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Timeless Style: Rolex Print Ads

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Danny and the speaker discuss a misleading advertisement for a pre-owned Rolex in Rolex's new Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. They point out that the watch is misrepresented in the advertisement and that it lacks the necessary information and original card.

Main points:

- The watch is a green deep sea, which is usually associated with James Cameron's deep sea, but there is no mention of this in the description.

- The dial is completely black, which is misleading as it should have a blue gradient going down as the submarine drops.

- The image of the watch has been edited and bleached to make it look better, which is unacceptable for a professional brand like Rolex.

- The service sticker is peeling away, and the watch lacks the original card, which raises questions about its authenticity and value.

- Rolex's new CPO program is being criticized for not living up to its promises of expertise and quality in the pre-owned market.

Danny and the speaker agree that Rolex needs to improve its CPO program and address the issues with this misleading advertisement. They emphasize the importance of transparency, accuracy, and authenticity in the pre-owned market, and suggest that Rolex has a long way to go before it earns the respect of the watch community.

The Origins of Rolex | Branding & Marketing Lessons | Rolex History

Rolex is a well-known watch brand that has mastered the art of branding and marketing, making it a status symbol. Despite other watch brands that have been around for more than a hundred years, Rolex is still the watch people aspire to have. But why is that? This article will explore the history of Rolex and how it got to where it is today.

History of Rolex:

- In 1881, Hans Wilsdorf was born and eventually became an orphan by the age of 12. His uncles took care of him and sent him to an expensive boarding school for the best education.

- Wilsdorf worked for an influential watch firm that manufactured watches when he was 19.

- In 1905, he put up his own shop with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis named Wilsdorf and Davis. Wilsdorf saw a gap in the market for wristwatches and searched for specific watch parts, leading him to a family-run company called Egler that specialized in small mechanical movements.

- This partnership led to the birth of Rolex, with the plan to import these parts, assemble them in England, and sell them at an affordable price.

- Wilsdorf renamed the company to Rolex in 1908 because he needed a stronger brand to compete with other watch brands that have been around for hundreds of years.

- The Rolex name was chosen because Wilsdorf wanted a short, five-letter name that could be easily said in any language and looked good on the watches.

- Rolex began using the slogan A Crown for Every Achievement, cementing its positioning as the watch to celebrate and commemorate success and the attainment of a significant milestone in one's life.

- Rolex's success is not just because of its excellent brand strategy, but also because of its serious innovation. For example, Rolex created the first-ever waterproof watch in 1929, the Rolex Oyster.

- Nowadays, all Rolex watches are made in Switzerland, and the company is completely vertically integrated, meaning virtually every part of a Rolex watch is made in-house.

- Rolex has also mastered the art of controlled growth by intentionally not making enough watches to prevent an oversupply that will cause the value of each piece to go lower.

Marketing of Rolex:

- Rolex's marketing strategy is one of its strengths. In order to promote the waterproof ability of the Rolex Oyster, Wilsdorf installed aquariums in department stores that had high foot traffic, and of course, submerged in the aquariums were the Rolex Oysters.

- Rolex also made sure that a Rolex was being worn by people who were perceived to be on the top of their field. Those people who we see as models of success, like the pilots who were wearing Rolex Oysters on an expedition to fly over Mount Everest in 1933.

- Rolex has also appeared on screen on Apocalypse Now, Titanic, and most importantly, James Bond.

- Despite having all the world's eyes on them, Rolex intentionally doesn't make enough watches to prevent an oversupply, and the waitlists for some Rolex watches can take years.

Rolex has become a status symbol because of its excellent brand strategy and serious innovation. Its marketing strategy is also one of its strengths, making sure that a Rolex was being worn by people who were perceived to be on the top of their field. Rolex intentionally doesn't make enough watches to prevent an oversupply, and the waitlists for some Rolex watches can take years. Rolex has mastered the art of controlled growth, making it one of the most valuable watch brands in the world.

Hong Kong ROLEX ADs selling at Market Prices directly to customers!

Title: The Controversy around Rolex Prices in Hong Kong

- Recently, there has been controversy around authorized dealers of the Rolex brand in Hong Kong selling at market prices.

- Customers are being asked to pay the full premium that people have been paying on the second-hand market.

- In this article, we will explore the issue and its impact on the market.


- The authorized dealers are selling watches at twice the retail price, and customers have to pay for the privilege of buying directly from an authorized dealer.

- The practice is morally questionable but not illegal.

- The demand for Rolex watches is at an all-time high, and prices are soaring, especially with the release of new models.

- The situation in Hong Kong is unique because of the large number of authorized dealers in the area.

- The controversy around Rolex prices in Hong Kong has not affected the brand's popularity or sales.

- Other brands, like Zenith, are trying to capture the market by offering something different.

- The future of Rolex prices in Hong Kong remains uncertain, but it is unlikely that prices will improve in the next few years.

- The controversy around Rolex prices in Hong Kong is a reflection of the growing demand for the brand.

- While the practice of selling watches at inflated prices is morally questionable, it is not illegal.

- Customers who want to buy Rolex watches in Hong Kong will have to pay a premium, but the watches are still highly sought after.

Longines, Omega & Rolex - Mid Century Advertising

Music is not just a form of entertainment, it is also a reflection of the era it represents. The post-World War II era was a time of significant change and progress, and the music of the time was a testament to this fact. In addition to music, other cultural aspects, such as fashion, technology, and advertising, were also undergoing a transformation during this time.

Key points:

- The post-World War II era was a time of significant change and progress.

- The era saw the rise of advertising as a means of promoting products, including watches.

- Watches became more luxurious and exclusive during this time.

- Brands such as Omega and Rolex developed wristwatches that are now collectible due to their quality and durability.

- Many men began to purchase luxury watches and develop their own collections during this time.

The post-World War II era was a time of great change and progress in many aspects of society. The music, fashion, and technology of the time were all reflections of this fact. Watches, in particular, became more luxurious and exclusive during this time, with brands such as Omega and Rolex developing high-quality, durable wristwatches that are now collectible. Overall, the era represented a time of transition from the old ways to the new, with many exciting possibilities for the future.

Watch Photography Pro Tutorial | Rolex Timepieces | Luxurious Advertising Watch Images

Creating a Stunning Advertising Image for Rolex Watches

Today, we are going to create a captivating advertising image for two exquisite Rolex watches. We will go through the entire process step-by-step and unveil the secrets behind making this image stand out. So, let's not waste any time and get started.

1. How to Keep the Perfectly Round Shape:

To keep the watches in place and maintain their shape, we are using a bracelet that goes inside and holds the watch in place. Additionally, we are using sticky putty to further secure the watches.

2. Setting Up the Lights:

We have used seven lights for this setup, with each light having a specific purpose. We will walk you through each of these lights and explain what they are doing. We will also be tethered to our computer so that we can review the images as they come in and see the live view of the camera's point of view on the computer.

3. Cleaning the Watches:

Before we start photographing the watches, we need to make sure that they are clean. We always use gloves to touch the watch and a microfiber cloth to clean any smudges or dust that the watch might have. It is better to take the time now to ensure that the watch is nice and clean as retouching can be very time-consuming.

4. Working on the Composition:

We have put some props together for this shot, and now we are just going to see how we can incorporate the watches into this image. We use putty to secure the watch in position and work on the lighting to highlight the pieces.

5. Lighting the Image:

Diffusers are essential in product photography, and we use them to have a wider spread of light and illuminate most of the scenes. We add a second light from the top to illuminate the top of the watches and another diffuser on the right side of the image to highlight the belt on the rose gold watch.

6. Focusing and Editing:

Once we are happy with the lighting, we focus on the image and use the focus stacking technique to create sharp, crisp images. We then push the crowns in Photoshop and clean up any dust. Finally, we replace the background and create a layer mask on the main image to reveal the bottom layer where we place the new background for the photo.

Creating a stunning advertising image for Rolex watches requires attention to detail and an eye for composition. By following the steps we have outlined, you can create a captivating image that showcases the beauty of these watches. Don't forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe to the channel for more content like this.

Not all Rolex A.D’s Are The Same, But This A.D Treated Me Disgustingly #MyJourney Part 3

Welcome to part three of my collection story, where I share my journey in hunting down the Explorer One Two Four Two Seven O. In this article, I will update you on my current status and my experience with different stores.

Current Status:

- I am wearing my Smith's Everest watch but it doesn't scratch the itch for me anymore

- I am on the list at Pragno's but haven't seen the person who showed interest in my story

- I went to Watches of Switzerland and got served by a sales assistant who showed me my name on the system

- I found out that I was half and half put on the list in another store, which made me orbit in space

- The new sales assistant assigned me personally to him and put me on the list starting from that day

- I am grateful for the genuine conversation we had and believe that I am now on the list

Experience with Different Stores:

- Pragno's: I am on the list but haven't seen the person who showed interest in my story

- Watches of Switzerland (previous store): Outrageous experience where I was half and half put on the list

- Watches of Switzerland (new store): The sales assistant treated me like a normal person and assigned me personally to him

I am happy to share my collection story and update you on my progress. I believe that I am now on the list and look forward to catching up with the sales assistant again. In part four, I will provide live updates and share new information that I learn. Thank you for listening to my story.

I went to 10+ Rolex ADs in 5 different countries looking for sports models. Here is what I found

Title: The Real Situation with Stainless Steel Rolex Sports Models

Hey, what's up guys? My name is Oleg Bond and I'm currently on vacation in Europe. I decided to make this quick video in Rome to share with you my social experiment in which I visited all the Rolex ADs in the cities I traveled to. The goal was to find out if there's a real shortage of stainless steel Rolex sports models, as many people claim. So, in this article, I will share my findings with you.

Main Content:

Here's a summary of my findings:

- I visited ADs in Zurich, Milan, Barcelona, Marseille, Nice, Monte Carlo, Rome, Florence, and Venice.

- Only one store in Florence had a stainless steel sports model, which was a Rolex Explorer.

- Some stores had other models, such as a 37mm Yacht Master, a two-tone Yacht Master, and a two-tone Submariner.

- However, none of the other stores had any stainless steel sports models.

So, based on my experience, there does seem to be a real shortage of stainless steel sports models from Rolex. But why is that?

I'm not going to dive into the reasons behind the shortage in this article, but I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

In conclusion, my social experiment revealed that there is indeed a shortage of stainless steel Rolex sports models. I hope this article helps shed some light on the situation and gives you a better understanding of the availability of these watches. Let me know in the comments if you've had a similar experience or found any other models in ADs. Thank you for reading/watching!

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