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Thirty One Spring Summer 2022 Insider Exclusives Review With Ind Director Rockstar | Actual Products

Published on: December 24 2022 by Rockstar Rochelle

The fashion industry is always evolving, and the Spring Summer 2022 season is no exception. One brand that has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts and insiders alike is Thirty One. As an insider exclusive, the brand's Director Rockstar has given us a sneak peek into the actual products that will be released in the upcoming season. In this review, we will take a closer look at what the brand has to offer.

Product Review:

1. Color Palette:

- The brand has opted for a colorful palette with bright and bold hues.

- The colors include shades of pink, green, blue, and yellow, as well as a variety of pastel tones.

2. Prints:

- The collection features a range of prints, including florals, checks, and stripes.

- The prints are bold and eye-catching, adding a playful touch to the designs.

3. Fabrics:

- Thirty One has used a variety of fabrics in the collection, including cotton, silk, and linen.

- The fabrics are lightweight and breathable, perfect for the warmer months.

4. Silhouettes:

- The brand has experimented with different silhouettes, including oversized and relaxed fits.

- The designs are comfortable and versatile, allowing for easy styling.

5. Accessories:

- Thirty One has also introduced a range of accessories, including bags, shoes, and hats.

- The accessories feature the same bold colors and playful prints as the clothing, adding an extra pop of color to any outfit.

Overall, Thirty One's Spring Summer 2022 collection is a fun and playful take on the season. The brand has experimented with different prints, fabrics, and silhouettes, resulting in a collection that is both versatile and comfortable. The accessories add an extra touch of color and personality to the designs, making them perfect for the fashion-forward individual. We can't wait to see what else Thirty One has in store for us in the future.

Thirty One Spring Summer 2022 Insider Exclusives Review With Ind Director Rockstar | Actual Products

Hey there, bad babes! It's your girl, Boxer Rochelle, your virtual third one consultant. If you're looking for insider exclusives, you're in the right place. We have some amazing products to showcase, so let's get started!

- Welcome to the video for insider exclusives

- Rochelle is here to showcase all the fun

- We have some amazing products to share

Insider Exclusives:

- Supreme Deluxe Utility Tote

- Canvas material

- Personalization available

- Front pocket and mesh pocket

- Thermal with divider case

- Sturdy and stable

- Cinch Tote

- Double-weaved canvas

- Personalization available

- Large front pocket

- Contrasting straps

- Secure buckle closure

- Expandable Cooler

- Folds for easy storage

- Leak lock lining

- Antimicrobial

- Mesh pockets and front pocket

- Sturdy and expandable

- Five Piece Trunk Bundle

- Cinch container for car storage

- Your Way Bins and Totes

- Personalization available

- Perfect for parties and trips

- All products available for personalization and customization

- Thanks for joining us for these insider exclusives

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