my findings and whether or not I think it's worth it to post ads on Free Ad Forum.

Traffic Stats:

- Free Ad Forum is a popular website, ranking at 14,503 on Alexa.

- However, according to SimilarWeb, they only get about 110,000 visitors a month.

- This means that despite getting 10,000 new ads posted each day, the traffic is spread thin.

- Free Ad Forum also has poor rankings on Google for their main keywords.

My Experience:

- I posted an ad on Free Ad Forum and got zero clicks, even after paying $20 for a premium listing.

- This suggests that posting ads on Free Ad Forum may not be worth the time and effort.

- While it is possible to make money with free classified ads and website postings, it requires being strategic and following the rules.

- Based on my experience, I do not recommend spending time and money on posting ads on Free Ad Forum.

- However, if you want to learn more about this method, you can check out my copy and paste ads video or visit Free Ad Forum for more information.

Free Classified Ads - How To Post Ads On Free Classifieds | Free Demo | Earn Money Online

In this video, the presenter demonstrates how to use the free ad forum to promote affiliate marketing products. The forum is easy to use and has a high volume of traffic, with approximately 1000 people joining every day. The presenter recommends using attention-grabbing titles and descriptions to entice viewers to click through to the sales page. He also suggests using patterns and interrupters like red circles or borders to draw attention to the ad. Posting manually in populated areas is a good starting point, but the presenter also mentions the availability of free software to auto post ads. It is important to try different ads and refine them over time. The presenter encourages viewers to take action and share their results.

Tutorial How to Post Free Ads on Ad forum ‐ Free Classified Ads

- Hi, welcome to the road to passive income.

- I'm Brianna and today I'm going to provide a tutorial on how to post free ads on the ad forum.

- Please make sure to stay tuned for a free giveaway that can help you to make more sales with classified ads.

- Let's go ahead and get started.

Steps to Post Free Ads:

- Go to the free ad forum and log in.

- Select the category depending on your niche.

- Choose a subcategory.

- Add a title that grabs people's attention.

- Add a description.

- List a phone number.

- Upload an image.

- Add the country and city.

- Add a YouTube video if available.

- Click on publish.

Tips for Posting Ads:

- Incorporate images and YouTube videos in your ad.

- Post on a regular basis.

- Use a separate phone number for business purposes.

- Try to make it consistent and on a regular basis.

Free Promoting Tools:

- I'm giving away free promoting tools which include capture pages, email broadcast, and image and PDF posting.

- The link is in the description below.

Ebook on Getting More Sales:

- I have a free ebook that tells you on how to get more sales.

- It's in the description below.

Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Training:

- I have an affiliate marketing and social media training which teaches you how to promote on different social media platforms and it's using free traffic.

- You can earn 100% commissions while you learn.

- It's in the description below.

- If you feel the same way and want to start your own business or do something different out of the ordinary then I definitely recommend you to check out that training.

- If you have enjoyed this content, please subscribe to my channel, hit the thumbs up, and turn on the notification bell so you can receive updates.

- Thank you for tuning in.

Make daily $100-$500 🤑 | The Free ad forum | Free ad forum | Make money with free ad form.com

- Matthew May introduces himself and his website, the Free Ad Forum.

- He mentions that he will be discussing how to make money with the Free Ad Forum, as well as how not to make money.

- He encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

How to Make Money on the Free Ad Forum:

- Posting ads alone won't make you money; you need people to buy your products or services.

- The most popular section on the website is the Business Opportunities section, but it's crowded and difficult to stand out.

- One strategy is to promote advertising services, as people posting ads are interested in getting more traffic to their website.

- Matthew May suggests joining the Classified Submissions affiliate program, which pays 50% recurring commissions on sales.

- He also suggests promoting Cool Marketing Software, which offers both free and paid software and pays 50% commissions on sales.

- Another affiliate program to consider is Real PPV Traffic, which sells traffic to websites and pays 30% recurring commissions on sales.

- Matthew May emphasizes that there are many other things you can sell on the Free Ad Forum and other classified ad sites, and encourages viewers to start their own blogs and YouTube channels to sell advertising services.

- Posting ads alone won't make you money; you need to sell products or services.

- Advertising services are a good option to consider, and Matthew May suggests several affiliate programs to join.

- There are many other things you can sell on classified ad sites, and starting your own blog or YouTube channel is a good way to sell advertising services.

- Matthew May encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more tips and free software.

How to Use TheFreeAdForum Free Classified Ad Submission Software Tutorial

In this article, we will be discussing how to use the Free Ad Form software to submit your ad on autopilot to the Business Opportunity section of Free Ad Forum. The software will submit your ad to 50 random US cities, and we will guide you on how to use the software effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Sign up for an account with Free Ad Forum by clicking on the Register button and agreeing to the Terms of Service.

2. Download and install the Free Ad Form software on your computer.

3. Fill in your information, including your tags or keywords, YouTube video URL (optional), website URL, username, and password for Free Ad Forum.

4. Use spintax to vary your titles to avoid repetition and make them more appealing.

5. Use HTML code to spin your descriptions and make them more engaging. You can also add images to your ad.

6. Click the Run button to start submitting your ad to 50 random US cities.

7. The software will log in using your credentials, pick the Business Opportunity category, and upload your ad.

8. Wait for the countdown timer to finish before submitting to the next city.

Using the Free Ad Form software is an excellent way to automate the submission of your ads to the Business Opportunity section of Free Ad Forum. By following these simple steps, you can make your ad more appealing and engaging while avoiding repetition and making it stand out. Start using the Free Ad Form software today and increase your chances of getting more exposure for your business!

Free Classified Ad Submission Software Thefreeadforum.com Bizz Opp Submitter 1.0

In this article, we will be discussing a free classified ad submission software created by QuickRegisteredNet that submits to 50 random cities on the free ad forum comm classifieds. This software can be a great tool for promoting your business opportunity, and we will be exploring its features and benefits in detail.

Features and Benefits:

- The software submits to 50 random cities every time, providing a wider reach for your ads.

- The free ad forum com classifieds has over 30,000 members and is ranked among the top forty thousand websites in the world, ensuring a significant amount of traffic.

- The software is easy to use, requiring only the input of tags, keywords, a video or image, and a website link.

- The software supports spintax, allowing for the rotation of multiple titles and descriptions, increasing the chances of being viewed.

- The software allows for full HTML, enabling the creation of beautiful and clickable ads.

- The software is free to use, and there are no limits to how much it can be used.

- The free ad forum com classifieds offers a great deal for upgrading ads for a small fee, providing even more exposure for your business.

In conclusion, the free classified ad submission software created by QuickRegisteredNet is a useful tool for promoting business opportunities. With its wide reach, ease of use, and support for spintax and full HTML, it can help increase traffic and visibility for your ads. Additionally, the free ad forum com classifieds offers an excellent opportunity for upgrading ads for a small fee. Download the software and start using it today to get more traffic to your website.

How to Place an Ad On Thefreeadforum.com Classified Ad Sites Simple Tutorial

How to Place an Ad on Free Ad Forum Classified Ads

Matt from Free Ad Forum Classified Ads is here to show you how to place an ad on the site.


1. Create an account by clicking on register and filling in your email, username, and password.

2. Confirm your email by clicking on the registration link in your email.

3. Login using your username and password.

4. Choose a category and subcategory for your ad.

5. Select the duration of your ad.

6. Fill in your ad details, including title, description, and keywords.

7. Choose your region(s) and add a website and images if desired.

8. Consider upgrading your ad with bold, featured, or attention-getting options.

9. Click next step to review your order.

10. Check out using PayPal.

Placing an ad on Free Ad Forum Classified Ads is easy and affordable. Choose the free option or upgrade for as little as $1 to get more visibility for your ad. Try it out today!

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