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TikTok Lead Gen Ads

Published on: October 25 2022 by pipiads

TikTok Lead Gen Ads
About Lead Generation
The Lead Generation is an advertising objective that lets you cultivate prospects and engage leads on TikTok. With Lead Generation on TikTok, when someone taps the CTA button on a lead ad, it will open an Instant Form where people can learn about your business, leave their contact information, and signal their interest in your product or service.

How To Run TIKTOK Lead Gen Ads

Get "Dirt Cheap" Leads with TikTok Ads - Real World Example - Tutorial

How to Use TikTok Ads to Get Leads For Your Business

How To Run TIKTOK Lead Gen Ads


TikTok now has lead generation campaign objectives and lead gen forms. In this video, I will walk through how to use TikTok to generate more leads and get more sales.

how's it going everybody corbin here
from zoco marketing in today's video we
are talking about Tik-Tok lead
generation specifically we're going to
be talking about how to create Tik-Tok
lead gen forms um these things are great
for anybody who's looking to collect
more leads especially with the new ios
14 update it is helpful to have the lead
gen forms so it makes tracking really
easy it's all inside of the platform
instead of using cookies and third-party
data essentially
so i highly recommend looking into lead
gen forms if you are a company that
collects leads or wants to collect leads
so let's jump right in on how to do this
so the first thing is you will need a
Tik Tok ads manager if you don't have
one already just go to google tic talk
ads and create the ad manager through
that platform once you're done creating
that you will see a screen that looks
something similar to this and the first
thing we're going to want to do is
create a campaign if you are new to Tik
Tok and you want more in-depth way on
how to set up a whole campaign i do have
a video down below that you can go check
out for the purpose of this tutorial
we're going to kind of blow through the
settings of targeting and stuff just to
get right to the lead gen form so first
thing you want to do is click click in
here and come to campaigns and that is
where the screen that i'm actually in
right now so we're just going to wait
for this to load in and then we're going
to come in and create hit create here
now this is going to drop us into a
format very similar to
facebook ads or linkedin ads or all the
other platforms essentially you have
your campaign you have an ad group level
and then you have the ads itself for
this specific objective
we do have awareness consideration and
conversion objectives but for lead
generation specifically we want to
choose this new fancy little new uh red
check there uh for lead generation so
we're gonna click on that and we're
gonna hit continue i was editing a
different ad so that's why it says that
there and it's there we go we're going
to hit continue
oh sorry i come down here to the
campaign setting name so i'm just going
to call this test lead gen
and then they do have this new feature
called create split test i haven't
tested it myself yet stay tuned i will
be creating a video shortly on this and
the results on i'm testing that so
subscribe if you're interested in that
but uh not no experience to speak of of
the create split test yet we are going
to add a budget to this we do want a 100
daily budget and we're going to hit
continue as i mentioned if you want more
in-depth tutorial on all the settings
inside of this ad group you could do
that here we're going to rename this
test ad group as well
if you want more in depth you can check
out the video up above i go through all
the Tik Tok settings and
everything that you need to know here
for here we're going to leave user
comments on we're going to leave video
download on creative type we're not
going to have an automated creative type
we just want the one manual video that
we currently have audiences this is um
if you're uploading audiences
demographics you can target by like
united states by male female you can
target different age ranges say that you
wanted to your your typical people that
you're targeting for legion is 25 to 30
for 44. you could do that in the united
then languages no limit um i do
recommend if you are going to be
targeting the united states to change
this this usually most uh ad platforms
they just have it default is english if
you're targeting the united states but
um here it is no limit so i do recommend
change that to english then here is
where the kind of bread and butter of
the targeting kind of happens you have
interest targeting uh behavior targeting
these are things like your remarketing
and things uh remarketing lists uh
people who have hit your website or
watched videos till the end and then
behavior people who followed creators
who like any of these different topics
inside of here so a lot of different
options if you want to learn more about
uh tik tok ad targeting like i said
check out the video below i don't want
to bore you with a video that i've
already created essentially but you can
go check check that one out if device
targeting target expansion i do
recommend leaving that unchecked
and just as a heads up for the daily
budget um it does need to be at least 20
a day depending on the cost of your lead
uh say that you typically get leads
around 10 or 20 whatever it may be your
budget needs to be at least that when
you go through the targeting so say for
instance that i want to get around five
dollars lead and i know that my typical
cost or that i want to pay for a lead is
20 i'm going to put it at 100 a day you
can put a schedule inside of here to see
when you want the ads to actually run
you know when you want it to start maybe
say instead of today we wanted to run on
on a business day
you can run it continually or you can
check here and set an end date we're
going to keep it on running continually
i like here that you can specify time
dates and it's not very it's not hidden
in facebook it's kind of hidden to find
this option but here it is easy to
figure out okay maybe if your business
um only operates from eight to five pm
you only want to run your legion forms
between them because that's when you
have someone that can actively reach out
to that person you can say okay we only
want to run monday through friday five
to uh military time confuse me whatever
8 pm is here you kind of get the gist
right and you can just go through and
add all those and only do it monday
friday and sometimes friday you know 4
o'clock people are not really ready
ready to go so we're gonna leave that
one just as is but just another idea for
you as you're creating lead gen
campaigns i do recommend only running
these when you have somebody that's
actively calling or reaching out to
those leads because the time it takes
the longer it takes for you to reach out
to somebody who fills out one of the
forms obviously the less likely they are
going to be to convert so we're going to
now go down here to bidding and
optimizations Tik Tok has rolled out
more uh bidding strategies and i imagine
they will continue to test more as well
inside of the platform um for now for
the lead gen targeting as i mentioned i
do recommend just kind of setting a
ballpark on how much you want your leads
to be how much you want your leads to
cost so for this example as i mentioned
i want to get around five leads a day
and i think that i can get leads for
around 20 this is going to be a lot of
testing i've noticed that the cost per
lead inside of facebook or linkedin or
other platforms doesn't really translate
as much into Tik Tok so keep that in
mind uh this is something that you're
just going to have to kind of try out
but we're going to ballpark 20
and go for those five leads because we
have once again this 100 dollar budget
now say for instance my leads were um i
wanted to get 110 leads it's gonna give
me an error because my my uh targeting
is in my bid or my daily budget is less
than the amount i'm willing to pay for a
lead so keep that in mind as you're
doing that targeting if you get that
error the other ones that you can do
inside of here and keep it keep in mind
this cost cap it does not guarantee that
you're going to get a 20 20 lead it's
just saying that's what you want Tik
Tok to optimize towards so it could be
very likely that you could get lower
cost per leads or it could be very
likely that you get higher cost per
leads so keep that in mind if you wanted
just the lowest absolute cost you could
click here um this is something that's
good to play play kind of safe if you
wanted to do it um when i first started
running legion campaigns for Tik Tok
this is what i would do as i got more
confident i would bump it up to this
cost cap so as i mentioned every account
is so much different it's so different
so i don't want you to tell you there's
only one way to do something it's all
about testing and trying new strategies
i'm just trying to speak to the
experience that i've had
the next thing here is you could do a
impression-based billing event but we're
not going to do that inside of this show
more options we're going to keep it at
this cost cap at the 20
and then we're going to hit next
now on to the actual ad itself as you
can see here up in this option you do
have a create new ad or you can create a
Tik Tok spark ad which i do recommend
going with Tik Tok spark ads when you
can um this is essentially when you
utilize a Tik Tok influencer to run
the ads through their account um i do
have a whole video tutorial on how to do
this up above if you want to learn how
to run tik tok spark ads but if you
don't have that luxury of having an
influencer account then you can sTik
with this normal kind of creative and
upload your own video that you've
now i do recommend naming this we're
going to name this super cool ad
because this ad is going to be super
cool we got a single video that we are
using we're going to upload a video that
i have here of my uh
ugly face so we're going to do this
we're going to hit upload
wait for that to upload real quick this
is a video that i've just i posted on my
Tik Tok account if you don't follow me
already on Tik Tok zoco marketing link
is down below shameless plug
i do post a lot on tik tok uh marketing
tips essentially while this is loading
but this is one of the videos that i've
created uh just quick honest on a cell
phone essentially and these are these
are the things that typically perform
the best for Tik Tok ads i find that
the more production value are that there
is inside the videos the less native it
looks to the platform and as a result it
doesn't perform as well so Tik Toks
motto is all about don't create ads
create Tik Toks and i find that that
tends to be very true is that you want
the the ad to look very native to the
platform and this is still loading still
loading don't forget to subscribe if you
haven't already we're gonna wait here
just a second maybe i might need to cut
all right and there we are we got our
success so now we can confirm and there
is the video that i have up right here
for this specific one a couple things
inside of here tic toc thumbnail you
could change the thumbnail that you
wanted to start this video so say that i
wanted to start it with my face some bad
faces there or this diagram or whatever
you know if i wanted to start it right
here where these this little title the
hook is at facebook ad secrets to get
more sales part four that you could do
that so you can change that inside of
there Tik Tok does have this nice
little video editor i do like to have my
videos edited before i put them in there
but something for you to keep in mind
all right next we can add the display
name here and i'm just gonna call this
at uh it already has a little app so i
don't make the mistake of putting your
notes there in this left-hand corner now
there's two apps so just do zoco
leave it like that and then this is
promoting one of my free uh facebook ads
um account templates i'm just a free
facebook ad account template
click the link
i know we'll just keep it at that free
facebook ad account template because the
video in the video at the end i give a
call to action to check out my bio to
get that specific
now this thing is kind of cool this
smart text i haven't actually tried it
yet but it will translate your text into
55 different languages uh it does seem
like a very beta um kind of product
right now that they are rolling out so i
would i haven't tested it yet because i
just think it's a little bit too new for
that but something to keep in mind if
you want to translate that and do 55
different languages i think that's a
really cool thing thing that Tik Tok
is doing next is we have the call to
for this one as i mentioned i do want
people to go through and click and get
that download that
template so here you have lots of
different call to actions you have
download shop now sign up contact us
find out all these different things so
we're going to hit that and our ad is
looking good and then you can add a
profile picture here
if you'd like we're not going to we're
going to go through and skip this spot
and then here is where we get to the
Tik Tok league forms so this is where
you can create your forms if you already
have created forms in the past they will
show up right here but if you haven't
before and this is your first time
running a legion form campaign then they
will you'll see something that looks
just like this so we're going to come
over here to create and you're going to
notice that there is a new form inside
of here so you have the advanced form
and then you have the classic form i'm
going to go through the classic form
first and then we're going to go through
the advanced form after that so let's
jump right into this the inside of the
classic form uh this is very similar i
actually really like these forms
compared to linkedin legion forms or
facebook lead gen forms i think there's
other there's a lot more customizations
that you can do and i'm really excited
for these lead gen forms so the first
thing that we have is the form
configuration is the name so you could
say you know english all the different
things it is important to i always
forget to name my linkedin lead gen
forms i do recommend doing this so for
this one this is the free
ad account template this just makes it
easy for you to know where you're
sending people when they are you know
say you have five different ebooks or
five different things you're promoting
you want to make sure you're naming each
lead gen form so that you can quickly
quickly click that one that option
instead of having to click into each
different setting and see where you're
actually sending people to so this is
for my free facebook ad account template
form type uh this i love this option so
this option a common complaint people
get with facebook legion forms is that
they bring in a lot of volume but
sometimes the quality or the intent
isn't very high Tik Tok has really saw
done a great job of providing a solution
to this is where you can go with the
option of more volume and what this does
is essentially it doesn't uh
it gives you the least amount of
questions so people can just fill out
the forms and you get the most amount of
leads possible i recommend when you're
starting off to just keep this at more
volume but as you as you talk with your
sales team or you're talking to the
people that are reaching out to the
leads and the quality just isn't great
that's where you could say okay team i
can actually change this setting where i
have a more high intent volume for these
tic toc bgen forms so we can give them
another shot and you'll notice when i
switch over to this higher intent it's
going to add like another question
inside here so higher intent you notice
all of a sudden it gives us this review
screen option
so now let's go through all of these
different options inside here so the
first thing we have is the introduction
and then here's where we can add our
logo so we're going to go find the logo
real quick we're going to click on there
we can give our display name so this is
zoco marketing and then a headline
so as you can see here on this headline
you can add a pretty long description
i'm not sure the exact character account
i've never actually hit the the limit
where it says you can't type anything
else in there i do recommend taking care
of taking advantage of this real estate
you can get really witty with this copy
just to add that last little jab to make
sure somebody's filling out the form for
you so we have our logo here we have the
um the headline and then now is where
here's where you can come and edit the
questions the default is for the email
and name questionnaire if you don't need
any more information i'd obviously
recommend keeping this form as lean as
possible the least amount of questions
that you need to give um over the least
amount of questions you need to generate
the better but if you need to add more
you could do so here you can do contact
information all of these different
options you can do user info first name
last name and then demographic for the
if you wanted to add a customized
question you could do so by either a
short answer form multiple choice or
appointment scheduling use these wisely
as i mentioned the more the more
questions you ask somebody in a form
fill obviously the lower your conversion
rate will be so just keep that in mind
next is the privacy policy you will need
to make sure that you uh add a privacy
policy so here is
the company name zoco marketing and then
i'm going to grab my privacy policy
right here real quick
we're going to add that inside of there
you can add a customer disclaimer if
you'd like we're not going to for this
option now we have the review screen
this is where it's essentially like
another opt-in people essentially
TikTok just ask before they submit the
form are you sure you want to submit
this form and this is where
this is that option for the more high
quality leads if you uncheck just more
volume then you won't have this review
screen next we have the thank you so
thanks for your response tap the below
to learn more or
hit the button and now we need to go
grab the url of the asset so we're going
to come over here here's the facebook
ad account secret or facebook ad account
template we're going to hit that and
then i'm going to for the button text
gets templates
so as you can see as a result of this
people will not even hit my website they
will literally just go or they'll
they'll hit the website at the very end
but after i've collected that lead gen
form there's a lot of value in this
especially with ios 14 and cookies
possibly going away so i do recommend
testing out legion forms if you can now
that that is done we're going to hit
complete here
or we're going to save this form
oh i have an error with one of the
it is asking for a purpose statement why
we are collecting the information so say
you're getting a quote so you're a
roofer and want to get a quote you can
say reach out to or fill out the form
below to get your free customized quote
for this we're going to say fill out the
get your free
facebook ad account
so that is the purpose for why the user
will be filling out the form so now that
is done we can come through here and hit
let that load up and then now as you can
see going forward i will not have to
recreate this form every time if i
wanted to run another add to that form i
could just come through and click this
exact form now i do want to show you
real quick the
more advanced form uh there's a couple
different different different
differences that i want to just show you
real quick on that so we're going to hit
create and then we're going to come over
here to the advanced form
so the biggest things that are different
with the advanced form is you'll notice
that right from the beginning you have
here the form type is the exact same
form configuration exact same branding
and images so this is really the biggest
difference in the uh advanced form is
you can come over here and you can
actually add a brad image which i really
like it can really lighten up and
differentiate your form from other
people's so we can come in here we'll
a image for this i'm actually going to
use it as if i was running ads for my
diy blog
we're going to hit this uh we're going
to grab this nice looking photo of the
bed and wall we're going to hit confirm
and then you can kind of get an example
of what this form will look like in the
advanced mode so you can see here it
gives you a nice little picture that you
could go through and add you can then
also add your logo right there so we're
going to scroll down you can change the
color scheme so if you wanted it dark
light or to match the smart color it
kind of gives it a brown based on the
color of everything that's going on back
we're going to keep it in this dark mode
because i kind of really like that and
i'm going to move myself i'm just
clearly right in the way
and then here we have the introduction
so same thing you can go through and add
your logo
we'll add that right now just so you can
see kind of the finished form of what
exactly this looks like we'll grab this
logo right here is it going to let me
there we go
we have our logo we're going to confirm
so it gives us nice little logo a
picture display name we're going to call
this house to home
and then you can go through and add a
headline like this
is a long headline
get the idea um promotional slogan so
this is kind of nice you can go through
and add a slogan here
this can be things like coupons or um
they say something like offers discounts
things like that so another way that you
can customize your form and then same
thing as the other one you can go
through and add your questions your
privacy policy
your thank you your thank you after you
fill out the form what you call thank
you screen and then the last thing that
is different is you can add an
additional image here and i'll just show
you really quickly what this looks like
you can flick this little thing on and
you can update an image
and we'll grab something just really
quick right here
just like that
and there's a picture of me just
chilling on a bed with a bedroom
makeover we're gonna hit confirm
wait for this to load up and it just
adds more flavor to your form makes it
seem like it's not something so boring
uh and there is what that would look
like on the bottom of that form so we're
gonna hit
save and complete on this one oh but
it's not going to give me the options to
uh complete this one because i haven't
filled in the questions or the purpose
statement the privacy policy and the
thank you screen um for the purpose of
this tutorial i'm not actually going to
be using this form so i'm just going
gonna exit out of that but you get the
idea on how what those kind of look like
so then we're gonna hit exit and then
once you're done with that and you've
had your form submitted you have
everything happy everything looks good
with the ad that you have you can then
go through and hit submit you can also
add your tracking urls and tracking
click url if you want to learn more
about the tiktok pixel i also have a
video of that up above if you want to
learn how to set up the tiktok pixel and
then finally is to go through and hit
submit i'm not going to do it for this
specific ad because this is just an
example but that's what you would do and
now i'm going to show you how to
download those leads after the form has
been submitted where to go through and
get actually pull those leads so that
you can call them or do whatever you
need to do with them essentially all
right and here so say that after your
after you've run your ads and now you're
starting to see leads coming in this is
where you can come in through and
actually download those specific leads
um from Tik Tok so where i went from
here is up in this top left hand corner
you see assets you're going to want to
go to assets and then come down here to
creative once you click on creative
it will load up this screen
for us and then you'll notice there are
a lot of different options up here
images videos playable spark ads and
then you want to click on this one right
here which is instant forms
inside of instant forms then you will be
able to then download lead data and that
gives you the option to download all
those leads of course and that is
everything that i have for you today
thank you so much for sTiking around to
the end if you are interested in
learning more about Tik Tok ads or new
features as they come out it smells like
nowadays Tik Tok is coming out with a
new feature once every month or or
sometimes more i do stay on top of all
these features and create videos as soon
as i can so if that's something that
interests you don't forget to hit that
subscribe button and notification bell
so that you get notified as soon as new
features come out in Tik Tok ads and
we'll see you in the next video



How to Use TikTok Ads to Get Leads For Your Business

i've been talking a lot in my videos
recently about how i'm finding facebook
ads a lot less reliable when it comes to
lead generation and reliable in general
when it comes to advertising
but advertising helps fuel the fire if
you watch my video subscribe to go and
get that if you if you watch my video
the other day where i talked about my
new campfire methodology
which talks about the new way to grow
with video in 2022 and beyond and you
can get the blueprint for that by the
way at mattjohnsononline.com
free blueprint um i talk a lot about how
instead of ads being the major
structure that drives everything it's
going to be i believe and what i'm
seeing in testing you're going to have
to spend a little bit of money on ads
and using organic to sort of blow
everything up there's a whole
methodology and training on that in that
blueprint if you grab it there
and what i'm using lately and having
success with is Tik Tok and
i've been testing facebook ads right
alongside it just to make sure that i
wasn't seeing the wrong numbers or
whatever it might be and while my Tik
Tok ad numbers are not exactly
they are massively better than facebook
and they also are much more in line with
what i was willing to pay for similar
ads on facebook before so what i'm going
to show you in this video today is how
to run a lead generation campaign on
tiktok to build your email list i'm
going to show you exactly what i'm doing
all right okay so let's jump right into
it um so basically what i'm doing is i'm
driving leads to a very specific offer
it's just a download just a regular lead
magnus lead magnet thing and they're
going into my crm i use drip and then
they're going into an email sequence
to book a call with me obviously you
know to help join my ignite program to
help people build their videos their
build their business with video
and so what i'm doing on tik tok is
that's where i'm drawing like driving my
cold traffic here and i'm going to take
you inside of that
right now and then we'll go through um
after i show you the what what it looks
like here i'm gonna take you inside and
give you an exact process that you can
copy and paste and follow for yourself
so that you can start driving leads
uh through through Tik Tok ads so let
me show you what i'm seeing here
so this is my Tik Tok ads account
um i've been that's the ad level let's
go to the campaign level and i've been
doing a lot of testing and i'm still
testing to be honest with you
but here are the numbers that i am
looking at
fourteen thousand impressions on this so
far point four five percent clicks your
rate i'm actually seeing that Tik Tok
click-through rates are much lower than
the sort of regular one percent
benchmark that we're used to looking
used to looking uh used to looking at
used to be looking at what's wrong with
my what's wrong with the way that i'm
and you see it's a 11 cpa that's
relatively normal in business to
business um and i'm i'm not i'm not in
love with it i'd rather it was somewhere
close to seven or eight
on facebook you're lucky to get 20 21 22
these days because of the cpm and look
at my cpm number for b2b here
12.51 usd in all of my tests on facebook
and instagram ads over the past month i
have struggled so much to get cpms which
is the cost of advertising costs to
reach a thousand people
literally 60 70
and we're talking about 12 on Tik Tok
and i actually think this could be quite
improved and it probably it's better as
you drill down so this is the camp this
is the uh this is the campaign and i'm
running this to my you guys can get it
for free here if you just if you just
click the link this is what i'm running
a lead magnet to
but um
you can see here i tried a few different
audiences wasn't loving what i was
seeing and some of the other stuff Tik
Tok is very touchy about things getting
approved or not and what they like to do
is this
they like to half approve things it's
really weird but i don't see any impact
myself i'll let you know if i do see
impact but i'm actually not seeing any
impact from this partial
it's very strange it's very strange
um so you can see for this
um i spent 138 dollars here two dollar
cost per click or 267 cost per click
12 cpms 52 clicks point four six percent
uh 13 conversions at 10 68 right and
it's actually more than that because
data and ios 14 and all this stuff um
which is a 25 conversion rate et cetera
et cetera i'm also split testing landing
pages on the back end as well because i
always do that usually very different
landing pages and again as i said we're
sort of early on in this
and the numbers are not blowing you away
i'm sure but they are
really good compared to it's similar to
what you used to be able to get running
facebook and instagram ads
um and you just like you can't do that
um 2.40 costs so now as we drill down in
the creative so i tested a very short
can i pre i can preview here i tested a
very very short creative here against a
very very long creative
i'm gonna have looks like i'm gonna have
to pull it up here
let's see this one
so i'm hovering over it you can kind of
see it was a very very short six second
creative uh against this creative which
i'll show you in a second which is about
a minute long and follows my sort of
very typical like
four hours sort of framework for direct
response advertising that one is over
performing like crazy it's much longer
it's over it's performing better than
the very short video
so 9.43 cpa here i'm getting i'm pretty
happy with that honestly and i think
i can test some other audiences see if
the click-through rate can go up um i i
also can take a better look at the
um the landing page i'm split testing so
after i spend another 500 or so we'll
take a look and see like hey like which
landing page is converting better
they're very different
so let me show you how i'm doing this
i have my campaign and it is a
conversion campaign for downloads to do
that i went into my of assets
and web events
and i set up
this download so i install the pixel i
can't go through that if you want me to
make another video on how to install the
Tik Tok pixel let me know and i'll
make that video for you i use google tag
manager but you don't need to do that
so i have this pixel right here and i
just went in and i created the event for
download you see it right here
and uh i just created that and basically
what you do with conversion events here
is you have the pixel on there and then
you just essentially tell
tic toc ads in the events manager where
the final like where the where to record
a conversion so in this case it's the
thank you page so they go to the landing
page they put they put in their email
and you click download and then it takes
you to the thank you page like hey you
got it there's a video from me on there
just being like hey what's up here's who
i am
um and an invite to join my facebook
group video that sells and then um and
then on that page the pixel captures
the thank you event and that's what
counts as a download so that's how i set
that up um if you go if we go back into
campaigns here on the ad groups
this is where um
this is where we set up audiences and um
there's only so much you can do here
with audiences um i i have found that
that there's a there's purchase-based
audiences and there's
more broad interest-based audiences i've
tested both and i've had better success
at least for me so far not just in this
campaign and others
with the sort of broader interest-based
audiences for what it's worth
so you can see that there so i tested
these i basically created one ad group
one ad duplicated these two ad groups
twice so that i could carry the ad and
the settings over and then just replaced
the audience okay so marketing and
advertising broad right there
um is performing the best for me with
with this and then on the ad creative i
did what's called a spark ad meaning i
recorded the Tik Tok in the app
just like normal it's a native post on
my Tik Tok you can see it here
and then i set it up uh when i was doing
the ad creative it's kind of like if
you've done facebook ads it's kind of
like uh use existing post
in this case um instead of use existing
posts you you click spark ads and then
you can pick the post spark ad just
means using an ad from an organic post
that you created so that's what this is
let me see if i can go to the beginning
and jack it up so you can hear it
how do we grow our business
i want to tell you by the way this
strategy is all about video so if you're
not interested in using video to grow
your business just get out of here i've
built video programs some of the most
viral well-known programs in the world
and made hundreds of millions of dollars
for entrepreneurs and here is the deal i
call it the campfire methodology number
one fuel your organic youtube growth to
be omnipresent you have to be everywhere
but it doesn't have to take a ton of
time and resources to do it three you've
got to build a community and fuel it
instead of being the whole strategy adds
to an offer now ads is just a kindling
that helps people trickle into these
things i've put together a blueprint
that you can download right now and
start using for your business so you can
get ahead of the curve go grab it click
the link below i'll see you there okay
so uh basically this follows my general
sort of um this follows my general
for making ads on youtube ads and Tik
doc ads it's a really sort of general
format where you have an empathy-based
uh hook at the beginning which grabs
people in so if ads don't work anymore
what the hell are we supposed to do so
that's the hook at the beginning of this
and then
it moves on to hey i've figured out how
to solve this problem
there's also a kick out here so this is
normally a youtube thing that we do to
make sure that people a youtube ads
thing that we do to make sure that
qualified folks
get out before 30 seconds so you don't
have to pay for the ad like i'll say if
you're not interested in xyz
get out of here
for this i kept it in the Tik Tok head
to make sure that the leads that i was
getting were qualified because
ultimately my ultimate goal with this is
for people to work with me in my program
so that i can like help them grow their
business with video like i need people
that are committed and know what they're
doing so i included a statement in there
that said and listen like if you're not
interested in growing your business with
video at all like get out of here this
is not for you right because i don't
want them to watch the rest of the video
i don't care about any of the other
algorithm stuff
i just want them to go away
because i want qualified leads into this
thing and probably that's why my that's
probably the difference between my lead
costs being nine dollars and six dollars
but i'm happier to get a nine dollar
lead rather than a six dollar lead if
they're good right
so we've got that and uh and then we
move into education i think on Tik Tok
it's extremely important youtube ads as
well but on Tik Tok i've really seen
that you need to come in there
promising value people
personally i feel like more than any
other platform a Tik Tok ad feels
organic like when you're going through
and scrolling through Tik Tok it's so
hard to tell what's an ad and what's not
an ad like it's very subtle like much
more subtle than any other platform so
you're gonna get a lot of people
watching that video and you want to
retain them the way the tiktok algorithm
wants you to which is you have to get
them to the end of the you have to get
them to the end of the video
what i think is important to note is
that you have to offer that education
piece in there it's obvious for like
building credibility and it's just good
for the direct response script thing but
it also is just good native for the
platform people are going to start
trusting you and then the obvious call
to action i put a sTiker there
bam click here do the thing that's what
it's all about okay so that is how you
want to structure that Tik Tok add
creative it's working really really well
for me
it's fine to test shorter things um that
video runs about 50 seconds if you can
find a way to make it 30 go for it but
this is working and i also think that
not all leads are created equal and
especially on Tik Tok where it's just
such a mishmash and i'm just not sure
what i'm getting there all the time lead
wise i want to make sure that it's the
right people that are coming in so
making the video a little bit longer i
think is also going to be good to
segment those people out of course time
time will tell on this stuff
so that's how my Tik Tok ad is working
and that's the blueprint that i would
give to you and i think if you want to
try this for yourself number one sign up
for an account it's easy if you're in
the u.s uh i'm not sure what it's like
another in other countries right now um
as at the recording of this video number
two it's all about the creative um
make a video like i'm pretty confident
in my video abilities that's what i do
for a living is teach people how to do
uh teach people how to do video um but i
think it might be a good idea to record
a few different versions do it in in
your tik tok account organically so you
can run it as a spark ad and use the
Tik Tok editor and they're built in
text tools and everything like that okay
and make sure they follow the format
that i just laid out for you you can
just pause it you can rewind this video
watch it a couple times take some notes
i'm doing this live right now so i don't
have like a thing where i can like write
it on the screen but you get the idea
and uh
and then you want to set it up as a
conversion campaign get the Tik Tok
pixel on your site globally so that you
can retarget as well and create that
whatever it's complete registration or
submit applications schedule or download
whatever it is you're trying to get them
to do
have that event set up in the url and
then just it's really easy to set up the
ads if you've done facebook ads it's
like they essentially TikTok copied
them i mean it's the same thing
okay so just go through and do that
and just see what happens you have to
start with a minimum budget of 50 per
day that is something that you have to
know on Tik Tok so you can't i mean
that's not necessarily the case on uh
facebook ads you can do as little as a
dollar a day Tik Tok fifty dollars a
day on a campaign that's the best you
can do so you put that on there and um
and then just sort of see what happens
you know try these broad interest-based
audiences test some against each other i
was using what's called the campaign
advantage plus i think or is that what
facebook calls it essentially it was
cbo's campaign budget optimization where
the budget is at the campaign level um
and also remember if you want to get let
me put this up here for you if you want
to get that blueprint that i've been
talking about in this to show you the
new way to grow with video in 2022 and
free blueprint and i would love to see
you there
um and yeah i hope you've gotten some
value from this leave a comment below if
you have any questions for me about this
because there's a lot of sort of little
complicated pieces in there or if
there's anything about this that you'd
want me to make a separate video about
that you would think would be helpful
for your reference i can probably deep
dive on each little mini part of this

How To Make Money Online With TikTok Lead Generation

what's up guys chase renner here and
today we're going to be talking about
how to make money online with Tik Tok
lead generation and i'm going to show
you how to make up to 100 to 200 a day
generating leads from Tik Tok on
now this is a very simple method that
you can start doing even if you're a
complete beginner and you can pretty
much automate the whole thing or
automate just the parts you want to
automate it's really up to you i like
doing a lot of the stuff manually
because i have fun with it but if you
hate doing Tik Tok or you hate doing
services you hate doing anything
the good news is that we are in an age
where artificial intelligence exists and
pretty much everything can be outsourced
at this point so i'm going to show you
how to do this manually and i'm going to
also show you
how to automate it and let's talk about
how much you can make with this because
obviously you can make 100 to 200 a day
if you get
services sold to people online
but if you're selling something like seo
or websites you can actually make a
whole lot more you could easily
charge a thousand to two thousand
a day
if you're also able to pump out a
website a day obviously and that really
just depends on
how much you are streamlining your
processes but if we go to something like
a freelancing website
we'll do upwork you'll see that people
charge a crazy amount of money 70 an
hour for a wix website by jessica she's
earned over 50 000
doing wix websites and if you know what
wix is you'll know that it's a very very
simple to use platform uh that
really just requires clicking on buttons
to build a website
vitalina here is charging thirty dollars
an hour she's already made seven
thousand dollars building websites for
people and so the cool thing though is
that we're not going to be using upwork
because with upwork upwork takes fees
they track all your hours and and we
actually just want to usually charge by
the project because it's easier and i'm
going to show you how to do all this
stuff so first thing you're going to do
is you're going to use a template that i
already built for you
that allows you to bring in leads
anytime you do a video
and actually no we're going to use shine
rankers so let me show you i have a tool
called shine ranker if you go to
shineraker.com you can go grab a free
account right now just click on try out
the tool for free but what you're going
to do is you're going to actually go to
the lead generation widget
or sorry leads list here you're going to
click on git widget and this tool right
here is going to allow you to put this
on any website of yours and if you don't
have a website you can send people
directly to the widget as well this is a
link here where you can just send people
directly to the tool
but what i'd recommend is put this on a
website and i'll show you how easy this
is to do if we go to my website here
and we go to the free website roadmap
you'll see i have this widget here and
all i had to do is just copy and paste
that code on this page and what what i
can do is i can send people with all of
my Tik-Tok videos i can send people at
the end of the video to this page and
say hey get a free website roadmap what
they'll do is they'll enter their
website let's say they put in this url
and they put their email like this they
click on view free website that's going
to do a report for them but it's also
going to track them as a lead in my
let me show you what that report looks
like you can see uh it gives you all
these different um
settings or all these different uh
things here that you can see like
analytics response times
ssl and it'll highlight the things that
they need to fix in red
what's even cooler about this is it's
going to keep track of them as a lead in
our dashboard
so i can contact them so i got all the
emails i got you know it also show gives
me a list of the emails that were found
on their website the social media
profiles the numbers and so i can go
contact these people to ask for a
website report right
now let me show you how you can send
people to this and you can start getting
uh interested
uh your services so what you're gonna do
is you're gonna use a simple four-set
step script on tik-tok
and really what this is
i already have this memorized so that
way i don't have to um
uh go find the script let me just show
you what it is so number one you're
basically saying you can do this right
so you want to show them something that
they can do and step number two is
you're gonna say all you have to do
is this
um and then step number three this
step number four here's where you go
right for more
so if you use this script this is the
script that i use in all my tik-tok
videos and my youtube videos and you'll
see that i get a crazy amount of views
with these videos i'll just show you on
youtube alone
and the script's a tiny bit different on
youtube just because i do a little bit
longer form content but if i go to
and look at the shorts here look at this
one it has 159 000 views in the last 28
sorry 48 hours this one has 38 000 views
in the last 48 hours 4 000 views so i'm
getting a crazy amount of views with
this short these short form videos and
this is just on youtube
so they really do work okay so i'm not
just making this stuff up and i've been
trying this out with new accounts as
well and my new accounts are getting
views as well i just created a new one
yesterday and it's already at like 600
views with a brand new video so you
don't have to have an account that's
like you know has a bunch of followers
you can do this with a brand new account
and you can still get views
and not just on Tik Tok you can do it
on youtube too i just did a created
another new account on another channel
and i got 1600 views on a video with a
brand new account as well so either way
here's how you do this you're going to
say you can do this so we're going to
replace this with whatever we want to
generate a lead with right so let's say
we're targeting a plumber let's just say
we're talking about local business we
want to say you can
you can
this tool to automatically
run a checkup on any website
right because that's what shine ranker
does right and we can send them to the
tool so like so first step number one
let me show you
free website roadmap so i can say i'll
do a video and i'll do a video i'll show
you how this works but if i do a video
and i say
you can use this tool to automatically
run a checkup on any website
that can be the first scene and let me
actually do a screen mirror so i can
show you how easy this is
we're going to do
this screen app so i can mirror my phone
for you
just give me one second so i can mirror
all right so we got the mirror going let
me open up Tik-Tok
and that's the video i was just telling
you about look it's already at 500 views
and it's the exact same script i'll
actually just play this for you so you
can hear it this tool can help you get a
ton of views on youtube shorts right now
all you have to do is type in a topic
that you want to get views for the tool
then show you all of the related topics
and how many people are competing for
them you can try out the tool for free
at shineranker.com so at the end i sent
them to a tool that i want them to sign
up for which would be great if you're
doing affiliate marketing but if you
want to build a service then you just
change the call to action at the end so
we're going to click on this little plus
button at the bottom
this is my camera here so i'm going to
point the camera at the screen because i
already have the first thing right i
have the script let me show you this is
the script right here right
that's the script
so first thing i'm going to do is i'm
just going to record the video i'm going
to tap on this little red button at the
bottom to record just the first part i
don't want to record the whole thing
just the first part so i'm going to say
actually let me point to the actual tool
page so that way
when we do the report it looks a little
bit different
all right so we're going to say
you can use this tool to run a report on
any website right now
so something basic i don't think i've
followed this script exactly i think it
uh automatically run a checkup but you
get the point it's basically the same
and now
wipe off my camera really quick
all right
so now
scene number two
is all you have to do is this right so
what do they have to do
all you have to do is enter your website
url and the oh let me redo that so i'm
gonna actually redo that because i
messed up so i'm gonna stop the
recording i'm gonna click on the the
back button so i can redo that and that
happens all the time i i do this
constantly when i'm making Tik Tok
videos right
so let me try one more time
all you have to do is enter in a website
url and click on view free audit
click on that
and then i'm going to say what the tool
let it load
the tool begin automatically running a
whoop i messed that up so right i said
running so i'm going to um click on the
back so i can redo that part
the tool begin automatically up let's do
it one more time because i mess and
again this happens all the time like
when you start doing these Tik Tok
videos you're going to have to redo
scenes multiple times
so the tool begin one more time
the tool will automatically run you a
report and tell you what's wrong with
the website
okay so now we have the last scene
and now
what i'd recommend is use some sort of
uh like put this on your homepage or
something not on your sub page because
you don't have to have them go to the
full url but let's say i put this on my
home page instead of my
um uh you know instead of my uh
subpage i would say all you have to do
is go to chaserunner.com right but i'm
gonna tell them to go to shine rankers
i'm i'm selling them the tool right so
the difference though is you would tell
them you know go to myagency.com or go
you know whatever your name is dot com
and then they would go fill out the
report right um so i'm gonna i'm gonna
change it so i'm gonna say this because
i'm gonna actually post this
all you have to do is go to
shineranker.com and try it out for free
so now we can check out what the videos
like because we got the four scenes here
we're gonna click on the little check
mark on the bottom right
you can use this tool to run a report on
any website right now all you have to do
is enter in a website url and click on
view free audit the tool automatically
run you a report and tell you what's
wrong with the website all you have to
do is go to shineranker.com and try it
so i said all you have to do twice we're
going to actually do this one more time
we're just going to say
you can try out the tool for free at
okay so now
you can use this what i'm gonna do you
can use this tool you can use this tool
to run a report on any
you can so if you saw what i did a
second ago on the side right here there
was a little thing that said adjust
clips let me actually show you
you can use this tool to report on any
so we're going to click on you can use
adjust clips because we're going to
actually edit this so that the video
flows well because the biggest mistake
people make with Tik Toks is the video
doesn't flow very well
because you know maybe the video will
start a little slow you know the voice
will come in later or will come in too
soon and so we can actually edit that by
clicking on these different scenes down
here so i can click on this first one
you can use this tool and did you see
how the first part kind of started a
little slow you can use this tool okay
so we're gonna drag this red bar so that
it starts a little bit later you can use
this tool to run a report on any web you
can use this tool to run a report on any
website right now you can you can use
this tool to run a report on any website
right so we got that first part now we
want to click on this next clip right
here 3.87 3.8 seconds
all you have to do is enter and that one
starts a little bit slow so we're going
to take the red slider and start it over
here all you have to do is enter in a
website url and click on view free audit
you can use this the tool then you see
this next one paused a little bit slower
i clicked on the next one well
the tool will automatically run you a
report and tell you what's wrong with
the website you can use you can try i
clicked on the last one you can try out
the tool for free at shineranker.com
you can use this so now we can play the
whole thing through let's just let it
run you can use this tool to run a
report on any website right now all you
have to do is enter in a website url and
click on view free audit the tool
automatically run you a report and tell
you what's wrong with the website you
can try out the tool for free at
shineranker.com you can use this okay so
it ended a little bit early but now it's
a lot faster and now we can add the text
to the video so let me click on save
to run a report on any web you can use
this tool to run a report on any website
i turn the off the audio for us so we
don't have to keep hearing it but now if
i click on text right here at the top
top right
i can just write out the script so i can
say you can
use this tool
to run a report on any website okay
so i'm going to click on the little a
on the left here to make the text look a
little bit better
a little bit darker we'll make it red
and then we're going to actually
move this up just drag it up and we're
going to click on set duration
because we only want it on the first
part of the clip so right when this clip
ends here you can see i'm dragging this
with the red
i just want it to end right here okay
so now we got the text on the first part
of the video let's run it back see what
it looks like
and now we can add text to the next part
just enter
your website in here
make it green maybe make it a little bit
different we'll do set duration again
we're going to make this happen right
after right there
and the text does help you don't have to
do it but i've definitely noticed a
difference on
the amount of views i get when i add
and now we're going to do the next one
the tool
will run a report
it doesn't have to be word for word
correct right we'll just do whatever's
the best thing here i'll just do
multiple colors i don't really care
green we'll do blue on the next one
set duration
i'm gonna put
that there
and then we're gonna do the last one
check it out now
do that one black
so now we have the video i'm going to
turn the audio back on so you can hear
right now all you have to do is enter in
a website url and click on and by the by
the way if you want to um start it from
the beginning just click on the next
button and then click the back button
and it'll start from the beginning you
can use this tool to run a report on any
website right now all you have to do is
enter in a website url and click on view
free audit the tool will automatically
run you a report and tell you what's
wrong with the website you can try out
the tool for free at shineranker.com you
can use this tool to run okay we'll
click on next
report for you
for your website okay so we got that
we're gonna copy
and paste because we're gonna we're
gonna copy that because we're gonna end
up posting this on facebook and
instagram and wherever else as well but
now we have the video okay so obviously
like i said if you if you had your own
website like if you had um
you know chaserender.com or whatever you
put the url or the embed on that they're
going to fill out their information
you're going to get a few leads and as
you start getting people with leads
you're going to email them and you're
going to tell them hey look you know
your audit looked like there was a few
things that were you know missing that
you need to add can i you know i'd be
happy to add those for you uh you know
your meta description's missing your
contact forms are missing you don't have
an h1 on some of your pages and if you
don't know what any of that stuff means
by the way if you go to shineraker.com
and click on the tutorials
here it you can watch how to fix all
this stuff or if you don't want to do it
yourself just take the report if they
say yes i want this stuff fixed go over
to a website like fiverr
and hand the report to somebody else so
the cool thing about the tool
is you can download just click on csv
you can download the csv
of all the different errors
oh you might actually have to do it from
the actual tool here
download all of the
problems and go over to fiverr type in
find people for 10 bucks 20 bucks
whatever it is and hand them the report
say can you fix this stuff on my
new prospects website
really the pricing comes down to supply
and demand right so if you have
a bunch of people that want your
services you know charge them a bunch of
money if you have nobody maybe do the
first things for free to get your foot
in the door so there's no real right or
wrong answer for um charging uh like i
said if you go on upwork you see people
charge 100 an hour you see people charge
20 an hour you go on fiverr you see
people charge 25 for you know five hours
just do whatever works for you do it
based on the amount of demand you have
and the more demand more people who want
to work with you obviously charge a
higher rate now if you want
the full step-by-step if you go to
it has a redirect to the actual page but
if you go to videogrowthmachine.com
you can join my full Tik Tok
accelerator it's called Tik-Tok growth
and in this course you get step-by-step
i do
uh to
uh get set up on Tik Tok youtube
shorts instagram reels facebook reels
and you can go through step by step you
know setting up your account starting
with youtube um building your scripts
setting up your opt-in in your links
setting up a fill like if you want to do
affiliates if you want to do more
services if you want to do you know
products i go you through everything
that you're going to need to know okay
so there's still time left to get in
here again go to videogrowthmachine.com
and sign up i think you're gonna really
like the flow course and um there's
still a little bit of time left so get
in while you can but that's it for today
we'll see in the next one until then
happy monday making see you guys bye

3 Quick & EASY Tips On TikTok Ads For Lead Gen

all right Stan here from flexible and
today we're going to talk about the 80
20 of Tik Tok ads for lead generation
let's Dive In
okay so some of you might know that I
ran and asked me anything on Tik Tok
ads yesterday and it was about two hours
long and there's lots of questions and
kind of lots of stuff discussed right so
I kind of wanted to condense it into you
know the best bits so you can take this
away if you want and kind of run with it
without having to watch the whole thing
saying that PIN to the first comment
will be the complete recording with some
kind of bonuses and extra stuff that
I've thrown in check it out you're going
to love it it's really really powerful
stuff right especially if you're a lead
gen in competitive pay-per-led niches
okay the first thing that I kind of
discussed in the webinar was where
people should focus there's so many
different elements when it comes to you
know running Tik Tok ads of course
you've got to have a client to run Tik
Tok ads to the next thing is you've got
to figure out your Niche and the next
thing is to figure out your hooks in
those niches okay which is super super
important especially the angles into the
market niches sub niches within niches
all of that stuff okay and then then you
move on to getting the creative done and
then you've got to point the traffic at
a landing page or a lead form and then
you've got to figure out how to deliver
the leads to multiple clients and then
you've got to think about quality and
all of that type of stuff right so as
you can see there's lots of different
elements to the big picture of Tik Tok
ads right you know I could talk for
hours on each of those different
elements right but the one thing that
I've learned the biggest thing that
moves a needle the most the 80 20 of
Tik Tok ads is focusing on the
creative right so inside the ask me
anything that we did we just focused on
the creative we went really deep and I'm
going to talk to you about three things
you can do inside those Tik Tok ads
that are going to move the needle really
really quickly and hopefully you can
take these kind of tips away and
Implement into your Tik Tok campaigns
or even get started on Tik Tok very
quickly the fastest way to win is to
ugc actors or user generated content
actors in order to kind of read out your
scripts or whatever that is right so to
talk to kind of a native platform and
people can scroll quickly through the
different ads and move on to the next
one or the different bits of content you
need to be able to kind of blend in and
show you know native content that stops
the scroll okay and if you've got like a
sTok images slideshow or some kind of
really crappy you know video that that
just kind of stands like stands out and
looks very different to everything else
then it's it's not going to work right
so what I talked about inside they asked
me anything was how you can hire these
actors for dirt cheap what that looks
like how much it costs and also how to
write a script to be able to give to
these actors so they can kind of read it
out and then send that back to you and
then you can go into Tik Tok's
backhand to do all of the editing right
so we've got a community called
ugc Hub it's a Facebook group and you
can go there and you can request to join
speak to James or whatever and he'll let
you in there is a small free involved
but then you'll be able to have like
access to three and a half thousand
actors in all sorts of different
countries male female different age
brackets different accents so you'll
literally be able to find an actor that
matches your kind of offerer perfectly
every single time right and the great
thing about this is that you're not
going to have to go and go to Fiverr or
any of those other places and have big
commercial rights agreements you're not
going to get charged extra for when you
add a few you know 25 extra words to The
Script or whatever that is you can
negotiate with the actor directly you
can message them on Facebook you can get
them onto a long-term permanent
part-time role you can get stuff
literally done on the same day right the
whole point is that if you can get a
script done quickly go into that group
get an actor get the video done you can
have like an amazing creative that a lot
of people don't have the ability to
create for you know less than 100 bucks
and get it done on the same day all
right and this is how you win on Tik
Tok it's all about the creative why
don't you go and check out that that
group Facebook Group ugc Hub or DM James
and um you know it's just such a great
Community you'll love it James Millard's
his name okay another thing that we
discuss which is going to move the
needle quickly for you if you are
running ads on Tik Tok or you want to
run ads on Tik Tok and by the way
there's a link to the pinned comment if
you want to see the whole recording I'm
just kind of summarizing things for you
here but um one thing with Tik Tok is
that there's it's kind of a music based
platform right I think when it first
started it was all about people dancing
and um there was always to music right
and there still is a lot of the kind of
organic content there's always music in
the background right so I can't be sure
of this but one thing that we have seen
working is when you have Music Inside
the ads it just means that the algorithm
sends your ads out to a wider audience
for a cheaper cost right but sometimes
the issue with that is if you have your
the music and the kind of person reading
the script in the background they kind
of clash with each other so one hack
that we've learned is to reduce the
sound down to about five percent so I
can be barely hurt on it not even hurt
at all but according to the algorithm
Tik Tok still thinks there's music in
the ad and it works super well it's just
a simple fast hack you can use to get
really fast results
um and it's definitely worth a split
test regardless of UI running ads
another really fast and simple thing you
can try when you when you are hiring
actors or if you want to do this
yourself if you're kind of part of your
own brand is to use the what we call a
kind of changing rooms hack like you're
seeing here where I'm sitting with a
background and you probably bored of me
talking already right like there's not
much kind of movement going on and it
doesn't really kind of engage the user
quickly especially when it's an ad and
there's a short attention span of the
actual user right so what you want to do
is have about five seconds with someone
talking and then the next five seconds
could be them in a different room and
then they couldn't move outside and then
they could go back into the garage if
the ads about catch remodeling then they
can be in front of the kitchen or you
know there's there's so many different
things you can do there to get creative
but the main idea is that you kind of
break things up move your actor around
their house or wherever that is to kind
of keep the audience engaged what just
sprained to mind is the um the Million
Dollar Shave Club where he's kind of
just walking
um through the warehouse and a lot of
cool stuff's going on around him it's
the same concept as as that okay so give
that a go if you are hiring actors to do
stuff then ask them to do this and
you're going to see that the ads gain
more attention get longer view rates and
bring your leads in cheaper okay so that
wraps up uh three kind of cool things
that you can Implement and tests that
came out of yesterday's ask me anything
again there'll be a link in the pin
comments to find that I really do hope
you enjoy it and I'll leave you on this
one thing right when we're talking to
James I think someone asked him you know
what the you know for a media buyer what
what's the kind of geeky thing things
that you can you can see it's the
difference between like Facebook ads and
Tik Tok right so James said that the
cpms are a third or less of Facebook
and he challenged anyone that is able to
get a good ugc actor type ad
are made for their vertical or their
Niche he he believes that you can 100 of
the time get cheaper leads on Tik Tok
than you can on Facebook and he said the
quality as is as good or better all
right so if you're listening to this and
you haven't tried it already you should
go ahead and check that out you're going
to really enjoy it and hopefully it also
means you're going to have another
string to your bow if you're just
heavily right on Facebook and we know
that that can be a problem so yeah I'm
going to leave it there if you if you
did like this video please give us a um
give us a like so we need to create more
like this comment below uh if you've got
any further questions or we can help
point you in the right direction and
lastly subscribe to our Channel over
here at flexible so you'll be um the
first to know when we create new content
I'll speak to you soon

How to Create a TikTok Lead Generation Ad Campaign

hi welcome to this tutorial let's talk
about how to create a Tik-Tok
advertising campaign i'm your host
matthew loop best-selling author of
social media made me rich here's how it
can do the same for you i think you're
going to find this very valuable because
there's such a wide open market and a
lot less competition on Tik Tok these
days and if you have questions you can
certainly message or follow me at dr
matthew loop on Tik Tok
now why do we want to harness this
platform let me give you a quick
refresher it has over a billion active
users worldwide over 130 million monthly
active users are in the united states
alone and according to comscore
37 of Tik Tok's user base is over the
age of 30. now i'll tell you the
engagement rate is the highest i've seen
on any platform in the history of social
media that includes back into myspace in
youtube days where things could go viral
very quickly but they just don't even
compare to Tik Tok i've had videos
reach millions and millions of video
views 27 000 shares 262 000 likes and my
clients have done a lot better in some
cases users spend an average of 52
minutes per day on this app because it
leaves people entertained and happy and
it's been the most downloaded app the
last couple years and it continues to
meet that trend and just for some
tiktok had over 3 billion
app downloads which is the first
non-facebook app to do so there are only
roughly 5.2 billion phones in the world
so why TikTok ads though because it's
attracting new clients like crazy at
this point in time and here are the
primary benefits of getting in now
first mover advantage hardly any one of
your competitors is doing this because
it is so new
massive opportunity the impressions are
typically higher quality if you compare
this to a network like facebook you can
scroll through the news feed and hit 16
posts per second on facebook but on Tik
Tok you actually have to watch at least
three to five seconds per video so you
do get a higher quality impression right
now we're seeing better quality leads
over this way because people have to
jump through more hoops and hurdles if
you set up the lead form correctly and
the engagement is just through the roof
it's also super easy to build a fan base
you have great targeting options you can
target the country the city the age
interests behaviors and for many of my
clients the return on ad spend is the
highest of any platform right now i
could share with you success stories of
two three dollars an average per liter
eleven dollars sixty sixteen dollars per
557 spent here you can see 71
558 impressions that is incredible bang
for the buck
and if you do it right you can have
leads coming in left and right where
they say i found you on Tik Tok now if
you're just getting started with Tik
Tok you will need a business manager
and i'm going to include two links in
the description so you can just click on
them and follow them all the way through
these are directly from Tik Tok this
one is Tik Tok ads manager 101 getting
started and this one is Tik Tok for
business once you have your business
manager and ads account created then you
will see a screen that looks like this
now you want to make sure that you do
initially go to your dashboard in the
upper left hand corner and add a payment
method or else your Tik Tok ads will
not run and you can see up here there is
a section to do just that for most of
the time you're going to hover in this
campaign area so you can see your
ad sets and the actual ad
and you might if you do facebook
advertising you might think that this
looks really familiar and they did model
their back office after the social
network so it will be similar to some
degrees where you've got your campaigns
folder ad group folder the ad
you can see the campaigns right here the
minimum you have to spend 20 per day to
run an ad on Tik Tok i typically
recommend starting at 25 to 30 and you
can of course go back to 20 if you
choose sometimes if the ads don't run
it's because you're not spending enough
per day on it and then your cost per
click your cost per cpm cost per
thousand the impressions that you're
receiving you can see the clicks
ctrs click through rate conversion based
on whatever your conversion may be in
these campaigns we were generating leads
so you can see conversions were 105
leads cpa is the cost per action in this
situation it was the cost
per lead right to create a Tik Tok ad
just hit this red create button and it
will direct you to a screen that looks
like this or you will see two boxes on
the screen where you can choose between
simplified and custom mode
i'd recommend using custom mode because
we have more features
on this page we can see we have reach
campaigns for branding and awareness
traffic where you're going to send
people off of Tik Tok onto a website
for instance conversions video view
campaigns lead generation community
interaction so for this tutorial let's
just select lead generation then we can
name the campaign whatever we choose you
don't really need to do anything else on
this page right now
hit continue in the lower right
once that's done you'll be on the ad set
or ad group page where you can scroll
and what i'd recommend you do here based
on your targeting
is select your location are you
targeting a specific city if you're a
local business or are you targeting the
united states as a whole
you can do that you can even target some
counties at this stage unfortunately
Tik Tok as it stands right now does
not allow radius targeting but i think
that will change in the near future
along with they might bring in zip codes
this network has grown so fast so those
are some changes that we anticipate you
can go ahead and select different age
groups based on your ideal clients
gender and then you can also choose
interests and you don't have to do this
to start off whenever you create an ad i
usually recommend writing a very general
targeting your market if it's a
geolocation for instance the age and the
gender now if you want to split test
later on down the road you can
absolutely start to play with interests
or video interactions creator
interactions hashtag interactions these
can be very valuable to
you with what you're doing when you set
your budget it's at least twenty dollars
per day but as we talked about before
set it to 25 or 30 so you are sure that
you'll get some momentum going if you
wanted to you could run it for a
specific time frame
and but i would run it continuously
scroll down keep it the lowest cost and
then hit next then this brings you to
the final screen where you can upload
your creative now to start off with you
might just take some of your best posts
on other social media channels whether
it's instagram or facebook and you could
turn those into
videos to start to run those as ads so
you can upload a video directly from
your computer or if you've already
uploaded videos you can upload them from
this library now if you have videos on
your personal tic talk right now you
cannot use those in the regular ads
because they have the tiktok logo and
commercial sounds
so when you upload a video here make
sure it does not have commercial sounds
or the Tik Tok logo
you can add some text
in this if this is a special offer
for instance
and then if you scroll down you can
choose the call to action type i usually
would recommend doing standard to begin
with and then you can select for example
learn more
and then if you scroll down on this
particular option because we're doing a
lead gen we can create an instant form
and when you create this instant form
you can actually go ahead and write in
your text you can collect the email the
name and the phone number just like you
would on facebook
you can
ask questions which you'd want to do
because when you ask questions they have
to manually fill it in
so i always like to ask how did you hear
about us
and then they will type in Tik Tok so
it's very accurate for instance and then
you get a review screen just like you
would on facebook where they can see all
this information and then on the final
screen you can actually write some thank
you text and tell them to visit your
website and include a link in there to
create the instant form you just hit
this create option
or if you have created a form before and
you want to just duplicate it the
easiest thing to do is duplicate it so
everything is there maybe make some a
couple changes
on this create option though i usually
select the classic form
and then from here you'll be able to
select your form type definitely go
higher intent
so you get a better quality of lead
configuration this is english or if
you're going to target spanish totally
up to you
in the introduction you'll add the logo
your handle on
Tik Tok you're at and then your
headline is your pretty much offer or
your call to action here's where you can
add the questions and add a category
contact information like the phone
number and then the custom questions how
did you hear about us and stuff like
that you need a privacy policy on your
website that you can add the link there
and your business name the review screen
and the thank you screen where you can
tell them exactly what to do next
and have the link to visit your website
that's pretty much it for
this lead form and then once that's done
check the terms of service hit submit
and then you've created your first
tiktok lead gen campaign
this process is very similar regardless
of whatever option you select
from the campaign level
when you create the ad now if you decide
to do a lead gen ad then you can
download the leads directly in tiktok if
you go to the ads folder itself where
you see
all of your campaigns or your ads you
scroll all the way over to the right you
can download the lead data right there
and then up here under assets events
creatives audiences catalogs comments
people will comment on your ads so you
can then respond to them there lots of
great options back here as you get more
familiar with this channel
hopefully you found this tutorial
valuable if you did smash that like
button subscribe and share this with
your other colleagues that are looking
generate more leads traffic awareness
new clients customers and practice
members make sure to also follow me at
now imagine if you would have
implemented this just six months ago how
much more good will
new clients sales would you have
listen i've encountered any obstacle
that you'll face on Tik Tok or other
social media platforms and it's a lot
easier when you have a coach and a
mentor you can bounce ideas off of so if
you're wanting professional guidance
there are ways that i can absolutely
help you monetize Tik Tok and other
social media channels one of those is
through our agency profit365.org
if you're looking to have a company do
your Tik Tok ads for you you can reach
out to us and a member of our team will
contact you my team creates optimizes
manages and automates the Tik Tok ad
process for you you will need to create
a few videos every single month but
pretty much everything is automated this
isn't available in every city if you're
a local business owner we don't do any
long-term contracts if you have national
targeting depending on what product or
service you have contact us today
info at
profit365.org or just complete the
contact form on the site to see if this
is an option for your business now if
you like the idea of in-person learning
and immersion or training your team and
staff members we host a great event
every year called the social media
revenue summit here in atlanta
it's where a lot of high level
very successful business owners clients
of mine get in the room and learn new
strategies that help them grow and
multiply their businesses you also learn
additional ways to create income online
this year 2022 it's august 20th in
atlanta and you can learn more about
that at socialmediarevenuesummit.com
this advanced training is at the westin
peachtree plaza five-star experience all
the way and i promise you you will walk
away with profit generating strategies
and collaborations and connections that
will last for many many years to come
it's a very high level event
lastly if you prefer more one-on-one
guidance or you'd like me to train you
or your team to get this stuff
integrated then i have a private
coaching program where we're on zoom
weekly and i'm helping you you get a
free Tiket to our social media revenue
summit event access to products and
services like social media elite the
internet income club and you get access
to a private facebook group you also get
unlimited email support free upgrades
for life and i can just show you success
story after success story of clients
that i've been able to work with
one-on-one become a detective in their
business and they've scaled by
hundreds of thousands in their practices
or businesses sometimes even millions
through the strategic use of social
media so here's what to do next if you
like the idea of attracting more new
clients each month and creating passive
income from social media platforms like
Tik Tok and whatnot start running ads
and split tests so you can dial that
process in and if you need additional
help or you want other guidance then
let's have a chat and i can see what
would be those low hanging fruit areas
for your business or your practice now
go out there and build some momentum and
keep me posted on your progress
hopefully you have a great day this is
matthew loop and i will talk to you soon

How to Set Up Lead Generation on TikTok Ads Manager

How to Run TikTok Ads to Generate Leads & Sales

process is simple let me go to this list
so this is our paid advertising lead
list for all the leads that come in in
the last 30 days for paid ads right so
you can see here 258 results
um so we're generating a lot we're
generating 250 to 350 leads per month
using um advertising okay
and then we close those deals now how do
we make sure that these are all really
good opportunities
a question the answer to your question
yet is all here okay it's all in the
contact record okay so i'll explain it
to you
right when and i'll pull up the zap for
this too make sure like i'll record this
call to and upload it to the coaching
calls just so you guys have it but yeah
just like pay close attention try not to
take as many notes right now because i
have this recorded um just focus on what
i'm doing right like learn what i'm
doing like learn the skill of what i'm
about to show you like don't don't worry
too much about the specifics like if you
learn the overarching skill you can do
anything you can automate anything you
can do anything you want you can even do
more than i can do right
so that's and that's what i'm trying to
get you guys to do so let's uh let's go
over that detail okay
here is a campaign that i'm running okay
i'm going to pull it up so that you guys
have full
scope of what this is okay and this ties
into Tik Tok facebook google doesn't
matter where you're running your ads
it matters what process they're being
sent through so for example
we generated 32 leads today
off of 250 cad spent
so those 32 leads let's just say we
transact and close 20 of them that's
about six new customers right six new
customers two three four five thousand
dollars a month customers
what's the 250 when even if i close one
customer of the of the 32 leads you know
we immediately get an roi right
so that's exactly
what this is
and you need to have the unit economics
built into your advertising so that it
all makes sense like if your pricing if
my pricing was like let's just say 50
per item right
or per service or whatever then i have
to sell five of these people
in order to even just break even on my
right so the unit economics aren't
really so good in that situation right
so it's very important that you your
pricing of your service or product
like is a lot higher Tiket than you
know what we're looking to spend here on
ads because these 32 leads if even 10
close which is three new customers
then we now get about eight grand
returned in the first 30 days of running
these ads off of today's aspect right
so and then next month the day after
like the next month after we're building
again for more monthly right so it's
your unit economics need to make sense
okay so that's first and foremost
but let's just say we have a campaign
right so this is our campaign this is
what we're running our ads through and
this could be like i said on youtube
facebook you can run ads anywhere it's
very simple running ads you just click
create campaign and then you go through
the steps which i'll walk you through
today um so you're not gonna be left in
the dark i'll show you exactly how to
run Tik Tok ads but to answer your
question it's like here is where i'm
getting the traffic right so i'm
acquiring traffic here
and then my goal is to send the traffic
from Tik Tok using my Tik Tok ads
my crm right with within my paid ads
list but not just my crm right like what
else am i doing so new Tik Tok lead
comes in you see this this is zapier
okay for if you have any questions you
don't know what i'm talking about just
let me know
but this is zapier a zapier is a tool
that lets you automate lots of different
tools together at the same time which is
exactly what you need when you're
running any kind of paid ads campaign
you need to connect your crm you need to
connect your email marketing tool you
need to connect your notification tool
right and any other tool that might make
sense when that lead signs up right
so look new leads signed up right and
this is for Tik Tok i could have said
new lead in facebook ads yes it could it
could have been you know the trigger
could have been new lead in facebook ads
it's really easy to do
you go choose app an event here it's
saying tiktok i could type in facebook
lead ads do you see that
so it's right there you know
all this is very turnkey and easy none
of this requires coding technology or
any kind of knowledge in that in that
realm right you just need to be logical
when you do this right so new Tik Tok
lead the trigger event is new lead right
great that's the only trigger event
that's available so when a new lead
comes in great let's automate some stuff
off of that right the first thing i want
to automate
is adding them to my active campaign
create or update a contact in active
campaign which is my email marketing
tool right so let's pop that open
that's this right here right so like if
i pop open like an automation for
example this is the exact
automation they go through they go
through this sequence here
okay now this is an automation sequence
that will once they subscribe to the
list it's then gonna start dripping them
emails like boom email right wait 15
minutes send case studies wait a day
send another email wait a day wait two
days send an email case study wait a day
send another email case study wait a day
send another email case study and so on
and so on right so that's a nurture
sequence that i already worked on prior
that's why i say work on your funnel
before you get into advertising because
you're now you're just skipping steps
you're just moving all over the place
and it's not going to help you it's just
you just be stuck in the same position
with with like you know like uh
advertising that's uh you know not
necessarily like as strong as it should
be and that's because you didn't take
the time to create your funnel which is
the first step in the in the course
right so anyways you set up your funnel
so that you already have a sequence in
here you already have this in here and i
in the in the in the course i already
give you a sequence template too so you
have tons of emails to use already to
just drag and drop and create this
process like it's very easy um and then
once you have that any new lead you get
on facebook any new lead you get on Tik
Tok you can now enroll them
automatically in this sequence right so
you just go set up um
setup action the action is to create or
update the contact inactive campaign
which is this tool so i'm creating or
updating the contact but how do i put it
through the sequence
so i put it on this list right
so we have a specific list that we put
it on and and when and what's the
trigger event for the sequence when
contact subscribes to this list
then trigger this right so that's what
i'm doing i'm adding them to this list
make sense
very simple okay
uh create lead and close i o let's go
set up action
so if i go like now what i'm doing is
after i enroll them through the emails
which is all this right
i'm now trying to enroll them into my
crm right here
so that i can start calling them right
like my reps can start calling i can
start calling right et cetera like how
to i can't do it without them coming in
here into my crm okay
so what i do is i go i add the company
name first name last name of the contact
uh and then i'm adding you know first
name last name their email their phone
number i'm just creating a contact in my
crm it's very simple each crm will have
its own fields right um after that i
create a sms so
you ask me how do i follow up so this is
the first way to follow up with your
sequence okay that's automatic that's
gonna happen without with or without you
it's gonna happen in the background
and then the next thing is we're going
to send an sms right so this is what the
sms sends when the lead signs up new
lead signs up they get an sms right away
and they get emails right away right
it says hey you know john this is avi
from you know from variance marketing
thanks for signing up for Tik Tok just
a quick reminder i'll be the one
explaining to you how our deal how our
strategy works please schedule a call
with me here boom this goes to a round
robin meeting link with my sales reps
right so let's go to that link this is
what that link looks like boom they go
here it's very simple they schedule it
right off the text message make sense so
and uh and that's that's it right and
then i send myself a slack message right
to notify that i just got a new lead
because i just want to know how my
campaigns are doing without having to
check on them all the time right like
why would i want to log into tiktok
every five minutes to see how my ads are
doing when i can just set up a simple
that goes into my slack channel
every single time i get a lead so that
way on my apple watch or even on my
computer every day i'm getting
notifications boom new lead boom new
lead boom new lead if those
notifications ever stop
and i stop getting new leads then that
means that i need to go look at my ads
so i go here to tiktok and i go look at
my ads and i make sure i fix them okay
because i just stopped getting new lead
notifications so
you could do 10 times more automations
off this i could add another step down
here and say okay add this person to
google sheets and then add another step
down here and then hit them up in
facebook messenger right like
it's it's honestly endless what i can do
like so that's what i'm trying to tell
you like stop paying attention to the
specifics and start learning the skills
like because knowing how to use zapier
knowing how to use active campaign
knowing how to use like your crm really
well mine's closed.com but yours can be
anything else knowing how to run
TikTok ads like just understanding how
it works is going to immediately put you
at an advantage
right so
yeah i just want to i just want to drive
that home like it's not about um
it's not about just like specifics and
like any like like
things like that it's about you you know
knowing the skill yourself
so now running Tik Tok ads
it's very simple okay
it's almost as simple as facebook um
Tik Tok's a little bit better of a
platform the only problem is is that
Tik Tok requires only video content so
you cannot go ahead and post an image ad
or post some kind of text based ad or
anything like that you can't do that
what needs to happen is you need to
create a video first so you know there's
people that you can use like local media
guys that can come and shoot a video or
you can shoot a video on your iphone you
can shoot a video on your computer like
to start right
or you can go to canva
right canva.com and then create a video
see how there's a video option so here
for example i can use this option
so now i'm coming in and i'm making like
a nice video see that's that's a video
so all i do is change my image for
example make a offer on it so like put
my image on it so go to uploads for
upload a picture of myself etc and then
replace that image right for example add
another nice offer on it and then boom
download the video it's 5.7 seconds
great video so i'm saying like like
people think that they're helpless and
they don't have options and they don't
know how to do video but it's like
there's honestly endless opportunities
everywhere you go like you can go on
canva and get a video done for free you
can go on fiverr and get a video done
for five dollars right like it's endless
right so you need a video to advertise
bottom line
once you have a video
and like look we've went through the
background what happens after the lead
gets generated right they get added to
the crm the client like see they get
this text message that i showed you in
zapier where it's asking them to say hey
thanks for signing up at tiktok um you
know please go ahead and book a call and
then look what what did this guy do like
boom he got a text message what did he
do next
he booked a call this is a calendly
confirmation so he booked a call um and
then he has that call coming up okay one
upcoming activity that's on the way
and that's there but now that we've
learned how to set up what happens after
the leads generated right with the
active campaign and you know with you
know sms asking them to book a call
how do we
get the leads now that's the question
right because now we know the system
that happens
how do we get the leads in general so
let's go over like a dummy campaign
i'm not gonna actually launch it because
i have some pretty efficient campaigns
running right now like this one has 113
leads 23 leads 142 leads seven leads
right like seven dollars a lead you know
this one's a little bit more expensive
at um you know thirty five dollars lead
this one's seven dollars lead nine
dollars a lead right so i want to keep
those going but what i will do is create
a new
campaign here so you just click on the
create button
um when you go to camp you go to
campaigns and then you click create
that's exactly what i did now you're
gonna have different advertising
objectives you're gonna have awareness
and this is to hit as many people as
possible this is never the i never
usually do this uh consideration
and conversion
people run conversion ads on Tik Tok i
personally don't
um you know if you're an ecom i'd
suggest doing this if you're in uh you
know any kind of like online uh thing
where you're booking appointments
conversion ads might make sense but
ibook appointments as you can see after
the leads generated right this guy
booked himself in off a text message and
off of an email in my nurture sequence
right so i i don't want to book
appointments off my ads i want to
generate leads as many leads as possible
i want higher volume so that these
people can book themselves in later and
then my sales reps can just hit them up
uh later right but everyone has their
own system like if you're a one-person
show you don't have a sales team i'd
suggest you run conversion ads
because conversion ads um
you know they they go direct
appointments on your calendar but then
you need to install a pixel make sure
all the tracking's set up so we're not
going to go over that today um let's
just go over legion right which is
exactly the campaigns i've been running
i've only been running legion campaigns
on Tik Tok for the most part i've done
a little bit of conversion stuff but
mostly legit okay
so you want to name your campaign so
this is the objective right advertising
objective you want leads correct so
select lead gen
then what you want to do is say okay
what am i running lead gen for so let's
just say lead gen and then for whatever
program you're offering it could be you
know uh you know advertising that you're
offering could be press that you're
offering it could be mortgages that
you're already whatever right so you
just want to name your campaign so for
this one i'm just going to call it test
lead gen test
um and then here where it says campaign
budget optimization until i have
multiple different ads and whatnot um
and different targets and all that kind
of stuff i usually turn it on to just to
split test different targeting in the ad
groups we're still in the process of
making the campaign after we make the
campaign then we have to make the ad
group and then after we make the ad
group we have to make the ad that's how
this works same thing as facebook okay
so cbo campaign budget optimization what
that does is it will optimize
let's just say you have three different
ad groups
one two and three
like cbo will deploy budget
across the ad group that perform the
best that's all that is so it's
basically optimizing for you which is
nice right so i usually turn that on and
i put at least 50 bucks a day
on cbo don't worry it's not going to
spend 50 a day this is your campaign cap
and you're going to set up ad groups
below that that spend individually you
know x amount right so one of them could
spend twenty dollars a day one could
spend ten hours a day etcetera right
bid strategy i always do lowest cost
so lowest cost would mean i'm getting
the highest volume right i'm spending
the least amount to get the most amount
of leads so continue
now that i've set up my campaign um now
i'm moving on to the ad group so add
group two i'll go add group and then
name it whatever it was so for me i put
test okay that's for naming conventions
for later i always let people comment
but i don't let people download the
videos so i turn that off
okay so i want engagement to increase
the social proof but i don't want people
taking my stuff so i don't allow them
automated creative optimization i do not
turn that on uh especially when i only
have one creative um i don't turn that
on if i have like four or five creatives
okay that can make sense but even so i
don't turn it on
um targeting um skip these parts go to
demographics so what you want is
location so for this ad let's just say i
was running mortgage ads for example
or even just marketing agency ads like
yeah i could target canada i could
target united states right i could pick
whatever i want whatever countries i
male or female i'm going to disable the
younger audience because usually they
don't have like income or businesses or
et cetera and i'm targeting business
owners i'm also going to disable the
the higher age group
like so i disabled the lower age group
and i've disabled the higher age group
what i want is people aged 25 to 54
who are you know getting into things
like tech getting into business getting
into crypto getting to all these
different amazing ventures
um that are in kind of like their prime
sort of years
um so that you know i could uh i could
penetrate them with my ads and get them
to become a client of mine okay
now if you're selling something you know
different like a product that's catering
to more younger people then great turn
that age on for me my product is more of
a middle age thing
so then i go here um and i say okay uh
so if if we go here it's going to say
it's going to say to reach more relevant
users try these 15 interests
never ever ever
go ahead and select all of the Tik Tok
recommended interests never you go here
and you add your own interest okay with
your own brain
now with let's just say i was trying to
run lead gen for people right so what
might be makes sense if i type in
right business owner
okay i don't know why it's disappearing
but here it is business and productivity
maybe i want to do business services
maybe i want to do
business owner maybe i want to do
people interested in this business
training people interested in
even let's just say like even if i type
in like like let's just say your
mortgages you type in mortgage right you
type in people interested in mortgage
loan people interested in mortgage rates
people's mortgage calculator you can
type in lending right um hold on lend
or here let's type in loan
right loan market student loan free loan
bank bank loan mortgage loans business
loans all loans easy loans etc right
so you can reverse engineer sort of
anything you want with Tik Tok but i
would say like for this let's let's do
so people interested in marketing is
what i'll do as well
marketing and advertising right and you
know you want to start like maybe five
to six different audiences until this
says balanced okay
so do you see how that little meter that
little whatever like audience size
thermometer thing like now went to the
blue that's what you want you want a
balanced reach between 54 mil to like
about 75 mil um that will get you in the
balance zone
um and then yeah and then look so so now
i just
i chose my targeting that's all i want
it's just interest based targeting
there's gonna be interest behaviors and
uh creator interactions like i don't do
that i just do interests i don't care
about your behaviors and what you do i
just care about what you're interested
in so that when i hit you you're
interested in my offer
targeting expansion i turn that off i
never turn that on targeting expansion
what that does is it allows for Tik
Tok now to
now infiltrate your targeting and change
up your targeting based on what Tik
Tok might think will work for you now i
don't do that because i know exactly
what will work for me and i'm split
testing this stuff myself and i'm
checking on my ads myself so i don't
need tik tok to tell me sort of how to
run my stuff
um with that being said um i uh my video
is not even on i just realized uh let me
turn my video on for you guys
okay so i'll go ahead and uh and yeah so
target those interests once those
interests are targeted i scroll down do
not enable targeting expansion you move
on to schedule some people i know and
some of my clients we run it at a
specific time
but uh for the most part for my ads i
just run them all day until i know sort
of what time makes the most sense and
then i run a new campaign once my
previous campaign shows me what times
were the best
um so for this one i'll just do all day
the optimization goal here is obviously
leads we want to optimize for leads
right and we want to optimize for lowest
cost right
um now i get billed per impression and
so it's per cpm right so per thousand
i will get billed okay
they don't have like a cost per lead
model or like pay per lead or anything
like that so you get billed per
impression and that's and you have to
pre-load the funds into Tik Tok so
it's not like facebook where you run the
ads and it bills you um it's like you
have to pre-load a thousand dollars into
the into the into Tik Tok ads manager
to get the ad credits once you get the
ad credits great you can now bill any
ads you want and you get charged per
eyeball not per click or per
uh whatever right so
um per lead or you know booking or per
conversion right you still can track
those things like what's my cost per
lead or what's my cost per conversion
you can track all those things in here
but you can't you know the billing
mechanism usually is per impression per
thousand impressions sorry so anyways so
now that i set up my campaign i set up
my ad group i need to move on to setting
up my ad now so i click next
okay now it's going to ask me to create
an alias so i can either use a Tik Tok
ad sorry i can either use a Tik Tok
account okay
um but i don't have a Tik Tok account
which is honestly like a big up of
mine like i should totally get a Tik
Tok account because i've spent probably
like five six seven grand already on ads
like maybe even more up to 10k like
with that being said it's like i could
have gained followers on Tik Tok i
could have gained more personal branding
on Tik Tok if i had created an account
first and then ran the ads so don't make
the mistake i did okay
i it's not even a mistake i just wanted
to test the platform before i like fully
committed to it um so what i do is i set
a custom identity right
a custom identity is not an account so i
don't have to open a Tik Tok account i
just have to go like this create i have
to open an ad account Tik.ads.com
um and then i go create new custom
identity it's as simple as entering a
display name and changing the profile
picture that's it and it's not a real
account and it looks like this it says
variance marketing this is the identity
right i could change that right now to
you know like create a custom identity
and go at you know of the
you know grandin right and change the
the face of it to an image of me for
let me see if i have any images of me
it's okay i'm not gonna go through that
but anyway so let's just say that i did
the alias and then your alias would sit
here you just select your alias id very
okay i don't have a profile picture for
and these ads are converting really well
i may as well actually recreate
this one here create custom new identity
and then add the variance logo there so
that these ads will
convert a little bit better but that's
fine for now let's just skip all that
let's just move you guys are pretty
sound logical people you guys can
definitely you know understand whether
or not to create a Tik Tok account or
use an alias
um now
you're gonna need a video like i said
before opening this and that's why i
opened you know canva showed you that
you know you can create a video very
easily even if you have no options right
even if you don't want to record it of
yourself you can create you know a very
simple one with text in it so there's no
like you're never stuck right so it's
kind of like people who have helpless
mentalities of oh i can't do it then you
guys will never do it because it'll be
your mentality um but anyways so
you upload the video so let me go here
upload a random video so for example
let's just say
here's a ad that i shot okay
um so i'm gonna open that up
it says ready to upload
um but file attains and so we'll do blah
blah blah change your file name
and now it's ready to upload so i upload
so i'm uploading that video
my offer
i'm going to play the video too
so that you see what kind of really high
quality creative it's not even the
highest quality mike mine you know we i
pay very little money for my my uh my
videos you know i get two ads done for
200 bucks right uh 30 second ads right
so my guy comes shoots edits everything
for you know under 200 bucks for
everything so which is good right so so
take a look i'm going to play the ad
because i want you guys to see what kind
of creative actually works in today's
day and age right
so you should be able to hear it but let
me know if you don't
you can't close any deals i wonder why
it's because you don't have something
called status delta now status delta is
an increased online credibility for your
brand it allows you to close deals
easier how can you develop status delta
the way it's developed is by getting
featured in forums getting featured in
an entrepreneur magazine getting
featured in yam finance getting featured
in gq magazine and the list goes on and
on we can get you the cheapest possible
price on the internet okay for your
press i can get you featured in these
publications in the next 24 to 48 hours
all you got to do is click the link
below or swipe up and i'll see you on
the other side
that's it right so raise your hand if
you heard that wanna make sure you guys
heard the audio there
good to know um so anyways
so the um so yeah when you go ahead and
you upload your creative like it's it's
gonna be as simple as making sure that
you you know what's the first thing i
say in this video i say
you can't close any deals that's the
first thing i open up with what is that
that's called a hook
because your ad needs a hook to get
people to stop scrolling and to start
listening because
if i say you can't close any deals
that's going to penetrate a lot of
people and be like wait what do you mean
i can't close these why can't i they're
going to listen to it and continue or i
could say you know facebook ads are dead
right now people are going to want to
listen to that right or i could say or i
can even just clap and be like hey
what's going on right and that just
hooks people in you see what i mean so
your opening line on your ad needs to
hook people in and then your offer needs
to be concise don't go on rambling just
say i say look
you can't close any deals i wonder why
it's because you don't have status delta
what status delta status delta is
increased credibility online how can you
get that increased credibility online
you need to get featured in these
publications great we offer the best
prices on the internet for these
publications so swipe up right like very
simple you know like don't start talking
too much and going on and on and on
about other stuff it's just very short
and sweet this is a 15 second ad right
text wise you're just going to be like
want to close more deals
increase your credibility for example
that's just what this offer is in this
you can see how there's not really too
tech space here see how appears want to
close more deals increase your
credibility uh you know
boost your credibility so now the word
credibility fits there okay
see that's all you do is very small text
and instead of dynamic call to actions i
always go standard right and change it
to whatever i want because dynamic will
start changing it to learn more apply
now they'll start playing with your
stuff i just go apply now okay because
that's and you see that button there it
now says apply now okay that's it very
simple and then i use the forms you have
to create a instant form so you see when
someone goes on the ad and they click
the apply now button it takes them here
to this forum where all they do is put
first name last name uh email and phone
number right
and then that's what goes and takes off
here once they fill their first name
last name email and phone number boom
zapier starts triggering and starts
putting people through my system right
so you really just need to create a
quick form okay i usually put like a
little bit of an intro variance
marketing presents learn how to boost
your credibility close more deals
with good publications etc right and
then they just fill that out and i have
another form for you know deal flow
leads i have another form for mortgage
agent leads et cetera right
so that's it and you can put a tracking
url if you want this is a bit more
advanced i would recommend doing that
right now and then you just click submit
and boom your ad is live simple okay
very simple like nothing here is
outlandish if elon musk is taking the
human beings the human race to space and
to mars
then we can run very simple Tik Tok ad
campaigns right
do we all agree
okay beautiful because i agree too and
you know it's very simple like you have
this recorded now like you have to step
by step exactly what to do what to look
out for how to structure your creative
how to structure your backend systems
right like this is exactly the zaps you
should have
um you should work on your email
sequences all the templates for all the
emails are in the course like it's not
like it's not there for you it's all
there you just gotta copy and paste it
and spend some time like literally spend
your time
learning how to use active campaign like
you can go on youtube type in how to use
active campaign for beginners boom now
you know how to do it right so if you
don't already if you don't already know
how to do it with my videos and my
teachings which i break it down pretty
simply um then go on youtube and learn
more but really like the idea is that
you should know how to use this tool uh
you should know how to use this tool
uh and then you should know how to use
your crm right and look the crm like for
example we offer a crm to our clients
and that crm has all this in it
has all this in it right
and it has all of this in it workflows
right so it's like there's really no
the crm i provide is like kind of like a
we consolidate all of this for our
clients that it's easier for them to be
able to do these things you know
um but still even if you're not able to
do it like you have all these other
tools you have all these other things
that you can do and you know zapier
starts off free for the first you know
10 zaps or something like that um but
you you know um so there's really like
you know close io starts off very cheap
you know campaign starts at 11 a month
right like
it's it's not uh it's not tangible or
material enough
to have it roadblock your success right
so you should just move forward in
learning those things um but anyways
so i could go on and on about the stuff
but effectively it's simple as
submitting it what's going to happen is
the campaign's going to get pushed live
it's going to be taking a little bit of
time to get approved but gets approved a
lot quicker than Tik Tok and that's it
you can go to your dashboard you can see
you know like once your campaign's live
you go to your dashboard see exactly how
much you're spending so you have exactly
how much you've loaded in you know how
many impressions you're getting how much
you're spending how many clicks you're
getting how many conversions you're
getting et cetera which campaigns are
bringing you conversions etc you know
what the gender is like look
20 of my audience is female so what does
that mean that means i should start
targeting men like because 75 of the
people that converted
are men
right and the budget's being spent on
men because it's converting more on men
so i should start
just in my campaign level just take away
women like
because like
this is clearly the better target you
um operating systems right you can look
at you know people are using android
versus ios and you can optimize your
creative for those experiences right
placements Tik Tok is the placement i
disable all the other placements
day partings remember i told you i first
a campaign running all day
and then i look at the day parting stats
to figure out okay what days are the
most effective what time sorry
throughout the day are the most
effective then i'll go back to my
previous campaign and update those times
so that it's effectively only running
like during the times that are the
highest performance right so you can see
here like what the spend is so here's
the cost on these times
um and dates and whatnot and then here
you can see i spent a lot more on
tuesday the 20th right 15
and so with that being said it's like
you can make optimizations based on the
stats you see here and you can also go
to reporting up top which gives you a
little bit more of a drill down
um and you can honestly create any
report for anything you want right so
like i can now go like okay what are my
creatives doing
um relative to the metrics to total cost
um and then go like run report um hold
on i can go like you know last seven
run report right and then it'll just
download as a csv and now i'll know okay
which creatives
are uh are the most expensive in terms
you know
which creatives had the most spent on
them and that's actually and that's
actually a denotion of
which ad is the best because Tik Tok
will only spend
the most on the ones that do the best
does that make sense so if i'm breaking
down creative by total cost the ones
that have the creative that has the
highest cost
is going to be the creative that is the
best ad because of because of the fact
that i turn campaign budget optimization
on which is going to only spend now on
the best ads does that make sense
so you can do any kind of custom reports
you need and you can even run reports
like weekly and schedule them etc so
that you don't even have to do this
every time it's just every monday you
get a report on all the important
metrics that matter to you
so it's very turn key it's very easy
it's not like facebook where it's very
complex you know you saw me do this like
what you should focus on is not running
the ads here
it's on making a really good ad you know
like running ads here a monkey could do
it literally a monkey from space could
do what i just showed you to do right so
what needs to happen is
don't focus so much on running this
stuff focus so focus more on how do i
make an ad that truly penetrates right
offer resonance right
um and then focus on the creative and if
you can focus on a really good ad
then when you run it it's just gonna
right out the gate do well okay
so that's pretty much it do we have any
questions about running Tik-Tok ads in
general and sort of what we went through
today with regards to like the follow-up
stuff and like basically connecting the
we good
okay no questions on that fair enough
are there any other questions in general
and if not we just close up the call
right now
sounds like we're good
um wait a couple more seconds here see
if there's anything else
okay all right guys well uh you guys
have an amazing amazing amazing day um
let's make it rain today i mean it's the
first week of january like let's set the
pace let's get these things running
let's uh let's go a hundred percent deep
into this stuff like
no more wasting time like enough wasting
time like let's just get these systems
created and have them working so that
you're getting tangible results like
every day that goes by just like today i
showed you
i literally generated 32 leads today
just on this ad campaign
right 32 conversions today right
so it's like now
how can we you know you don't need 32
leads a day you can get 10 leads a day
five leads a day reduce your spend right
like i've spent
uh roughly about 250 bucks to get those
32 opportunities we're going to close 20
of them and we're going to turn 250 into
ad spend into like 10 15 25 000
that's what i'm about to do with these
32 leads right
so just work on the foundation right
like is the unit economics making sense
are your is your price good enough do
you need to increase your price right so
that these unit economics are better
right like let's look at these things
let's let's make sure things are a
little bit more optimized for this year
um but yeah i appreciate you guys taking
the time today and uh you guys have an
amazing amazing day and we'll see you
guys next week okay

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