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titans dropshipping

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Is Dropshipping Titans A Scam? - Paul Lipski Review 2022

[Music],[Applause],it's another one of those making money,online programs that is centered around,selling a clapped out course that,supposedly makes you money by selling,shitty products from china,it's supposed to show you how to become,a six-figure e-com king,but it's truly out of reach for most,people like you constrained by budgets,and student loans,in this video we will be going over what,is drop shipping titans who the founder,is,what the course costs and if it's worth,the money,we will also be covering the things we,liked and didn't like,if you want to know if drop shipping,titans is a scam be sure to stik around,until the end of the video,if you want to know our number one,recommendation for online business,please visit the link in the description,below what is drop shipping titans,drop shipping titans is an online course,designed by paul joseph that teaches you,how to dropship via ebay,its focus is on making small profit,margins through selling in large,quantities,joseph shows you how to start a,profitable drop shipping company from,the ground up,just like most of drop shipping courses,out there,joseph takes you through the whole,process of building a website ordering,items and listing them,the only difference is you do it via,ebay,dropshipping titans takes a different,path than most drop shipping companies,and that joseph demonstrates how to,catalog pre-existing brands,his whole merchandise inventory for,example can be found on amazon or,walmart,he essentially shows you how to make a,little profit by having consumers check,out off of a different site who is paul,lipsky,paul joseph lipsky is a self-professed,internet guru who makes the bold claim,of having made thousands of dollars by,reselling goods on ebay,he regards himself as a business guru,mainly through teaching dropshipping on,his youtube channel,he has over 50 000 subscribers and,creates drop shipping videos on a daily,basis,he's also collaborated with a couple of,other smaller youtubers,he seems to have discovered a niche that,suits him,drop shipping tightens pricing,the course costs 297 dollars but you can,pay in three easy installments of a,hundred and twenty seven dollars each,however this comes with a 22,interest,so each installment amount amounts to,381 dollars,this is pretty expensive for what you,get in our opinion,although joseph argues that the only,reason he's selling his course is that,there is so much money to be made online,that i feel we can all profit from it,for someone who charges you 22 interest,you've got to wonder about his true,motives,drop shipping titans charges an,additional 84 for the payment package,the course is backed by a 30 day money,back guarantee,if you want a refund you will have to,contact paul directly,he promises to make the refund process,as simple as possible is drop shipping,titans worth the money,certainly not,joseph's course would not train you for,success in any way,to start with it's just easy,walkthroughs that are self-explanatory,his claims of achievement and flashing,the thousands of dollars made by others,are simply misleading,reselling goods for pennies is a,time-consuming process that though it,might have succeeded a decade ago,is now obsolete and tiresome with his,methods you will deal with a tough,market with nothing other than your,payment verified ebay account,things we liked,not too much sadly,things we didn't like,overly hyped claims on their sales page,limited content and value,the content can be found everywhere for,free,and shady money back guarantee policy,is drop shipping titans a scam,drop shipping titans is not a scam,however the owner's claims does not make,sense,drop shipping on ebay in our opinion is,not a good business model for 2021.,also we feel that the course is not,worth your 300,what is our top recommendation for,making money online in 2021,our review team has come across a,program in the real estate industry that,is next level,although it's not real estate in the,traditional sense it's all digital,digital real estate,for more information on our number one,recommendation for online business,please visit the link in the description,below and make sure to like and,subscribe to this page to keep up with,all the newest scam alerts and course,reviews

Listing From Aliexpress To eBay Using DS TITAN - Dropshipping Tool (Product Variations Explained)

hello in this video i will show you how,to list an item with variations from,aliexpress,using ds titan lister this tool is,mostly used by dropshippers who are,working with manual dropshipping,strategy the as titan lister does not,use api,which means ebay will not flag you for,dropshipping policy breach,to list an item using ds titan you will,have to set up a ds titan account at,dstighton.com go to dstitan.com,register using your google account and,log in after you logged in,install google chrome extension this,extension is required for,this software to work once you've done,that yes titan will use its default,settings for pricing upc codes templates,and preferences,i will go through the as titan setup and,other video to begin our listing process,we will need to open up,aliexpress listing that we want to,upload once we are in aliexpress listing,look at the bottom right corner and,press import by clicking this button you,will upload the items with the ds titan,lister,uploaded item will appear in products,page,let's go to ds titan and check out the,product reload the list,there is your uploaded item from,aliexpress click here to open up your,listing up in this titan as you can see,ds titan has almost every attribute that,ebay listing page has,also just like an ebay listing page you,can modify your listing here before,uploading it to ebay however i don't,like to do that because,in my opinion it's easier to set up this,titan,so that you need to do as few changes on,ebay listing as possible,those few changes will be made on ebay's,listing page to save time,okay now let's go to ebay click on sell,and wait until the page and extension,loads up,just a quick side note this extension,works as long as the page is,active so for example if you press on,export and then you open up a new tab on,google chrome,the extension will stop uploading the,item it's very important to be on,listings page when ds titan,is exporting a product choose the,product that you want to export to ebay,and click on export button please do not,leave this page while the s titan,extension is filling,in the information otherwise the,extension will stop working,once ds titan has finished uploading,let's take a look what,information has been filled in as we can,see titan has copied,title made custom label chosen condition,uploaded photos uploaded specifications,that were on aliexpress listing,and uploaded our description,price and variations have been filled in,automatikally to,now let's optimize listing for ebay's,algorithm,the title has been just copied and,pasted from aliexpress,we want to change it to a better one so,we could be ahead of competition,to create a title you can use tools like,title builder,google or even ebay of course there is,more advanced tools like zik analytiks,however we will not use those tools in,this video,when creating a title best keywords,should be in front and worse ones in the,back,use as many characters as you can to,maximize the reach potential,make sure every word is starting with,the capital letter,create a title which describes item as,much as possible,choose good keywords we will go in depth,about this topic in,other video subtitle is a paid option,that would increase item exposure and,reach,however it's best to use this option on,hot products once the sales are,rolling in custom label is used by,tracking software we will not,track our listings so we can delete that,make sure the category is set correct,for your listing,most of the time ebay chooses the,correct one automatikally however you,should double check it if it's,completely wrong,check suggested categories if you still,cannot find correct category,click on search categories and find one,that suits,listing the best now let's take a look,at variations,as you can see the as titan has,automatikally created variations for us,photos has been added automatikally too,if you want to make changes,click on edit here you can edit,attributes that been,already selected i do not recommend to,change variation names,this would compromise our pricing if we,change,attributes we will have to fill the,price by hand that's one of the,disadvantages while using ds titan,however you have to change attributes,very rarely if we scroll down we can see,variation combinations here you can,delete variations here you can edit,price and quantity if we scroll up a bit,we can add variations photos variations,photos has been already added by ds,titan here you can choose to use default,photos,however if you choose that those photos,that were,uploaded by ds titan will be deleted,once you're done with variations,go down click save and close choose,correct condition for your item,in my case the item is new as we can see,photos have been already uploaded by ds,titan,now what you should do is delete,unnecessary photos,and choose the best one for your main,photo i will not change the main photo,because,this one is looking the best you want to,have the best photo as many because this,way you will attract more buyers you,will have better click-through rate,let's go on the item specifics as you,can see we have required recommended and,additional item specifics,required item specifics must be filled,in otherwise ebay won't let us list this,item,recommended item specifics will have a,huge impact on item reach performance,additional item specifics has impact too,however it's not as huge as previous,ones fill in as many item specifications,as you can,of course when dropshipping you will not,know every detail about the item,so it's fine to leave some blank spaces,if you don't know the exact specific,choose the closest one once we are done,we can go on item description,here we can see html code and standard,view,any changes you make on standard view,will have an impact on html code and,vice versa i would recommend to create a,template,save it to ds titan make it a default,one and when you are listing items,you will have to change just one or two,things as you can see my little template,is already made i just need to paste the,title here,item description here and package,content here i will leave this little,template,in description below so you can download,it and use it now copy item description,from aliexpress,paste it to notepad copy it again and,paste it to item description this step,is critikal,we have to clear the metadata of the,text so ebay will not detect that this,text is from aliexpress,many dropshippers are having problems,because they missed this step,past the item title here and fill in,what's included in the package here,the description is set let's go to,selling details,we'll use fixed price format item will,start once we,upload it you can click here on edit and,edit price or quantity of the items we,don't have to make the listing,private because it's not an adult,product if you want to donate a,percentage from your sales,check this box fill in your paypal,address here check if it's right,it will automatikally upload in future,listings do not require,an immediate payment by checking this,you lose about five percent of the sales,because some people likes to buy several,items at once,sales tax is for us sellers we will go,into that in another video,always accept returns and offer,replacements you should offer highest,return dates,ebay customers will be able to return,item anyways,even if you don't check this box so,there is no point,if you check these boxes you will get,some points from ebay algorithm,choose your shipping options we are,shipping from china so that's the,services that we are going to use,always offer free shipping and count in,the shipping cost in total price,you will get more points from the,algorithm choose the handling time three,days is optimal handling time for,dropshippers,we don't care about package weight and,dimensions because the shipping is free,make an exclusion list bind the,countries that you cannot,ship to as you can see that's my list i,recommend to ban these countries if,you're,shipping from china i will

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My Honest Paul J Lipsky Course Review. Ebay Dropshipping Titans, Is It Worh It?

i'm really happy that i found paul,jayalibski on youtube,hello friends today i want to tok about,paul jay lipsky and his dropshipping,ebay course that he has i took it,i really enjoy it and i just want to,give you my thoughts,and insight about it because i believe,he's doing a great job,he's a really good guy and because of,him i was able to make forty thousand,dollars,in ebal sales within the first few,months,so thank you paul and let's get back to,the review earlier this year i was,looking for different methods of making,money online,and i found videos about ebay,dropshipping i wasn't paul that was the,first person,to be honest i'm not sure who was the,first person there is few in this,industry there's not many people but,there's few,and it wasn't paul however i saw this,other video,on youtube that was suggested in my feed,with uh,paul and some other guy they were,toking about ebay dropshipping and i,watched the whole,video it was almost like 40 minutes long,but paul is like,bi personality was just like very,positive,very good,started following him his journey and,all his videos and i watch bunch of them,and he convinced me he got me his,personality sold me like i know i keep,saying good person but like he seems,like a really good guy,i decided to try the course the course i,took cost 297 dollars that's the ebay,drop shipping course but he has more,courses there's one,for amazon i'm not sure the price of it,but i'm gonna,put it in somewhere in here or here and,also,he added a new one i think last week,it's about,wholesale drop shipping on ebay this one,is,free if you have the ebay drop shipping,course but so if you spend 300,you're gonna get the new one for the,whole sales which is very interesting,i'm actually going through it right now,i haven't finished it yet and i'm not,sure what is the price of that one if,you want to buy it individually but,going back to the ebay one the ebay,course is pretty straightforward paul,has a very way of explaining stuff he,explains them very slow,and use very simple language it's very,comprehensive,he uses live examples of,how to do certain things if there is a,part of the course that requires,a phone call he records live the actual,calls and you can hear him toking to,people so you know how to handle,the specific situations he has the,scripts for all the,customer service related issues he,actually shows you how to create an ebay,account,how to create it so it's,good for the drop shipping you know,tweaks that you have to do,to make it more dropship oriented versus,like regular,ebay store as i mentioned earlier he,explained it's very slow,sometimes it's too slow for me so what i,do,i speed up the speed of the video to,1.25,because his explanation is kind of very,slow which i get it,he because he's trying to explain it to,people that,have no clue what the ebay dropshipping,is he is patient with you,and he will explain it to you as simple,as,as he can he also has a part for the,international students,you know that maybe have difficulties,with tax exempt programs,speaking of which one of the biggest,reasons why i picked this course is,because,he's an ex-lawyer or he's a current,lawyer i'm not sure,i know that he has a law degree and he,work in the law industry,this is what really interests me because,one of the biggest things that maximize,your profit,in ebay drop shipping is the tax exam,program what's spoken to me,is the fact that he is or he was a,lawyer,so he knows the law he knows how these,things,works and he explains how to apply for,the tax exempt,and how to do it and how you can do a,walmart or home depot or amazon blah,blah blah he does it very well,another major thing that's very very,useful,to me is the fact that you can join his,private,titan group which is a great community,there's a lot of good questions,a lot of good answers there are a few,people that you can,recognize as a legend in the group in a,way,there are some people that have really,really high sales,on multiple stores which is amazing and,it also motivates you,the biggest thing for me is the fact,that people help each other you know,you can always ask a question and there,will be always someone that will answer,it and usually you will get the answer,that you want,so i really love that part of the course,as well,my only critique would be the fact that,paul is really big on auto ds,so for those of you who don't know auto,ds,is a software that allows you to,upload and track your orders,i'm not the biggest fan of that software,i use it for a while,but there are some things that i'm just,not a fan of,but if you look at the other software,similar to this,you might find similar problems so i,guess,it's not it's not the software it's the,industry,however i stopped using r2ds code it was,really annoying to me,that my prices were not repricing,automatikally i had to my computer on i,know they changed it now i know they,they have this feature now that you,don't have to have your computer on,but i just stay away from it i'm just,not a fan of this software i'm sorry,overall i highly recommend this course i,think the pricing is,right 300 for this knowledge,is is a really good price it's not,really expensive,it's a well-priced product it's simple,it's easy paul is doing a great job,explaining the concepts,his personality is great and the fact,that you get the access to his private,group which,itself contains a lot of knowledge and,answers on any questions,as money well spent if you want to join,his course,i have an affiliate link below you can,use it just,you know letting you know i'm trying to,be transparent here,i highly recommend it it's a good course,if you want to learn how to do ebay drop,shipping how to become tik exam,how to handle customer service issues,and join the group so that would be it,that was just like a quick video,about paul and ebay drop shipping,subscribe to my channel,like my video i do videos about drop,shipping,investing making money online bunch of,other stuff,my name is patrick it's 20 20 crazier,great for the e-commerce great for the,drop shipping start doing it now,take care chased

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How To DROPSHIP On Ebay As A Beginner STEP By STEP (Copy And Paste Job)

what's up everyone Carter here in with,me is million dollar eBay dropship,apology Lipsky and today we're gonna,break down how you can dropship on eBay,step-by-step as a complete beginner it's,almost as easy as a copy and paste job,it really is you're gonna see it's just,that's pretty much the only skill you,need yeah as long as your fingers work,and you can click a mouse and you have,some Wi-Fi on the computer you can drop,trip on eBay so we're gonna go on to,Paul's computer we're gonna share his,screen and we're gonna go into just how,you can start your own an ebay drop,shipping business so let's get right,into it cool so I know I've been showing,you this kind of all day but we only,have like a short amount of time to show,people at home so I'll try to make this,quick there's obviously a little bit,more that goes into this but this is,basically how it starts so what I'm,going to do here is I'm gonna start by,going over to Walmart okay so in this,case what we're doing this type of drop,shipping,we're drop shipping from websites like,Walmart onto eBay so once the item sells,on ebay then I buy from Walmart ship it,directly to the customer so first we,have to find the right items to put up,for sale on eBay so I want to use,Walmart here so literally you're gonna,search for any item it doesn't matter at,this point,don't don't anything don't,overcomplicate this I'm gonna search for,bookshelf bookshelves bookshelves yeah,and this is not necessarily an item that,you're going to dropship just literally,just pick any random item here I'll just,pick the the first one that comes up I'm,just going to open it in a new tab and,I'm going to copy the title again this,might not even be an item I drop ship,you'll see why this is important in a,second and then I'm gonna come over to,ebay and search for that item and we'll,see what comes up because our goal here,is we are looking to find other people,who are drop shipping this item because,if they're drop shipping this item,they're also drop shipping other items,home right so once we lock into that we,can see okay what are they selling can,we sell the same items and if you,no people are already selling the items,you can start selling them right away,okay so once we pull that up I first,come over here in Walmart I look at the,photos like try to kind of have put in,your short-term memory what these photos,are so here's one with the door halfway,open here's one with the measurements on,it here's a corner and then I come over,to ebay and I look for listings to have,the same photos because that means,they're drop shipping it so this one,kind of looks like the same thing right,yeah so let's open that one up yeah it's,got 51 people watching it yeah a lot of,people are interested okay sorry so four,times already yeah so don't don't get,ahead of yourself okay first we got to,make sure it's the right item and I can,get exciting okay so these are obviously,the same photos right you see that,mm-hmm,so we just found a person who's drop,shipping their drop shipping this item,we go from Walmart onto eBay here it is,right here so that's like step one we,found another drop shipper right yep,step two would be let's see what else,they are selling now in this case we got,lucky because we did because this item,is selling it's already selling you can,see that right here this is we're kind,of skipping ahead here but yeah we're,gonna take advantage of this because um,the great thing about eBay's they tell,you what sells well it tells you right,here look at that for sold so you don't,have to guess if an item is going to,sell well you can see it it's right here,it says for sold so this is an item that,I would dropship again we're getting a,little ahead of ourselves,well let's unless that's let's we did,step one we found another drop shipper,let's go onto step two we can always,come back to this later oh yeah so I'm,gonna click on their name which is over,here on the right and this is going to,open up their all their items and you,can see all them buy right here says,items for sale and then number click on,that and what you're looking for is,anything that they've sold,so right here at the top we seize this,item sold 189 189 times this one sold,one hundred and eight times this one,sold ninety-seven these are all items,that are being dropship so right now you,have a large variety of winning products,right here so let's um let's pick up,pick a random one so let's do this one,is coffee table again we can see that's,sold 55 times so this is kind of like,the next step we found an item that they,are already selling well okay so the,next step after that would be we now,have to find where they are drop,shipping this from so that we can sell,it ourselves,okay so I'm gonna scroll down to the,description which is right here see this,block of text I'm just going to copy it,so again copy and paste yeah yeah I,didn't clickbait this video at all,literally copy and paste so if you guys,don't know how to copy and paste I'll,teach it to you uh right-click or if you,have a macbook you hold down control and,click oh my gosh and you press copy and,then you go to google google and then,you paste it in there and you click,search and I'll actually show you a,shortcut later that's if that wasn't,fast enough so you search for the entire,description and what it does is it will,find the item in this case is Walmart so,but if they might be drop shipping from,Home Depot they might be drop shipping,from amazon so when the search results,come up pick one of those in this case,is Walmart and now we're gonna do the,reverse of what we did before so we are,going to make sure that this is this,item we're gonna make sure that these,match up so again we're gonna look at,the photos let's look at all these,photos on ebay so here's one with like,candles on the top and books on the,bottom this one is more books and,flowers on top and then here yeah yep,flowers the same item so right here boom,we just found an item that's being,dropship so this is an item that I would,sell right here so just to kind of recap,that part of it,one search for a random item on Walmart,and then we copy the title pasted it,into eBay and searched and everyone that,came up that had a matching item,those people are dropshippers so step,one we just found a whole bunch of,dropshippers step two we came in to this,drop shipper looked at all their items,and we saw what items are selling well,so that's step two we see what items are,already selling in their store and then,step three is we copied the description,and we search for it on Google and we,found an item that we could dropship so,let me show you just that last step one,more time let's find another one and,then I'll show you how to actually get,your item onto eBay so let's look at,this one so 47 times looks pretty good,you have to be ready for $121 so 47,times it's a lot of revenue I would like,that like that so again going down to,the description highlighting it and this,time when you right-click if you're,using Google Chrome you actually see,there's a button here that says search,Google for so that's kind of a shortcut,that will actually search on Google for,you saves you like a step and then,here's the item on Walmart probably Oh,No okay no big deal this happens,sometimes yeah it could be this item is,no longer available let's check I've,never dropped ship from this website but,maybe this is where they're getting it,from yeah good be possible let's see,what else we have,we have been Amazon listing let's check,out that one that's not right it's too,expensive they might just be drop,shipping from that random site wherever,that yeah it could be or maybe they were,we're doing it from Walmart maybe,they're Walmart's just has a glitch or,something I mean that happens that's,that's part of that's this is part of,the process honestly so um like you'll,go through and you'll run into these,roadblocks so it's kind of good that it,came up okay sweet yeah but I'll show,one m

Paul Lipsky EBay DropShipping Titans Course REVIEW!!

what's up guys this is gonna be a quick,video on Paul Lipsky dropshipping course,so I didn't go through and buy it as,well as I watched all his live streams,and most of his videos I went through,his whole YouTube and watch almost all,of it,so I am here to ask you guys that if you,guys want to buy it then ask yourself do,you have the time instead of just going,and spending the money that he's trying,to get you spend do you have the time to,just sit down and watch his videos,because what I realized is they say time,is money but really it's more like time,equals money with a slight difference,you know time is money is saying every,second is a second that you could be,making money but what I'm saying time,equals money is either you can use your,money to get where you want to be and,make more money or you can use your time,to get where you want to be you make,money so it they're kind of the same,thing it just takes longer if you just,use your time instead of using your,money so now what I'm saying is the,course if you have a lot of money just,buy the course it's just much easier if,you don't have money you don't have a,lot of money don't buy the course just,watch his videos it's the same content I,took notes when I watch all his live,streams and videos I took notes when I,did his course it's the same content,it's just I was watching our two hour,long live streams back to back to back,to back and then watching his videos on,other days it's all the content from his,job shipping course all the same thing,it,all the same stuff you realize it if you,watch his lashing he repeats a lot of it,because he does q and A's for job,shipping so he's repeating a lot of the,stuff which is good because it gets,ingrained but it's also a lot of time,wasted but if you have the time to sit,down and watch the videos and it's not,wasted so here's the thing you if you,have the money just buy it I mean have,the money as if I forget how much it was,but if you have the money to buy then if,that money is like nothing then just buy,it's whatever right but if you don't,have a lot of money or you could barely,afford it or if you don't have at least,I'm gonna say four times at least at,minimum four times the amount that he's,charging for that course don't buy,that's what I mean by being able to,afford it,don't don't buy it so just take your,time use your time and watch his videos,you know because it's the same exact,content I have all the notes from his,live streams videos and his course and I,have them all in a Microsoft Word so I,can use them at any time,it works absolutely I've made money from,the things he said what he says works,all I'm saying in this video is it all,depends on you right he's the,information he gives you in this course,works but I will say it is the basics so,everyone nothing works the same for,everyone except the basics you know you,can't play basketball without knowing,how to dribble or shoot or be able to do,any tricks you know have any handles,that's all the basics right just like,dropshipping you,I have to understand how to make for him,it's eBay so you have to understand eBay,in the algorithm and how to find items,that's the basics and once you get past,the basics I would say it's like there's,a middle and then there's a hard that,you have to go through which is the,middle is like finding what works for,you and then the hard is actually making,a sufficient amount of money doing it,the way that you found works for you so,I'll never he'll never be able to tell,you exactly how to make money we can,just give you ideas on what worked for,us and what may work for you so that's,it for this video guys once again just,to recap if you have at least four times,the money that he's charging for his,course just buy if you have the time,though whether you have the money or not,if you have the time then just spend the,time going through livestream take notes,you'll get the same exact information,there's no difference and I can tell you,that right now there's absolutely no,difference so that's it for this video,guys I hope you enjoyed I hope you,learned something useful,peace

I tried an ebay droppshipping course called Dropshipping Titans by Paul Lipsky

hey youtube today we are going to do an,honest review of paul lipsky's ebay,dropshipping titan course that costs,597.,we've done many reviews on our channel,and we've seen grades ranging from,fs to a's well i watched paul's course,in entirety every minute and i'm gonna,tell you my thoughts on it,we're going to go through paul's course,with renee's official course rating,system,and i'll tell you in the end if i,recommend the course or not,all right so let's get to it but first,omg,5k to go i know i know don't tok about,it don't tok about it,i don't know if i can handle this all,right don't forget to give this video a,like,it took me forever to go through his,course to give you an honest review like,this,also second to last day to grab apple,frostin,that drop is at frostin.com apple,this month's marketing course by stacy,storino on frostin,there is a 30 day money money-back,guarantee on that only 37 bucks goes up,to 97 after it's done,now on with the show,all right so before we get into it i,grade courses on renee's course grading,system or course rating system there are,10 different,aspects within this system that i,believe make a really good course that,produces,results and if you see my channel i have,reviewed,quite a few courses and unfortunately,not all of them have gotten very good,grades,and i hate doing course reviews on,courses that i'm like,oh this one is poopy but we gotta be,honest,on the channel and when i find one so,good,then i highly recommend it they get a,good grade but also,when i find one that is near a perfect,score,that's when i become an affiliate for it,and that's how i make money doing these,reviews for you,that's when you know it's the real renee,christine recommendation,and so far no score has gotten a perfect,review and,so far i haven't been an affiliate for,most of the courses,on our channel that i've reviewed all,right so ebay dropshipping titans by,paul,lipsky many of you know that we've been,trying to find some easy cheddar since,quarantine,i'm always about building a big brand,okay and really like fulfilling your,passion,building a brand that you can kind of,leave behind when you die even,however that takes time and money to do,and all of you following me in march,some of you,not all of you some of you following me,since 2012,contacted me in march and said oh my,goodness my shop it's,i'm the breadwinner of my home and all,of a sudden my everything has collapsed,so we kind of did started doing,something different and we started,testing on our channel for different,ways to try to make fast money and we,started testing like get rich quick,schemes,and just different business models that,were like let's try to hurry and make,some money to help you guys out,and everything exploded on our channel,with different failures that we've had,some of you for some reason think i'm,failing on purpose but just recently,we found some easy cheddar with ebay,drop shipping,and i was shocked at how easy it is you,don't need,advertising you don't need to pay for,like ppc you don't even really need,a product you don't need to have stok,and it's just like,people still are buying on ebay a lot of,you asked me to,test ebay drop shipping as a business,model and i was like okay this is going,to be another one of those fails but it,has actually made,us money and then when i actually put a,full-time,virtual assistant on that business model,we started making about 40,a day i was like oh my goodness like you,could scale this thing,because what do we always say if you can,make one dollar you can scale it to a,million,period well with that a lot of you asked,me to review paul lipsky's course,so this is kind of new chedda with now,and then,after starting that i took the course so,the money that we've made on our channel,through ebay dropshipping i just want to,be clear,we haven't implemented his course just,yet i just finished his course,and we're just starting to implement a,few things from it just want to give,that disclaimer before,we move on as some of you have seen like,that we just started making money at,that we're in no way,pros or like ebay gurus in reviewing,this course,we are quite newbie-ish alright so very,first,all right the very first aspect of,renee's course rating,system is called shortcut and shortcut,is really important because,a lot of people think there is value in,just hours and hours and hours of video,inside a course and when somebody,comes to me and asks how many hours are,inside a video are inside the course i,just think,that's not a good question to ask but,most people don't know the right,questions to ask,if it's a really really good course they,give you the shortcut to the cheta they,give you the shortcut to the money they,give you the shortcut to the actual,result if you're giving,a shoe tying course to a kindergartener,you don't want,20 hours of video you want the shortcut,to the shoe tying,right thus my shortcut grade and out of,10,paul's course definitely gets 10 out of,10.,he doesn't put anything in there that,isn't pertaining to,what will get you the actual results on,ebay with ebay drop shipping he doesn't,put,20 hours of drivel let's just say,and i've seen so many courses with,drivel trying to,masquerade as like additional value for,the course paul's,every minute of his course is valuable,and gets you to the shortcut and he,doesn't have it his course isn't,a minute longer than it needs to be to,get you that result so 10 out of 10 on,that one,the next aspect to my renee's course,rating system is called binge capability,and this one's kind of like,almost like all all or none depending on,if,you get the course all of it right away,or if they drip feed it and how fast,they drip feed it i am not a fan of drip,feeding courses i'm an adult let me,handle my own overwhelm and,i just give me the whole course so that,i can like netflix binge it like crazy,please because you don't know where i'm,at in my business what if i'm like,intermediate in and i'm like,waiting for you to drip feed the course,also if you're drip feeding it to me,you're either trying to control me or,you're trying to control my overwhelm,or you're trying to get me past like,some sort of guarantee like a 30-day,guarantee and you're not going to give,me the goods until after that guarantee,is done and i'm,really not a fan of that so all of that,goes within the binge capability aspect,of my course rating system,paul you buy it and you get the whole,thing there is no drip feeding so he,gets 10 out of 10 on that one as well,the next,aspect to renee's course rating system,is called step by step,and this is kind of the grandma aspect,to,the course okay i don't want a whole,bunch of information,like the business for dummies book like,if you did like ebay drop shipping for,dummies,it would be like teaching you every,aspect to,ebay drop shipping and then it would be,up to you to figure out,step by step how to get started and how,to get it done,and how to end up at the result i'm,really not a fan of that i want you to,tell me,step a do this step b do this step c do,this,until i get the result so that's major,and most courses,aren't step by step i'm just not a fan,of that paul's course,is so painstakingly step by step,nothing is skipped or missing and,he even includes tik so that's major,with this,rating system is that he even shows you,his screen,and shows you what to click every tool,that he tells you to use,he shows you exactly how to connect that,tool and how to work the tool,and what to do inside that tool that he,himself does in fact,it's so step by step that he,he even posts like direct links like at,one point he said you need to go to the,feedback area,of your ebay account and he had a link,below the video to that feedback area,and then he even goes as far as putting,the ebay's phone number that you need to,call at some point like if your account,gets suspended or if you need,limit increases he not only tells you,exactly what to,say but he puts ebay's phone numbe