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Thirty One Spring 2020 Sneak Peek | 9 Items Shown | Day 3 Countdown to Spring Giveaway (closed)

Published on: December 24 2022 by Rockstar Rochelle

The Thirty One Spring 2020 Sneak Peek event has come to an end with the closing of the Countdown to Spring Giveaway. During the event, nine exciting new items were showcased, giving customers a glimpse into the upcoming spring collection.


- Nine new items were revealed during the event

- These items showcase the upcoming spring collection from Thirty One

- Customers were given a sneak peek of what to expect in the new collection

- The Countdown to Spring Giveaway offered customers the chance to win some of these new items

New Items:

1. Convertible Belt Bag: A versatile bag that can be worn as a fanny pack or crossbody

2. Essential Storage Tote: A spacious tote that is perfect for carrying essentials on the go

3. Crossbody Organizing Tote: A stylish and functional tote with multiple pockets for organization

4. All About the Benjamins Wallet: A sleek and stylish wallet with plenty of space for cards and cash

5. Keep It Cool Thermal Backpack: A backpack that keeps drinks and snacks cool on the go

6. Suite Crossbody: A chic crossbody bag with a quilted design

7. Foldaway Tote: A lightweight and foldable tote that can be easily stored when not in use

8. Lunch Break Thermal: A thermal bag that keeps food and drinks cool or warm

9. Statement Canvas Shopper: A spacious and stylish tote with a statement print

With the unveiling of these nine new items, customers can look forward to a fresh and exciting spring collection from Thirty One. From versatile bags to stylish totes, there is something for everyone in this upcoming collection. The Countdown to Spring Giveaway may be over, but the anticipation for these new items is just beginning.

Hey there, it's your girl, Rockstar Versatile, your virtual 31 consultant here on YouTube. In this video, I'll be showing you a pre-recorded video I did at the leader summit, showcasing all the new spring products that we have at Thirty-One. I've been holding onto this information for about a month now, so there's so much to show you!

Product Reviews:

- Classic Day Bag: Made of soft canvas material, this bag has a monogrammed design, a cellphone pocket holder, and a zipper closure. Great for traveling and collapses flat for easy packing.

- Half Moon Crossbody: A gorgeous crossbody that can be interchanged with different straps. Has a zipper closure and a small pocket on one side.

- Light Traveler Pouch: Perfect for holding ID, credit cards, and cash. Comes in three colors and can be clipped onto anything.

- Essential Beauty Pack: A two-in-one pack that includes a clear bag and a beauty pouch. Great for hiking or as a quick and simple hygiene kit. Comes in three colors and has a wire opening to stay open.

- Window Shopper Bag: A cute and petite bag with interchangeable handles and a phone pocket holder. Has a distressed chestnut detailing and a pocket on the inside.

- Market Crossbody: A large bag that can be customized with different crossbody straps. Has a neutral canvas material and a short handle for holding on your arm.

- Wide Leather Weave Strap: Comes in black multi and taupe colors and can be interchanged with different purses. Can be monogrammed and has a distressed chestnut detailing.

There you have it, ladies! So many exciting new products for the spring of 2020. Make sure to check out my other videos for more product reviews and don't forget to enter our daily giveaways by sharing our videos on social media. Also, if you're interested in a spring catalog, just contact me down below. Happy shopping!

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