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This Stupidly Simple Business Made me 6 Figures

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

This Stupidly Simple Business Made me 6 Figures

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This Stupidly Simple Business Made me 6 Figures

this stupidly simple business made me
over six figures in just six months and
we're toking profit too okay this is
not sales this is not revenue this is
take home profit in today's video we're
gonna break down exactly what it is how
it's currently going and how you can get
started immediately today too but first
if you're new to the channel my name is
brian i run an ecom company that does
multiple six figures a year in profit
and i want to help you do the same so
what is this business that we're toking
about well it's retail drop shipping on
sites like facebook marketplace okay now
we're primarily going to outline what
this is on facebook marketplace because
the largest portion of this profit came
from facebook marketplace specifically
although i did a significant amount on
amazon as well i also have done
significant amounts on poshmark and
mercari as well and you can also
interchange this uh specifically with
ebay as well and some other websites too
each platform has different rules so if
you understand the rules then obviously
you can play on the platform do not take
the same rules that work for facebook
marketplace and assume that they work
for drop shipping on amazon or vice
versa right or any of these here so what
you're basically doing is you're taking
products that are on sites like amazon
or a number of other websites amazon's
just the easy example because everybody
uses it and that's kind of where
everybody starts right so you're taking
amazon products you are listing them on
facebook marketplace and you're all
you're doing is you're marking them up
for a profit and then what happens is
customers are already on places like
facebook marketplace looking for
products when customers come and they
buy your amazon products that you've
listed for more then obviously you're
going to simply send the products from
amazon to the customer and then keep the
difference in profit now why this works
so well is that you don't need to buy
products in bulk ahead of time okay i
have a lot of e-commerce experience
that's you know these numbers definitely
aren't typical but they're way not out
of reach either a lot of people have a
lot of success on this and it's one of
the easiest business models to get
started not just retail drop shipping
overall but drop shipping on facebook
marketplace or facebook shops the
margins are great you don't have to run
out and buy a ridiculous amount of
products which ties up your cash flow
and then wait for the money to come back
in the form of sales you're only
purchasing a product after the customer
has already paid for it and given you
the money essentially ahead of time or
the promise that they will give you the
money ahead of time you also obviously
don't need to store products you don't
need to own a warehouse you don't need
to pay employees although that is a way
that you can scale we'll tok about that
briefly here in a second you don't need
to pay for any ad traffic to sell
products right so we're not starting a
shopify website and then you know having
to spend hundreds of thousands of
dollars of every single month to drive
traffic to that and hope that we're
profitable it also works so well because
you understand how to find hot selling
products and that you understand it's
ultimately a numbers game those are the
two key factors you want to list
products that are already selling well
that have a history of selling well both
on marketplace and on other websites the
more hot selling products you list the
better your sales will be so some key
things to scale here are listing
software right you want to build a team
and you want to master cash flow and
maximize profits to break those down a
little bit more specifically listing
software is you know there are a number
of them out there i recommend z drop
it's always linked in the description
all it does is it copies the title it
copies the the pictures and it copies
the description as well as some of the
specs and the specifics on certain
websites and copies them over in the
matter of like 10 to 15 seconds to a
site like facebook marketplace it's an
easy way to do it it's an easy way to
get started and it takes a lot of hours
and manpower out of it because the
software does 95
of the work for you and then you just
have to verify a few things publish the
listing and obviously you're off and
running okay the next thing is to build
a team because to get to you know
somewhere where you're actually scaled
unless you're willing to sit in front of
your computer you know for 10 hours a
day which you very well could be and
that's totally fine i started that way
as well ultimately to get to high
numbers not saying you can't get six
figures you one thousand percent can get
to uh six figures by yourself easily but
ultimately to scale past that and be
having like 20 30 40 grand profit months
you're gonna need a team or at least
somebody that's listing for you or and
somebody that's also processing orders
for you build a team any business takes
a team any business leverages other
people also you want to master cash flow
okay so if you don't have a credit card
that you can leverage or you don't have
a lot of cash up front you're going to
need to scale a little bit slower and
that's totally fine but as you scale you
are going to need to master cash flow
okay so whether or not you keep a nest
egg in a specific bank account or you
have credit cards obviously you're going
to need to spend money in this business
to make money but the key here is like
you don't need to spend money until
you're promised the profit it's a
win-win but you do need to understand
cash flow 101 all right and the next
thing is maximizing profit so once you
get going there's different different
ways to maximize profits you ultimately
want to increase your margins as much as
possible and that's not just as simple
as raising your margins right instead of
listing at 30 percent list to 60 that
can work but what you do want to do is
you want to do the little things as well
right you want to use cashback credit
cards things like plugins like rakuten
or honey that are going to give you
extra cash back all these things add up
to your back end margin another thing
that's that's really really easy to do
you get tax exempt on those specific
websites ultimately this is super simple
don't let anybody try to complicate it
for you obviously there are some key
things to scale there are some key ways
to understand how to find hot selling
products and ultimately you do need to
do the work or you do need to hire
somebody to do the work right but all
you're ultimately doing is you're taking
products either from amazon or ebay or
walmart or home depot or any other
retailer or any wholesale supplier as
well and you're listing them with
software on on places like facebook
marketplace for a higher price then the
next step is you're waiting for somebody
to buy them then you're sending them the
original listing from wherever you
listed it from and again that software
will store your listings and you can
search for them and then you're keeping
the net profit for yourself and then
ultimately it's just rinse repeat and
scale now anybody can start this like i
said and make money today i am not
special i promise you i'm not special i
do have some e-commerce experience over
the past decade obviously that helps i'd
be lying if i tell you it didn't but
ultimately i'm pretty hands-off now i
went out i learned everything about this
business i wasn't even drop shipping
like seven eight months ago i literally
had just started it but ultimately i'm
pretty hands off now and i have a team
that runs the business for me i also i
don't have any secrets okay there's no
secrets to the this business you need to
list better products you need to list
more products it's ultimately that
simple so if you want to step by step
blueprint to your own six figure drop
shipping business on facebook facebook
dropship pro is linked directly in the
description all right please give this
video a thumbs up too if you appreciate
and got any value from it whatsoever i
genuinely appreciate it and also if you
want a beginner's tutorial that will
take you through the process of actually
listing products on facebook marketplace
with the software that i reference the
tutorial linked up in the right hand
corner right now is a perfect place to
start all right that will take you from
everything from a to z and get you
started today all right so i hope that
that helps and i'll see in the next one

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