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These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Can RUIN Your Affiliate Business

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Can RUIN Your Affiliate Business

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These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Can RUIN Your Affiliate Business

if i would have known these three things
when i first started affiliate marketing
i would have saved hundreds of hours
thousands of dollars
and i would have started making money
much much
all right we are back now a few weeks
ago we released a video
that was basically my journey from zero
dollars to three million dollars with
one single affiliate program
and the video was kind of a highlight
video it was a highlight reel right of
hey i did this and i did this and i did
this and i got lucky and a bunch of
money came in and it was kind of like a
pat on the back kind of video
and so this video we're going to dive
into the mistakes the problems the
things that
hurt my affiliate business and if we
could eliminate those i could have
gotten successful
much much faster i guarantee if you are
not making a full-time income as an
affiliate marketer
one of these three things is probably
the reason
let's dive right in number one pick one
traffic source so when i first started i
was trying out
instagram i was trying out blogging i
was trying out
youtube i was trying out every little
channel i possibly could i was on
facebook throwing out stuff
basically just throwing things at walls
and hoping they would stik
here's the thing about all these
platforms on the surface we know they
have algorithms and a lot of us
and me especially in the beginning feel
like we understand those algorithms
we're like oh we get it
you know i understand how youtube works
you just gotta post good videos and then
some good thumbnails and some good
things will happen
but it's so much deeper and so much more
than that
so your first mistake you're making is
if you are not focused on
mastering and i mean really mastering
one single traffic source and by the way
when i say traffic source we're toking
a social platform or a search engine
okay so youtube and
google and pinterest and quora those are
all uh search engine based platforms and
then facebook and instagram
tiktok those are all social based
platforms and we need
to pick one of those and become the
ultimate master of that where you know
exactly how that algorithm works
you know what is making content go viral
what is making content
rank and what is making content
successful if you can master
just one of these platforms you can
build an audience at will
you can build up an affiliate marketing
business at any point in your life again
in a new niche if you'd like once you
master a traffic platform
the sky is the limit for affiliate
marketing now if you're looking for one
a brand new beginner you know where's
the best place to start right now i
would look at tiktok seriously right
the tiktok algorithm is still brand
new there are still people blowing up on
tiktok in fact i just started my tik
uh journey 30 days ago and i'm nearly 70
000 followers in
and that's in 30 days okay and i'm not
leveraging any of my other assets or my
email list or anything for that that's
just natural growth with the tiktok
so if you're looking for a good
potential place to start as a beginner
there's a lot of potential on tiktok
so you're going to pick one of these
you're going to buy courses you're going
to watch youtube videos every single day
you're going to put out content every
single day and then you're going to
analyze that and see
what made that content do well or what
made that content do poorly
and i promise you after a year you will
be blown away
how much better your understanding is of
that traffic source
and how much better you are at building
an audience and selling to someone on
that one single traffic source
so i recently went to this commercial
farm that's by my house and you can go
and see animals and fish and things like
and they have this big huge lake and you
go out to this lake and they've got a
dock and next to the dock there's a one
of those little quarter things you can
put in some quarters and you can buy
this disgusting fish food for the fish
so we uh you know i'm with my daughter
and my one-year-old son we of course put
in a quarter and buy some fish food and
you throw it out to the lake and the
the mosh pit that occurs within seconds
is absolutely insane to watch
thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of
fish it feels like just attack that
little bit of food that you put in there
you can't even really see water anymore
you can just
see fish okay and it's likely that uh
very few fish actually get food from
this some of the bigger ones probably
get it but most fish just
uh you know come every single time and
get nothing out of it and i looked down
you know just uh just a little ways down
the bank not on the dock anymore
and there's a little girl and she's got
her pellets and she's throwing them out
in the lake as well and where she's at i
could see maybe two or three fish
right these two three fish are just
leisurely eating you know this five
course meal there's no competition
they're just out there kind of doing
their thing getting a good meal
laughing at these you know thousands of
other fish that are just dying to get
you know
any kind of scrap from the table and
that's exactly what the big problem is
with affiliate marketing right now is is
people are choosing these niches that
are just so
overcrowded there's so many people
competing in that space
and the way that we get around that as a
beginner is
we niche down okay we go down categories
and what i mean by that
is typically you'll see you'll see uh
someone in the make money online space
right or the health space and they go
into affiliate marketing with bad in
mind like oh i'm
i'm healthy i like being healthy i'm
gonna teach people to be healthy or i'm
gonna teach people to make money on the
internet okay
now the problem with those is they're
way way way too broad you're competing
people with massive audiences and the
way you win is you scale down
you you take it level by level so
instead of just
make money online you could say hey i
teach people to make money online
then you go one level down i teach it
through affiliate marketing
okay and you go another level down and
say i teach it through using
organic traffic strategies for affiliate
and then you go one more level down and
you say i teach people how to use
the facebook platform to drive organic
sales with affiliate marketing okay can
you see how niched down i've got
and you get two huge wins with this
you become the master in people's eyes
of this one small thing
people start to view you as the
authority figure on that one small piece
of the picture
the second thing is you start to build
up an audience that's maybe a little bit
small but it's so focused and you can
put out
an affiliate sale and you could sell 10
or 20 percent of your audience because
the product is so
focused on exactly what these people are
looking to do
you've got to become the guy not my guy
someone comes and say what do you do you
say i am the email marketing guy or i am
the facebook affiliate marketing guy
number three do not neglect your niche
okay so another story here
i'm probably a year and a half maybe two
years into affiliate marketing
and i'm doing fairly well i'm doing
maybe a thousand dollars a day here
and i'm doing a lot of it through paid
ads so i'm running these paid ads and
i'm making money and i'm not doing any
kind of list building i'm just
running paid ads directly to affiliate
offers okay so i'm not even in the
picture here
and i'm doing this and i'm making money
and suddenly this email pops into my
inbox one day
gone my ads are gone my profits gone
uh this entire business model is
suddenly over for me in one
single second and you can get emails
like this
from any platform you can get an email
from youtube
an email from instagram an email from
even facebook
and you're done no longer have access to
that traffic that you may have spent
years or even decades building up email
is the only true traffic source that you
own that you have complete control over
and so
everything you do needs to be focused on
building that
email list if you look at my facebook
group yeah it's a facebook group where
i'm doing all kinds of affiliate
but you look at it and guess what the
first thing i make people do
is put in their email address you head
over to my blog yeah i'm making some
affiliate sales from people that are
going to different pages on the blog
but what am i truly focused on i'm
focused on that pop-up right there that
grab someone's email address
and then build my email list same thing
you're watching my youtube video
if you head down to that description the
first thing you'll notike i'm sending
you to a page where i want to capture
your email address
because i understand now that if i don't
have an
email list i don't have a business
because the email list is the only
asset your affiliate business will ever
truly have
once your list gets big enough it
prints money okay so once your list is
at a size of 10
15 or 20 000 you can send out one single
and you can make an entire month's worth
of wages with that one
single email and in fact for a case
study i'll pop a video right here of a
time that i did that exact thing
i'll show you the email and everything
but with an email list like this you can
send out an email and within
hours you can have money in your pocket
now i want to know which of these
mistakes are you making in your business
let me know in the comments and remember
if i've ever provided value for you
give me that thumbs up that's the only
tip i get choose one platform
niche down build your list take life by
the horns thanks for watching guys

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