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This Week's Walmart Grocery Ads

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Hello everyone and welcome back to another weekly video of the flyers and deals around. Today we are going to look into Walmart and Fresh Coast flyer and let's check what are the great deals this week.

Walmart flyer deals:

- White all-purpose flour for $1.97 (2.5kg)

- Juice can/jar for $2.97 (1.75 liters)

- Bunch of celery sticks for $0.97

- Sugar bag for $0.97 (2kg)

- Peanut butter for $2.97

- Can of tomato soup for $0.67

- Plastic hangers for $7.77 (30 sets)

Fresh Coast flyer deals:

- English cucumbers for $0.99 each

- Plum tomatoes for $1.99 per pound (2.18kg for $0.99)

- Iceberg lettuce for $0.99 each

- Broccoli crowns for $0.99 each

- Classico pasta sauce for $4.99

- India Gate basmati rice for $7.99 (4.5kg)

- Pack of paneer for $2.99

- Pack of rusk for $0.99

- Nutella for $3.99 (725g)

Don't forget:

- Walmart flyer starts from tomorrow, so the rates will change after midnight today.

- Fresh Coast flyer has some Indian stuff on sale because of Vesak.

- Walmart's online grocery has promotions going on for your first order.

In conclusion, these are some great deals to look out for in Walmart and Fresh Coast flyer this week. Don't miss out on these amazing prices and grab your favorite items tomorrow or in the coming week. Also, check out the Flip app video in the description box below for more deals and promotions. See you in the next one, bye bye!

How to run Walmart Advertisement | Auto Campaign | Walmart Virtual Assistant Series | English

In this video, I will show you how to run Walmart ads. It is important to be connected to the Walmart advertisement group and register for the Walmart media group to get access to the ad center. Once you get approval for advertisements, you can run ads for your listings.

Running Walmart Ads:

1. Dashboard: The dashboard displays the campaigns. To create a new campaign, click on Campaigns.

2. Campaigns: You can choose between manual and auto-bidding. If you are new to running ads, select automatic bidding.

3. Naming: You can name your campaign and choose the start date. You can also select the total budget or daily budget.

4. Bit Multiplier Section: The bit multiplier section allows you to pay more to come into certain placements, such as the buy box. You can bid more for customers coming from desktop or mobile.

5. Adding New Group and Item: You can add a new group and search for your product's name. Select the product and add it to your campaign.

6. Suggested Bit: The suggested bit is for automatic campaigns.

Running Walmart ads is similar to running ads on Amazon. The dashboard displays the campaigns, and you can create a new campaign with manual or auto-bidding. You can choose the start date, total budget, or daily budget. The bit multiplier section allows you to bid more for certain placements. Adding a new group and item is easy, and the suggested bit is for automatic campaigns.

Favorite Day of the Week~Grocery ADs Review

- The article is about grocery shopping and how to save money while doing it.

- The author shares their personal experience and strategies for stretching their dollars.

Strategies for Saving Money:

- Take time to plan and make a game plan before going grocery shopping.

- Look for deals and promotions in weekly ads.

- Consider buying in bulk or family size if it makes sense for your household.

- Don't be afraid to use food stamps or other assistance programs to stretch your budget.

- Try buying store brand or generic products instead of name brands.

- Avoid eating out too often and use a food allowance to limit spending.

- Use reminders to make use of what you already have at home.

Examples from Weekly Ads:

- Kroger has deals on party size chips, chicken breasts, and dish soap.

- Publix is offering BOGO deals on cereals and canned vegetables.

- Lidl has deals on canned vegetables, butter, and sugar.

- The author encourages readers to take advantage of weekly ads and plan their shopping trips to save money.

- By using these strategies and being mindful of their spending, the author has been able to stretch their dollars and make the most out of their grocery budget.


Welcome to today's video on how to use Flip. In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to use the desktop version of Flip, although I prefer the app version on my phone. First, you need to log on to Flip.com and enter your postal code to see nearby stores and different categories. You can search for specific flyers, scroll down, and find whatever you want. I'll show you based on my favorite stores - Food Basics and No Frills.

Food Basics:

- You can view items or the flyer, but I prefer the flyer.

- When you view the flyer, you can make a shopping list by clipping items. You can also check the size, price, and selected varieties of the items you want.

- Always check the quantity and prices to make sure you're getting a good deal.

- You can clip items and price match at other stores like Walmart or Freshco.

- Remember that most flyers start on Thursday, and you can preview the new flyer on Wednesdays.

No Frills:

- You can find good deals on fresh food, fish, meat, and produce.

- Always check the prices, and remember that Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays have special deals.

- You can find coupons on Flip, like for Harvey's.


- You can use Flip to find the best deals on groceries.

- Always check the prices, sizes, and quantities.

- Try to go grocery shopping on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday when the stores are restocked.

- Don't forget to make a shopping list and clip items to price match.

- Have fun and experiment with different stores and flyers.

In conclusion, Flip is a great tool for finding the best deals on groceries. By following these tips and tricks, you can save money and time on your grocery shopping. Happy shopping!

Kroger Ad Preview for Sept 28-Oct 4, 2022 | *NEW* Weekly Digitals + 5x Digital Coupon Sale

Hey everyone, it's Shayna here with a Kroger ad preview for September 28th to October 4th. Let's take a closer look:

- Previewing the Kroger ad for the upcoming week

- Encouraging viewers to hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell

Main Points:

- Fresh strawberries on sale for 3 for $5

- Halloween candy sale with buy 2 get 1 free on Hershey's, Mars, or Butterfinger Fun Size candy

- Sale on six packs of beer for 4 for $12

- Weekly digital coupon sale with deals on ground pork, Kroger brats, Italian sausages, Chefman air fryers, and more

- Sale on Kroger Deluxe ice cream for $1.99

- Save more with digital coupons on items like General Mills cereals, Scott bath tissue, and Campbell's chunky soups

- Spend $30 on select items and earn double reward points

- Nutrition event with $10 off instantly when you spend $30 on active or sports nutrition products

- Not many exciting deals this week, but some good savings on everyday items

- Encouraging viewers to stock up on items like cheese and canned goods in case

*NEW SALE* Kroger Ad Preview for 11/16-11/24 | 5x Digital Coupon Sale, Weekly Digitals & MORE

Welcome to Shopping with Shayna, where we preview the latest deals and sales at Kroger. This week's sale runs from November 16th to November 24th, covering the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some highlights from the ad:

- The sale is a digital coupon sale, which means you need to load the coupons onto your Kroger card on Wednesday to get the savings.

- You can earn four times the fuel points when you shop on Friday by scanning the digital coupon.

- The Kroger turkey is on sale for 49 cents per pound after the digital coupon offer. You can also get a free Butterball turkey through Ibotta for a maximum of $14 cash back.

- Other deals include two for $3 on cereals and Nature Valley bars, two for $7 on Pillsbury pie crust or mini pie crust, and two for $4 on Heinz gravy and stovetop stuffing.

Here are some additional tips:

- Load up to five digital coupons onto your card and use them over and over again during the sale period.

- Look for the buy one, get one free deals on games and the 20% off deal when you spend $200 or more.

- Keep in mind that prices

Walmart Deals 11/21/22: Walmart Ibotta Haul: 8 FREEBIES: 15 DEALS: Couponing At Walmart With Ibotta


- Jesse cornbread mix for 52 cents, with 65 cents cash back, making it free and a 13-cent money maker.

- Ocean Spray cranberry sauce holder or smashed for $1.76, with $2 cash back from Ibotta, making it free and a 24-cent money maker.

- Alka Seltzer Plus sinus power match gels for $9.24, with a $2 coupon and $3.50 cash back from Ibotta, plus $3.04 cash back from ShopKicks, making it just 70 cents.

- McCormick brown gravy for $1, with $1.40 cash back from Ibotta, making it free and a 40-cent money maker.

- Hidden Valley seasoning packet for $1, with 50 cents cash back from Coupons.com and $1.74 cash back from ShopKicks, making it free and a 36-cent money maker.

- Pasta Roni and Rice-A-Roni for $1.22 each, with 50 cents cash back on each from Ibotta, making them 72 cents each.

- Insta Bones for $1.98 each, with $2 cash back from Ibotta, a $1.98 discount at the register, and $10 cash back from Swagbucks and ShopKicks, making it free and a $4.32 money maker.

- Covergirl perfect point plus for $5.94, with a $3 coupon from SmartSource and $2 cash back from Ibotta, making it just 94 cents.

- Sara Lee White Veggies no seriously White Bread with Veggies for $3.28, with $1 cash back from Fetch Rewards, making it free.

- Air Wick one warmer with two refills for $5.48, with $5.50 cash back from Coupons.com and $2 cash back from Ibotta, making the final cost $2.46 or just $1.23 each.

- Ferrero Rocher chocolate bar for $2.98, with a $1 coupon from SmartSource and $1 cash back from Ibotta, making it just 98 cents.

- Celine Today select flavors for $4.48, with $1.25 cash back from Ibotta and $7.15 cash back from ShopKicks, making it just 37 cents.

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