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TikTok Influencer Marketing 101 for Small Business

Published on: December 5 2022 by Social Media Examiner

TikTok Influencer Marketing 101 for Small Business

TikTok Influencer Marketing 101 for Small Business

- Believe it or not influencer marketing
and the world of paid partnerships
do not have to just be for the big ones.
If you are a small or medium sized business
you still have an incredible opportunity
to leverage an engaged community
using the power of the fastest growing platform, TikTok.
And in this video, I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that
from sourcing your influencers,
to knowing exactly what to say,
and even how to measure your results.
(bright music)
(birds chirping)
So where do you even begin?
TikTok actually has a platform called
the Creator Marketplace.
You can access this on a desktop
and essentially this is a lot of their creators
over a hundred thousand followers generally.
And in it, you can find analytiks, interests, hobbies,
location, age pretty much filtering through
exactly what it is that you are looking for.
But if I'm gonna be honest
I don't partikularly love this approach, why?
Because there are plenty of awesome creators
who have less than a hundred thousand followers.
And there are also a ton of creators
who aren't enrolled in the creator marketplace
because to be honest, it's kind of trash.
There is very little quality control on TikTok part
and pretty much any company or agency,
I put agency in air quotes
because there are some scams that go through here.
And so there's not a lot of safety there.
I believe that the best way to be able to find, source,
and reach out to creators
is actually just doing it manually yourself,
not paying for a platform or some sort of automated system
but doing it the old fashioned way with human interaction
and taking the time to build a true relationship.
How do you find that actual person?
Well, proximity is power.
So the easiest place that you actually wanna start
is who is already following you.
Maybe it's not on TikTok, 'cause you might be brand new.
Maybe it's on Instagram, our Facebook or YouTube
and ideally who is already engaging with your product
and your content.
It's gonna be a lot easier to get someone to say yes
if they truly already love you and believe in you
and are growing with you
versus just reaching out cold to somebody
who has never, ever heard of you.
And if you're like Giselle, we don't have any followers.
We're a brand new company.
We're brand new social media, we're brand new to the world.
Totally cool.
There's still a way for you to source influencers
who will appear to be authentik
and hopefully actually fall in love with your brand.
You can start by searching hashtags
and there are three simple ways to do that,
industry, your audience type, or even your location.
So industry pretty straightforward.
You can think of things like say plant based or vegan
or marketing or sports or fitness or wellness.
Audience who's actually consuming your product
or rather who do you want to consume your product?
Is it millennials?
Is it gen Z?
Is it boomers?
Is it moms, think about it in that way and then location
because if you are a brick and mortar business
then go ahead and search by city or state or neighborhood,
or even some of the things that are very loved
within your community.
And that could be how you could start
to find the types of people
who would be perfect to represent your brand.
Once you start finding influencers that you really like,
creators that you vibe with
absolutely keep track of who that is
but consider putting together a well-rounded assortment.
Maybe you have a few influencers
who are in different age categories, different races,
different ethnicities, different locations, different sizes.
So that way just like an actual advertising campaign
your audience is seeing themselves represented
in different ways.
But then the other thing
is that I also want you to come up with what I would call
a B squad, because let's just be honest.
You might send out a whole bunch of emails
or a whole bunch of inquiries and it's crickets. (chuckles)
Some people don't respond to you
because maybe you end up in junk
or maybe they don't recognize you or who knows life happens.
You always wanna be prepared for people to turn you down
and for you to have backups
that you would still be just as excited
to be able to work with.
Moving on over to step three.
What exactly are you going to say?
And how are you going to reach out to these people?
Full disclosure, the DMS on TikTok kind of trash.
And so a lot of people turn these off
or in some cases they don't even know
how to go through them or filter through them.
So what I would suggest for communication
is you could potentially go through TikTok
to get to their Instagram and DM them there
and, or preferably an and
'cause we wanna hit them from multiple ways,
you can try to find their emails.
If they're competent,
they're gonna make it really easy for you
to reach out to them.
They're gonna have a contact button.
They're gonna have a web tree.
They're gonna have their email written in their bio
because they want to work with brands like you.
Now, what do you actually say to them?
If you're sending out an email
ideally put in the subject line, exactly what you want.
So it could be something
like, paid TikTok partnership with blank,
specifying if it's paid or not, what the platform is
and who your brand represents.
If your self conscious and you're like,
just all nobody has ever of us,
then put a subject that describes what you are.
Maybe it is a beverage brand.
Maybe it is a brand new workout product in the metaverse,
either way just giving some type of descriptor
so that when they're going through their inbox
which probably is flooded with a lot of junk
you wanna make sure that you are standing out
and making it as clear as possible, what you want.
Then let's get to the actual body of the message.
I really want you to be as specific as possible.
Rather than you just saying,
"Hey, let us know if you'd be interested in partnering
or collaborating."
Ah, ah, ah, come up with some ideas,
make it as easy as possible
for the person on the other side to say yes.
And by the way, in case you missed it
you could probably use this email strategy
in like every email that send.
So letting them know,
"Hey, we really wanna do a three month partnership
where you are uploading videos to TikTok.
And this is a 30-second video
where you have free reign to do what you're already doing."
Or "Hey, you know what?
We really want you to do five videos in a series
where you are specifically covering this."
or "We want you to do an ad for us in this way."
Be as specific as possible
so that they know whether or not that it would be a fit.
Also, I just want to say
that if you do want to work with an influencer, a creator
ideally you are giving them free reign
because the reason why you were interested
with them in the first place and felt like you vibed
was because you liked what they were already doing
and on their own.
What ends up being a terror of a partnership
is when you try to box them into something
or turn them into an actor or a model, which they are not.
So giving them as much freedom as possible
and trusting that they know their audience better
than you do, that is gonna be a win-win more than likely
all the time.
And then there's this sign-off of the email
which could actually be the most important part.
And that is that I want you to end the email
with a question mark.
I don't want you to end the email saying
let us know if you're interested
or get back to us when you can
or feel free to send us a message back.
Mm-hmm, ask a very specific question.
Maybe it is, does this sound good to you?
Would you be interested in something like this?
Do you wanna continue the conversation?
Asking an actual question
and perhaps from there you can let them know
that you're gonna follow up
if you don't hear from them in a couple of days.
If not that follow up strategy
is very much gonna be important
because guess what life happens.
I'm sure there are emails and your inbox right now
that are collecting dust
that you know you need to get it back to
and you just haven't yet.
So set an alarm for yourself in your calendar
to be sure to follow up in two, three, five days
until they respond and or say no.
Let's tok about terms.
So you have reached out to the creator.
They are so excited to work with you.
You've got the green light and you feel like,
okay, we're in sync here, we are good to go.
You always wanna have a contract
and in that contract, be very specific
about the terms in an outline fashion.
That make sense for both of you.
Here are some general terms that you should think about
including inside of your outline.
We're gonna go through each one so you understand.
When it comes to payment
it is the amount it is the agreed upon terms.
Are you paying them upon receipt?
Do you have a net 30, net 60?
Are you doing 50% down and then 50% upon completion?
And then of course there's the actual deliverable,
the product, the video.
What did you agree upon?
Is it 30 seconds?
Is it 60 seconds?
Is it product placement?
Is it product mentioned?
Are they doing three toks over the course of say 30 days?
Are they doing a TikTok and an Instagram story?
If it's story, is it a full story line
or just a single story frame.
Piggybacking off of that deliverable
you also wanna tok about expectations
in terms of timeline, turnaround, and approvals.
Ideally they submitting the video to you for your approval
along with the caption and the hashtags
to make sure that it is on brand with your brand,
as well as your expectations.
You also wanna put in your terms
if your creator should be expected
to do any sort of edits or reshoots,
so that if it's not on brand with you
or it's not at all on par
with the expectations that you had
they're contractually obligated to edit the video
or perhaps even reshoot the video.
And along with that timeline
how much time do they have to turn the video around?
And also how much time are they expected
to keep that video up on their profile?
Is it 30 days?
Is it six months?
Is it a whole year?
Is it in perpetuity, indefinitely?
This is also where you could bring up
any sort of non-competes or conflicts of interest,
whether it is a competitor or simply something
that you don't want them to explicitly say include it here.
You can also think of the terms
as you giving explicit instructions.
So for example, what hashtags they should be using
it is very professional and also legal on your part
to make so very sure
that you are having the creator use
whatever your unique branded hashtag is
to ensure that this partnership
is in accordance to FTC guidelines.
This is also where you can tell them
that you want them to save the raw file of the video,
send you the link when it's posted
or when they should be notifying you
or communicating with you before, during
and or after the project.
And while it should be obvious to most creators
when it comes to branded
and tiknically this is commercial content
you definitely don't want to be using any commercial music.
So the terms would also be where you should explicitly state
that you either don't want them using music
or that it must be royalty free
or selected from what TikTok calls
the Promo Plus Music Library.
This is actually a music library made specifically
for businesses and creators
to be able to pull royalty safe music.
Last but not least.
This is also where I would include any sort of fine print
or things that are beyond the organic publish
of this type of a video.
By that I mean usage,
where are you intending to use this video
beyond the creator posting to their own individual profile?
Are you planning to boost this video at all
using something like TikTok promote?
Are you planning on running this video as an ad?
Are you planning on using this video on your website.
Letting them know exactly when, where
and for how long you're planning on using the material
better to overcommunicate and be explicit
than be blurry, gray, and get into a lot of havoc.
Now I would be remiss if I didn't tok about the fact
that sometimes influencer marketing presents an eye roll
or it feels like it could be really expensive
but the reality is it's saving you a ton of money.
Whether that video goes viral or especially if it doesn't
this person is playing producer and copywriter
and videographer and editor and so many different things
plus potentially giving you this footage to use
however you want for as long as you want.
All right?
So your project is live.
How are we gonna really measure results?
Let's set your expectations
because no virality should not be the goal.
So in our next video, we're gonna break down
exactly how to measure results
in a way that's meaningful for you and your brand.

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