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Time To Go Further, Faster And Build The Business Of Your Dreams - PixlFeed Radio #076 - Bill Flynn

Published on: December 23 2022 by Christian Lovrecich - PixlFeed

Are you looking to build the business of your dreams but feel stuck? Look no further than PixlFeed Radio episode 076 with Bill Flynn. In this episode, Bill shares valuable insights on how to take your business to the next level and achieve success faster.

Key Points:

1. Time Management is Key: Bill emphasizes the importance of time management in building a successful business. He suggests creating a daily schedule and sticking to it, prioritizing tasks, and delegating responsibilities when necessary.

2. Focus on Your Unique Selling Proposition: To stand out in a crowded market, it's essential to identify your unique selling proposition (USP). Bill recommends conducting market research to determine what sets your business apart and then incorporating that into your branding and marketing strategies.

3. Build a Strong Team: Building a strong team is crucial to the success of any business. Bill advises hiring individuals who share your values and vision, and investing in their growth and development.

4. Continuously Learn and Adapt: In today's fast-paced business environment, it's essential to continuously learn and adapt. Bill suggests attending conferences, reading industry publications, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

5. Embrace Failure: Failure is a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. Bill encourages entrepreneurs to embrace failure, learn from their mistakes, and use them as opportunities to grow and improve.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, PixlFeed Radio episode 076 with Bill Flynn is a must-listen. From time management to team building to embracing failure, Bill shares valuable insights on how to build the business of your dreams faster and more efficiently. Don't miss out on this valuable resource for entrepreneurs.

Time To Go Further, Faster And Build The Business Of Your Dreams - PixlFeed Radio #076 - Bill Flynn

Bill Flynn, an experienced startup advisor and coach, was interviewed by Christian on Pixel Feed Radio. In the interview, Bill shared about his background and career arc, which comprised two main parts - his experience in doing startups for 25 years and his coaching arc in the last five years. He started his first quasi-startup called Dragon Systems in 1991, which was a speech recognition company that created the first version of Siri. In 1995, he joined Open Market, the first internet e-commerce company in the world, which went public and was worth upwards of three billion dollars at some point.

However, Bill realized that he was not a founder, but rather the guy who scaled the startups. He had a difficult time finding a Goldilocks CEO, someone who is not too crazy to run a company but not too conservative either. This difficulty, coupled with the fact that it was easier to start a company in recent years, led him to pivot to the coaching arc of his career, where he works with leadership teams and teaches them a framework to take the guesswork out of

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