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Time Management Tips For HYPER-Productivity From Two Entrepreneurs

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

Time Management Tips For HYPER-Productivity From Two Entrepreneurs

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Time Management Tips For HYPER-Productivity From Two Entrepreneurs

hey everyone i'm tatiana and today i'm
joined by stefan from project life
and we're here to share with you our
best tips for time management
for hyper productivity so time is one of
the most valuable commodities
and i know for ourselves the more we
earn the more we're trying to
outsource and delegate to try and buy
back our time
and i know for many of you who are
building your online businesses
it's hard to find time to work on your
business because you're working
maybe you've got two jobs you've got
family it can be hard to
find a time slot to really commit to
working on your online business
but you must find the time for it
because it's really
the path that can help you earn
financial freedom
and so the reason why we want to make
this video today is because that time
whether it's an hour two hours however
long it is per day
you want to make sure that that time is
spent productively
you want to make sure that you're not
just checking things off your to-do list
that you're actually achieving results
and so stefan would you like to start by
sharing um some of your time management
tips yeah i think this is such an
important topic because as you said
time time's a depreciating asset you can
never get more of it so it's about
what you do with the time that you have
and i think there's a first there's a
mental component
the belief that i have and i think that
the truth of the matter is
is that we always do whatever we're
committed to so if you're committed
you will dedicate the time or you'll
make the time for whatever it is
that you want to do and i think so often
you know people get
caught up and i don't have enough time
and we all have the same amount of time
it's all equal across
every human being on this planet but the
difference is
what what you choose to dedicate and
commit your time to
so out of those 24 hours that you have
in the day if you're not taking action
building your business or creating
freedom or going to the gym or whatever
it is
that you want to do most often it's
because you're not making it important
so i find it's not as often time
management it's priority management
if you really want it if you're very if
you're so serious about building your
business or achieving your goal
then you will find ways to cut back on
other things in your life maybe it's
your entertainment maybe it's your
leisure maybe it is your fun or time
with your family
everyone that i know that's achieved
something great that had to make a
sacrifice in some other aspect of their
life to dedicate their focus their time
their attention
to what it is that they really want and
one thing i've learned you know with
myself and i think for yourself and a
lot of people that we've coached as
they're building an online business you
mentioned a lot of people they're doing
it on the side they've got a full-time
but the reality is you have to make your
online business
even more important than your job even
though right now your job is incredibly
important it's what provides
for you you've got to understand your
job is not going to get you to the
promised land of where you really want
to be
and so oftentimes what i notike is a lot
of people they wake up they go to their
and their online business is something
they do whenever they have free time
but they're not treating it like a
business they're not treating it like
this is one of the most important
aspects of their life because that's
what's going to create the freedom for
so what i found is um you got to
where is your zone of productivity i
think we all if we look at our days
we can analyze that and identify when
are we the most productive in the day
when do we have the most
energy when do we have the most
willpower there's a great book called
the willpower instinct and it toks
about we all have
a certain number of units of willpower
and that gets depleted throughout the
and so most often later in the afternoon
or the evening time
people have depleted their willpower and
when you have lower willpower that's
when you're more likely to eat junk food
to be lazy to netflix
and chill and and what i found is that
in the morning that's when you have the
most willpower
so dedicating that first part of your
if that's your zone of productivity
dedicate that to what's most important
in your life dedicate that to building
your business
we both wake up at five o'clock in the
morning because
we found that by waking up that early we
can get so much done
by the time it's nine or ten o'clock and
so waking up early
dedicating your time to what's most
important creating a morning ritual
which is something we can tok more
about because
the state that you're in is going to
determine your performance
and what you get out of your time what
you get out of your day
so for us we wake up five o'clock in the
morning we have a certain ritual that we
to turn on our brains to read to feed
our minds to exercise
to to make sure that we're in a great
state a happy state a motivated state
that's reading out our goals or reading
out the list of reasons why this is
important for us and by taking
good care of ourselves we're in a more
powerful state and in that powerful
now we can we can direct our focus and
our attention to what's most important
and what we want to execute
and achieve for the day yeah absolutely
so just to
to kind of highlight what you said i
think it's important to kind of
understand are you a morning person
are you a night person yeah and that's
going to help
um determine you know when you should be
committing those hours to working on
your online business
if you're a learning person then maybe
you need to wake up a bit earlier so
that you can schedule in the time to
work on your business
and if you're a night person then it may
be better for you to do that in the
evening because then you're going to
still have that energy
so i think that's really important and i
love what you said about the morning
indeed that's something that we both do
so we don't just jump into our workday
we don't just
start open up our computers and start
working we actually
prime ourselves each morning we do
things for our mind body and soul
and stefan knows so much about morning
rituals i learned about morning rituals
through him he's got a morning ritual
course which is fantastik
but we do these things to put ourselves
in a wonderful state
so that when we are ready to start our
work day we're
we're already on top of the world we
feel so confident we feel so good
about what we've done to nourish
ourselves that
we kind of show up as our best and we're
ready and our brain we're alert
there's no brain fog we're ready to
start the work day and that actually
significantly helps with our
productivity yeah and just to add to
that too
i think a key is not being reactive in
the morning as so many people are i
think a lot of people when they
wake up they don't have a plan and when
you don't have a plan for your day then
you fall into everyone else's plan and
everyone else is going to have a plan
their own agenda for you and so when you
wake up
and you just you know go to your phone
and check your social media or check
your inbox
or um you're not you're not being
about your day and and the plan that you
have so we actually found like
in the morning we do not use tiknology
we actually have uh the screen time
on our phones that limit us from
actually using our phones in the morning
because we want to dedicate that time
because you can put on airplane mode
just by tapping on that airplane button
and so we leave our phones on airplane
mode from
the evening time when we're doing an
evening ritual all the way through to
the morning
during our morning yeah but it's the
screen time which is the feature that
actually prevents you from using your
phone as well so
for us that's time you know doing
meditation doing prayer
reading um exercise like i said reading
out your goals your
reasons why so that way and also
planning out your day which is something
we can tok
more about setting a plan for that day
what you want to accomplish
and what's most important i think that's
a key thing absolutely yeah well there's
a big difference between
being reactive and being intentional and
so it starts in the morning first thing
in the morning are you being pulled
in all these different directions by the
text messages by the emails
by social media you don't want to be
reactive first thing in the morning in
fact you want to be intentional
throughout your whole day
so it starts by turning all that stuff
off you don't need to have your phone
or computer attached to the hip at all
so take time for yourself and so then
when it comes to actually starting your
work day
i believe in being intentional about
what it is that you want to achieve
that day it's very easy to just keep
checking things off the to-do list
kind of mindlessly performing tasks
and then at the end of the day you're
like okay well what did i achieve today
and you wonder like well i spent four
hours working
what did i actually achieve what was the
outcome what was the result
and so it's very important before you
start working
that you set an intention for what it is
that you want to achieve
and once you set that intention then you
have direction
right if you if you don't know where it
is you want to go how are you going to
get there
so direction is everything in life and
in in how you
uh do you go about your work day now one
thing that i also would recommend is
putting pen to paper a lot of us we have
a lot of these things in our minds of
all the things that we gotta do today
we gotta do the laundry we gotta work on
improving our amazon listing we gotta
send an email to this person we've got
to get back
to this person and it's all in our minds
and it can become very overwhelming when
everything just sits in your mind
and so what i would recommend doing is
taking extracting it from your mind
and writing it on paper when you can
all those things that you have to do all
of a sudden it just gets a little bit
less overwhelming
you see it in front of you and you're
like it's not that bad actually i
this is manageable i can do this and so
maybe that's not something that you do
right now but i would
i would uh i would encourage you to
consider doing that
and then another thing that i like to do
is i do like to have
kind of a to-do list although it's not
really to-do list
what i do and this is just what works
for me i know you don't do this i know
many people don't do this but
i want to share with you what i do is
when it comes to my business
i have a note note and evernote i use
and i just kind of list out all the
things that i would like to do
whether it's this day this week this
month all of the things in my business
that i want to
do and then that way i kind of have it
listed for me it's it's clear it's there
and then every morning i go to that list
and i pick two or three things from that
i look at that list and i evaluate it i
determine what is the highest leverage
thing that i could work on today
and so i pick one very high leverage
thing one two sometimes three
high leverage things that i could work
on and that means that when i say high
there's a difference between setting up
your amazon listing which i would
consider high leverage
versus answering emails um so you
answering emails it's easy
and it's easy to do it doesn't take much
brain power
it's not really challenging but answer
setting up your analysts on listings
actually going to
is going to be more beneficial for you
and your business it's going to help
move the needle further in your business
so i pick a few things that are high
leverage and then i just focus
on doing that i'm fully focused laser
focused on just working on those things
and achieving those things that day and
once i've done that i'm like great i'm
that's a success for me right i don't go
back to my to-do list and say oh i'm
unsuccessful i did not have a successful
day because i didn't achieve everything
that's not realistik i'm satisfied with
what i did
i set an intention to do these things
and to have this outcome and that's what
i did
and then later i can go and i can do
the less important or
important tasks in the business such as
answering emails and getting back to
so there's a big difference between
urgent versus important
and i want to make sure you guys
understand that there are many things
that disguise themselves
as important in your business but
they're actually
just urgent so for example emails and i
bring that up a lot because
as an online business owner we have a
lot of emails in our inbox
um you know oftentimes we're like oh
someone emailed me i have to get back to
them now
and it seems like it's a very important
thing to do but the problem is it's like
you can get back to them later tomorrow
in a few hours
whenever it's more convenient for you
but right now that your attention should
be put
on focusing on achieving something
that's more important for your business
be careful with the things that disguise
themselves as important when in fact
they're just urgent
because that's a really easy way to
distract yourselves from working on the
things that should be worked on
and one last thing i will say is that
when something is challenging when
something is hard to do
not the easiest thing to accomplish we
tend to procrastinate
because it's more of a challenge and
then we'll go and we'll work on some
simpler things something that we've done
before something that doesn't require a
lot of brain power
because we don't want to work on that
big thing so that's why for myself
i eat the frog in the morning so it's
kind of
do the the highest leverage kind of the
hardest thing first thing the morning
when you have that brain power the
and you can really focus on that and
then later you can work on those other
medial tasks
yeah and if you're procrastinating on
that big thing that you should be doing
but you're not doing it
most often that's because of the
emotional state that you're in
so if you are trying to push and you
can't get yourself to do it
sometimes taking a little bit of a break
and then putting yourself in a great
state a resourceful state an
action taking state maybe that is
through meditation calming your mind
because oftentimes our mind gets in the
way we overthink things analysis
so meditation mindfulness breathing to
get out of your head and get more into
the present moment
or maybe it's jumping up and down or
putting on some music and dancing
something to get you out of your head
and to change and move your body
turn on your physiology and then when
you go back
into to trying to do what you want to do
you're going to be that much more
effective with it
but just to add what you're saying um
the 80 20 principle is really what it is
because when you have your
list you got to realize you're not going
to do everything on your list because
that list is always going to
grow and you know you're just not
realistik that
at the end of the day you're not going
to get everything done that you want to
get done and that's okay you don't need
all you got to do is the most important
thing you got to do for that day
there's a great book called the one
thing that if every day you just do that
thing that most important highest
leverage thing that you can do
you do that every single day five days a
week when you look over the course of a
month three months six months a year
you're going to accomplish so much
so much more than most people so for us
we identify like the top three things
as long as we get those three things
done or that one big one
then that was a great day and then those
other things always find a way to get
emails and responding to people that
that kind of always
gets done you know in some way shape or
form you don't need to put
as much attention to that i find as
those big things that you should be
doing so for us
creating content this is a very
important thing that we could be doing
with our time
that we want to make sure we do a great
job and that you know this video is
going to go and reach thousands of
people and hopefully make an impact
setting up your amazon listing doing
research in your business
i would say the important things are
really anything that produces
income or sales in your business okay
anything that produces
revenue is always one of the most
important things because sales
is the lifeblood of your business and as
you said i think it's easy for people to
avoid doing the important things because
i'm not good at sales i don't know
i'm just going to do what's easy i'm
going to do what's convenient and they
get a false sense of accomplishment
they mistaken activity with achievement
just because you're active throughout
the day
doesn't mean that you're actually
achieving things as you alluded to so
anything that produces income revenue
that's always the number one the highest
priority thing that you could be doing
for that day
and then you know administration type
work customer support
things like that those still get done
but whatever produces revenue that's
really the key thing that you got to
focus on
every day because that's what's going to
allow your business to grow and scale
and with that revenue that you make
that's what allows you to now work smart
to outsource and delegate
administration customer support social
media all those other things
that take up your time but they're not
really producing revenue as much
so i think that's a key thing is
understanding really what is most
important and identifying and focusing
on that yes absolutely
and also sometimes we we have to really
be honest with ourselves is this
something that we need to be working on
right now
or is this something that you know it's
not due until a month from now and
there's other more important things that
i could be doing right now
so again sometimes we just choose to
work on
the things that we're comfortable with
the things that we already understand
versus if there's something that has a
learning curve like for example
or like ppc we're like oh no i don't
want to work on that you're just kind of
you're trying to avoid it right the
procrastination comes out so be honest
with yourself
what right now needs to be done in your
like is setting up your amazon listing a
priority right now
is placing your order with your supplier
priority like what is the priority in
your business
um because sometimes there are things
that we don't need to be doing for
another two three weeks
and we're we're using the time today
that we have today
on something that is not necessary like
there's other things that we could be
working on today
and i love what you said about
delegating because at some point
um and it could be a lot earlier than
you think
you can definitely outsource some of
these administrative
tasks and i tok a lot about emails
answering emails because if you are
you know running an amazon business you
do have to perform some sort of
customer support although amazon does
provide a level of that
but there is customer support and so
when you're starting your business
it can be like as soon as you receive a
email from a customer you feel like
immediately you have to respond because
you want to provide the highest level of
customer support
but the truth is because you're the
business owner that is not
the highest leverage thing that you
could be doing anyone can answer
anyone can do customer support anyone
that's trained knows how to do customer
support can help them
you want to be working on the things
that really you as the business owner
uh can only be working on there are
certain things that you have to do and
there are other things that other people
can do
and so at some point i would certainly
recommend considering to
hire make your first hire it can be
someone part-time it can be a freelancer
we love using upwork.com it's a
wonderful website to
hire freelancers they just you just hire
them on an hourly basis
and you can hire people from all over
the world really inexpensively
and this way like the customer support
that's handled the social media that's
and now you're no longer spending your
time doing those things you're able to
really focus your time
on those high leverage things in your
business yeah and the last thing i'll
say on this too
because the reality is time time is
we have to accept that and come to terms
with that and even being
a hard worker which i think we all are
we're all trying to hustle and grind
that has a lot of limitations as well
you only get so far because you only
so much that you can do only so much
time so the only real
i mean there's a lot of tactiks when it
comes to time management productivity
but the ultimate the holy grail is going
to be outsourcing and delegating
building a team okay building a team a
team is an acronym
together everyone achieves more and so
when you realize that there's only so
much that you can do
as a solopreneur which i think a lot of
entrepreneurs stay stuck as
they think they're afraid of giving up
control they're afraid of empowering
and trusting other people to help them
build their business
but then they're going to remain trapped
as a slave of their business and never
really have freedom
so you have to learn how to achieve
through other people you have to learn
not just to work hard but to work smart
and so when it comes to that you really
have to
make that a priority use freelancers
that's one of the greatest opportunities
that you have as an online business the
fact you can hire people from all over
the world
but but by delegating outsourcing that's
what's going to give you the real
and the only way that you really are
able to delegate and outsource
is by generating the sales in your
business so that's why when you're first
starting your business
oftentimes you are a solopreneur but
you've got to be able to get down
the income producing activities to make
enough money
and when you can make enough money maybe
you get to six figures a year
that's when you can really outsource
even more
and for us the reason why we're able to
get so much done in our day more than
most people
is because we get a lot of help and
that's what your money can really
provide for you when you realize the
ultimate gift of money is that it gives
you more freedom and more time
then your life goes to another level you
know your body goes to another level
your relationship goes to another
everything in your life goes to another
level because now
you can hire someone to clean for you
you know every every week i'm sure we
all spend a certain amount of time
cleaning or cooking or going and get
groceries or doing our laundry
a lot of these activities that that you
know people need to do
but they're not producing revenue
they're not producing income
and it's not really the best use of your
time not unless you really love it you
really love to cook or you really love
to clean
but a lot of people they're spending
their time doing those things all
throughout the week
that when you have money now you can
hire people to do that for you
or perhaps you know if you if you're a
mom and you've got kids and it takes up
a lot of your time
by having money you can hire a
babysitter to take care of your kids a
little bit
here and there and that can help you
focus more on your business or it can
help you to focus more on your
relationship or focus more on your body
so realizing that that i think is the
ultimate benefit that money can provide
but you gotta
you gotta go through that hustle in the
grind of working hard
to get to a point where you're making
enough money and then with that money
now you work
smarter and you outsource and delegate
so that you can continue
to focus on what's most important and
what's going to produce income
while being able to actually create the
freedom that you really want so i think
that's the ultimate hack and tactik when
it comes to time management
yeah yeah and and i guess one last thing
is you know we always hear
this the saying you know work smarter
not harder
but i would say that you need both you
know nothing's going to replace
hard work you've got to work hard
otherwise you're not going to see
results nobody's going to hand anything
to you that's why you know
success you know not everyone becomes
but at the same time realizing what does
working smart mean
you know there are you know this online
business this type of business
i mean it's not really necessarily a
business where you have to work
tremendously hard hard work is like
working in an oil rig
hard work is physical labor physical
labor construction like that's hard work
i never work that hard
but i do have to uh work hard at
being smart about the work that i'm
doing and i'm trying to be creative i'm
trying to like
i'm planning out my day i'm using a lot
of brain energy to see okay how can
i be the most efficient today the most
to achieve that intention that i set for
myself today
so i don't know if you have anything
else to add otherwise i mean we have a
lot but this video will be too long
um hopefully this was helpful for you
guys at the end of the day like you know
you don't need to work you don't need to
be working on your business full
time to become successful with an online
business that's the beauty is that you
can work on it just a couple hours per
as long as you're staying consistent day
after day and
not just working on the business but
actually achieving your outcome for the
doing that one thing that's going to be
the high leverage thing day after day as
stephen said
so um we just want to we just want to
encourage you guys um
to make sure that you are you know
scheduling that in because if you don't
schedule something in it's just an idea
it's just that like oh if i feel like it
then i'll work on my business
no you gotta schedule it in so whether
it's in the morning if you got to wake
up earlier or at night
if you want to stay up later it's up to
you but schedule that in
and just work smarter in your business
and you will certainly achieve your
so thank you guys for watching we hope
that this helped you if you want to
check out stefan's channel i'll link it
down below
it's project life mastery he's got a lot
of amazing videos on there
and if you need more help with mindset
time management he's your guy he's got
some wonderful content there that's
really life-changing
so again guys take care if you have any
questions feel free to comment down

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