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Things People Over-Think With Shopify Dropshipping (don't make these mistakes)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Things People Over-Think With Shopify Dropshipping (don't make these mistakes)

Things People Over-Think With Shopify Dropshipping (don't make these mistakes)

what's going on guys what's going on its
Abdul back here with another video you
want to make $100,000 a month swipe up
there's a free trial after that it's
really really expensive and there's no
refunds in this video we're gonna be
toking about things that people
overthink when toking about Shopify
drop shipping and it's probably some
stuff that you've over thought as well
it's just the type of things that people
get caught up in and tend to waste a lot
of time on and since you want to cut
time out of the equation as much as
possible I'm gonna kind of dive in and
show you exactly what people overthink
and how you can avoid it but before we
completely jump into this I do want to
say - yes everything we're gonna tok
about in this video is very very
important but that does not give you an
excuse to spend days and days thinking
about it worrying about it trying to
figure it out you need to just cut time
out of the equation get things moving
there's so many pieces in any business
you can skip if you just want to get it
going as fast as possible and they
should all be taken very seriously but
you need to figure it out move on it's
small problems you need to solve the
problem move to the next one there's
always gonna be problems so just solve
it move on as fast as possible do not
waste time but if I were to ask you this
right now what do you think the number
one thing you over thought was did you
spend three days picking your store name
your logo trying to figure out your
niche things like that how long did
those actions take you what did you
struggle with you know a lot of people
for me it took me about four or five
hours to come up with my store name
which actually really pissed me and my
partner off so we're trying to figure
out a good name and that's important you
know you should spend a few hours on
that but don't overthink it that's not
something you need to spend three days
on now what about a logo that's what
builds off your stores name I mean
I don't even have a logo for the first
month that's not an issue I just have my
name up in the corner of the store and
eventually got a logo designed if you
want to overcome that problem right away
and you just want one go on Fiverr and
hire someone for five ten bucks get it
done they'll do in a few hours then move
on go to the next problem the next issue
now what about your store the actual
template you pick when you're going
through setting it up just pick
something that looks decent I know
people with literally two products on
their store then go viral their store
looks like such a bad layout bad
template but they're banking because
they know how to do their ads that's all
you need to do you don't need to focus
on making the prettiest looking website
and you shouldn't because if you're
wasting your time on that then you're
probably not spending the required
amount of time on the
and actually getting results if you are
doing ads and they should be working
you're not then you can think about
switching or altering your template but
until that issue arises don't focus on
that on the front end just get something
up and run with it now when toking
about your actual products what are you
doing when it comes to picking what
niche are gonna be in I mean I know a 16
year old doing Donald Trump products was
making 10k a month you can literally do
anything you could catch trends like you
know the election with Donald Trump like
he did digit spinners stuff like that
which I would not recommend anymore
that's definitely long gone but try and
build something you know around a
specific product or a specific hot topic
but then your stores gonna die off you
could also just build a brand where it's
year round not gonna be very volatile
but when picking what niche to get into
definitely do the research and look into
that but don't overthink it and you
definitely want to make sure it's not
saturated obviously there's a lot a lot
of people trying to do drop shipping an
e-commerce all that stuff but if you do
it differently like we toked about in
other videos if you do it better have
better ads better service product
descriptions better pictures and you
offer better deals then you're gonna do
much better than they will 95 percent of
people don't even make money with their
store that's your advantage so pick a
niche get into it you know no matter
what you pick people are already gonna
be doing it you just need to do it just
as good as the people are already making
money or a little bit better the one
thing you don't want to overthink but
you do want to overwork is Facebook Ads
specifically when it comes to picking
your targeting when it comes to your
actual post in the ad your running and
the copy definitely spend time learn how
to write copy get entiking offers and
position it and structure your actual
post but don't overthink that but overdo
your research over do your work and put
in the time and energy when it comes to
picking your targeting and researching
that that's by far gonna be the most
important thing that's what I'm learning
that's my boy I've duel over here is
teaching me but other than that
everything's very simple and
yes spend the time learn do your
research and get it going get it looking
good but don't overthink all these
little things because that's just gonna
end up delaying your actual launch
delaying you actually getting results in
delaying your getting the results you
want so the people who overthink on this
stuff are usually the people who will
never get the results with shop buy drop
shipping what I did what I recommend you
do is get everything set up in three to
five days start running traffic you'll
figure out what works very very quickly
yes you will invest a lot of time and
money into that ideally it's gonna
tiknically fail but you're gonna learn
from those mistakes and again like we've
toked about in other videos not a lot
of money it's small amounts for shout
outs for Facebook at 5 to $10 a day
budgets things like that get it going as
fast as possible get that data so you
can learn
what you need to do but most importantly
what you don't want to do I tok to
people all the time on Instagram you
guys reach out to me for help and I had
this one dude literally we got on the
call I don't know why I don't ever do
this I just got on a call for free tried
to tok to him and help him for five
this dude's had his store set up for two
months hasn't run a single ad was asking
me about products and stuff and I looked
at this guy we're on FaceTime I'm like
are you
like what are you doing why are you
wasting so much time and energy you're
trying to get it perfect which first of
all you'll never be able to do but
you're not actually testing and
implementing and actually experimenting
with the things you're trying and
putting on your store to see if it's
gonna work or not my store is a hundred
percent different than when it first
started there's only one product on
there that's still the same the logo is
different the only thing I guess the
name - in the domain other than that
everything's different completely
different layout different products
different descriptions different
pictures everything you could think of
so just get it going as fast as possible
please don't overthink it don't waste
your time if the site up get your domain
get your products get the product
descriptions good pictures and then
start driving traffic as fast as
possible I cannot stress that enough
Abdul question for you real quick for my
boy what do you think the number one
thing I'll put them on the spot here
number one thing people should focus on
from the get-go shop five what is it now
Maxima to maximize results number one
thing I think it's Facebook Ads cuz it's
you can add any or at least not any
product but a good decent product and if
you know Facebook added you put in the
right hands and right people at the
right time you can do anything in fact
so I recommend go master Facebook Ads
more than mastering or temp on
the website I thought most people try to
do I I look at other people's website
and it's like amazing you like like they
spent like a week to two weeks doing it
and then I asked about Facebook Ads and
even know how to like open the OP your
audience insights I supposed to make
money by having a great website but not
knowing how to target the right people
how to get them to go to your website so
I recommend you guys run Facebook ads
and master that boom you heard it right
there doesn't matter how good your
website looks and how pretty you know
you're just fronting at that point if
you don't know how to make sales you
know his website might not be the best
but he's probably making more money than
a lot of people who have really good
looking websites I hope you guys enjoyed
this video we're about to it 500 subs I
think we will before I actually upload
this video but be sure to hit that
subscribe button and drop like you want
me to keep making these every single day
I'm going ghost motokross most social
medias for the next couple days we got a
house out here in the desert just
working then heading back to LA but I'm
a key post on YouTube every single day
so I'll see you guys the next one peace

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