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This Free Extension Will Save You Time and Make You Money When Reselling

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

This Free Extension Will Save You Time and Make You Money When Reselling

This Free Extension Will Save You Time and Make You Money When Reselling

so i want to introduce you to a really
google chrome extension that is going to
make sourcing
retail websites and really sourcing a
number of different things
you can do this on a liquidation site
anything where your main goal is to
resell that product
back on amazon okay so what it is is
it's a google chrome extension called
right click to search amazon it's really
cool it's 100
free and so what it does basically is
if you're not you know if you're
obviously reselling on amazon with the
intention of you know looking at a bunch
of different products quickly maybe
you're selling wholesale maybe you're
you know from retail sites maybe you're
selling from bulk sites maybe you're
doing a number of different things right
then obviously ideally you would be
using some kind of software
to expedite the process so that you're
not wasting time and you can sort
through a lot of
products a lot faster to find which ones
are profitable if you're on a site
where you can't use something like
source mobile to search retail sites
right maybe you're on a bulk site and
i'll show you an example of using that
here in a second okay
or maybe you're on a site and you are
sourcing manually one of the ways that
you can do this to shortcut
the time in between how you search a
product and then
finding that product on amazon is what
you used to have to do obviously is you
just have to copy the name of it
and then literally go to amazon and then
paste it into the search bar
right and so that does take a lot of
time when you factor in the
in the the reality that you're not going
to be doing this
you know just once or twice right you're
going to be doing this
a number of different times and so as
that adds up
more and more time even if you're
toking like 10 seconds or 15 seconds
here and there
that's going to add up fast as you're
searching through hundreds of products
but if you add that browser extension
you can literally highlight the thing
the the title name and then instead of
having to actually take that and copy
and paste it into amazon you can simply
just right click
and you'll see search amazon for that
pop up that's what the extension does
right so again it's free
it's 100 free it's called right click
the search amazon it's going to save you
a number
uh just a lot of time as you do this
more and more right you might think like
okay it's only gonna save me like five
to ten seconds
but five to ten seconds if you're
searching a bulk site and you're doing
you know you're sorting through it
manually is gonna save you a lot of time
as you add up
hundreds of products over time right so
right click to search amazon
you'll see it pops amazon up with that
in the search bar obviously and then you
can find your product
just like that right so this is clearly
the unit the uno two to ten players uh
seven and up you got this one right here
so let's find it uno it might be this
one customizable with wild cards
customizable with wild cards seven up it
looks like it's this one
and so this is the one right here um
this looks like it obviously for dem
like demonstration purposes i'm not
completely make sure but on first glance
this is what it kind of looks like so
you can see this is 350 it's on sale on
uh you know right here it's currently
selling for 647 with free shipping on
amazon so if we go to the amz scout
calculator this is probably not going to
be profitable but it just goes to show
how easy it is to actually find a
product using something like this right
so 350 assuming we're going to get free
if we order enough of them and the
shipping cost to us is going to be zero
but then
obviously if we ship it into amazon then
our shipping cost might end up being
like 50 cents if we package it up
with like a bunch of different products
in the same box or it could be like a
dollar if we don't
so i'm gonna say like 50 cents and just
assume a little bit high
and then for the product price right
here at 647 and our product cost is
350 well we're still losing uh 1.99 per
unit right so it's clearly not a good
buy but it just goes to show you how
fast it is searching a product like this
right now clearly with walmart which is
a retail site you're not going to be
really sorting manually unless you're
going through like the clearance section
which that might help as well sometimes
i do that just to kind of see different
looks of products
because what i recommend doing obviously
is using source mogul to sort through
these sites
you know super fast and then the
software will spit you out
different product identifiers and
different products that look potentially
profitable and it saves you a number of
like a ridiculous amount of time right
but if you're on a bulk site for example
like slick deals
where you're gonna see a bunch of
different you know products from a bunch
of different websites and these are deal
products you know
you know there's no software to my
knowledge currently
that's gonna basically sort through all
these products for you and find
you know and be able to actually run all
these different things
against other websites right because
some of them sell on walmart some of
them sell on best buy some
sell on amazon some of them sell on a
number of different websites right
and so you have to sort through these
bulk sites manually a lot of times right
and so for example let's pull up this
walmart on one right here it's on sale
for six bucks on slick deals and clearly
select deals is just a deal website that
houses a bunch of deals right so clearly
it's being sold online
so let's go see the deal and instead of
you know this is what generally where
we'd have to copy and paste the title
right and then paste it into amazon but
instead if we just
highlight the title right click and go
search on amazon
it will pop that same exact thing up for
us right there and search it on amazon
also keep in mind that if there's not an
exact you know kind of match
for a product like that every once in a
while you'll find
products that don't have a match on
amazon and that's to be expected right
however this one looks like it pops up
with a match on amazon hair doable love
world ages three plus looks like the
same product picture
herod love trolls world tour so this
looks like it's very very similar it
also looks like it's being sold on
amazon currently for six dollars which
is matched with walmart okay
so again an example of a not profitable
but you get the picture this extension
is going to save you
so much time because even if you're
shaving off like 10 to 15 seconds every
time you're looking at a product on a
bulk site
if you're looking at dozens of products
daily or hundreds of products daily
it's gonna save you an exorbitant amount
of time over the long haul so use this
it's free
it's very easy to set up it's very
simple to use it's gonna save you time
and help you make
more money

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