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Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

TikTok vs. Instagram Reels vs. YouTube Shorts: Who Will Win the Short-Video Race? | WSJ

(upbeat music),- [Narrator] Short-form video has become,the latest battleground in social media,,and the three big players?,TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.,- In the next few years,it will be billions of dollars being poured,into these platforms,,trying to increase their reach,,trying to increase the value for advertisers.,- [Narrator] So let's compare them and see,which one is winning over users so far,and which one might come out on top.,TikTok was the first of the three to burst onto the scene,,but before TikTok there was Vine,,a popular short video service offered by Twitter.,(people cheer),- Vine was one of the first short video platforms,to really grab the attention of young creators.,After Twitter discontinued Vine in 2017,,it created a big gap in the market,that was prime for TikTok to exploit.,- [Narrator] TikTok enjoyed rapid growth,in places like the US and India,,and by February 2019,the app had been downloaded more than a billion times,on Apple iOS and Android,according to app analytiks site Sensor Tower.,But in 2020, the narrative started to change.,- America and other countries went into lockdown,because of the coronavirus,,people started spending more time on TikTok,,and all of a sudden it seemed like,the scrutiny on TikTok also increased.,- [Narrator] President Donald Trump voiced concern,over the possibility that user data on TikTok,could be shared with the Chinese government,through the app's parent company ByteDance.,- We're looking at TikTok, we may be banning TikTok.,- He launched a lengthy back and forth,with TikTok and its Chinese parent ByteDance,that never really reached resolution during his presidency,but had a really huge destabilizing effect,on the app's position in the US.,- [Narrator] At the time, TikTok officials said,that user data was held in servers in the US and Singapore,and wouldn't be shared.,In June 2020, India decided to ban TikTok.,- That's important because it presented a gap,for rivals like Facebook and Google's YouTube,to try to offer their own products in the market.,- [Narrator] And sure enough, in late 2020,,Facebook and YouTube launched,their own short video services.,Snapchat also entered the mix with Spotlight,which offers a daily pool of more than one million dollars,to users who create the most entertaining Snaps.,- Instagram and YouTube already had large built-in audiences,and TikTok had primed people to want,this kind of short-form video.,When Instagram and YouTube started rolling out,their own services,,they took off pretty quickly.,- [Narrator] Meta hasn't said how many monthly users,interact with Reels,,but Instagram passed,two billion monthly active users last year,,and in its April earnings call,Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said,,"Reels already makes up more than 20% of the time,"that people spend on Instagram.",- [Narrator] Google said in June,that more than 1.5 billion people,watch YouTube Shorts every month.,TikTok said in September the app had drawn,more than one billion monthly users.,Third party estimates have shown that number,as high as 1.6 billion monthly users.,The short video craze also inspired Pinterest,to create Watch last year,,where users can scroll through short videos and pictures.,Netflix launched a feature called Fast Laughs,that serves up short clips from Netflix shows.,And even Twitter said in December,that it was testing out an updated Explore tab,to allow users to scroll through short-form video tweets.,So with all these options,,which platform is the most popular among users?,- TikTok certainly seems like is still in the lead.,- [Narrator] If you look at the user data,from digital intelligence company SimilarWeb,,people say they're spending more time on TikTok,than on the Instagram app or YouTube platform.,- With that being said,,Reels and Shorts are gaining very quickly.,- [Narrator] In a June survey,by data platform company Inmar Intelligence,,44% of people picked TikTok,as their preferred short-form video service,,followed by 29% for YouTube Shorts,and 20% for Instagram Reels.,Another measure of success for these platforms?,Advertising revenue. - TikTok seems to be,the farthest along in turning on advertising on the service.,This year, they're projected to make about $12 billion,in advertising revenue,,up from $4 billion last year.,- [Narrator] TikTok partners,with e-commerce platforms like Shopify,to help businesses advertise directly,through their Shopify dashboards.,And earlier this year,,in an effort to attract more advertisers,,TikTok enabled first and third party cookies,on top of its existing tools.,- YouTube Shorts only recently started,allowing ads on the service.,Reels is also more immature,turning on ads on the service.,- [Narrator] But they're quickly catching up.,Their parent companies, Google and Meta,,are two of the largest online advertising companies,in the world.,- It's a fairly safe assumption,that they're putting a lot of effort,behind getting digital ads on these services,and making that a bigger part,of their growth story for the future.,- [Narrator] Second place is still a close battle,,but it appears that Shorts is gaining fast on TikTok,based on viewer data Google released in June.,Shorts began rolling out ads globally in May,and Google said it would eventually allow companies,to make their ads shoppable,,like on TikTok and Reels.,- It's still a little bit early to tell how that is going,,but YouTube right now is looking for a new source of growth,as revenue growth has been flagging,,so they're putting a lot of work into making Shorts,a big advertisement platform.,- [Narrator] YouTube Shorts also has a unique advantage.,It allows creators to use the analytiks tools,on YouTube's main platform,,which provide data about who is watching videos.,These tools help creators work with brands,and prove the effectiveness of their sponsored content,,but YouTube Shorts doesn't offer creators,the same special effects options as TikTok.,This spring, it rolled out new features,,including one that lets users,turn snippets of existing YouTube videos into Shorts,,but it's still missing tools like this,,which lets creators combine their video,with one from another user.,It's harder to pinpoint where Instagram Reels is,in this race,because Meta has been reluctant to release data,about monthly active users on Reels.,But in its July earnings call,,Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said the company saw,"a more than 30% increase,"in the time that people spend engaging with Reels,"across Facebook and Instagram.",- [Narrator] However, this is the first time,that Meta has ever reported a decline in revenue,,down almost 1% from the previous year.,Earlier this month, Meta said it is reallocating resources,from its Facebook News tab and newsletter platform Bulletin,as part of a broader shift,toward short-form video content creators,that can compete with TikTok.,The company also said Facebook's Home feed,will be more personalized,,featuring Reels and content driven,by the platform's algorithm.,As the race continues,,TikTok remains a concern for some US lawmakers,and users concerned about data privacy,,but the company has taken steps to address this.,In June, the company said that 100% of US user traffic,was being routed to its partner Oracle,,and TikTok said that while it still uses,its own US and Singapore data centers as backup,,it expects to delete US user data from its own data centers,and migrate fully to Oracle servers.,But for now, TikTok's algorithm still seems to attract,more users among the short video platforms,,and that might help it remain the front runner in this race.,(gentle music)

How TikTok Found Woman After a Stranger Overheard Her Friends Talking About Her

i hate to be the one to stik my nose,where it doesn't belong,said drew harding as he stuck his nose,where it did not belong,i need to tell you that the weekend,you're away is not the only time that,they could do their birthday party,they are choosing to do it the weekend,year away and you need to know,tik-tok help me find marisa this is,the story all about how some new besties,turned,tik-tok upside down once drew posted,the video he,only intended it for his then 40,followers to see it,instead millions became invested in the,tale of a stranger who,overheard a group of friends trying to,plan a party during a time when one of,their friends marissa would be out of,town,so they wouldn't have to worry about her,becoming the party's main character,drew tell me you were walking around in,the park in new york city what happened,as any other you know new york city,employee i took my government sanctioned,lunch break,um and i was walking around um and i had,my headphones in but,recently i had um kind of used up all my,family's,phone data when the music stopped his,saga began,as he passed by the two women and so i,was like,my lunch break started five minutes ago,i have nowhere to be i just was like,that's funny,i'm gonna post it and then instantly,boom marissa what was your entry point,into,drew like how did you know that you were,the marissa,okay so i was sitting at dinner with my,friend and,my phone just started going off the,rails she finally watched the tiktok,then asked drew to reach out to her,and then once we got in contact he said,like what area,do your friends go and it was the exact,area that my friends,go to you know lunch and stuff and,brunch,and um he clarified it was memorial day,weekend and i'm actually out of town,that weekend,or something and it's my friend's,birthday so i was like,yeah it's like he gave me a description,and i was like,oh no so millions of views later how did,you feel because that kind of puts you,on front street,people are sending it to me and stuff so,i was like okay i just have to respond,and like figure this out right,and then once me and drew literally met,up the next day,within 24 hours i mean we toked about,it for a little bit and he,he felt really bad like he was like i'm,so sorry like i didn't mean to put you,on blast almost like this mortified i,was like,i really believe like this happened for,obviously reason me and true are like,this now like so do those partikular,friends have tik tac,and what did they say like did people,send them that tiktok and was like,uh this might be you or this was us and,we were toking crazy and now,millions of people have seen that,besties this is an,update so i had a friend from the friend,group,text me you know she basically said like,yeah they were toking bad about you,and i didn't back you up and like she,didn't say sorry,she said like basically like,i didn't say anything else and like,that's my bad kind of thing you know,that was the one thing that um none of,the people in the group have reached out,to me about it,no one's even said anything marissa,moved to new york city from california,in late 2020 she used to work with this,group of five women who became her first,friends in the city,drew how did you feel kinda you were the,catalyst,right to expose this relationship how,did you feel about that,so i felt really bad but you know i,think in the end,right there's a total silver lining here,i think,it makes me happier that marissa's kind,of made peace with it and has found,engaged such a,you know good community and um,you know and now we're friends of course,so that's really awesome,oh i didn't see you there yes i did we,are having our first,friend picnic meetup so now i saw that,you guys are going to have like a,meet-up um we're doing a,basically whoever wants to show up shows,up um,and i've gotten dms with people's flight,info,that they're flying in from as far away,as the bahamas,all to become new besties with her,newfound tik-tok fame marissa has,created the ig page,no more lonely friends not only hoping,to connect,those who have felt more like an island,during this pandemic but to highlight,the importance of taking care of your,mental health,i wanted to be about us kind of creating,like a whole,safe space for people to make friends,and just kind of like branch out of,their comfort zone or,take something bad and make it great,stephanie listen we're we're,we're homies now we're good we're good,to go,drew i'm gonna hype you up for the rest,of your life,and i you marissa i you,for inside edition digital i'm stephanie,officer,you

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Designing Bootleg Vintage T-Shirts In Lockdown 2021 (+ FREE HOODIE MOCKUP)

yo what's good guys it's your boy dixon,from tuition designs,i'm back again this week to make it up,to you guys for disappearing last month,i was really busy back then anyway in,today's video it's gonna be about,designing bootleg rap t-shirt designs,it's one of those vintage merch sold by,rappers in the 90s,it's making a comeback recently and i'm,sure you've seen them before,um it's also going to be a pretty easy,one i'll explain why in a sec,i'll also drop some photoshop tricks in,there as well so i hope you learn,everything else here from this video,like always i got free assets for you,broadcast designers,it's a hoodie mock-up that i also use,myself on my own clothing brand,um it's totally free check the link,below one more,thing guys you know what to do hit the,subscribe button and turn on the,notification bell,so that i can keep giving out these free,assets come on guys it's only just one,click,enough intro let's go,[Music],okay guys so like i said earlier it is,pretty easy when you're designing these,bootleg designs because,you really don't have to care much about,the composition um what i mean by that,is you don't have to make sure the,lighting is on point,or you know if the shadow is being cast,a certain way so you have to adjust,all the assets used um you can pretty,much get away with that especially with,socket composition,i'll explain more in a sec um the first,design is going to be about baby keem,he's a new rapper in the game and i,actually just found out that he's,related to kendrick,lamar today which is pretty cool,anyway for now we'll start with the text,and move on to the photos later,okay so i imagine this kind of layout,for the text,and then have baby keems photo in the,middle that way the design is well,arranged in this sort of rectangular,shape,right now i'm adding a color gradient,into the text i'll do them separately,um they're basically gonna have the same,color and effects,um the colors theme for this design is,gonna be mainly blue,and then maybe a shade of brown or,yellow so i'll just use that as a guide,[Music],so here's the part that gives the text,that 3d look,what i do is copy the text layer and,then bring the fill value,all the way down to zero and then i'm,gonna add a stroke effect to the layer,um depends on how thick you want the,stroke to be but in this case i'm going,with 10,after that i'll rasterize it and then,add a color gradient to the stroke,itself,that way it contrasts the gradient,inside the main text,giving it that 3d look,[Music],let's go,now i'm adding in the photos there,really is no official guide on how you,want to put them together,but personally i like to go with the,headshot and then another photo from the,waist stop,maybe a full body shot depends um i feel,like flows better that way design wise,but,we'll see how this goes,[Music],another thing i want to add is when,you're adjusting the contrast of these,photos,to achieve that vintage low you're going,to want to bring the mid mid-tones all,the way,up to even out to strong contrast like,this photo for example,um you can see that it's actually a bit,too strong right now but,what i do when this happens is use the,selective color effect and then tune the,red channel down maybe to a brown,or yellowish kind of color and then i'll,just play with the rest of the colors,as well,[Music],hmm,[Music],so,[Music],hmm,[Music],let's go,so guys the last step is adding an old,texture paper to the overall design,and then set the blending mode to,multiply you can see just how much more,vintage it looks right now comparing to,before,that's it for this design let's move on,to the next,[Music],the second design i'm making today is,gonna be about the one and only travis,scott,tiknique wise it'll be the same as the,first design essentially,only differences are the font and the,way i arrange the layout and everything,and then um the color theme i'm going,for this is of course brown,if you're familiar with travis scott you,know that says,i guess you can say his signature color,statik,so yeah let's see how this goes,so here's the text layout i've decided,to go for i wanted to try something,different than just square text on the,top and bottom,i'll probably change the jack font to,the same font as the cactus one,but right now i'm adding these photos of,travis scott from his gq,shoot and just like the first design one,headshot and then one full body shot,again i'll just bring up the mid tones,and then tweak the colors using the,selective color effect,[Music],do,[Music],hmm,[Music],quick tip guys so i don't like how the,way these photos are crap at the bottom,so one way we can do to fix that is to,fade it out using the mask layer,but since you cannot print designs with,transparency lower than 100 using dtg,that's out of the question so what you,can do instead is add a mask layer to,layer,one and then change the blending mode of,the brush to the soft,this is a great way to sort of achieve,the similar fading effect while still,have it to be completely solid,so the transparency is still one percent,and it actually looks better too,[Music],hmm,[Music],so guys i'm pretty much done here with,this design,but for the final touches i'll be adding,some glow effect on the white areas of,travis scott's face i just figured it'd,be pretty cool,and then yeah it should be done,[Music],so the third and final artist for our,bootleg designs today,is tyler the crater um i get a lot of,requests from you guys to do a merch,line video for him,actually but you know his merch is hella,clean already so i'm not so sure about,that,but what do you think let me know in,comments below,anyway so the plan for this design is,i'm gonna put the text on the top left,corner and then,on the bottom right and then i'll find a,way to sort of combine the photos,together,uh this time though i'll be using three,photos instead of two like the previous,designs,but you know like i said earlier there's,no rules for this so,yeah we'll see how this goes,[Music],let's go,[Music],um,so guys just like the previous designs,right now i'm blowing out the contrast,of the photos,it's a bit too even right now to achieve,that vintage look,luckily though the photos i'm using for,this design flow together really well,already,that's another thing you should keep in,mind before you start designing,is to have a plan,that looks good so right now i'm just,going to add some glowing effect at the,back of these photos,i'm using the same tiknique from the,travis scott design which is setting the,blending mode of the brush to,dissolve it also gives out that grainy,noise,look which is something i really like,i'll also add three colors to it because,the design is pretty colorful itself,so it'll be a good complement for the,design,[Music],you know what guys this is my favorite,design from today's video i honestly,don't know what else to add to this,because it looks pretty much down,already,so i just add the final touches which is,the old paper,texture and we're ready for the mock-up,[Music],reveal,[Music],hmm,that's it for today guys hope you,learned something from this video,um i feel like i toked too much today,because i want to be more informative,because,that seems to be what you guys want so,yeah let me know what you guys think in,the comments below um,anyway would you get any of these shirts,if i would just sell them because i,really really like the tyler the,creative one and i for real buy one for,myself,but yeah as always follow me on,instagram and tiktok,thanks for watching catch you on the,next one,[Music],hey

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Short Form Content Is Making You Dumb! Here Is Why.

I have a plan for doing it's gonna take,over China and increase the nuts the,science,and the culture sir what about outside,China outside of China you say,[Laughter],hahaha,you saw that with the Advent of short,form content in tiktok it appears as,if the first era of social media is,coming to an end many people disregard,short form content and especially,tik-tok as an app but I'm here to,explain why short form content is here,to stay and how tik-tok will be the,social media platform of the future even,though you hate it and even though it is,actually rotting your brain this year,tiktok has been averaging more than a,billion monthly active users and what's,more is that the time spent on tiktok,is going up and up despite the pandemic,already being over when tiktok first,became prominent it was fantastik at,capturing your attention for 5 10 or 15,minutes with its addictive viral videos,but it had a problem,users weren't stiking around for that,long,but today they are as everyone began to,stay home during the pandemic tiktoks,downloads jumped 51 year over year and,in 2022 tiktok became the most,downloaded app in the world think about,this and this is insane the average user,today opens tiktok eight times a day and,spends,25.6 hours a month in the app that is,more than the average for Facebook and,Instagram tiktok has definitely grown,faster than anyone could have imagined,and as of June tiktok is predicted to,earn 12 billion dollars in advertising,Revenue the interesting thing is that,just in the sixth year of their,operations they would have surpassed the,10 billion dollar Mark a feat that took,Facebook more than 10 years and YouTube,14 years Instagram and Twitter they're,both just about halfway there yes this,company's success is astounding and,what's even more sounding is that in,2022 tik-tok even over to Google to,emerge as the most popular domain in the,world can you imagine being larger than,Google you see tiktok is really,winning because it's a consequence of,our attention span decreasing our,attention span now is less than 8,seconds which is actually less than that,of a goldfish it is safe to say that,most long form content hopefully not,ours but most long-form content is being,dethroned by short form and tiktok,even though you and I don't like it now,it's not just our attention span that is,a sole reason for this it has to do with,how the algorithm of tiktok has,pivoted our feed into a hit driven,format and this is the big difference,with how social media used to work many,years ago and today so when Instagram,decided to Pivot into short form content,the Kardashians got upset they started,putting up stories and posts about how,they are feeling threatened and about,how Instagram should go back to being a,social media platform all social media,feeds are starting to become hit driven,Twitter has always been hit driven,YouTube the reason for us growing very,fast is because on almost every video in,the last couple of months we have been,pulling more number of views than our,subscriber count at that partikular time,by the end of life of the video and the,reason for this is because YouTube does,not care any longer how many followers,you have if you can't produce quality,content is you can't retain the user if,you can't get them to click it does not,care about you what it does is that in,the first few seconds of the video,tiktok does this within six seconds,YouTube takes a little bit longer it,will figure out whether this video is,worth watching how much attention are,you gaining if you have gained the,attention of 30 people then it will push,it out to 100 when the attention of 100,people push out to 2000 it keeps,increasing the size and the diversity of,the audience in every way so the old,version of social media could not do,that very quickly today's version of,social media can all do that that is why,every video you need to put out needs to,be a hit and every video to the audience,is a instant dopamine hit because they,are the best content that you can,probably get because of how the,algorithm works let me put this into,context let me tell you the four eras of,media first it was newspapers and,magazines which Facebook dethroned as it,was way more entertaining to see friends,news than random news,which brings me to Instagram which,killed Facebook as people were finding,influences like the Kardashians way more,interesting because your friends are not,as interesting as what's happening in,the Kardashians lives your friends can't,compete with them today it's tiktok a,giant talent show with an algorithm that,is even more entertaining than,influencers that's right influencers,were fun influences were creative but,the algorithm even if you are not,somebody that's fun and not somebody,that's creative if you produce one hit,you are in the algorithm never to be,seen again but to the end user they are,seeing the top 10 hits from everybody,ultimately whether we follow these,people or not we have provided the,greatest hits related to our areas of,Interest I mean think about it obviously,the Kardashians seem to have an,interesting life that is what other,people think I don't watch them but the,finest or the best America's Funniest,Home Video or a cat doing something,funny will always outperform a,Kardashian in in terms of entertainment,per second and this brings us to tik,tok tiktok was made with the very,intention of surprising its users every,few seconds a real human an influencer,like the Kardashians or anybody cannot,keep up with entertaining you every,single second we're human we tire out,but the algorithm is crowdsourcing all,the humans and will never tire out one,of tiktok's key features today for,example is that it requires no account,sign up new users download the app and,immediately begin consuming content,there is zero friction where zero,learning curve the only thing that you,do is this and maybe hitting the like,button most people don't even spend time,on tiktok commenting every 15 seconds,or so the algorithm serves a new video,and you get a new emotional high now,obviously there are a lot of short video,platforms the stiktok there's YouTube,shots there's MX Dakota there's,Instagram reels but what makes tiktok,different is the that it's designed,differently it doesn't show you multiple,thumbnails or a bunch of stories where,you're overwhelmed by choice because,it's optimizing for entertainment per,second it only shows you one video One,video only and that video has been,chosen by AI to make sure that you are,getting every single second some,dopamine being released in your brain,and in doing so by removing stories and,posts and all the other clutter the,algorithm gets much cleaner feedback,about your sentiment it's very simple,you don't even need to like you don't,even need to comment if you're spending,time on the video tiktok knows that,you have gotten value and if you average,enough people spending time on that,video your retention on the video that,is all that matters if a video has super,high retention then that video will,predictably go viral and that's what's,happening this is why tiktok is also,rotting your brain because when people,realize that all that matters for the,algorithm is having 100 retention you,start moving into more and more,extremism if earlier a Creator would go,and you know do a vlog and do something,boring tok about their lives now,they're going out and risking their life,a lot of the viral videos that went,viral on tiktok this year are all,dangerous for example one of them was a,parachuter whose parachute got stuck did,not open and the entire death defying,nail biting Journey that that person had,going from the top to coming down,unfortunately all the creators realized,that and are now starting to risk their,lives and go towards more gruesome,graphic stuff now you might think why do,these creators do this why risk your,life why do more and more extreme things,why say more and more extreme things why,become an end rotate and

TikTok Launches Resumes - Will it work?

[Music],hey everyone chris russell here from rec,tank media with a screencast today about,tik-tok resumes that's right you heard,about the news last week,and i wanted to dive into it a little,bit more in terms of what it is,how you can use it and uh some general,thoughts on,why i think it's going to be actually a,pretty useful tool eventually,so let's take a look at the announcement,first this is on the,tiktok newsroom site it says with the,rise of career and job related,creative content tiktok believes,there's an opportunity to bring more,value to people's experience,with the service by enhancing the,utility of the platform as a channel 4,recruitment,short creative videos combined with tik,tok's easy to use,built-in creation tools have organically,created new ways to discover talented,candidates,and career opportunities so there's,launching news as a pilot program,and designed to continue expanding and,enhancing tiktok as a channel for,recruiting,they teamed up with a bunch of companies,like chipotle wwe,target just name a few uh sorts of big,brands a lot of some of these are,retailers,and uh basically interested candidates,are encouraged to creatively and,authentikally showcase their skill sets,and experiences,and use the hashtag tiktok resumes in,their,caption when publishing their video,resume tiktok,and we'll actually we can watch one of,these here let's look at uh,mccaina here watch her uh holding all,recruiters,these are the reasons why you should,hire me hi everybody my name is mckenna,and i am a communications student at the,university of washington seattle,i'm driven with confidence i love,keeping organized i'm adaptive,and i'm a team player first i'm really,experienced in social media management,and content creation and i'm also,looking to pursue a career in the public,relations,and social media field outside of school,for two years now i've been working with,local businesses to uplift their,strategy,and their content creation here's one,example of a business that i create,content for,i'm extremely driven and created my very,own internship at this non-profit in,seattle where i work with the business,development team to create content,this past semester i worked with tiktok,as a tiktok representative for my,school,through this position i was able to,learn new ways of communicating and,engaging with online communities,i also read a food blog that highlights,different restaurants in my area and,here are a list of brands i've worked,with,my true passion is communication and i,can't wait to work with you,let's get in touch following all,recruiters,these are the reasons okay pretty cool,there so she did a good job at uh,explaining herself and pitching herself,to the audience,and uh that's the tik-tac resume that's,what it looks like,there's a few others here on the uh the,page here that you can go and look at as,well,now uh tiktok resumes can be found in,the app,through the hashtag tiktac resumes and,at tiktokresumes.com,candidates are invited to look at the,job listings there,and submit videos for posted jobs,so let's take a look at how that works,and what that looks like,so this is tiktokresumes.com,you can search java weddings only us of,course,for now and apply by july 31st okay so,this guy i guess there's only,this for the month looks like and um,here's some do's and don'ts that they,say let's watch some of this here from,uh this partikular tik tucker,let's power up your job search by,crafting the perfect tiktok resume,highlight what you'd be a great asset,for a company and don't be afraid to let,your personality shine through,this is tiktok the home of authentik,self representation,avoid saying your last name or email in,your video this will be added later when,you apply,keep your video up in public for one,month to allow recruiters enough time to,review your tiktok resume,and if you use music make sure it's not,too loud so we can hear you speaking,can you turn that down awesome here's a,couple of pro tips to make your tik-tok,resume,even more compelling film your video,vertikally and use the hashtag tiktok,resumes,and use tik-tok tools and effects to,help share your passions and your job,experience,let's get creative and let's get that,dream job,all right so there you go that's how you,use it now if you look at the page,itself here,i'm going to go to the job openings,here's how,people apply to a job on tiktok,resumes,i'm going to click on the uh chipotle,one here,um so it probably has a kind of branding,page here,and they got job openings um before i go,back there is there a,search function now there are filters,you can do,so on the left hand side you choose,location,um looks like there's no keyword search,but anyway let's see if we look at one,of these,uh click on nascar here,here's the listing for a job,as an accounting exec in daytona beach,you have to click the agree to the terms,submit your tiktok resume and first,name,last name email address and then you put,in the,uh links to your tik tac video resume,and or your linkedin profile which is,optional um,check the internet robot and off you go,and i assume the company just gets that,information right,so um so for for,brands that are using this this is,excellent lead generation for your,hiring funnel,right these are not uh actual applies,yet,um so that's the way to think about this,and i'll go more into that in a second,so that's the uh the process there,pretty simple,um and uh it's on a time constraint here,so,this looks like it's only staying up for,a month,um here's that mechanic resume you can,actually circ,look at tiktok on the web which i'm,doing here,on my canvas profile if you don't have a,tik tac,app um so go check out the links on that,newsroom page,but um you know to me,uh you know some of our some people in,our space said you know kind of,pooh-poohed this they critikized the,move as kind of a stunt,or a fad but i think this,has potential here um number one,i love the experimentation that tik-tac,is doing um,i give a lot of credit for actually,trying something like this,um like they said in their on their,release you know,career content is just growing rapidly,on tiktok itself,and i think it made sense for them to,try something like this right,it may not work in the end but um you,know,i do give them a lot of credit for,putting this out there,they've gone farther than you know uh,snapchat did or,instagram what anybody else did in terms,of connecting uh,you know creating some kind of job and,resume platform on these things,facebook has facebook marketplace of,course and with the jobs on there,but even there um applies they didn't,really do much,you know they just pulled in your about,profile on facebook which,most people don't even fill in anyway so,uh,this has potential though i think um you,know video,we've seen countless attempts around,video resumes over the years,um but i think that time is now right,for something like this,you know video is eating the world it's,become so pervasive in our industry and,our lives,and the next generation of job seekers,people like mckenna there,have no qualms about um you know,creating a 30-second video resume for,themselves,uh and if they don't if they have that,you know ability let them do it,right um it's about fishing where the,fish are,tik-tok in 2020 has approximately 65,million people in the u.s,that's going to grow by 22 this year,according to uh site statista,they're expecting about 73 million users,and 20 at the end of 2021.,uh most of those are you know 18 to 29,uh,next generation of chopstiker out there,and so if there's a way you can connect,with them,on a tool like this i'm all for it um,and um you know let's let's let's give,this a chance here,as i said before you know don't think of,this as,your typical apply feature right these,are leads these are candidate leads,you're getting,for your brand um i assume there's some,kind of back end there where,uh her list of candidates that tiktok,is going to send those employers like,c

Why TikTok Has Become a Launchpad for Entrepreneurs | WSJ

- Let's go get this money!,(upbeat music),- [Host] You might know the social media app TikTok,for its viral dance videos,or as the distinctly modern springboard to fame.,- [Tokker] Here's a tax loophole that actually works.,- [Host] But recently, it's also become a popular platform,for Millennials and Gen Zers,to put their entrepreneurial spirit into action.,- You probably won't believe this really weird side hustle.,- [Host] Whether it's pitching a side hustle,,- [Entrepreneur] So basically, long story short,,I resold gently used clothing.,- [Host] Bragging about an ecom business,,- I've made over $1 million on Shopify,and this is how I started.,- [Host] Or documenting a real estate investment,,- [Investor] I bought an entire mobile home park,about a year and a half ago.,- [Host] This TikTok subculture is all about making money.,- A super easy way to make money at home.,- [Host] Or at least teaching you how you can, too.,- Here's how to buy your first house using no bank,,no cash and no credit.,- [Host] Search the hashtag side hustle or entrepreneur,on TikTok and you'll find yourself,in a vast sea of self help.,- [Jay] How to make $200 per hour,just by removing background images.,- [Host] New entrepreneurs are getting into everything,from affiliate marketing, investing...,- Let's do a refresher on what a dividend is.,- [Host] No matter the business model, you can probably find,someone on TikTok who is doing it.,- You will not believe the profit of this home flip.,- [Host] According to TikTok, #entrepreneur has accrued more,than 7.2 billion views.,While #sidehustle has more than 4.7 billion views.,- This is the business side of TikTok.,- [Host] So can this corner,of one of the world's most popular social media apps,actually make you a successful entrepreneur?,- This is a community of mostly young people coming together,and saying, how do we make some money?,- [Host] Nader Alizadeh is the CEO of Linquia,,a marketing firm that specializes in connecting brands,with social media influencers.,- I think if you're a young person trying to get a job today,versus 12 months ago, it is significantly harder.,There's no more opportune time to be involved in trying,to come up with a side hustle than now.,- [Interviewer] What do you do for a living?,- What do I do for a living?,- [Interviewer] Yeah, what do you do?,- I'm a dropshipper.,- [Host] One popular TikTok hustle is dropshipping.,- Good morning.,- That's how 24-year-old Austin Rabin says he makes,between 30 and $40,000 in profit a month,selling consumer goods.,- I wanted to start just to provide tips,in the ecommerce community,because I know when I was starting out,,I didn't really have any go-to channel or source that I used,to answer my questions.,- [Host] Dropshipping is a business model,that allows online retailers,to sell products to their customers,without ever really stoking the items themselves.,Instead, when a customer visits a dropshipper's store,,they're purchasing the item from a third party,that ships it directly to the customer.,- From there, you'll typically run advertisements,to get traffic onto your store.,There's a couple different ways.,One would be Facebook advertisements,,which includes Instagram.,That's really the main source for dropshippers.,This right here is probably the number one...,- [Host] Austin started using TikTok in August.,Since then, he has built his channel,to more than 766,000 likes and more than 82,000 followers.,Two of his videos have gotten more than 1 million views.,- There's so much organic reach on TikTok, just the way,that the whole platform works is insane.,I think that's why a lot of people are attracted,to the platform because you can essentially become some sort,of internet sensation overnight.,(upbeat music),- [Host] The two primary ways people make money on TikTok,are through its Creator Marketplace,,which connects TikTokkers with brands.,In its Creator Fund, a $1 billion pot of money,TikTok is using to pay its most popular creators,for their views,,but most TikTokkers can't make a living just off TikTok.,That's because brands gravitate to the top creators,with the biggest followings.,And even if their videos rack up tens,or hundreds of thousands of views,,users report low or inconsistent payouts.,To date, TikTok has not explained,exactly how it calculates payouts from the Creator Fund.,Rabin said 95% of his income comes from dropshipping.,But thanks to his growing TikTok audience, he has managed,to start a variety of small side hustles.,- Link is in my TikTok bio.,- [Host] In his TikTok bio, Rabin provides links,to a variety of promotions, pre-built dropshipping websites,and access to private consultant services,for those who want to learn how to sell.,- I wanna buy this house for $500,000,and the bank offered me a 15-year or a 30-year mortgage.,- [Host] That potential to quickly build a large audience,is also what attracted another TikTok entrepreneur,,Humphrey Yang to the platform.,Yang specializes in sharing,practikal personal finance advice.,- At the end of 2019, I made a decision to make 30 days,of TikToks in a row, but by the end of the 30 days,,I had over 120,000 followers and I just never looked back.,- [Host] Today, Yang's TikTok channel,has 1.1 million followers and 15.7 million likes.,But he said those numbers aren't enough,to make a living off the platform.,Although he occasionally does some sponsored posts,on TikTok, Yang said he sees the app as more,of a marketing tool than a revenue stream.,- I do view TikTok as more of an audience builder,,awareness, top of funnel.,So basically anybody that sees me for the first time,,they might see me first on TikTok and then they might get,into my other social channels, YouTube for example,or Instagram where they can learn a little bit more,about finance if they wish.,- [Host] Since it launched in September 2016,,TikTok has seen breakneck growth, being downloaded,over 2 billion times on the App Store and Google Play.,Today, it's one of the web's most downloaded apps,on par with other social media giants like WhatsApp,,Instagram and Facebook.,TikTok has more than 50 million daily US users,or roughly 15% of the US population.,- Building a business that wasn't even mine.,- [Host] But the benefits of getting on TikTok,aren't just the potential to grow a large audience.,- It's been fantastik for me networking.,So that community that we're toking about,in that specific hashtag, I've connected with a lot,of those big guys on there that have similar followings,or bigger followings than me and they offered me tips,just on the side in a private messages.,- I will frequently receive messages from people saying,that because they watched my videos,,they've decided to take more responsibility,in their own personal financial life.,And those are quite fulfilling to actually see,that my videos are spurring action.,- Being an influencer is not for everybody.,This is about independent of the number of followers,that you have, how can you go out and make money?,- [Tokker] $5, $10, $20.,- So here's a side hustle that nobody toks about.