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This ONE Side Hustle Makes Me $600/day (HOW TO START NOW)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

This ONE Side Hustle Makes Me $600/day (HOW TO START NOW)

This ONE Side Hustle Makes Me $600/day (HOW TO START NOW)

hey buddy and business family my name is
Isabella I am the owner of two six
figure earning online businesses and
today I'm gonna be sharing the income
stream that made me over two hundred
thousand dollars just this year not only
will I be sharing how I did it but I'm
going to be sharing how you can make
money from this opportunity as well just
the fact that I used to make twenty to
thirty thousand dollars in one full year
working full time this number is
insanely crazy to me especially when I
start thinking about the fact that I
would have had to work for seven years
just to make this amount of money that I
have made in one year from one income
stream that is why I'm so grateful for
this YouTube channel because my
intention with these videos is not to
brag but to share how I'm making money
online in order to not only inspire you
but to show you how you can do the same
you guys already know I do not sell
courses or mentorship programs and I am
committed to 100 free education all I
ask in return for these informative
videos is that you hit that like like
button for the YouTube algorithm so we
can get this video across YouTube And
subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can
continue to make videos just like this
and with this stream of income you do
not have to share your face and it's
also something that you can get started
doing with zero dollars if you want to
see all of my income streams broken down
I do have a video about how I make
eighty thousand dollars in one month so
I definitely recommend you go and check
out that video if you want to know all
of the things that I do to make money
online but this specific income stream
is still so crazy to me that I knew I
had to make a video specifically about
this and in all reality this income
stream is easier than even an online
e-commerce business because this two
hundred and eighteen thousand dollars
that you guys are seeing right now on
this screen is a hundred percent profit
there's not really any overhead with
this specific income stream and if
you've watched my other videos you could
probably guess what that income stream
is and that is the Facebook reels bonus
program I didn't even know you could
make money from Facebook and if you are
unsure what this is all about and what
is reals and this is kind of language
that you've never heard before let me
quickly explain it so with the rise of
tiktok other social media platforms
have been losing their monthly users
because of this Instagram Facebook and
even YouTube has been paying extra in
order for people to post Vertikal short
form video content very similar to what
tiktok is today so instead of them
just spending advertising money to try
to promote their platform they are
paying creators directly we saw this
first with the tiktok Creator fund
that seemed to change the game forever
and The tiktok Creator fund is not
the only way you can make money online
from tiktok you can also make money
from tiktok live streams and that is
something that you can monetize and do
worldwide so I first got invited to this
program on one of my pages back in
October of 2021
at the time they gave me an approximate
bonus of 530 dollars and I made sure
that I posted tons of reels in that time
to meet that maximum bonus
so December of 2021 they gave us a
maximum bonus of 35
000 and we tried our best to meet that
and we made Thirty one thousand dollars
in the first month of that maximum bonus
of 35k they ended up paying this in
January which is why this amount is
included in my 2022 income since then
you can see repeatedly they have given
us a 35 000 maximum bonus every single
month since then and they even give me
the bonus on my personal account but
quite honestly I didn't really care to
try to make any money from that just
because I'm so focused on my pages
account I wanted to add everything up
and see how much I actually made so far
from Facebook and after adding this up
my number came to 218
361 dollars I also just want to state
that I started this Facebook page with
zero followers so how did I grow this
Facebook page and how am I now making
money from this Facebook page the number
one thing that I did was I chose a niche
this is my dog's account and I love my
dog her name is Mika and she's something
in my life that makes me happy and I
wanted to share her with the world that
is why I chose her and the pet niche as
my Niche and I love this Niche type
because I don't have to show my face
she's basically the star of these videos
and I love how I'm able to share her as
a part of my life in order to make
others happy as well so when you're
thinking of a niche type think about the
things in your life that makes you happy
whether it's cooking gardening you name
it anything that you do in your life
that you love to do think about what you
could do videos on and while you're
thinking about this you also have to be
thinking about if you want to show your
face or not so like if you don't want to
show your face you obviously wouldn't
pick makeup as your Niche so once you
have your Niche then you can start
creating content what I did for my dog's
account was I made her a tiktok page
and then I made her an Instagram and
then I made her a Facebook I had no idea
you could even make as much money as you
could make from these social media
accounts but because of like I said
earlier on the rise of tiktok so many
other social media accounts have been
paying out so the opportunities are only
increasing from here I feel like it's
never been a better time to start that
type of account or Niche account that
you've always wanted to start even if
you don't know your Niche you might just
have to do some soul searching to see
what you enjoy in Life or what's in your
life that maybe it's not unique to you
but it could be unique to others such as
farming I've seen a lot of farming
accounts across tiktok and social
media that get tons of views because to
somebody that doesn't grow up around
Farms something very interesting so even
the most thing that maybe you think is
boring it could actually be so exciting
and fun to someone else and not to get
too personal but I genuinely believe
that God has given us everything we need
to succeed
so I know there's somebody in your life
that you could share with others there
are so many Facebook groups that you can
add yourself into so for example I've
added my Facebook page and my personal
page into these husky groups because my
dog is a husky so there's a lot of husky
groups on Facebook so what I did to grow
her Facebook account is I just shared
the posts from her account to the groups
so for example if you decided to do
makeup as your Niche you could find
makeup groups on Facebook share your
makeup posts and funny videos or
whatever reels or regular videos to
those groups and that will help you to
gain a following and to grow your
Facebook page now let's take a look at
the Facebook reels play bonus
eligibility to see exactly what they're
looking for in order for you to start
getting paid for your videos on Facebook
these sometimes can change so that's why
I wanted to do an updated video about
this as well for right now the United
States is the only a country that is
paying out for Facebook reels bonus now
you can still make money on Facebook in
other ways just not in the reels portion
yet like for example if you're in Canada
there's still tons of other social media
monetization opportunities that I tok
about on my YouTube channel and ways you
can make money online no matter where
you are any of anywhere in the world but
this specific thing unfortunately is
only being offered to the United States
at this time and of course for this you
do have to be 18 years old in order to
collect the payments you must meet the
community guidelines which means you
can't be stealing content from other
people you have to apply it from an
account that is older than 30 days which
is pretty easy because you're going to
need that time to grow your page
and you have musk created at least five
reels in the past 30 days
one of the more tough
components that they did add to these
rules of becoming monetized is that you
must receive at least 100K reels place
in the last 30 days
but I'm telling you guys all you need is
that one viral reel and that will put
you right where you need to be they used
to give the reals bonus out to personal
accounts now they're only giving them
out to pages and that page must be in
professional mode so make sure you guys
have that as well I hope you learned
something from this video or that this
video inspired you in some way I'm super
thankful and I still can't believe that
this is the amount of money that we have
made so far this year from Facebook it's
literally so insane and I just had to
share this single income stream with you
guys today and give you some points and
tips on how to actually get this for
yourself as well I can confirm they have
paid this to my bank account so it's not
just a number on the screen they
transfer the money from the previous
month into your bank account 30 days
after don't forget that I have so many
other educational videos on my YouTube
Channel showing you how to make money
online in so many different ways because
what works for one person may not work
for another and I'd like to give you
guys different options of what has
personally worked for me in order to
help guide you to make money online
don't forget to like this video for the
YouTube algorithm if you have not
already and subscribe to my YouTube
channel so I can continue to make videos
just like this also make sure you guys
follow me on Instagram at body and Biz
remember that I will never message you
first and I'll never ask you to send me
money or join a mentorship program so
please be careful with some fake
accounts I also see them in the comments
of my videos and again just to remind
you guys I don't have WhatsApp and I do
not have telegram don't get scammed
thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you guys in my next YouTube
video bye everyone

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