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Three Audiences To Target On Meta - Real Estate Leads

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

Three Audiences To Target On Meta - Real Estate Leads

Three Audiences To Target On Meta - Real Estate Leads

here are the three must use Facebook
audiences for real estate leads hey a
time you think of real estate advisers
welcome back to the channel that
provides actionable content to help your
business grow if you're not already
please be sure to subscribe as every
month I give away one of my Facebook
Google and YouTube courses simply for
being a subscriber so again only
subscribers are entered into the lottery
to receive a free course okay so what
are the three must use Facebook
audiences for real estate leads anytime
I get to tok about Facebook I'm all
about it that is my favorite topic and
over the coming days I'm gonna be
producing a lot more videos in relation
to Facebook because well one because I
can but and second I just enjoy those a
lot more than some of the other topics
that I cover so anytime I get to cover
Facebook I'm all about it well as you
know if you've been running Facebook ads
in the past most importantly in the past
year or the year before that you may
remember a certain button or a certain
demographic that was available to you
which what I would consider the easy
button of that being people that were
most likely to move or highly likely to
move is what facebook was calling that
demographic and all you needed to do was
create an app and target that ad towards
that audience it was that easy there's
some other key demographics like
homeowners renters income so you could
target the based off of income and based
off of them being renters and then based
off of homeowners so there's no need to
guess if you were writing the right copy
and putting it in the right audience in
front of the right audience okay so
without further ado let's get into the
top three the first audience that you
should be targeting are those people
that have an interest in Zillow and
those people that are parents
so let me repeat that interest in Zillow
and that are actually parents you still
have the capability of targeting the
demographic that are parents that has
not gone away and Zelo the interest
being interested in Zillow that has
always been there so that isn't lost
however what you need to do and make
sure that to make sure that it works is
when you go to Zillow and I'm sorry when
you go to Facebook and put the interest
of Zillow make sure you narrow the
audience we're just gonna say right at
the bottom against a narrow audience and
must have parents so they must be
parents so you're pairing the two you're
taking all people that have an interest
in Zillow and our parents so that's the
first audience that you're gonna want to
target and it works for a lot of the ads
we're not going to get into too many of
the type of ads that you can run towards
that audience but there's other videos
in this channel that will help you
arrive there and I'll probably put it in
the card somewhere so that's the first
now the second audience is newly engaged
now know that this is a life event so
newly engaged newly married newly Wed
those are audiences that you can also
target so newly gazes the audience that
I propose that you use for your next ad
and according it is a life event it's a
life event that you can write that
perfect ad copy to make it almost
serendipitous that it's being placed in
front of that in front of that consumer
so the people will be likely to act now
what I will advise against is calling
out specifically hey notike that you're
newly engaged I mean you can try it but
it's it built for me whenever I'm
writing out a copy for myself and for
other agents I just stay away from them
because I feel it's a little bit too big
brother for me but if you want to be
more direct and just straight up call a
spade a spade
go at it have how about it there you go
and then the third audience is retiring
so that one is a little bit easier to
identify as it's simply an age thing so
all you need to do is adjust the age
anywhere from 55 and up isn't gonna work
well for you
Facebook caps out at 65 plus so if you
want to go there that is completely fine
but I started at 55 and then do custom
audiences and retarget that way
so third audience would be those folks
that are retiring so that typically
involves a to four that involves those
people that need to sell their home
because most likely if they're retiring
again generalizing but most likely they
have a home to sell and they're gonna
want to find another home so those are
the three audiences that I would suggest
on Facebook today and it's an
ever-evolving thing if there's some
interest I get at it there's some
interest that go away there are some
demographics I get at it there's some
different things that go away
so it's an ever-evolving thing but these
but these audiences today I can safely
tell you are working you're gonna want
to try them out because they are
effective so again to recap Zillow plus
parents newly engaged in those folks
that are retiring well that's it folks
that's the value I have for you today
let me know in the comment section below
what's working for you and what's not I
think there's value in learning both and
like comment share and subscribe if I
learned it outside of that
keep calling your saw keep pushing and
execute daily

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