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Three Audiences To Target On Meta - Real Estate Leads

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

Meta real estate leads offer great potential for real estate agents to increase their business. However, to be successful in converting these leads into actual sales, it is important to target three key audiences.

Audience 1: Sellers

- These are individuals who have listed their properties for sale on Meta real estate platforms such as Zillow or Trulia.

- They are looking for a real estate agent who can help them sell their property quickly and at the best price.

- Agents can target these sellers by offering their expertise in pricing, marketing, and negotiating deals.

Audience 2: Buyers

- These are individuals who are searching for properties to buy on Meta real estate platforms.

- They are looking for a real estate agent who can help them find the right property, negotiate the best deal, and guide them through the buying process.

- Agents can target these buyers by offering their expertise in finding properties that match their criteria, providing market insights, and helping them navigate the complex buying process.

Audience 3: Investors

- These are individuals who are looking for investment opportunities in the real estate market.

- They are looking for a real estate agent who can help them identify profitable properties, negotiate deals, and manage their investments.

- Agents can target these investors by offering their expertise in analyzing market trends, identifying investment opportunities, and providing advice on managing real estate investments.

By targeting these three key audiences, real estate agents can increase their chances of converting Meta real estate leads into actual sales. However, it is important to understand the unique needs and preferences of each audience and tailor marketing strategies accordingly. By offering expertise and personalized services, agents can build long-term relationships with these audiences and establish themselves as trusted advisors in the real estate industry.

Three Audiences To Target On Meta - Real Estate Leads

Real estate advisers can benefit from using Facebook to generate leads. In this article, we will discuss the three must-use Facebook audiences for real estate leads.

1. Zillow + Parents

The first audience that real estate advisers should target are those people that have an interest in Zillow and are parents. To ensure that it works, narrow down the audience by selecting the interest of Zillow and making sure they are parents. This audience is effective for a variety of ads, and real estate advisers should consider using it.

2. Newly Engaged

The second audience is newly engaged. This is a life event that allows real estate advisers to write the perfect ad copy to make it almost serendipitous that it's being placed in front of that consumer. Real estate advisers should avoid calling out specifically that they are newly engaged, as it may seem intrusive.

3. Retiring

The third audience is those folks that are retiring. Real estate advisers can target those who are 55 years and above, and Facebook caps out at 65 plus. These people may need to sell their home and find another one, making them an ideal audience to target.

These three audiences are effective for generating leads for real estate advisers on Facebook. Real estate advisers should try them out and see the results for themselves. Facebook is an ever-evolving platform, and it's essential to keep up with the changes and adjust the audience accordingly. Let us know in the comment section what works for you and what doesn't. Keep pushing and execute daily.

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