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times magazine ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

TV Times magazine in the 1980s was filled with exciting adverts and exclusive stories about celebrities. From interviews with Sylvester Stallone and Engelbert Humperdinck to the emotional role played by Jane Seymour, there was something for everyone in TV Times. The magazine also provided a comprehensive guide to the week ahead on ITV and channel 4, as well as exclusive coverage of Cup Finals and other events.

Highlighted Points:

- Thomas the Tank Engine and John Hurt: TV Times covered the biggest surprises in Ringo Starr's life and the triumph over tragedy story of John Hurt.

- Fashion and Offers: Country fashion with Claire Oberman and Edita Richter, along with an offer of summer cotton separates, were highlighted.

- TV Schedule: TV Times provided a comprehensive guide to the week ahead on ITV and channel 4, including live coverage of Cup Finals and other events.

- Exclusive Interviews: TV Times had exclusive interviews with celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone and Engelbert Humperdinck, who shared their fears and hopes for the future.

- Emotional Role of Jane Seymour: TV Times covered the deep emotion felt by Jane Seymour when she played the role of Natalie, which made her an international star.

- Trivia and Contests: TV Times also had trivia about celebrities such as Thora Hird and offered chances to win exotic holidays, TV sets, videos, and personal hi-fi's worth £15,000, and even a cruise of a lifetime.

TV Times magazine in the 1980s was a must-read for anyone interested in the world of television and celebrities. It provided exclusive stories, interviews, and a comprehensive guide to the week ahead on ITV and channel 4. With its trivia and contests, TV Times was also a fun and interactive way for readers to engage with their favorite shows and stars.

Magazine Adverts

In this article, we will be summarizing various magazine advertisements that offer different products and services. From music and TV shows to magazines and scratch cards, these ads aim to attract potential customers with their unique offerings.

Magazine Advertisements:

- PC Know How: A magazine that provides step-by-step projects to practice on and includes a beginner's guide to office 2000 and the internet. On sale now.

- The Magical Music Box: A magazine that offers classical music on cassette or CD with amazing stories, facts about composers and music, and fantastic adventures. On sale now.

- The Classic Clint Eastwood Collection on DVD: A magazine that offers Clint Eastwood's greatest movies, behind-the-scenes interviews, and a full-color magazine for just $3.99. Start your collection now.

- World of Trains: A magazine that offers everything you want to know about trains and railways, including magnificent locomotives to collect. Start collecting now.

- Farthing Wood Friends: A magazine that tells stories about the animals in Farthing Wood and offers fun games and stickers with its first issue.

- TV Choice: A magazine that offers an easy-to-read listing section, six pages of TV per day, and features such as a huge movie guide and all the latest soap news. On sale now for 38p.

- Radio Times: A magazine that offers the pick of more films and a better program guide so that you never miss a thing. On sale now.

- TV Times: A magazine that offers programs that fit the times and details that fit the program. This week, it features Gloria Hannaford's famous handbag and Rebecca Killing of Return to Eaton. On sale now.

- News of the World: A newspaper that offers an instant knots and crosses scratchcard with eight free games and a chance to win up to fifty thousand pounds. On sale now.

- Hot Hits: A magazine that offers the first of four CDs or cassettes for free with a voucher or postage and packing. Take your pick from selected stockists or buy it in the News of the World.

- Sunday Magazine: A magazine that offers quality paper, fashion and beauty articles, top celebrity features, mystic making, and recipe cards. Free in tomorrow's News of the World.

- M: A magazine that offers glossy pages, free every Tuesday with the Mirror, and features Diana's life story in unforgettable pictures and moving words by James Whitaker.

- The Independent: A newspaper that offers a free 30-minute super God's video and the best 50 goals of all time, along with coverage of all the weekend's football. On sale now.

- Sun: A newspaper that offers expanded sports coverage, featuring stories about Dashing Gray, the Golden Bear, and the True Blue. On sale now.

- Take a Break: A magazine that offers stories and reports from around the world, gossip, and good food. Win one of five cars in this week's issue. On sale now.

These magazine advertisements offer a wide range of products and services to attract potential customers. From music and TV shows to scratch cards and magazines, each advertisement has its unique selling point. Whether it's collecting magnificent locomotives or winning one of five cars, these ads aim to entice customers to make a purchase.

TIME Person of the Year: Elon Musk

In a recent interview, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, shared his thoughts on various topics ranging from his admiration for people making positive contributions to humanity to his company's dominance in the electric vehicle market. He also addressed criticism about his wealth and the use of Twitter, which has landed him in trouble in the past. In this article, we summarize some of the key points from his interview and explore the best dropshipping niches for 2021.

Elon Musk's Views:

- Musk admires anyone making a positive contribution to humanity, whether in entertainment or technology.

- He believes his goal of making humanity a multi-planet species is crucial, and SpaceX's success in dominating the space launch business is a significant achievement.

- Tesla's dominance in the electric vehicle market is not threatened by rival companies like Ford, GM, Rivian, or Lucid, as long as they make better cars and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

- Musk acknowledges that Tesla's autopilot feature is not perfect and needs more work before allowing cars to drive themselves without human intervention.

- He does not worry about brand optimization or the impact of his tweets on markets or political fringes.

- Musk defends his decision to keep Tesla's factories open during the pandemic and argues that Alameda County's ban on reopening was unfair.

Best Dropshipping Niches for 2021:

- Health and wellness products, including natural supplements, vitamins, and essential oils.

- Sustainable products, such as eco-friendly clothing, reusable bags, and biodegradable packaging.

- Home fitness equipment, including yoga mats, resistance bands, and dumbbells.

- Pet products, including organic food, toys, and grooming supplies.

- Beauty and skincare products, including organic makeup, vegan cosmetics, and natural skincare.

Elon Musk's interview sheds light on his views on various topics, including his goals for SpaceX and Tesla, his thoughts on income and wealth inequality, and his use of Twitter. For those looking to start a dropshipping business in 2021, the health and wellness, sustainable products, home fitness equipment, pet products, and beauty and skincare niches offer promising opportunities.

How The New York Times Is Made | The Making Of

Printing a newspaper is a complex and meticulous process that involves many stages and numerous people. In this article, we will take a look at how the New York Times newspaper is printed at a printing plant in Queens, New York.

Printing Process:

1. Digital Copy: The final version of the newspaper is sent to the printing plant.

2. Plate Making: Each page of the newspaper is transferred digitally onto a plate using a laser machine.

3. Plate Storage: Plates are stored based on the section they will be in.

4. Paper Preparation: Giant rolls of paper are transported and stored in a warehouse. The damaged parts of the paper roll are removed.

5. Printing: Plates are individually put into the press cylinder by hand, ink is added, and then the image is transferred onto the paper.

6. Quality Check: The paper is checked for alignment and coloring.

7. Packaging and Shipping: The finished papers are wrapped up and shipped out to be delivered to readers.


- The Queens printing plant produces nearly 41% of the New York Times' daily papers.

- The rolls of newsprint paper are ten miles long and make 30,000 newspapers.

- The paper is checked for quality and alignment using a large ruler.

- The printing process needs to be quick and efficient, but quality is not sacrificed.

- The New York Times newspaper goes through 27 different printing plants and passes through hundreds of hands before being delivered to readers.

Printing a newspaper is a complicated process that requires attention to detail and precision. At the New York Times' printing plant in Queens, a team of workers takes pride in producing one of the most respected newspapers in the world. Despite the quick pace of the printing process, quality is never compromised, and the finished product is something to be proud of.

Pricing your magazine advertising pages

In this article, we will discuss how to price advertising in a magazine. We will use reverse engineering to calculate the cost of advertising and provide tips on how to price ads of different sizes.

Four Costs:

There are four main costs to consider when pricing advertising in a magazine: printing, circulation, production, and commissions. These costs must be calculated accurately to ensure that the magazine makes a profit.

Reverse Engineering:

To calculate the cost of advertising, we need to reverse engineer the process. Let's assume we have a 96-page text magazine with a four-page cover, totaling 100 pages. If we have a one-to-one ratio of income-bearing pages to non-income bearing pages, we have 50 pages of ads and 50 pages of editorial content.


To achieve a 100% markup, we need to double our four costs. If our four costs add up to $200,000, we need to aim for $400,000 in revenue. We then divide this by the number of income-bearing pages, which is 50. This gives us a cost of $8,000 per page.


If the ad size increases, we discount the price by 20%. If it decreases, we load the price by 20%. For example, a double-page spread would cost $16,000, but with a 20% discount, it would be $12,800. A half-page ad would cost $4,000, but with a 20% loading, it would be $4,800.

Pricing advertising in a magazine is straightforward if we use reverse engineering and consider our four costs. By calculating a 100% markup and dividing by the number of income-bearing pages, we can determine the cost per page. Discounting or loading the price based on ad size will help us attract advertisers and maintain profitability.

1970's magazine & newspaper ads | Retro

In this article, we will be discussing a selection of magazine and newspaper adverts from the 1970s. We will be taking a closer look at each ad and analyzing their unique features and messaging. So, let's dive in and explore some of the most memorable ads from the 70s!


1. Rice Krispies Ad (1973)

- Clever way of promoting Rice Krispies to keep kids quiet

- Ad features a spot the difference activity and suggests adding sugar to Rice Krispies

- Good for promoting the cereal and entertaining kids during Easter

2. Campbell's Condensed Soups Ad (1972)

- Highlights quality of ingredients and commitment to detail

- Describes each ingredient with a picture to back up its claim

- Tagline: Campbell's Condensed - always good

3. Wisdom Toothbrushes Ad (1972)

- Simple message: Brush up, down and away

- Claims to be the most effective toothbrush in fighting bacterial plaque

- Tagline: Wires by Wisdom

4. Tom Piper Oven Glove Ad (1972)

- Offers readers the chance to get a Tom Piper-themed oven glove

- Requires free labels from the Tom Piper hot mills range and a stamp to cover postage

- Offer limited to the first 50,000 applicants

5. Lint Chocolate Ad (1973)

- Clever way of highlighting quality of chocolate

- Sir Reginald keeps two bars in the back seat of his chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce

- Features cognac-flavored bar

6. Denture Cream Ad (1973)

- Four special ingredients for cleaning dentures and removing tough stains

- Claims to remove nicotine and blackberry stains

- Promotes the new formula

7. James Robertson Tin Vegetables Ad (1972)

- Highlights the quality of produce that goes into their tinned vegetables

- Features the infamous cauliwog doll used in company advertising up until 1988

8. Egg Recipe Ad (1972)

- Simple message promoting eggs as nutritious and tasty

- Readers can get eight egg recipes by sending off the coupon from the ad along with a stamp

9. Tesco Product Ad (1979)

- Advertises a selection of Tesco products and their prices

- Adjusted for inflation, prices range from 39 pence to 1 pound 19

- Good for comparing prices then and now

These ads from the 1970s offer a glimpse into the marketing strategies and messaging of the past. From clever ways of promoting products to highlighting the quality of ingredients, these ads aimed to appeal to consumers and differentiate their products from competitors. Which ones were your favorites? Let us know in the comments section!

1989 Newspaper and Magazine Ads from the UCLA Communication Archive

This article covers various advertisements for different publications and subscriptions. It includes stories of survival, business news, job opportunities, and forecasts for the state of California.


- People magazine features a dramatic story of survival at sea and an insider's account of the final hours of Elvis Presley.

- The New York Times offers a daily business section, world and national news, living arts coverage, and more.

- The National Business Employment Weekly, published by The Wall Street Journal, provides valuable information for job seekers and includes job opportunities in desirable locations.

- The Kiplinger California Letter offers forecasts on business opportunities in the state, including information on foreign investments, labor trends, and more.

- The Times offers up-to-date business news, lifestyle coverage, sports, and entertainment, as well as a comprehensive classified section.

If you're looking for gripping stories, informative business news, job opportunities, or forecasts for California, these publications and subscriptions offer a range of options. Don't miss out on the insights they can provide.

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