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This Side Hustle Makes $16,953 PER WEEK... (Easy)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

This Side Hustle Makes $16,953 PER WEEK... (Easy)

This Side Hustle Makes $16,953 PER WEEK... (Easy)

hey welcome into this video if you guys
are new here my name is hayden and on
this channel we post a lot about
business primarily e-commerce
real estate and some fun stuff about
in this video specifically we're gonna
be toking about my
absolute favorite number one side hustle
for a super simple reason
because of how scalable it is we're
going to tok about
why something so large can actually be a
side hustle and why you
would want to keep it as a side hustle
we're going to tok about all this i'm
going to explain how i've been doing
this for years and years and years
putting huge amounts of money in my
pocket for the purpose of investing into
starting other companies which we're
going to tok about
as well as into real estate so this has
been something for me i've been doing
for over four years both actively and
and i want to explain to you by the end
of this video exactly what it is how i
do it because so many people do it
differently but i want to give you as
much practikal information as possible
and then i'm going to take you through
how i actually do it so for those who
are not familiar with this this is the
concept of e-commerce not necessarily
drop shipping which we're going to tok
but i'm going to break down what i like
to look for how i actually structure the
and then exactly how it is i bring in
customers online because that's normally
the part
that is not toked about okay so if
you're excited for this video make sure
to smash a like down below
feel free to leave any questions in the
comment section as they might arise
throughout the video if you have any
and i would love to help you out all
right so without further ado i got a
cool little presentation kind of
breaking everything down let's jump
inside of my computer and go through it
you're definitely going to see in a
moment why this is my favorite side
out of multiple but let's tok about
what this is e-commerce
okay now there's so so many different
things that you might have heard about
inside of the ecommerce space you got
fba which is fulfilled by amazon
where you can actually sell products on
amazon you can do stuff on ebay both
drop shipping and not you can use
wix wordpress woocommerce you can use
you can drop ship on any of those
platforms you can build your own brands
there's probably a hundred or 200
different directions that you could go
now let me explain why this is my
favorite and why this one
is the most profitable and easiest to
start up in my opinion again i've done
so many of these
for many many years okay so specifically
drop shipping
not necessarily from aliexpress so the
word drop shipping the idea of this
business model
gets a bad rep and the reason is people
assume that drop shipping means
slow shipping times and bad product
quality and a lot of people do take
advantage of this they don't know what
they're doing in this industry and they
give it a bad rep
drop shipping just means that someone
buys a product from you
and then you go buy it from a supplier
now so many businesses do this a lot of
service based businesses do this as well
it is not by any means a bad business
model as we've toked about on the
the thing with this business model is it
has such an
easy entry point because there's
tiknically no cost to get started
and that's why it makes a great side
hustle so for example this screenshot
here doing sixteen thousand nine hundred
and fifty three dollars
just in seven days okay on a fairly new
shopify store
drop shipping an electronic product that
sells for about fifty dollars
for one of our clients inside of the
e-com season advertising agency
the reason i wanted to give you this
example i'm gonna give you multiple more
inside here
is to show that it can work for pretty
much any product for pretty much anyone
it just takes the right setup which
again is what we're going to cover
inside of here
so what we focus on kind of how we
structure our drop shipping we've built
really cool relationships with suppliers
i visited them in california in florida
even in china when i went to guangzhou
two years ago able to
really build those relationships and
communicating with them on a daily basis
and when you do this over and over again
what we like to do now and have access
to is let's say i see a product it's
really cool it's new
and i want to build my own variation of
it right it sparks an idea
i can reach out to one of my suppliers i
can ping them on whatsapp and say hey
let's make something like this right so
they can be the manufacturer and i don't
have to order 15 000 units in advance
for them to even make it worth it
because i've done so much business with
them before
so it now starts to open up the door to
be able to sell different products and
still keep drop shipping now don't get
me wrong
again we're going to tok about this in
a second but i do have multiple brands
where we hold inventory i've been doing
this for years and years
but drop shipping is still an active
component for me and i do
love that side of things as long as it's
structured correctly okay
so like i said creating a unique version
for us
you can easily do this off aliexpress
which is kind of the main platform
that people know drop shipping for but
the thing with aliexpress you have to be
very careful you have to look for two
things tiknically three
number one make sure that there's
reviews if there's not orders on there
and there's not positive reviews you
cannot be sure of product quality
another great way to test this order the
freaking product yourself and pay for
faster shipping
number two look at their shipping times
they might have really fast shipping
times and advertise it as such
but if you're selling a 30 product and
they want to charge you 35
for faster shipping that's 65 that
doesn't make any sense
some suppliers try to get you like that
and now you're gonna have like a month
shipping time
if you want to actually make any money
so you have to be aware of that number
make sure that you look at the price so
there's a whole lot of little things
that go into the price
i've even seen aliexpress suppliers
after we place an order
reach out to us for payment for the
packaging and i was like
like what are you doing so just make
sure to communicate with them i always
recommend sending them a message before
you start sourcing
with a supplier look around look for
multiple that's something that i've
always recommended to people it's just a
good safety net make sure you're getting
something of quality from a real
supplier that you can use
long term okay now the way that we
actually sell this i'm gonna break all
this down for you in a slide here in a
moment but we run facebook ads
so that's the primary thing i will set
daily spending budgets
and start to test all these audiences
and start scaling a store
like you see here you know doing a
thousand dollars a day building some
data 2 000 working its way up 3 500
a day well that already right there is a
hundred and fifty
thousand dollar a month business like
boom and this one right here just to
break it down
has a 32 profit margin the average range
that we like to play inside of is 20 to
35 percent
sometimes it'll be higher sometimes
it'll be lower as long as you're in the
money and you're able to scale it
then it makes sense to continue running
so that's kind of what it is
now here's how it's a side hustle for me
okay so like i mentioned
that screenshot that you saw right up
here this one for the seventeen thousand
that's from a client inside of my
advertising agency
that company meaning my advertising
agency ecom
season that is a side hustle for me
my main hustle i don't really like to
call it that but my main focus what i do
on a daily basis
is on my own e-commerce brands there's
two of them one of them is still drop
shipping the products
because we have such a great supplier
and the other i hold inventory for
that's my main focus that's my largest
source of income and that's where my
largest amount of time goes
so for me what we do inside of this
advertising agency and you can
you know book a call down below i
haven't even mentioned this really
before but we do free calls
you can go ahead and book a call with
one of our client managers who can
explain all this
but we actually take a percentage of the
stores that we work with and we start
clients and this is the really cool part
we'll actually work with clients who
have zero e-commerce experience
because i give you access to my entire
team people who will do the product
who will build you a badass shopify
store and then who will run all the ads
it'll get moved from our website
developers over to the advertising
who can then work with you on facebook
ads eventually instagram influencers
which is a great way to continue making
more money
and branding your product so that for me
is a side hustle and i want to explain
the actual act of making multiple
shopify stores has been a great side
hustle of mine
on top of everything so let me explain
that the reason i can have
side hustles inside of this main
is because i'll start up random stores
throughout the year when i have extra
time when i'm bored
if i want to take advantage of a certain
holiday and one thing i like to do i do
this on valentine's day and i do it
hardcore for black friday cyber monday
so that's what's about to be going on
right now
we're working on stores and i will start
aggressively running stores that have
fast shipping times on the products
for about 30 days beforehand that's a
way to bring in extra money i can scale
something to 5 10 20 000
a day you know with a healthy margin so
i'll make an extra thirty thousand
dollars profit
fifty a hundred sometimes two three
hundred thousand dollars in a short
window of time
using that holiday or a specific event
as a squeeze to produce
urgency to get these sales now i'll make
sure everything's set up correctly let's
say if it's for you know christmas
you always want to make sure they get
their product beforehand that's
obviously hugely important
so i'll do this more so as a way to make
extra money if i have the time as a side
but also it tests my advertising skills
because i get to do the same thing i'm
already doing on my main
companies right on those main brands
plus all the stuff we're doing inside
the advertising agency for dozens of our
clients successfully
but now i get to do it for even more
products inside of different audiences
so it just keeps it fresh it's a great
learning experience it's really fun to
i enjoy running ads that's why i got
this big old monitor right here because
it makes it easier to see everything
i just have fun doing that so that's
something i enjoy and that's why it's a
great side hustle of mine so here's some
more examples of that
just being able to consistently scale
everything for me consistency is
and uh for people who don't necessarily
agree with that i will come back with
you with so many different rebuttals
consistency for me
has been everything to learn these
skills which are not very easy to learn
but to be able to do this consistently
day in and day out inside of an industry
where people go up and down so fast
people make a ton of money and
everything crashes and burns
i take a lot of pride in the fact that
i've done this for four years
consistently and
have been able to make money inside of
here consistently for not only myself
but now dozens of clients and that's a
new project that we've been working on
so here's just more examples i'm going
to be showing you all this stuff here in
a moment anyways in depth so
that's kind of what it is and how it's a
side hustle now how do you do it
so you can always check out the other
videos here on this channel i'm going to
give you the breakdown right now
but i have videos on specific things i
have dozens of videos probably even more
on just facebook ads
all the little things on that i have
different stuff on building websites
product research there's a million
different things i mean
there's so much so here's how i do it my
five steps
all right so we start with facebook ads
anything i run i have not started with
google ads i have not
started with instagram influencers
youtube influencers i haven't done that
in three
years i used to now i start with
facebook and here's the five things i do
in order number one audience testing
we're gonna tok about this in a moment
audience testing
number two audience narrowing taking all
those audiences
let's say 20 and only four of them work
great i narrowed it down there's the
four that works
then i will stack those inside of cbo's
then i will grab
additional audiences that relate to that
four because i need more than four i
want to be able to scale quickly
once the data is there okay so that's
step four and then number five
scaling through increasing the budgets
duplicating those ad sets and cbo's
but also being able to scale through
horizontal duplicates where we input new
ad creatives
new picture ads new video ads new
animation ads this is something that
i've toked about multiple times on the
it's something i not only do for myself
and spend tens of thousands of dollars a
just on the advertisements for this
alone but it's something we recommend to
our clients
viral ecom ads is my personal favorite
way to get animated content
now here's what i like to do inside of
my ad creatives and i've shown examples
of this before
i love video ads for the first touch on
retargeting you can use pictures
but on the first touch i love to show a
video and the best way to really make it
as engaging as possible
is to have real video clips that you
take and edit those
in with animated content so for example
i've toked about this openly i try to
be as transparent as i can
my main company is in the health space
it's in the health
industry that's what i will say and so
that is a lot to do
with bones muscle the different
ligaments inside of your body
so what i'll do is i'll get animated
content i will take a picture
of someone using or wearing our product
and send it to viral e-com ads
they make animated content off of that
that highlights different muscles
different ligaments and you can do this
for anything
i know someone who sells dirt bike parts
and they like animate all the parts
coming off of the dirt bike and like the
new one going in like what it looks like
it's sick
and that's a great way to mix that in
right i don't ever
just run an animated content it doesn't
really perform amazingly for me
but that's what i do so if you guys want
to check that out you can find it linked
below that is not my company i've said
that before and over and over again
it's just the cheapest place to get
animations because i used to pay like
500 bucks
or a thousand bucks to create one single
video now i can make dozens of videos
for under 100 bucks so that's what
is uh is valuable to me and then what i
do once we're getting sales coming
in like this and you're doing two
thousand three thousand a day you're
making a thousand profit
things are consistent that is when you
reinvest into the creatives right you
really start making a lot you wanna make
sure you have good ones in the beginning
but you start making a lot of them and
then i will just repeat steps
three to five over and over again i will
consistently take new audiences that i'm
finding in step four
i will stack those inside of cbo's get
more data coming in and then i will
continue to scale and launch new
creatives on each of those audiences
right that is the cycle over and over
and as you get past 100 sales you do
that with look-alike audiences you make
sure you're retargeting running
over and over and over and over again
it's just those three to five steps okay
the steps three two five so those three
steps right there but from start to
finish it's these five steps
and that's the main thing you have to
focus on now facebook is extremely
complicated the way that their algorithm
changes the way that they
fluctuate inside of every ad account
individually gets annoying and you have
to be able to read the data so it just
takes time to learn
but those five steps will make it super
simple for you to narrow down your focus
and actually start producing sales
let me give you an example okay let's
say you're selling
a necklace and the chain like a little
pendant has
a basketball on super small sleek just a
basketball piece of jewelry
well here's an example of what you could
do for some targeting okay
on this let me zoom this one in for you
you could take
basketball okay just the interest
you could target that worldwide
everybody interested in basketball
530 million people i know my little
circles here moved
that is a lot of people 530 million some
people like to target audiences that are
under a million they do this and that
but what i do when i'm testing audiences
remember which is step one
i test broad i'll test ones that are 500
32 million 12 million 400 000
i go all over the place i try to test 10
to 20 audiences in the first day
and what i'll do is i'll launch each of
those inside of a separate ad set
right each of those has a 10 or a 20 a
day budget
so you'll immediately be starting with
probably 100 to 200 a day in ad spend
that's what will allow you to test your
audiences quickly okay
so this one for example lebron james if
you wanted to target a
person inside of that space as well as
the entire thing
any other companies you can think of
like the nba you can do all of that
for example lebron james 33 million
that's smaller
still very large so the way to think
about it like this
the bigger your audience is the harder
it's gonna be
for facebook to help you optimize inside
of that audience to bring in consistent
uh in terms of your current sales and
what that means is if you have zero
sales on your ad account
you're just starting zero zip nothing
well it's going to be harder to get
sales targeting an audience with 500
million people
it can work and you should do it for
that reason alone but the smaller it is
the more
focused it can be and then the more
sales you start getting in on your ad
facebook after 20 or 30 sales can start
to see who's your customer
who's buying are there any habits are
there any patterns that are consistent
and that's actually what sparks all the
debate with facebook getting into
trouble for tracking people all over the
internet and
you know understanding their buying
habits because people think it's
unethical but regardless you can use
this to your advantage
so facebook can slowly start helping you
find people
inside of that half a billion person
audience which is just
huge they can help you find people
inside of that and start bringing in
those purchases even faster for even
less money because you don't have to
reach as much people anymore
and that's the whole goal of look-alike
audiences as well which is where once
you have a couple hundred sales it's
really a hundred per country but
once you have a couple hundred sales you
should start transitioning to look like
very defined very large audiences that
are focused around your current
so that's where we get into all the
nitty gritty here's another example i'm
not trying to show you guys anything
i'm not over here showing you you know
million dollar multi-million dollar
months this and that
i'm showing you a client and the main
focus of this video someone who made
almost 17 000 in revenue in a week
that's nothing astonishing
but this is their first month working
with us right we have a client this is
our biggest client
who did something in the first month um
this is the largest growth in a 30-day
we made a client almost exactly 500 000
it was 565 000 by the end of the month
565 000 in sales with a 30
margin in the first month that is
awesome right i've made a video breaking
that down
i just want to show you guys as many
real examples as possible
of this working so let me show you this
over here i'm just going to delete this
out here so we can have some more space
this right here is an example i just
took this from inside of an ad account
10 minutes before i started filming
it's at a 1.19 row as what does that
well for every dollar you're spending
you're bringing a dollar and 19 cents
now if you follow my personal rule of
your product cost
never exceeding 30 of what you're
selling it for maybe 35
you're losing money at this number and
this is losing money
this is from today just one day this is
losing money overall
not to mention the shopify plan that
you're paying for anything else you're
paying for
it's losing money not a lot but a little
bit but here's what you're doing
you're identifying multiple audiences
inside of here that are working
you're starting to get ad sets
profitable you're getting very
profitable cbos look at this
fifty dollars a day at a three point
five a hundred dollars a day to two
point nine
fifty dollars a day to 1.7 all of these
you're starting to test
more and more of what works so my main
focus is to try and stay around break
when i'm starting to test a lot of
things and that's the goal because you
don't necessarily
need to make a ton of profit right away
the goal is to get it coming in
over time and by over time i mean it can
happen in a matter of weeks
but you need to be willing to
potentially lose a little bit of money
the only reason this one's losing money
is because i'm testing
so much stuff at once because i don't
care if it makes profit
this week next week or the next week i
understand it might take two to three
weeks and i'd rather make that process
go faster
you probably won't have that happen the
reason being is because
you'll go slower you haven't been
through those experiences and can't read
the data yet as well
so it's just a matter of kind of feeling
comfortable and making sure you
understand what's going on inside your
ad account so for example for all of our
clients we go a lot slower
we test products we try to make sure
we're not being wasteful even though we
might consider it efficient
if we're getting the results faster you
know getting all the testing out of the
but we try to make sure being as
efficient as possible with the
day-to-day spending so that's something
that we focus on
but that's kind of how we do it and i
would love for you guys to take a
picture real quick or screenshot these
five steps
this is something that i do not only for
myself which is huge i mean i spend tens
and tens and tens of thousands of
dollars every single day
inside of my own companies but this is
now something we do for clients as well
and that's new
and so this example is a side hustle
because while we take a very small
plus a percentage of the profits i'm not
trying to charge someone 10 000
a month flat fee and have no other
investment because then what's the real
investment or the reason for me to want
to scale it hardcore
and making sure that they have a very
profitable margin
there isn't one right except making them
just enough to make sense of that ten
thousand dollar retainer so we do is
we'll take a percentage of the store so
like i'll make far more money off this
by having a percentage of it and they
get to make a bunch of money without
doing anything so that's
kind of the idea besides uh behind
excuse me
behind our advertising agency and i have
a whole team of media buyers who does
that and then i oversee all of the
aggressive scaling so as we start to
increase this
and do numbers like this bringing people
from literally two thousand dollars a
day with a two percent margin at the
beginning of the month
to by the end of the month doing thirty
five thousand 000 a day with an 18 to 30
margin that's the growth and that's the
consistency that we look for so
if you guys want us to do this for you
our advertising agency is not something
where you can just go to a website and
buy it
we give you the opportunity though to
speak for free with one of our client
managers who has
access to all of the clients sees
exactly what's going on and is very
understanding of our ad strategy
our product testing speed and how it is
we spend the money efficiently
inside the ad account so if you have
questions if you want to apply to work
with us again what we do is we don't
just take a fat retainer
we take a small retainer which that's
not going in anyone's pocket that covers
barely and then we take a percentage of
the profits we're very invested into
what we're doing
that's why we work with you on the
website making sure the up sales are
the product selling sequence making sure
your descriptions are good and
you know all the emails every possible
component like that all the way through
your suppliers to payment processors
anything like that okay so again this is
something we've been doing for four plus
years i've produced tens of millions of
dollars in sales
and this is my personal team it helps me
on my own stores now as well
in terms of automation right and that is
what truly can make it a side hustle
and it can make it a great side hustle
for you you know you don't have to
understand this entire business
you don't have to learn all the specific
ins and outs and spend four years and
millions and millions of dollars
to start to get a sense of what to do
you can just hand this to us and we'll
do that for you
and find you a winning product in
probably a matter of weeks you know it's
just a it's all about the speed of
testing which again is what we can
explain to you on the call so
if you guys want to book a free call
click the link down below
i will leave that as the top link in the
description those are absolutely free
kind of a 10 15 minute if you have any
questions you can go ahead and ask that
we'll kind of run you through what it is
we focus on and see if that's a good fit
right now we are limited on the amount
of clients that we can bring on and i'm
not just saying that
as an urgency piece because this is
something i mean we've been doing it for
five months
and i haven't really mentioned it too
much because of that reason but this is
cool because we have a team of media
buyers we have the website developers
and we have everybody in place
to start making this as profitable as
possible and i've more so just been
taking advantage of it
for myself and a few close friends and
clients but this is something that we do
want to grow and it is a great sign also
for everyone involved so
if you have questions again feel free to
tok to us for free you can book that
down below and if you have questions
directly that you want me to answer
feel free to let me know in the comments
section below this video maybe something
that you didn't quite understand around
the five-step process of facebook
or how it is we test the audiences or
what we do with the products
i can make more videos on that and i
would be glad to do so so just let me
know if you have any questions leave it
in the comment section
this is something again i've been doing
for years it truly is a great side
hustle it's a
massive industry which is why i love it
there's so much opportunity there's so
much growth
and it's something that can really
become very passive once you get it
going so that's what's fun about it i
hope you guys
get to enjoy those same rewards as well
all alright hope you enjoyed this video
if you did make sure to smash a like
down below
don't forget to subscribe if you want to
see some more in-depth breakdowns
on the exact ad strategies head over to
the ecom season
youtube channel i will also leave that
linked below i do more random two minute
videos five minute videos it just breaks
down the ad strategy and kind of goes in
depth in my computer on some random fun
stuff a couple times a week so
if you want to check that out there i
always answer questions there as well
feel free to reference that in the
description as well
along with any of the other resources
that we have available and i will be
seeing you
in the next video peace

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