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toledo blade weekly ads

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

The guys from Pawn Stars always come across as friendly, but they are entrepreneurs and not there to make friends. In this article, we will take a look at six customers who were banned from the Gold Silver Pawn Shop.

Banned Customers:

1. Daniel Callaghan - He filed a lawsuit against Rick and the old man for physically assaulting him inside their shop. Callaghan was banned from the shop after the incident.

2. Rafael - He came to the shop to sell a limited edition statue by French sculptor Emile de Becque. He got upset when Rick gave him his thoughts on the statue.

3. Chmura File - He came to the shop with a bronze statue that he wanted to sell for about six thousand dollars. Rick gave him a lesson on the statue but the customer didn't believe him.

4. Woman with Stolen Gold Coins - She sold her uncle's gold coins for a little over 12,000 dollars, but it later turned out that she had stolen the coins. The Gold Silver Pawn Shop melted the coins down to make more money from selling the gold.

5. Man with Stolen Diamond Earrings - The man offered Rick a pair of diamond earrings of the finest quality, but it turned out that the earrings had been stolen.

6. Masked Robbers - A group of masked intruders entered the shop with shotguns and pistols, stealing over 250,000 dollars in cash and merchandise.

The Gold Silver Pawn Shop has had its fair share of banned customers, some of whom were banned for their behavior, while others were involved in criminal activities. As a pawn shop, there is always a risk of buying stolen items, and the Gold Silver Pawn Shop is no exception. Despite this, the shop remains a popular destination for customers looking for a good deal or to sell their items.

Social Media LMI 2014

Using Social Media as a Powerful Reporting Tool

- Brief background on the speaker's experience in journalism and social media

Why Social Media is Important for Journalists:

- Connecting with the community through social media

- Interacting with readers and creating a personal connection

- Examples of how social media has helped the speaker in reporting

Using Twitter:

- Importance of using Twitter as a journalist

- How to gain a following on Twitter

- Examples of tweets that have helped the speaker in reporting

Other Social Media Platforms:

- Facebook as a source of news for many Americans

- Importance of separating personal and professional social media accounts

Tips for Using Social Media as a Journalist:

- Interact with the community

- Embrace social media as a powerful reporting tool

- Beware of trolls and negative comments

- Social media is a valuable tool for journalists to connect with their community and gain valuable insights for reporting.

AD Search Insights: Toledo

In a recent interview with Kyle Rowland of the Toledo Blade, the retirement of Michael Bryan, the current Athletic Director of Toledo, was discussed. The interview covered topics such as the search for a new Athletic Director, the key players involved in the search, and the state of Toledo's athletic programs.

Search for a new Athletic Director:

- Retirement of Michael Bryan announced 11 months ago

- Search committee and search firm in place

- Mid-February targeted for hiring

- Presidential level decision

Key players involved in the search:

- President of the University of Toledo, Dr. Greg Postal

- Board of Trustees and Board Chairman

- Don Muhort, a local businessman and his son, Jack Muhort

- Search committee members

State of Toledo's athletic programs:

- Football and men's basketball coaches seeking clarity on contract extensions

- Women's basketball program traditionally strong

- Baseball and men's golf programs have potential

- Need for a strong fundraiser in new Athletic Director

Candidates for the job:

- Brian Blair of Washington State

- Brandy Stewart of Texas Tech

- Regional ties not a prerequisite

Toledo's search for a new Athletic Director is underway and a decision is expected to be made in mid-February. The new hire will need to be a strong fundraiser and address the contract situations of the football and men's basketball coaches. While some candidates have regional ties, it is not a prerequisite for the job. Overall, the search for a new Athletic Director is a monumental decision for the University of Toledo.

AD Search Insights: Toledo

- The Toledo Blade recently published an article on the upcoming athletic director search at the University of Toledo.

- The article highlighted the division within the university community regarding the leadership of the athletic department.


- Michael Bryan has been the athletic director at Toledo for 19 years and has generally done a good job, but there are differing opinions on his performance.

- Toledo has had regular season success in many sports, but there has been a shortage of championships.

- There is a faction within the university community led by the chairman of the board that wants new blood in the athletic department and higher expectations.

- There has been no transparency regarding why Michael Bryan was forced out, which has upset some people.

- The situation may impact the upcoming athletic director search and there may be questions about relationships with stakeholders and expectations for the job.

- There are questions about how much the board will meddle in the athletic director's decisions, which may impact the relationship with the new athletic director.

- There was a contract drawn up and signed for an extension for basketball coach Todd Kowalczyk, but it was taken off the table at the last minute, causing hurt feelings and frustration.

- Toledo's academics have suffered while the athletic department has high expectations for success.

- The situation at Toledo is complex and may impact the upcoming athletic director search and the culture within the university community.

- Time will tell if the situation will improve and if the new athletic director will face challenges due to the division within the community.

Living in Toledo Ohio, US as a digital nomad

Exploring Toledo: A Guide for Digital Nomads

- Toledo, Ohio is a mid-sized city with a small town feel

- Located in northwestern Ohio, surrounded by water and green views

- Offers cultural amenities of a big city with the close-knit feel of a small town

- Ideal location for digital nomads looking for a home base to save energy and travel

Coffee Scene:

- Toledo has a vibrant coffee scene with many options

- Coffee Quest 419 event is held every April 19th to showcase the coffee shops

- Sip Coffee and Mariam Bella are two of the favorites

Exploring Downtown:

- Downtown Toledo is the best place to go for events and festivals

- Thursday evenings in the summer are especially popular for music and food

- Huntington Center is a great place to watch hockey

- Tony Paco's is a must-visit for hot dogs

Metro Parks:

- Toledo has more than 20 metro parks with plenty of outdoor activities

- Glass City Pavilion is a beautiful location with a sky view

- Treehouse Village is a unique place to stay overnight

- Middle Grounds Metro Park offers a great view of the sunrise

Art Museum and Toledo Creative Community:

- Toledo has an internationally known art museum

- Toledo Creatives Group hosts monthly meetups and social events for creatives

- Old West End neighborhood is a great place to see eclectic houses and artistic people

Other Activities:

- Toledo has a vibrant vegan scene with surprisingly good options

- Pearson Park is a beautiful place to see apple trees and enjoy nature

- Downtown Toledo has many bars to hang out with friends

- Toledo may not be the first place that comes to mind for digital nomads, but it has a lot to offer

- From the coffee scene to the metro parks to the creative community, there's something for everyone

- Come visit Toledo and see for yourself why it's a great place for digital nomads.

Virginia man accused of killing neighbor found guilty of first-degree murder; video shows incident

In this article, we will discuss the verdict in the case of a former NASA worker charged with killing his neighbor, who was a National Guardsman. We will also look at the evidence presented in court and the verdict given by the jury.

Evidence in Court:

- New video evidence shows the ongoing tensions between the two neighbors that lasted for years.

- Javon Prather is seen cursing at Michael Hetley six months before the murder.

- On the day of the shooting, Prather walked over to Hetley's home, and Hetley claims his neighbor was banging on his door so violently it swung open.

- Hetley's own ring doorbell camera shows him coming outside with no words and firing seven shots in six seconds.

- Hetley yelled at Prather's wife to get away before dragging her dying husband to their yard.


- The jury deliberated for several hours before finding Hetley guilty of first-degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

- Hetley had tried to convince the jury that he shot and killed Prather in self-defense to protect his family.

- Fairfax County's Commonwealth's Attorney Steve Descano stated that race played a role in this deadly incident.

The verdict in the case of Michael Hetley shows that the justice system does not tolerate taking the law into one's own hands. The evidence presented in court, including the new video evidence, played a crucial role in the jury's decision. It also highlights the importance of addressing ongoing tensions between neighbors before they escalate into deadly incidents.

6 Creepy Missing Persons Cases That Were Eventually Solved Part 2

The disappearance and murder of Anila 13 PhD at Yale University:

- Anila 13 PhD was a graduate student who went missing on September 8th, 2009.

- Her disappearance garnered national attention and a search involving over 100 law enforcement officers ensued.

- Her body was found hidden behind a utility panel in the basement of a laboratory building five days after her disappearance.

- Raymond Clark III, a 24-year-old animal technician who worked at the laboratory building, was charged with her murder.

Factors contributing to the case:

- The tight security at the laboratory building due to the sensitive work done there, including the presence of lab animals.

- The lack of Anila's presence on any of the 70-odd cameras surrounding the building.

- The discovery of bloody clothing hidden above a ceiling tile in the building.

- The subsequent search that expanded to include a trash incinerator 40 miles away.

- The absence of any disciplinary action or indication of anything out of the ordinary in Clark's personnel record.

- Anila's disappearance and murder raised concerns about security measures on the Yale campus and workplace violence in general.

- It highlighted the need for closer pre-employment screening and routine criminal background checks on new employees.

- The case remains a reminder of the dark side of human nature and the potential for violence in any workplace or community.

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