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Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How I Grew My TikTok Ad Agency from 0 to 7 Figures: Full TikTok Agency Roadmap

In this video, Ammar Sulthan shares the roadmap he used to grow his TikTok ad agency from zero to seven figures. He provides valuable insights and tips that aspiring entrepreneurs can follow to achieve similar success.


- Acquire a skill set before starting your agency

- Improve your existing skill sets

- Sales is the most important skill set you can have

- Learn the basics of media buying


- Explore other niches such as high ticket, solar, insurance, and healthcare

- Coaches and consultants are high ticket niches that can yield good results through TikTok ads

TikTok Setup:

- Create a simple landing page on leadpages

- Keep it simple with a VSL (Video Sales Letter) and a call-to-action to book a call with you


- TikTok ads: the best kind of TikTok offer that could be sold to clients

- Upsell creative services with media buying services

- User-Generated Content (UGC): one of the most important services right now

- Offer guarantees that save you in case you mess up with your first client


- Organic: post threads on Twitter, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn

- Cold outreach: send personalized emails to potential clients

- Sales: do a one-call close instead of a two-call close

By following Ammar's TikTok agency roadmap, you can successfully grow your own agency from zero to seven figures. Acquire the necessary skills, explore different niches, keep it simple with a VSL, and offer valuable services to your clients. With consistent organic and cold outreach, you can attract potential clients and close deals with a one-call close.

Are TikTok Ads Agencies the Future of SMMA in 2022? (URGENT)

Welcome to a brand new video! Today, we'll be answering one of the juiciest questions that I've been getting quite a bit lately. It's absolutely vital for your success if you're looking to start a digital marketing agency in 2022. If you're looking to scale your digital marketing agency or you're looking to pivot into this incredible business model, the big question is: Facebook Ads or TikTok Ads? What is better for 2022? It's a really big question, and we're going to be answering it with my CEO, my right-hand man, our head supporting coach, and myself. This is what we're seeing from actively running our agencies to this day.

- Facebook Ads vs. TikTok Ads: What is better for 2022?

- Short form content is here to stay.

- The job of a media buyer is not going to be here in a few years.

- Our job as an agency is to convince clients that we're the right people for the job.

Pros and Cons:

- TikTok Ads is an incredible opportunity, especially because Facebook Ads haven't been performing amazingly well.

- The people who are struggling with Facebook Ads are the ones who don't know about tracking and conversion APIs.

- TikTok plays to the content that is working right now, which is short form vertical content.

- Facebook Ads still have more targeting methods and are more matured.

- You can still succeed on Facebook Ads by having the right content strategy, copy, and offer.

- The job of a media buyer is moving towards less specific targeting and more algorithm-based content.

- Creative and ad copy are what sets people apart nowadays.

Client Preferences:

- Our job is not to convince anyone of anything, but to get them to understand that we're the right people for the job.

- Clients should already understand the value of TikTok Ads or Facebook Ads.

- It may take a little bit more time for most sub-niches within e-commerce to adopt TikTok Ads.

- Facebook Ads are not going anywhere for the next five years.

- Understanding the pros and cons of both Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads is essential to choose the right one for your business.

- Facebook Ads are still more matured and have more targeting methods, but TikTok Ads play to the content that is working right now.

- The job of a media buyer is moving towards less specific targeting and more algorithm-based content, so creative and ad copy are what sets people apart nowadays.

TikTok Ad Agency - Warning Before You Build A Doomed Agency

In this video, Frankie Finn, the author of Beyond the Agency Box, shares his experience of building successful agencies and advises on how to start a TikTok agency that lasts. He warns about the one year hero run and advises to focus on the results rather than the tool itself.

The One Year Hero Run:

- The one year hero run is when a new tool or platform is introduced, and it seems really exciting and easy to make money with.

- However, in a year or two, marketers ruin everything, and it becomes difficult and hard to make money.

- Finn gives examples of Google AdWords and Facebook ads and warns that the same thing will happen to TikTok.

Focus on Results:

- To make sure that your TikTok agency lasts, focus on the results that you want to produce for your clients.

- There is a huge difference between saying you are a TikTok ads agency for dentists and saying you use TikTok ads to generate veneer or implant patients.

- Finn advises to ask your clients what their highest value type of clients are and focus on using TikTok to generate those.

- To build a TikTok agency that lasts, focus on the results and not just the tool.

- The one year hero run is real, and marketers will make it difficult to make money in the long run.

- Ask your clients what they want and focus on using TikTok to generate those results.

- Don't just focus on TikTok as a shiny object, but instead focus on building a system and getting paid for the next 10, 20, or 30 years.

How To Start & Scale A TikTok Agency Past $50,000/month in 4 Months Or Less

Hey guys, hope you're doing well. Today is going to be a special day for you as I am going to share some valuable insights about scaling your businesses. My name is Serge Katari and I am a client acquisition expert at a company that helps service-based businesses, agencies, and high-ticket consulting businesses scale past 50k or 100k per month. In this article, I am going to take you back and give you some context about how I started introducing tiktok offers to my clients and how it has been life-changing for them.

The Story:

Eight months ago, I had a client who joined our program and helped him introduce a new offer related to tiktok. From the day he started pushing the offer, he scaled to sixty thousand dollars a month in just seven weeks. I was amazed by the growth and started helping more clients introduce the same offer. The results were amazing, as another client went from 5k to 25k a month, and one from 7k to 50k a month in less than four months. After having five clients with a combined total of new ARR of around 2 million to three million dollars, I decided to create a training around everything that we learned in the last six months about launching new offers related to tiktok.

The Training:

The training is about how to scale fast by giving the market what it wants. We shared everything, including the top three winning offers, client acquisition infrastructure, outreach workflow, how we book 25-100 meetings per month, service delivery, onboarding project management systems, demo and sales call structure, UGC packages, pricing strategies, and our proprietary scaling blueprint and client acquisition infrastructure. The training is three hours long and worth your time.

Free Training:

For the next five days, I have decided to release the training for free, as I want to give value to people who could potentially become my clients. The price will go from 299 to 499 after these next five days, so don't miss the opportunity to access it for free. You can access the first 36 minutes of the training by clicking the link below and opting in. The training is on a portal, and you need to create your user to access the full training.

My goal with today's session was to give away everything that we are currently leveraging to scale our customers. I am not here to sell courses but infrastructures and implementation. I want to help people who desire success or financial success by sharing the knowledge that can help them move forward without any obstacles. So, put your screen on and get ready to learn how to scale your business by introducing tiktok offers.

I ran my first Tiktok Ads | My SMMA Journey

Hey guys! In this video, I'm going to share my experience with my agency's TikTok ad manager. I haven't seen anyone in the space doing it, so hopefully, it will bring you guys a lot of value. I'll show you guys some of the campaigns I've been running and some of the things I've been learning through spending money on the platform.

The Importance of Creatives:

- Creatives make a big difference when it comes to TikTok ads.

- Different hooks can bring a completely different click-through rate.

- I tested four different hooks within the same asset to see which one would do better.

- The first hook had a click-through rate of 0.98%, which is not bad on TikTok.

- Hooks on TikTok make a big difference, and it's essential to test different hooks to capture people's attention.

My Most Successful Campaign:

- I had two conversions on one of the campaigns I was running, but they were not profitable.

- The average order value was $50, and it cost us $200 to get a hundred dollars back.

- TikTok is unpredictable when it comes to click-through rates.

- Click-through rates can drop significantly after the first day.

- The lifespan of a video ad on TikTok is very short, and you have to constantly keep changing your creatives to keep it going.

TikTok is one of the hardest platforms to advertise on, and attention span is very low. It's essential to constantly keep changing your creatives and try new ones to keep your ads going. If you're considering TikTok ads and offering that as a service, give it a try, but be prepared to face some challenges. Overall, I'm still learning along the way, documenting the journey, and hopefully, this brings you guys some value seeing the behind the scenes of my agency's TikTok ad manager.

How I would Grow a TikTok Agency

In this video, Lampham and Kane Lewandowski discuss how to grow a TikTok agency. Lampham reviewed Kane's website and gave him some tips on how to improve his targeting and testimonials. He also looked at Kane's LinkedIn profile and suggested that he focus on one niche and provide value to his audience by giving away his knowledge about TikTok. Additionally, Lampham recommended that Kane create a TikTok account and engage with potential leads by connecting with relevant people on LinkedIn and building relationships. Lampham is excited to see how Kane will apply these strategies to skyrocket his agency and encourages others to do the same.

What You Need To Know Before Launching A Tiktok Agency

Cloud Acquisitionio TikTok Offer Update

In this video, the speaker provides an update on the TikTok offer and shares new updates on the process. The TikTok offer is a service that helps brands introduce TikTok without having to build the operation needed to fulfill the service.

Customer Wins:

- One of Cloud Acquisitionio's customers, Amar, went from zero to sixty thousand dollars per month in seven weeks.

- Valentine, an agency owner with only 30 LinkedIn connections, booked over three meetings in less than 48 hours of launching LinkedIn as an acquisition channel and posting content related to TikTok.

New Updates:

- Due to the high demand for the TikTok offer, the number of agencies accessing the solution will be limited to two per week.

- The sharing of resources needed to sell TikTok has been automated, including the sales deck, UGC storyboarding worksheet, and case studies to leverage for sales.

- Ammar will be sharing Lucidchart and live sales calls to show the process of selling and onboarding customers.

The TikTok offer is a done-for-you service that helps brands introduce TikTok without having to build the operation needed to fulfill the service. With the high demand for the offer, the number of agencies accessing the solution will be limited to ensure quality service. Cloud Acquisitionio provides resources and support to help agencies sell and onboard customers.

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