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Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

How to Run TikTok Ads 2022 - TikTok Advertising Tutorial (TikTok for Business)

what's up, guys, jordan, here today we're going to be going through tiktok ads step by step- the a to z, everything you need to know- to launch your first ad on the platform today. now we're currently using tiktok in our marketing agency, the affluent agency, and we're generating a ridiculous amount of new revenue for our clients at the moment using the platform. i cannot wait to bring this to you guys today. it's been a long time coming. i've got a presentation ready for you. we're going to jump onto it in a second, but before we do, i want to announce a quick competition on this video now. for every one in 100 people that comment down below with their goals for running tiktok ads right now, i'm going to give you the chance to win a completely free strategy call with me for an hour where we'll run through anything you want to run through. we break down your strategy, how you can increase your revenue, how you can increase your roads on whatever platform you're using. we're gonna jump on that call. we're gonna make that happen for you. so enter that competition. let's get started with this- no bs, implementable training. but do me a favor: stop what you're doing right now, whatever it is, shut down your tabs. take some notes and pay attention and take action on what you learned today. let's get started, okay, so tik-tok ads training. first of all, let's start off with some data. we need to understand the opportunity here now. tiktok was the most downloaded app in 2020, with 850 million downloads. okay, tiktok has 1.1 billion active users worldwide, with 90 of users using the app multiple times per day, so we can get ourselves in front of our ideal customer multiple times a day on average. now, as of january 2021, tiktok raked in 128 million in user spending, marking an increase of 380 from its january 2020 revenue. so it's growing year on year. almost 4x in user revenue now take top ranks as the second biggest app in consumer spend, above youtube, disney plus and netflix. this is probably the uh, the biggest stat on this screen. ranking above youtube and netflix in consumer spend is absolutely ridiculous. so it's a monumental opportunity for people and businesses to sell their products on the platform. how many times have you spoken to someone? they've said, ah, i found that product on tiktok. it's happening a lot these days, so let's jump on to how you can actually make the most of that. so this is the tiktok ad structure. so at the top we have tiktoks ad manager. then we have ad campaigns, we have ad groups, we have ad creative and then landing pages. to break these down one by one, tik doc ads manager is where you manage your tiktok advertising account, similar to the facebook ad manager. now, a ad campaign is the foundation of your ad, so we're setting up our advertising objectives and formats. we then have ad group, which is target audiences, ad placements, budget and the bidding. then we have the ad creative, which is the text and the video that will appear on our apps, what we're physically seeing. then, finally, our landing page, and this is the destination url that we are driving our potential customers too. this is the place where they will actually buy our products or service. so when you actually have your tiktok ad account up and running, this is kind of what the format will look like. we have our ad manager at the top. we have campaigns beneath that. then, inside an ad campaign, we would have multiple ad groups. so we'll be testing out multiple audiences and inside those audiences, we may even be testing out multiple different ad creatives as well. so what are the actual creative the, the creative formats that we can use on tiktok? well, we have top view on the left hand side here, which is like a full-size video which shows up when we launch the app. we don't have brand tank takeover now. these are the most expensive tiktok ads and very large brands use these and again, these come up right at the start of launching the app and it takes over the entire screen. then have in feed ads. this is what we're going to be going through today and what most businesses are actually using to generate the most revenue from tiktok. we have branded hashtag challenges, so if we want to launch a challenge on the platform, and then, finally, branded event, so we want to have our own branded stikers on uh, on tiktok itself, so people can use them when they're creating their own content. but, as i said, in feed ads, it's the ad format we use for our tiktok ad clients at the affluent agency and we're literally generating hundreds of thousands in new revenue from infeed ads alone. so that's what i'm going to show you today. so, without further ado, let's jump straight on to the tiktok advertising platform. okay, so the first thing we're going to do is go over to tiktokcom forward slash business- i'm just going to zoom in here so you can see everything on screen and we're then going to go ahead and create a new account. so if we click create now, i'm actually logged in on one of our employees- uh, our ad specialist tom's account at the moment, and so i already have an account. but you're just going to go through a really, really simple account creation process where we put in your business name and you'll be prompted to set up a business center account. so once you've done that, you're going to be sent straight through to the business center and i'm just going to show you a few crucial things on here. and the first thing is you may or may not be promote are prompted to create an ad account when you first create your account. um, so the first thing we need to do is actually create an ad account. so we go down on the left hand side here on our navigation bar and we click add accounts. uh, what we need to do is hit add, add account, create an ad account, and then we can create our own or first ad account that we're going to start advertising on. remember, this is the place where all of our ads will be hosted, so we want to have an ad account for every business we are advertising for. so if you're a marketing agency, you want a different ad account for every separate business that you work with. okay, the next thing i want to show you on here is members. so if you have team members within your company, you can invite them here by hitting invite member. you can add them as an admin or standard and then you can go through typing in their email address and adding them to your business manager so they can log in to their tiktok business center and have access to everything that you do on your rent. so once we're on the business center and we have an ad account set up, we need to go over to that ad account. so we click this button here: open in tiktoks ad manager. we're gonna be brought straight through to an individual ad account. okay, so the first thing we see is the dashboard. i'll come back to this later on. this is where we can review all of the data on this ad account. so, uh, the campaign, the genders that are reacting to our ads, the amount we're spending and how much money we're making. of course, um, but the first thing we're actually gonna do before we create our first tiktok ad is go over to assets and then event what we need to do when we are advertising on any platform is make sure we have a pixel code, or a tracking code, set up now. for those of you that don't know or haven't advertised before and don't know what a pixel is. a pixel is a simple code that goes into the header of your or your client's website and it allows us to track what our potential customers actually doing on our website, and in this instance, we really want to track when they have converted, so when they have purchased one of our products, if we're advertising for an e-commerce based business, for example. so we're going to choose a website pixel and we're going to hit manage and we're then going to create a pixel.

How To Create Viral TikTok Ads (Step-by-Step)

let's face it: whether you're a drop shipper, brand owner, agency owner or freelancer, if you're not taking advantage of advertising on tiktok, you are missing out on some serious games. most people who start advertising on tiktok, whether that's organically or using the paid tiktok ads manager, seem to think that there is some sort of winning media buying strategy that's just going to have them getting insanely low cpms or single-digit cpas. as you can see, brand right now is at 25 000 in sales for this month and the month has just begun. but after scaling a brand new brand to multiple six figures per month using tiktok ads and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the platform, i can confidently tell you that the only thing that you need to do insanely well is the creatives [Music]. the platform is so fast-paced people on it have the attention spans of a goldfish, telling you right now, the only way to succeed is to create content consistently that sets you apart from the rest. so today you're going to learn for free exactly how i create high, converting, viral tiktok ads to promote my e-commerce products and services that work for both posting organically and on the paid ads managing platform as well. but first i don't want to just shovel this information down your throat without showing you any real-life examples. so i actually found a wow factor product to sell this summer, ordered into my house and then went out and shot viral organic tik-tok ads with it. and just before we get started, i do want to announce the weekly giveaway to win a custom-built shopify dropshipping store built by my team here at outright. three simple steps to win. all you have to do is smash a big like on this video, comment something insightful down below and go ahead and subscribe to the channel. those three things. you're automatikally entered for your chance to win and the winner will be announced in my next week's video. and while you're down in the section below, the first link in the description is actually a link to book a discovery call. if you are interested in seeing how my team here at econ can help you with your e-commerce goals this year, all right. so recently i attempted a zero dollar dropshipping challenge with a wow factor product that i could promote purely organically using the power of tiktok, so that i can show you firsthand exactly what i do to promote my businesses. now, before i start revealing all the secrets to creating viral high converting tiktoks to promote your brand, i just want to show you a few of the ads from this challenge that performed very well so you can get an idea of what it is that we're going to be toking about now. i won't go through every single one- we actually made 10 different ads on the one shoot- but i'll show you a couple of them. and perform quite well on the challenge- which, by the way, if you do want to see the full challenge video, i'll leave a link to that video somewhere up here. my bro got new shorts so we went to the beach for a photo shoot. then he showed me the reason he bought them. gonna go buy myself a pair for the summer now. so the product i was selling was, as you guys could tell, the color changing swim shorts was a pretty popular drop shipping product over the years on facebook, but i figured it needed some love on tik-tok. it had all the right elements and that wow factor that'll catch people's attention in the first couple seconds. so that's exactly what i did and all i did was i went out and grabbed my friend to use as the model. you can do that. if you have a friend or family member who would fit with what you're selling, just simply ask them, you know, maybe pay them a small amount of money and go up and do a little shoot with them. so now that you have an idea about what i'm toking about, don't worry, you don't have to shoot all the content yourself. i'm going to tok about that as well. let me start showing you how i did this and how you can get other types of content created for your brand as well, and the keys to what i do for promoting all my brands and finding success on tiktok, both organically and paid, right now. all right, so first things first. before you even think about creating an advertisement on tiktok, you must understand these two things first. one is that you really need to understand your customer and the audience. okay, so who's your target market? who are you appealing to? what types of content do they want to see on the platform, etc. etc. next thing is you want to make sure that you're planning your pieces of content out to be somewhere between 8 to 15 seconds long. remember when i said people have the attention spans of a goldfish on tik-tok. that's entirely true. so i found if you go over this time limit, your watch time is likely going to suffer, which is going to lead to decreased performance in your ads. now, starting off with what not to do, here's a couple examples of ads that just wouldn't work. okay, and big brands make these mistakes all the time, not only on tiktok but just in general. and that's having massive sales callouts like this, simple images or gifs and ads that just simply look like ads. right, the whole point of tiktok is it's a new platform where you're supposed to be creative and you're not supposed to just slap up a sales call and expect people to buy your product. now let's tok about what to do, right? okay, so vertikal video style, ideally shot on an iphone with the best camera. the newer the iphone, the better, but in the beginning anything will work. next, you want to have fast, jump cut style videos, okay. so again, attention spans of a goldfish over here. you have to cater to that. so you have to keep the content, the clip, short, catchy and common in every single video. the next is that you want to keep it as raw and authentik as possible. so this goes back to what i was saying before: don't make the advertisement look like an ad, and it's a fine line you have to walk because you want it to be high converting and you want people to go on your site and actually buy your product, but at the same time, if you make it look too much like an ad and you're just preaching the benefits over and over again of this product and why somebody should buy it, they'll probably just keep scrolling. and lastly, you want to follow trends, use clever sounds, text overlays, and the key here is to have your audience reading, listening and viewing at the same time. if you can touch on all three of these sensory points at once, your watch time is going to go up, your views are going to go up, your engagement's going to go up, you're going to start reaching more people and hopefully getting more sales. i mean, think about it: when somebody's reading something, they're also listening to the audio or the music and they're also watching something at the same time. they are super, super immersed in your content and likely that's going to push them over the edge to actually check out your website. now, toking about the style of content that works on tiktok, both organically and paid. it's called ugc or user generated content, and this is that native style content that i'm toking about, where you just pick up an iphone and you shoot something yourself. now the few different ways that you can do this is in the form of testimonials, unboxings, reviews, lifestyle slash, product and use, how to use, and creative and silly scenarios, potentially also crazy scenarios. the bottom two is kind of what i did for the swim shorts, but if you hire people, you can have amazing, amazing results: to have them unbox your product, give a solid testimonial and review of the product, and all five of these styles have performed very well for me and they're all very important to test on any brand. so let's tok about how do you actually go about getting this content created for you right? so there's a few different ways. firstly, if you don't want to do it yourself, that's completely fine. there's tons of ways around this. tiktok crater marketplace is a great place where you can go and you can see other creators on tiktok who are listing their servic.

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How to Run TikTok Ads 2022 - TikTok Advertising Tutorial (TikTok for Business)

- How to run TikTok ads in 2022.. This is a TikTok advertising tutorial for businesses. TikTok has now over one billion monthly active users as of January 2022.. 160 million videos are watched in an internet minute on the platform and it's the most popular mobile app downloaded in 2020 and 2021.. If you want to leverage that platform but don't want to spend all that time and energy figuring out an organic growth strategy, TikTok ads may be a great alternative. Today, I'm going to show you what you need to do in order to run successful paid ads on TikTok. Step one: create and install a TikTok Pixel, Similar to Facebook ads or Google ads and other ad platforms. when you install a pixel that allows you to understand the user's behavior on your website, That in turn, will allow you to segment those users in cohorts that you want to target with other ads. So let's say someone visits your website, goes through the checkout process and doesn't complete their purchase, You'll be able to retarget that person with another ad and that'll help you increase the number of conversions you get, because when they're on TikTok they'll see it. boom. you can start making them convert. And here's a trick. Let's say you're selling a product or a service. When you do that remarketing ad on TikTok, you can show a video of what it's like to be a customer or use your product or service. That'll get more people to convert. Step two: start with a very broad audience segmentation. Don't target a specific gender or age group. Let TikTok run your ads to a broad user group and let it optimize and deliver so they can find out later which audience are the most responsive. You should run your ads and wait some time for user data to come in so that you can optimize around the data so you can see what's working for your campaigns versus just jumping the gun. Step three: use as placement only TikTok. Don't waste your time and money advertising on other platforms that TikTok offers. The real value is really on TikTok as a platform itself. Step four: make sure to target only one interest at a time. When you're starting, you don't want to mix up things that have too many interests being targeted at the same time. If you stack different interests, you won't be able to understand which interests are creating the best results. It's better to target only one interest at a time so you can clearly identify which interests are the most profitable for you campaign and then expand from there. Step five: ideally start with a minimum budget of $50 a day. This will allow TikTok to run more experiments with your ads and show them more audiences in order to optimize your ad delivery faster. Step six: cap your costs per conversion. Make sure that it's at least at breakeven point, and that'll allow you to run ads and spend money and not lose it. Step seven: use TikTok's ad platform. They'll show you all the top performing ads on their platform so that you can learn what's working for other people and how you can model after those ads in your own business. That'll reduce the risk. Now, if you need help with your TikTok ads, check out my ad agency, NP Digital. we'll be helpin' with TikTok and all the social platforms out there, even performance marketing. Or if you just have any questions on TikTok, whether it's paid or organic, leave a comment below. I'm here to help.

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Facebook Vs TikTok Ads - Best Platform For Dropshipping In 2022

should you start with facebook, google ads or tiktok ads? that's one of those questions which i constantly get asked and i want to address this, this video. so i know that there's a lot of confusion in the drop shipping space about how these platforms actually perform. a lot of people say that tiktok is the new facebook. a lot of people say that facebook is saturated and basically a lot of people actually don't even tok about google. so we're going to clear up everything about those three platforms and let's start with the first one. so the first platform i want to tok about is google, and there you have three things which are actually very important, which are completely different than on any other platform. number one is it's people who actively search for your product. all right, so it's not like facebook, where you just throw a product in their face and they like you. you want them to buy it. it's very, very different. for example, a person. google is just something like white table. they're gonna find a bunch of white tables, okay, and that's a product which you could actually sell. if you're basically on the very top and on the first ranked products, you're gonna be able to generate just sales from active people who want exactly your product. so it's actually pretty simple to get people to buy because it's literally them searching for it. okay, so they actively search for your thing. and then we need to consider two things. number one: high tiket stuff works better on google. okay, i wouldn't recommend going for super low tikets. obviously it works, but i wouldn't recommend going super low tiket on google ads because anyways, you just pay for the click, so basically, the person coming to your website and there it's just way more sustainable to actually make everything more high tiket. okay, so the example of like like literally a table which is huge and way more expensive is actually a pretty good one and i would never recommend selling something like that on facebook. however, on on google it actually makes sense. and those people who wear on your website, then you can retarget them on facebook and start showing them the white table on facebook. then it makes sense, but only as a retargeting, okay, because it's again people who search for a white table, so they want one. and the last thing which is very different from google to all the other platforms is: it's all about the pictures. okay, the pictures here are so much more important than on facebook or on tiktok, because you're not going to have a video which explains everything. you're just going to have the person searching for it seeing the product, clicking on it and then buying immediately, okay, so there's no video ad or no explanation, and there it's also very important to understand that you don't have to re-explain the product itself if it's a general one, if it's just, if it's a logical product, which it does need like a lot of explanation. that's the product you want to sell, because if a person searching for a white table and then they see some crazy thing which is like added on, like onto the table and it has like those 25 extra features, they're not going to understand what this table all can do, because you don't have the video yet and it's not shown. primarily, you just see that it's, for whatever reason, more expensive, and most people do then just click away and don't understand that this table actually has something more to offer. so that's google, and now let's tok, about tiktok. so the first very big positive about tiktok is you're gonna get a lot of cheap traffic. okay, so to get a person from tiktok to face to to your store is so much cheaper than actually getting a person from facebook to your store. however- and this is a big issue- traffic is not equal to sales. 100 people on your store doesn't mean that you're going to make x amount of money. it's not that the conversion rate from tiktok leads are is the same as the conversion rate of facebook leads, and that's the issue here. you need to understand that the soft metrics don't really count if you don't make money. so you have cheaper traffic, but it's also shittier traffic. okay, so it's lower quality traffic which doesn't really work, which you just need to keep in mind. okay, so there is a trade-off: you're gonna have way lower cpms and way lower conversion rates. okay, those two things will happen for sure. now, am i saying that tiktok is bad? no, tiktok works for sure. now i'm going to give you a couple of niches which you actually should use and which ones you should avoid. so really good one is jewelry, beauty, fitness and some like satisfying product. so, like, those four types of products are good. all the other things i would probably not start out with. i've just seen that the success ratio is so much higher with jewelry, beauty, fitness and satisfying products. okay, those four niches are the way to go. that's just what you start out with with. for whatever reason, you don't have to question it. it just is proven to work better. for for whatever reason, i have no idea why, but but from all the products we tested on tiktok- and i've seen students test those- four niches are stiking out way way more than anything else. then the next thing about tiktok is the cycling is way quicker. so what i mean by that is: you test the product. it doesn't work, you kill the product. you test the next product. that's a very rapid process. you test it. it doesn't work, you immediately switch. you don't do crazy amount of split tests. you don't test a bunch of new creatives, a bunch of new product pages. it doesn't work, you move on. it doesn't work. you move on and you're going to have to go through a couple of products. but when you find a winner, you're going to make obviously all the losses back which you, what you kind of lost throughout the process of finding that winner. okay, and the positive about this is you don't have to lose a lot of money to know that it's not a winning product. so after like 50 to 100 spent, you immediately turn everything off and just move on. okay, that's a little bit different on facebook, especially if you're selling in the us and not like european union. so the difference there is very, very big and i wouldn't do a crazy amount of split test now again, what the trade-off here is is that, unfortunately, tik-tok products are not as sustainable and long-term as facebook or google. okay, so if you have a winning product on facebook, it's pretty much going to be way more consistent, if you do things right, than on tiktok. on tiktok, what's going to happen is if you hit like good numbers- a few thousand dollars per day for a consistent like month or two, it can drop off radically and also i've seen that happen way quicker. so you make like only 40k in revenue and things just drop off immediately and you cannot really do anything about it except for like testing a bunch of creatives. but if they don't work, you just need to move on, and i've seen that saturation just happens quicker on tiktok, and there there's, of course, a way to fight it and you're gonna have to do a lot of things to to do that. however, on facebook you're not gonna have this quick of a drop initially anyways, um, like on tiktok. now, the last thing regarding to tik tok is obviously the format of the ads are going to be different. so you're basically going to have like full screen ads instead of those like square ones like what you use on facebook. and also the music is very interesting. so you're going to be able to use way more music for your ads than on facebook, because it's way easier with all the copyright issues. so, tiktok, you can actually search for a lot of really, really good, good songs which which you can put on the ads and which actually boost performance. i've seen that music actually matters a lot if you do it right. if you have like a really fitting song which fits perfectly the video and also sometimes even like has a drop where you have a cut and everything is a good fit, it makes the video stand out, go viral and make you more mine. i have another video toking about organic traffic. i'm not

How to Run TikTok Ads 2022 | Grow Your Business With TikTok

in this tiktok advertising tutorial, i'm going to show you exactly how to run tiktok ads for business so you can get more traffic, more sales and more customers on what is arguably one of the greatest advertising opportunities available right now. and that's true whether you're doing e-commerce or drop shipping, you have an online business, you're a local brick and mortar store, you're a creator who wants to grow your influence, or pretty much anything else you can think of. this is because, at least right now, while tiktok ads are still relatively new and undiscovered, you can tap into a market on one of the fastest growing social media sites on the world. with over one billion monthly active users and with eight new users joining tiktok every single second, pretty much doesn't matter who you serve. you're likely to find a large portion of them right there on the app. and actually, let's tok about that for a second, because the age thing is usually the biggest objection people have to advertising on tiktok. and that's cool. i get it. after all, when tiktok first came on the scene, it did appeal to a younger demographic, but that's how every social media platform works and will continue to do so well into the future. it starts young and then it ages up over time. i mean, hey, there was a time not that long ago when facebook was only available to college students, and now the average age of a facebook user in the us is 40 and a half years old. so, yes, if your target market is gen z, then tik tok is obviously a no-brainer for your business, especially now that tik-tok has surpassed instagram in regards to popularity among gen z users. but a recent report by hootsuite found that a tiktok ad could potentially reach up to 50.3 percent of adults in the us- a total of 130 million 962 000 and 500 people. that's a lot of people. and tik tok was the most popular app downloaded in 2020 and 2021. and, yes, while the majority of people do go to tiktok for entertainment, it's not all fun and games. according to tiktok's what's next report, topics related to investing, cryptokurrency and all things finance grew 255 last year, and there's also an active and rapidly growing personal finance community on the app. and as for whether tik-tok ads are worth your time or not, from a business perspective, consider this: tik-tok is now the number one app for driving consumer spending, beating out tinder for that number one spot, and it just keeps growing from there. last year, consumer spending on tiktok increased by 77 up to 2.3 billion dollars, and the best part of tiktok ads is that you're able to tap into all of this market without spending the time and energy on a longer term organic growth strategy. so let's dive into the details on how to make that happen now. tiktok ads operate like pretty much any other kind of social media ad, so if you've run facebook ads or instagram ads or google ads or youtube ads before, the whole process is going to look pretty familiar. that said, there are a few key differences when it comes to setup and targeting and placements and designing your overall ad for maximum effectiveness. i'm going to go through this pretty quickly, so feel free to pause as we go along, or don't be afraid to go back and re-watch it again as you go through the process setting up your ads for yourself. step one is obviously to create a tiktok advertising account, which, fortunately, is incredibly easy. all you need to do is go to get startedtiktokcom, click start now, and then enter your name and your email and your other details in order to set up your account. step 2 is to create and install your tiktok pixel. the way to do this is, once your ad account is set up, simply go to your ads dashboard, then click on assets, then events, then create pixel. a pixel is important because it enables you to track conversions and different events on your website, not to mention then being able to use that data to create custom audiences on tiktok ads manager who you can retarget in the future. it also helps to improve your tiktok ads performance by optimizing your ads and delivery to only be shown to those people most likely to take action. once that's done, you're pretty much ready to get started creating your very first campaign, so click the create a campaign button and then choose your objective. if you've run facebook ads or instagram ads before, this is going to look very familiar and, just like with facebook ads, the objective that you're going to want to optimize for 90 of the time, is probably around conversions. essentially, this is optimizing your ad in order to get someone to take some kind of specific action, whether it's to make a purchase or to complete an application, or to download a lead magnet. to keep things simple, today, though, i'm just going to choose video views. give it a name of adam's tik-tok tutorial. it's very original. i'm going to leave the split test feature off for now, but this is definitely something you're going to want to do when you set up your own campaigns, and i'll set the budget of 50 per day- and, speaking of budget as of right now, tiktok's minimum daily spend is a little bit higher than other platforms. i also find that a good range to start testing different campaigns is around 20 to 50 dollars per day, so feel free to play around that range and see what you're comfortable with and what gets you the best results. once that's done, it's time for step four, which is to create an ad group. facebook and instagram have had sets, and google and youtube and tiktok have ad groups- same things, just different names- and it's here that you're going to select your targeting, including your demographics and your interests and behaviors. now, there are a lot of different targeting options available here, but there's two pieces of advice in partikular i want to give you if you're just getting started. number one: start with a broader audience than you might think and let the tiktok algorithm work to put your ads in front of the right people. also, make sure to give your ads a sufficient amount of time to get enough data back so you can see what's working and what's not. this is going to require a little bit of self-reflection and brutal honesty, but the reality is that if you're planning on shutting down your ads in the first hour after not seeing the sales just come rolling in, well, you're probably better off holding off from advertising until you're ready to spend just a little bit of time and money on the testing phase. number two: try to test only one interest at a time per ad group. this will allow you to see what interests work best for your business and for your offer, rather than cramming a whole bunch of different ones into a single ad group and then trying to guess after the fact which one was the one that actually got you the results. once all that's done, it's time to get to work: creating your ad. to me, this is the single most important part of any advertising campaign. after all, whether we're toking about tiktok ads or facebook ads or instagram ads or youtube ads or google ads or any other kind of ads, the platforms and the algorithms themselves are better and faster and more accurate and easier to use than ever before. that means that the key differentiator between a very profitable ad and one that just wastes your time and your money and your energy all comes down to the ad creative, that you use the words, images and, in this case, the video that you're going to put in front of someone in order to get them to take some kind of action. this is why creating the ad itself is where i spend the bulk of my time in scripting, in recording, in editing and in refining what i believe is the ultimate and perfect ad for whatever objective i'm going for, and it doesn't matter what ad platform i'm using. i never create just one single ad. nope, it's more like 5 or 10 or 20 or 50, depending on the budget that i'm working with. this is because, even after a decade of advertising, i'm still sometimes surprised at the ads that do really, really well from the ones that just totally miss.

TikTok Ads vs Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads | Beginners Guide to Ad Platforms in 2022

on my agency, we've managed over two and a half million dollars on Facebook, we've spent a little over half a million dollars on YouTube and we've even started playing around with tiktok ads, and through all of that, we've generated over seven million dollars in sales for our clients, which is pretty awesome. but when I got started doing all of this, I couldn't find a lot of really great content online to get started, and so I had to just learn a lot of stuff through trial and error, through jumping into different courses and programs and spending a ton of money trying to learn all of this stuff, and so what I want to give you in this video is breaking down each one of these three big platforms that are out there and help you decide which platform you should be going after for your business, whether that is Facebook or YouTube or tiktok- and actually we did the same evaluation at my agency not that long ago, and we actually decided to cut one platform completely. so, between Facebook, YouTube and tiktok, we are only going to be running two of these platforms going forward. so there are actually hundreds of AD platforms out there. I don't think most people realize how many different places there are to go out and buy ads. I mean between, like mobile ads, display ads, social ads, video ads, native ads- all of these different types of advertising out there. now, the three big ones would be Facebook, Google and tiktok. when we're toking about Facebook, Facebook includes Instagram. they also own Facebook Messenger. you can run ads in messenger. they also own WhatsApp and they're starting to roll out little tests for running ads and WhatsApp depending on where you're at. so Facebook is a bigger network of advertising placements. Google the same thing, right. so Google owns Google search ads- the ads you see when you are actually searching in Google and the ads that pop up at the top of the search page. they also own YouTube, so the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube, is owned by Google. so if you're running Google ads, that takes place in the YouTube ads platform. the big question is, out of all of these, how do you decide which one is best for you? and so we actually did this same evaluation with our clients. now at my agency, we work with people who are selling information products, educational programs, High tiket programs, stuff like that, and so we wanted to sit down and figure out: how do we decide what is the best platform you're running ads for them, and so I want to give you that same framework we used and what we looked at, so that you can decide which platform is best for you. so the things that we need to take into consideration while we're going through this whole decision making process is: what is your business model like? what is your offer? what are you selling? what is your whole business model that you have? what are the resources that you have available to you? so what does your team look like? what is your ability to create video and content and all of that stuff? what are your competitors doing in your space? actually doing competitor research is an insanely valuable way to see what's working in your space, because something that you should know is like people don't spend money for a long time on ads that aren't working. so if you see a competitor on a platform that is spending a ton of money on ads, then you can be pretty sure that that's probably working and that probably means that there's an opportunity for you to go do something similar on that Network. and then the other huge one is: what is your target audience like? who are you going after? you're going to make very different decisions if you're trying to go after people who are between the ages of 18 to 25, then if you're trying to go after people who are between the ages of 60 and 70. so who your actual target audience is also going to play a big factor into what platforms you decide you might want to go into. so let's get started with, like, the three big ones that we evaluated- and these are the three big ones that you will probably be evaluating, depending on what type of business you have. but the first big one we looked at was YouTube. so remember this is on. this is basically you're running ads on YouTube through the Google ads Network. so the pros of running YouTube ads, the intent of someone on YouTube, is amazing. so someone is on YouTube, Just consume a ton of content, and they are probably there either trying to learn something right, doing educational searches- how to do this, how can I learn this, what's the best way to do this- or they're trying to look for something that's really entertaining and so that being their intent and the mindset that they are in as they're sitting at their computer searching through stuff. if you can create ads that are either educational or entertaining, then what you can do is just step right into what someone is already doing and quickly get their attention, which is a really awesome thing for us to be able to do as advertisers. right, it's very different than someone who might be on Facebook book or Instagram who's like looking at cat photos and arguing with their Uncle. it's very different than someone's on tiktok who is just quickly going through 15 and 30 second Clips trying to get dopamine hits. this one on YouTube is actually there to consume a lot of content, and so that intent on YouTube is really powerful for us to be able to tap into when we're looking for ways to go get new customers. another big thing that we considered and that really great with YouTube, is that one winning ad on YouTube can run for months, if not years. some of the best ads that I've seen out there have been running for over a year, going on to two years. we've seen ads that we've put together that we've ran for nine months, 12 months, and this isn't as common with the other platforms that we're going to tok about. so, while getting YouTube ads up and running can take a little bit more work- we're going to tok about that here in a second- once you get a winning ad, you can run that ad and scale that ad and it is incredible how long, like the actual longevity of a great YouTube ad is. the last big Pro that we find with YouTube is the targeting is really powerful. so, keeping in mind that this is, oh, owned by Google, right, so they have all of the data of what this person is searching for on Google, they're actually doing Google searches and what this person is searching for on YouTube, you have the ability to use those searches as you are targeting. so, if someone's typing in how to trade stoks, you have the ability to go and Target somebody who just typed that in Google has the ability to figure out this is what this person is searching for right now, and then if that's the kind of program that you sell or the product that you offer, then what you can do is just put an ad right in front of that person, which is incredibly powerful, right? so, keeping in mind the intent someone's there to learn, and then you're also being able to Target them based on what they're searching. so that makes YouTube an extremely powerful platform. now, everything with YouTube is not super easy, right, there are definitely some cons to YouTube, so one of the big ones that we have found is the barrier to entry is just way higher. so, as far as other platforms go, where, especially like Facebook- get started with a lot of text and simple images, YouTube, you need really good videos in order to get started. if you're going to capture someone's attention, you have to have a captivating, education, occasional and entertaining video, and not everybody has the resources or the people to just jump on camera and do a really great video, and so that creates a higher barrier to entry and it might be something that holds companies back. and one thing you definitely don't want to do is wait three months because you're trying to figure out how to get a video done. if you don't have the resources to consistently create video on a monthly basis, YouTube might not be the best platform for you to go into, or you need to figure