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tidio shopify

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How to Add Live chat feature on Shopify Store easily | Tidio Live Chat & Chatbots Support Tutorial

hello everyone, welcome to educate ecommerce youtube channel. in today's video, i will show you how you can set up a live chat in your shopify store. livechat is a strong customer care platform that allows you to interact with your customer in real time. increase online sale by providing excellent customer care. combine human expertise with ai efficiency to provide effective customer service. your chat box will provide your customer with a dynamic and personalized experience that they will like. so to add a live chat, first you need to add an app. log into your shopify dashboard from here. go to apps, click customize your store. it will take you to the shopify app store. here. use the search bar and search for tdo live chat. select the app from the store. this app is free to use, but to add more feature you need to upgrade the app. now. let's click on add app here. go through all the permission tab. then click on install app. now, in step 1, configure your live chat. you can add your name here. below that, select the color scheme and avatar. you will get a real time preview on the right side. to select a chat language, click on the drop down and choose your preferred language. once done, click on continue. now, on step 2, fill in the mentioned details and then select live chat from here. after that, click continue. in step 3 you will get two option to engage with your customer. you can either send them a discount code or greet them with a warm welcome text in here. you also have the option to customize welcome test from here. once done, click on continue. they will ask to add a password here. after adding, click on continue. i will skip this part for now. so this will be the chat box dashboard. to customize your chat box, go to the settings on the bottom left corner. on the appearance setting, you can customize the widget here. on the online status, you can edit your status, which you can see on the right hand side, to enable or disable the option to display chat while you are offline. just click the button here below. you have the option to change the button label with text or without text. now, on the get started option, you can change that status and the main message for the new theme widget and set the background for it. to setup the mobile widget position and size. just play around with these settings. on the pre-chat survey, you can create a survey that will ask your visitor for their name, email address, phone number or gdpr compliance after they type their first message and attempt to start a conversation with you. below you can add multiple languages of your choices. let's save the changes by clicking on the save button. now let's move ahead to the next setting from the dashboard. go to the sidebar. enable your chat to appear as a sidebar on the left or right border of your website. once a user click the sidebar, the standards chat widget at the bottom will appear. you can customize its color from here. save the progress. now go to the account setting. in the account section you can change your name, add your profile picture, change your email address password and adjust your region so that you so that your time zone would be appeared correctly. below the account settings we have the notification feature. change the sound notification for new visitor chat request and messages here. if you would like to receive the notification about new incoming chat to your email address, enable the send email notification option. by enabling the operating hours you can adjust. adjust the operator's online hours. that will switch between your offline and online status automatikally at specified times. now let's go to the general setting. here, on the quick responses, you can prepare short messages, link or responses that can be used during your chat. on the operators tab, you can deactivate, delete or add new operators with assigned permissions. you can download desktop and mobile apps for all comment system from here to response your clients concern faster. now let's preview our live chat. click on the i icon on your chat box and, as you can see, the live chat appeared and you can test your live chat here. i hope this video was helpful. if you like our content, please do subscribe and like the videos. i will see you guys in the next video. till then, bye.

TIDIO LIVE CHAT SHOPIFY APP - Honest Review & Quick Tutorial by EcomExperts.io

don't you hate it when you go to a website and you look for customer support and they just like, yeah, email you, we might get back to you in 24 hours [Music]. all right, welcome everyone to another Shopify app review video. so we're going to do an entire series about life chatting apps. in this week we are going to look at Ty deal. what are the benefits of life shedding apps? Wallet increases sales. then it gives better customer service. it just better support. your brand becomes my final. you just have a better product if customers can reach you immediately, and that's kind of the point of it. so, like I said, I'm gonna stop toking and we're going to look at the behind the scenes of title: life chat app. alright, let's check it out. okay, the app is installed and we are on the Start Guide. so, as you see, here there is the little chat icon and everything, and we have the option to configure our live chat. so the first thing- here is pretty obvious- is the name of the customer service agent. so we will write my name, Andrew, beautiful, and then for the avatar, we will choose. let's see, okay, this image. so right below that, you can choose the color of your chat window. so it's just to figure out the overall star brand, and so we will go with a nice shade of red, for example. also, it's cool is so obviously you can see the, the direct result and how it would look for your clients immediately here on the right. okay, nice shade of red. that's done. let's proceed to the language tab. so there's 21 languages available. you can see in this, job done pretty impressive, head will stik with English on this one and continue on to the next step. we need to provide, obviously, our account information. so this haslam regular questions like: so let's do this real quick it and accept the terms and conditions, and then we are good to continue to the next step. so on the next step, we are on the chat bot setup page. so here it's kind of like the final customizations that you can do. there's two options for greeting your customers. these two, like you can see, they're available: discount killed in exchange for the email or just a warm greeting. we will be generous today because I feel I'm being generous and we will offer a discount code on our fake website and click continue so because we chose the discount option in the previous one. this is some more customization work. we can change the Welcome message, as you can see, and then add the promo code. the Welcome message is fine. we'll just change the discount code to e? io, which you know it stands for econ experts dot io. and then we are. we click on continue so we are on the dashboard. so the data connection looks really nice. I think it's one of the nicest ones I've reviewed so far. so on the Left, we have the minimalistik navigations menu with a lot of items: the conversation, the dashboard, the chat pods, visitors, contacts, channels, analytiks and app settings, I believe. so let's start with the progress bar over here, as usual, and then we'll go back to the - okay, go ahead and click on set your offline hours and we are on the app settings page. so in this page we can do the most of the apps customization, which which is great nice. so let's start with notifications, since that's the tab we are currently on. in this tab, first we have notifications sounds, so maybe we can set a different sound for your incoming visitor or for a new chat request or a new message. so now let's just some sounds. I think there's 10 options available. so for the incoming visitor, we will go with menu click and for the new chat. we request a new message. we will go with notification. so just fund customization stuff you can do on the app. alright, let's jump to the next step, which is email preferences. the idea lets you choose if you want to receive an email whenever the user contacts you out of the working hours, so when you have your DND on. pretty awesome, and since we don't want to miss any opportunities or any client contacting us, it's a really cool feature. so let's toggle this button from off to on. and now we need to set up our Do Not Disturb powers off. so, let's say, all days of the week from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am, we are not available, which is not the case of a comic spurts, by the way. alright, now it's cool up to the beginning of the page and in the left menu, click on preferences in the Preferences tab we and change the region of our shop- unable and scented. the frequency of the reports right here. you can choose to get reports daily, every three days, every week or monthly. we will choose daily. and if you want to dance some customers from using the chat, you can do that in the tab too. so that's quite useful for people that are skulking away to your store. I've never taught business. I could use this feature. all right, cool the accounts tab. we already set it up in the start guide, so we will proceed to operators. let's add one more operator here by clicking on the blue button that says add an operator, a new pop-up asking the name and email of the operator. so let's write a lien, which is our sales agent and for our email. we can always write an email for inquiries about info at become expert CEO and the new operator is created and we will save this password to sent to the operator. operator step is done and we can go to integrations. so there's 14 integrations available. it's pretty impressive, including a look at Mitch. MailChimp is still in here a little. all right time for quick responses. so there is a lists of pre-made quick responses and they are really good, but we recommend it to change it to something that will fit your brand more. so this is a demo shop, so for the purpose of this video, I'll just leave it like this, but let's add our own response by clicking on the blue button that says just, so you can see it. so we're in front of a new pop-up window and for quick response, let's write something like: I hope you're having a great day. click on ads in case you want to delete. some quick responses. just click on the red button that says the lead and that's about it. so in the desktop and mobile tab right here, you have three apps available so you can respond to questions wherever you are, even if you run the toilet. let's leave this for now and go to the dashboard. now that we are back to the dashboard, let's check what else we have in the menu to the left. let's click on chat bar. on this window you can find insights about your chat, about messages, and also you can add more chat box. just click on add another bar and you can choose from a range of different chat BOTS, or you can just add one from scratch right here. and so in this tab right here you can find visitors on your side into contact step so you can find declines. you already used a live chat in the past. all right. now we are on the channel step and here we can play with the design of our live chat widget. you can change almost everything, from the position of the bridges, the colors it takes, the appearances on mobile and desktop, plenty of languages, like you can really change the look and feel of the app, and all that out of the box, without having to call me a developer. so that's pretty damn cool. also, you can enable sidebar in case you want to increase the visibility of your life chat. that's pretty interesting. the idea also allows you to connect your Facebook account. just click the blue button that says connect your Facebook account right here and choose the page you want to connect the app with. so you basically just have to give necessary permissions and click on Save Changes. our Facebook page is now connected with tidier and we can receive the fan and messages on tidier. that's pretty cool. we are only left with the analytiks tab, so let's click on that and this window. we can see the insides of all our operators and that's it alright. alright, not bad. let's test how this app works on our site. so welcome to our fantastik site. here's our greeting message, and the sound is not not bad. let's click on it and write hello, this is a test- and enter info at key comp experts dot IO. oh, that was fast. let's answer hello test. how can?


Tidio Review, Pricing & Features

[Music]. welcome to software pundit, the leading destination for software reviews. tidio is a live chat software solution that is used on over 300 000 websites worldwide. but is it right for you? we're going to cover the most important things you should consider before making your purchase, including pros and cons, pricing and features. if you're already a tedio customer, tell us what you think of the product in the comments below, and if you're new here, hit the like and subscribe button to be notified of our future software reviews. so let's get started. tidio is ideal for small to medium companies that want a hassle free experience using live chat software. tidio offers advanced and very chatbot workflows. its interface is user friendly and has flexible pricing options. however, tidio's chat notifications can be unreliable, its included reports are somewhat basic and has a somewhat limited integrations list. overall, tidio is a simple and user-friendly software. however, we recommend exercising caution because the chat notifications are unreliable, which could severely impact customer service quality. given its flexible pricing options and easy to navigate layout, tidio is ideal for smaller businesses that are looking for a straightforward live chat tool. if you're a large business searching for a more powerful tool geared towards lead generation, we suggest opting for drift or intercom. tidio pricing ranges from 10 to 46 dollars per month, depending on the products you want to purchase. extra live chat seats cost 10 each and there are no long-term contracts. tidio's free plan includes basic live chat and chatbot features. chat bots start at 18 per month for unlimited active chat bots and chat bot templates. the communicator feature starts at 18 per month for life typing, insights and valuable customer information. email marketing starts at 10 per month for key email campaign capabilities. we will walk you through some of the major features that tidio offers and how those features would support your company's customer engagement requirements. live chat is a customer service tool that allows customer service representatives, often referred to as agents, to interact with website visitors in real time. the chat window, called a widget, is accessible to visitors when they enter the website. though the visual chat notifications can be unreliable, tidio's live chat capabilities are effective and intuitive. when logging into the tidio workspace, the first tab on the left is the chat tab, where you will see chat history. all conversations can be viewed or the conversations can be narrowed down to specific agents. agents will be notified of waiting chats with both the sound and a red notification bubble. visitors will have a much different view when they access your site, you'll see the chat widget usually placed on the bottom left or bottom right corner of the screen, outside of the notifications issue. tidio's live chat is a solid option, especially when considering the free plan. tdl offers important live chat features designed for agents to respond to visitors efficiently. overall, tidio includes most key components found across live chat options. however, it does lack a few nuanced features like eye catchers for the chat widget. quick or can responses are predetermined chat shortcuts that save agents time when interacting with visitors. customers can create, save and use an unlimited number of quick responses and access them by typing slash in chats. the typing preview feature allows agents to see what visitors are typing in the chat widget before they hit send, which allows them to respond to queries rapidly. with file sharing, agents can send files, images and shifts to visitors within the chat. the current file size limit is 10 megabytes. within chats, the visitors email device, ip address and viewed pages are displayed to the agent. additional visitor information can be accessed through the visitors tab, where agents can see the visitor's country and browser choice. tidio saves all chat conversations, which are easily accessible to all agents. if a site visitor returns and uses a chat again, agents can pick up conversations where they left off. kidio customers can lightly customize the chat widget by altering the colors, background and position on the page. bots are software tools that have been programmed to engage in conversation with customers, often to answer questions and provide support. they provide essential customer service support when no agents are online to chat with visitors live. we tested tidio's chatbot and found it effective and powerful. yet the workflow feature was not as intuitive as crisp spot builder. tidio's main chatbot features include customizable workflows where customers can create a bot from scratch, as well as 21 chatbot templates that are ready to use. tdo's customizable workflows make it easy to create chatbots without any code. businesses often create design chat bots to greet visitors, provide answers to simple questions or gather a visitor's contact information. bot building begins with a trigger that dictates when the chatbot will first interact with visitors. for example, the bot could be designed to activate when a visitor engages with a certain page. from there, bots can be built as simply or as intricately as you like. customers will be able to name each chatbot and test the bots before publishing to ensure that they work correctly. the chatbots will then be available in the wider chatbot tab, where you can see the number of bots being used and which are active or inactive. tidio offers 21 pre-built chatbot templates that are divided into three categories: generate leads, boost online sales and enhanced communication. while you can simply click on a template and begin using the bot immediately, all the templates can be also altered to your specifications. the three template categories make it simple for tidio customers to select bots based on their business and customer experience goals. reporting is crucial for a company to understand and improve the efficiency of live chat and customer engagement. we found that the metrics offered within tidio's platform are lacking, especially when compared to the metrics included within other tools like fresh chat. the information teo does offer includes the number of leads acquired, visitors on your website and the amount of chats and messages per day. the analytiks tab is where customers will access data on operators, chats and leads acquired. customers are able to analyze their agent's reaction time, the percentage of total chats agents have handled and how many messages each agent has sent. the chat graph can be viewed daily or monthly, and the date range can be customized. one drawback to the analytiks tab is that the information does not update in real time. it takes a couple of hours for data to populate in the charts. email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy and is partikularly useful for engaging customers and boosting sales. tidio's 10 per month email marketing plan gives customers the opportunity to create and send email campaigns directly from tidio. we found the email marketing tools to be straightforward and easy to use. even individuals with no knowledge of html can build email campaigns. when creating a newsletter or marketing email from scratch within tdo, customers will enter the campaign name, email subject, select the audience and customize the content. one helpful aspect of this tool is the ability to visually preview the email's appearance on desktop or mobile devices, along with the ability to create a campaign from scratch. tdo offers email marketing templates. once you upload your company logo and name, you'll be able to edit the template to your specifications. tdo has built email templates for specific industries. the industries included are agency, beauty and wellness, blogs, real estate, restaurants and food services and some others. tdo offers some metrics about email campaigns, including recipient volume, open rate, click rate and the number of unsubscribes h.

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Construire un processus de vente automatisé pour votre boutique en ligne en 3 étapes

ok, alors on va peut-être commencer. je respecte parce que aurait alors bon, je vais passer aux français, 100% français. bienvenue à tout le monde. je vois, nous avons encore quelques personnes qui se joignent à nous, bravo. alors je suis vraiment ravi de vous accueillir aujourd'hui à ce webinar entre idiot et choqué faille, où je vais vous donner, j'espère, ou de précieux conseils sur comment construire un processus de vente automatisés. on va diviser ses rangs: trois étapes, assez simple et facile à suivre. donc j'espère que ce sera des informations utiles pour vous qui avez peut-être une petite entreprise que vous gérez en ligne. évidemment, avec la pandémie, ça a beaucoup changé ce qui se passe dans le monde, surtout le monde du e-commerce aura également le monde du commerce. mais avant de commencer, je voulais vous présenter. donc, nous avons avec nous de shopi file, nicolas et de ty you. nous avons olga. donc nicolas, pardon aux gars, peut être que nous dire quelques petits mots sur quelle est. elle ne parle pas en france et donc elle va juste nous faire coucou un jour. bonjour, mais salut aux gars. donc, elle va être un peu en arrière plan, mais elle se joue encore à nous. et nous avons un nicolas qui vient de nous. deux chapitres, je lui laissais qui fait, alors si tu les as, bonjour à tous. donc, on a fait. moi, c'est nicolas, je travaille chez shopi faille pour sur le marché français, en tant que senior partner manager, vraiment sûr qu'aller de l'avant, et je suis ravi d'être avec vous aujourd'hui. merci, nicolas, moi aussi je suis ravi de collaborer avec, avec vous et votre équipe. c'est une super opportunité dans mercy est donc. bah, maintenant, moi, je me présente. donc, voila, moi, c'est qu'est a, donc, je suis consultante vix, ou expérience utilisateur, cet idiot, entre autres un, et j'ai plus de huit ans d'expérience en os x et en design. donc, ça, c'est ma passion, ma spécialité. j'ai passé des centaines d'heures à disputer, enfin, interrogée en quelque sorte dans le contexte de la recherche, des utilisateurs shopping farid, qui ont des petites entreprises ou, entre autres, des boutiques en ligne sur shopping file, qui m'ont parlé donc de leur défi. le but, c'était de comprendre quels défis ils ont, ils rencontrent au quotidien en tant que gérant d'une petite, en boucle, et surtout avec ce qui se passe avec la, la pandémie et le booster des ventes en ligne. et donc, nous avons parlé de gg, évidemment, découvert beaucoup de choses, moi et l'équipe tizio également. donc, nous allons parler de ces choses là aujourd'hui, je vais, vous, je vais vous lancez un petit peu là dedans. vous pouvez me trouver si vous voulez me contacter ou juste voir un peu ce que je fais, j'aime, et quelques liens pour raccourcir cette curieuse. donc, passons aux choses sérieuses. je vais vous parler un petit peu de studios. si vous ne connaissez pas qui c'est idiot. alors, entre autres, certains outils d'assistance à la clientèle version gonflée à bloc. donc, c'est le package complet. nous avons un trois produits principaux qui sont le chat en direct, les chabot et l'e-mail marketing. donc, je vais vous parler comment utiliser toutes ses atouts. c'est utile pour maximiser l'automatisation de votre business, pour optimiser votre processus de vente, est également pour que vous ayez plus de temps pour gérer les choses importantes, c'est à dire vos clients et votre business. donc, j'espère que je vais vous sera utile. aujourd'hui, il est important de savoir que tu idiot. et il comprend enfin l'équipe de tignes. on comprend que les petites entreprises, côté budget, surtout quand on parle de marketing, ça peut être limité. donc, il y à un modèle premium, freemium comme on dit, c'est à dire un modèle, un forfait, qui est gratuit tout le temps, toute l'année, toute la vie. donc, ça, c'est important de le savoir. c'est certes un service payant aussi, mais il y a une option gratuite pour ceux qui débutent ou pour ceux qui ont peu difficulté, ou même ceux qui ont juste un petit peu moins de clients. c'est bon à savoir alors, actuellement, si diomède plus de 10000 boutique en ligne française à faire, justement, optimiser leurs processus, c'est-à-dire le soutien client et la communication, la génération de leads, c'est à dire des prospects, à booster les ventes- abandon de panier, dont je vais vous parler également, et ainsi que le marketing par email et l'analytique. donc, voici quelques exemples de vraies boutiques qui, ici, les studios. il y en a évidemment beaucoup. donc, ça, c'est juste quelques exemples où montrer un peu à quoi ressemble aussi le widget en bas à droite: le budget de chat est de la chat et de jackpot. donc, la bonne nouvelle, c'est que nous avons écouté. nous avons nous avons reçu beaucoup de demandes de la part des utilisateurs français que d'avoir un tableau de bord en français, cet idiot, parce que jusqu'à présent, ils étaient juste en anglais. donc, maintenant, c'est disponible. mission accomplie, nous vous avons écouté parce que ça me tient à coeur, le feedback des clients. donc ça, c'est la bonne nouvelle du jour. elle, c'est pour ça que je suis là aujourd'hui, pour vous guider un petit peu comment utiliser ces tableaux de bord que vous pouvez désormais utiliser en france, est donc un peu pour le programme aujourd'hui. les sujets que nous allons courir sont les suivants: on va commencer par qu'est-ce que l'automatisation des ventes et pourquoi votre magasin at il besoin. ensuite, donc, ça, c'est plus la théorie. après, nous allons passer à la pratique. je vais vous parler des tongs, les trois façons d'automatiser qu'on vante. ensuite, resté jusqu'à la fin, parce que nous allons avoir une offre inédite juste pour vous qui partikipez à ce webinar. et nous avons terminé par une courte session de questions réponses avec bah. enfin, je vais répondre à autant de questions que possible. on va voir combien de temps il nous reste, mais je pense qu'il y aura un peu maison quand même. je vais commencer donc par une question: est ce que vous savez, quelle est la chose la plus importante pour vos consommateurs quand il communique avec vous? alors, je voulais laisser quelques suggestions. si vous avez des idées, si vous avez réponses que vous voulez partager, envoyer les dans le tchat. je les verrai après et aussi, peut-être, nicolas va pouvoir répondre à quelques uns de vos, de vos suggestions. j'ai hâte de savoir ce que vous dites. donc, mais nous, on a fait un petit peu de recherches pour essayer de comprendre, justement, les besoins de consommateurs, surtout les contextes de e-commerce, et nous avons interrogé plus de mille acheteurs en ligne. donc, là, il s'agit pas des propriétaires d'entreprises, mais plutôt des clients, des consommateurs qui font leurs achats romy et, pour eux, l'élément le numéro un, c'est l'assistance en temps réel. c'est ça qui est le plus important pour eux quand il s'agit de communiquer avec l'entreprise qui les intéressent, avec le magasin où ils achètent. donc, on fait bien, c'est un peu logique quand on je ne sais pas si vous avez certainement déjà eu cette expérience où vous envoyez un email ou un message facebook à l'entreprise avec en demandant une question: vous avez besoin d'être, vous avez un problème avec votre achat ou vous voulez une autre faille de t-shirts, et vous attendez 48 heures pour une réponse. la chance que vous êtes encore intéressés deux jours plus tard, elle et elle est moindre, mais ça arrive bien sûr, mais c'est pas idéal. donc, l'assistance en temps réel, c'est ce qu'ils gagnent et c'est pour ça que le lac tchad et les jackpots sont très importants dans ce contexte-là et peuvent être utiles. alors revenons aux défis dont j'ai parlé plus tôt. quels sont les défis auxquels les petites entreprises, les commerces, sont confrontés est bien ici, il s'avère. la recherche montre que ces défis ont en fait un thème en commun, enfin deux thèmes en commun: les ventes et le service client, et donc le d'octroi. c'est le plus difficile, c'est de convertir les visiteurs en clients dans quelqu'un. du moment où quelqu'un est déjà arrivé sur votre site, c'est déjà bien, vous avez bien travaillé pour qu'il trouve votre site web, mais maintenant il faut qu'ils achètent.

How to Install & Configure Tidio for Shopify very easily (বাংলা)

um [Music] right. [Music]. [Music] [Applause]. [Music] foreign, you foreign, okay, thank you.

SHOPIFY APPS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: Tidio vs Smile vs Contact Form vs Wishlist Plus 🔶 E-CASH S3•E152

I want to tok to you about a very interesting topic. I want to tok to you about Shopify apps for customer service. so we want to do a compare and contrast between five players. so we have a tidio, we have smile, we have WhatsApp chat, we have contact form and wish list plus. don't you go anywhere? you're going to love today's conversation, I guarantee it one in a million. welcome back, folks, to another edition of the awesome sweater kiwi show. how are you today? I'm doing fantastik. if you were to ask me if you are doing as great and blessed as I am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka. now let's roll into this conversation. I want to do a quick comparative analysis among uh five players when it comes to Shopify apps for customer service. so we want to compare tdo live chats and chatbots, smile, rewards and loyalty, WhatsApp chat plus abandoned cart. we have contact form, easy contact s and wishlist plus. let's first start with tidio, live chat and chatbots. so, when you think about this app, one thing we love about this app is that you can respawn on chat and messenger. this is really good when it comes to being responsive, being very uh, being very quick in toking to your clients. okay, you can enable Bots and increase sales, because that's the whole thing anyway. you want to increase sales and, uh, scale and grow and scale your Shopify store and you want to set up everything in less than 30 seconds. we love the celebrity, we love the speed of this app. things go really, really quick, okay, and the thing here is that you are basically do a lot, a lot with the studio. you can use the FAQ Builder. you can Enterprise your product directory and recommend products directly in the chat. you can analyze the categorize and answer questions automatikally with AI respawn Bots, among other things. okay, you can create department and write. you can create departments and write messages to the right agent. you can monitor, prioritize and send requests with the tiketing system to respawn- to respawn faster- okay, what we love with the Tito here is that the app actually allows you to supercharge your Shopify store with customer insights, so you basically are constantly modifying your strategy based on the feedback you get from customers. okay, you can handle customers requests 24- 7 with- uh- most importantly- automated checkbox. you're not really sitting at your computer trying to monitor your, your Shopify store. no TD will do it for you. you can automate a big portion of customer queries with AI response response box. okay, that's the 40 of uh tidio, really, the AI, the artificial intelligence, respawn response Bots- okay, you can let your agents focus on what they do best. with Team departments- okay, I said before, tedio allows you to create uh the- the number of uh departments that you want. you can easily keep track of your customers request with tiketing. this is really important. so you can. you can turn support emails into tikets to keep your team engaged. so tedio actually gives you the action, the option to support multiple languages. it's easy to use iOS, Android mobile app. it has a rich widget customization options, okay, and they search your website and they have supported 24 hours a day, five days a week. this support actually a 20 plus Integrations- fantastik. so, in terms of pricing, here is the pricing as of the data they show on the screen. let's Now quickly analyze smile rewards and loyalty. it's another very important app that does a lot of stuff for you and basically you are trying to create a loyalty loyalty with this, with this app. okay, so they help you with loyalty referrals and VIPs empowering Rewards program to help increase sales, repeat purchases and actually build loyalty over time. you can boost new and repeat sales with this app, and you can level up your marketing apps, all the constellation of marketing apps that you have, okay, and so, basically that, when you think about smile, this is a great app when it comes to turning your customers into repeat purchases. so, you know, a one-time customer can become, can become a lifelong purchaser, really, okay. it's all about having a powerful constellation of rewards and loyalty programs, okay, and so you are given Shoppers what they really want: rewards for loyalty. so when you think about smile, it's not about customer service per se. it's about how you, you, how you cultivate relationships with- uh, with- customers, and because the bottom line is you want to keep your brain top of mind for Shoppers, whatever they are- because you don't care about geography here- okay, what you care about is to have a strong rewards and loyalty program going on, and now you can use the app also to build a loyalty and Rewards program that is uniquely you. and when we tok about Shopify store success, we are constantly toking about branding, we are constantly toking about people who are doing things their way. you know, we are toking about personal person personalizing your experience. okay, and you can launch, you can actually use this app to launch your rewards program. wear really fast, you don't have to wait 24 hours and the cool thing is, zero coating is required. everything is done for you, okay. so basically, you have your first customer earning loyalty points within days. and the thing is, if you get, if you get stuck, the uh, the smile has tons of resources for you to use, including help documents, guides and videos on YouTube. they also have a 24: 7 online support team who are able to help you too. okay, so this is really great. and one thing I want to say here is, with smile, you can start building your brain's Customer Loyalty today. the app is fantastik for that. this app is not for customer service per se. no, you know tirio is, but the smile is not inter. in terms of pricing, I want you to look on the screen right now. here is the pricing for it: smile as of the date of this show. let us tok about what top chat plus abandoned cart. so this is a great app that we have actually uh reviewed this app in and out, and the app actually does a lot of things. it's an app that allows you to Delight your customers. it allows you to grow your store Revenue. it allows you to set up automated store notifications. okay, depending on how your store is set up- whether you have the standard Shopify store or you have the advanced, or you have, uh, I mean whatever store category you have- you can set up WhatsApp chat and it will do a lot of things for you, okay, and the thing here is that you are basically uh, this or top chart and uh, chat and cat, and the what's up chat and cart abandonment recovery plugin is powered by what, what? okay, this is whatsapp's official API partner, so this is a great brand. what I want to say here is that you receive card abandonment recovery notifications. okay, you have a multi-agent team inbox for WhatsApp so you can collaborate between multiple agents to reply to your customers from shared team inbox on Wati, so customers can reply to the same number from which they got a message, which is really good. you can send auditory order related updates. you have a dedicated WhatsApp API approved number, which is really good, and so what I want to say here is that what we love with with WhatsApp chat is that you are basically receiving a green tik verified number. okay, you can, as a WhatsApp API partner, they can get the green tik verification for your account. if you are a reputed brand- okay, so you have. you can build WhatsApp chat Bots. you can view analytiks and reports. what I'm trying to say here is: this app is great. if you use WhatsApp a lot in your business, in your Shopify business- okay, you can view analytiks and reports. you can get reports of all incoming messages, agent response time at times, agent performance, conversation status- on a single day dashboard from a centralized, a centralized point of view. this is very good. you have an affordable price- message per price for a message pricing system- okay, and they have a multiple language support and you have quick approval for WhatsApp apis, so you can get your account set up and running within 30 minutes, not days- 30 minutes oka.