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Thirty One Spring Summer 2022 Catalog Sneak Peak Product Reveal & More with Ind Director Rockstar

Published on: December 24 2022 by Rockstar Rochelle

The Thirty One Spring Summer 2022 Catalog Sneak Peak Product Reveal is finally here! Get ready to see the latest products from one of the leading direct sales companies in the world. With the help of their Independent Directors, these products are sure to rock your world.

Product Reveal:

1. New bags and totes: From the fashionable Mini Retro Metro to the versatile Convertible Belt Bag, Thirty One has got you covered for any occasion.

2. Accessories: Keep your essentials organized with the Multi-Pocket Organizer or the Zipper Pouch. And don't forget to add some bling to your outfit with the Sparkle Locket or the Celebrate Bracelet.

3. Home organization: Stay organized with the Your Way Bin or the Stand Tall Bin. And with the Fabric Storage Cube and the Soft Utility Tote, you can keep your home clutter-free and stylish.

4. Personalization: Make your Thirty One products unique with personalization options like embroidery, monograms, and icons.

What makes these products even better is the fact that they are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find something that suits your style and needs.

In conclusion, the Thirty One Spring Summer 2022 Catalog Sneak Peak Product Reveal is an exciting event for anyone who loves fashion and organization. With the help of their Independent Directors, Thirty One has created a range of products that are stylish, functional, and durable. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the new products and start organizing your life with Thirty One!

Thirty One Spring Summer 2022 Catalog Sneak Peak Product Reveal & More with Ind Director Rockstar

Hey there, it's your girl Boxer Rochelle, and I'm here to give you a sneak peek into the Spring 2022 collection from Summit. I'm excited to share all the good stuff with you, so buckle in and let's get started!


- Paintbrush print

- Color blocking with light blue, orange, and yellow

- Fan print in blue with coral orange accents

- Navy blue and light blue

- Black and white


- Weekend collection in gray with basket weave

- Yoga collection in olive and gray wispy with camo

- Travel collection in all black with various sizes of bags

- Adventure collection in gray and taupe with orange, and blue with neon green


- Basic steep in fawn, gold, and silver

- Utility tote in tote brown

- Beach basket and mini beach basket

- Reversible bins in two colors

- Hostess exclusive zip top and fresh market thermal

- Weekender bag and packing traveler case

- Five-piece trunk bundle including a cinched up container, Your Way bins, and essential totes

Thanks for tuning in to my Spring 2022 sneak peek from Summit. If you're interested in any of these products or want to host a party, be sure to connect with me. And don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more reviews and insider exclusives. See you next time!

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