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Top 15 Books to Read for Business Success| Effective Ecommerce Podcast #39

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Top 15 Books to Read for Business Success| Effective Ecommerce Podcast #39

Top 15 Books to Read for Business Success| Effective Ecommerce Podcast #39

in this episode of the effective
ecommerce podcast I got 15 books that
every entrepreneur should read and this
will be specifically for e-commerce
entrepreneurs but most these are perfect
for any type of entrepreneur so at the
end of the podcast obviously I'll list
again all 15 but you know what let's
just jump right in with number one the
lean startup so the Lean Startup book I
read it a while ago so I might forget
some of the details but the basic
principle the lean startup is exactly
what I do with performance nut butter
it's coming up with a product doing one
SKU just doing it as simply as possible
now I could have even done a more
minimally Viable Product that's MVP
you'll hear people tok a lot about this
the nvv product is like the minimal
thing that would work as a product so
for performance nut butter I could have
just done it as a jar I could have
manufactured it myself
sold it in jars just to test it out I
didn't want to do that so I took the
next step and I just I did one SKU in
the little pouches the original idea I
had in my head was to do three SKUs all
of them would be in pouches it would
have been really complicated and it
would have caused a lot of issues it
would have split my demographics with
the idea instead with the Lean Startup
is just do one thing just do it quickly
and iterate as you go so that's number
one the lean startup number two how to
win friends and influence people how do
you win friends and influence people is
one of the best books I've ever read it
was one of the first like self-help
style books I read and there's so many
things it's one of those books that
every few years or every year or two
actually I go back to and I revisit some
of the principles and a lot of them are
almost common sense but it's things that
you probably forget in your day to day
life so one of the examples from the
book is you want to think about the
other person you want to think about
what they want first and this is
something I see a lot of people making
the mistake of especially a lot of
people email me saying hey you should
help me because it would help me make
more money and they try to get my help
and they tok about all the things how
it would help them and if I had more
money I'd have more freedom I'd you know
here's the deal
nobody cares about other people they
really care about themselves and
obviously that's not fully true
but the point is when you're trying to
get someone to do something for you
think about what it is that they get out
of it
so a a classic example from the book is
there's this father and son and I wanted
this cow to go into the barn let's say
and they're pushing on the Kalin I'm
pushing on the cow and the cow doesn't
want to move and the cows heavy enough
that they can't move it so then the mom
comes out puts a little bit of honey on
her finger puts it in the cow's mouth
and the cow starts eating it and she
slowly starts walking back into the barn
so she led with what the cow wanted so
every time you're thinking about other
people when you're writing an email to
someone else think about that what do
they want how can this be beneficial to
them there's many other principles that
use in the book another quick one is
that you should use other people's and
names anytime you're toking to someone
anytime things like that you should try
to use their name whenever possible
people the people's favorite word in the
English language is their own name this
is why people spend millions and
millions of their own dollars to donate
money to these universities to get
something named after them so a person's
name is very powerful and they're
probably a lot of other principles in
this book that I'm actually I know
there's a lot of other principles in
this book that I'm forgetting but we got
15 books to go through so I want to do
it relatively quickly
number three david-and-goliath this is
Malcolm Gladwell you know what I'd
pretty much anything by Malcolm Gladwell
all of his books are amazing but for
entrepreneurs this one specifically
stuck out to me and the reason is it
goes through and it toks about the
story of David and Goliath and how you
know everyone hears that story they
think wow it's such an underdog story no
no it's not and Malcolm Gladwell does
this much better job than I do but he
toks about how David you know he's this
little boy going up against this big
giant but he didn't fight conventionally
he didn't go up to him with a sword and
say I'm gonna beat you with a sword he
from far away slung a rock and hit him
in the head and how that's you know and
it's not trying to say it's necessarily
unfair but like he played to his
strengths and they the Giant never had a
Goliath never had a chance in that
scenario and that's a principle that
you're gonna want to take and put into
your own business and we'll tok about
how to do that in just a second I want
to finish this David and Goliath story
so David he was a shepherd in the story
and he would use those
rocks to throw them at wolves and like
lions or whatever whatever was eating a
sheep so he was used to flinging these
rocks and animals that are going pretty
fast from pretty far away and then you
have the giant who in this story it
makes it sound like his vision might
even be blurry like he's he can't see
far away on top of that he's thinking
the Giants thinking we're gonna do this
you know hand-to-hand hand-to-hand
combat and David says no I'm not gonna
fight you the way that I think you want
me to fight you there's the other thing
that really pops out in this book I've
told this story a lot is this they took
I think every time that there was a
battle where one side of one size of the
army one army was a was ten times bigger
than the other army they took those
numbers and they tried to figure out
okay well who's gonna win so you have
army a which let's say has a hundred
thousand people
an army B which only has ten thousand
people statistikally you're right
obviously the bigger army wins more
times than not but if you say okay well
how many times is the smaller army not
fight can quote unquote conventional
warfare how often do they do a guerrilla
warfare tactik or an unconventional
style how often does the smaller army
win and it turns out 63% of time or some
number right around there sixty majority
of the time the smaller army wins what
does that mean that means if the United
States Army which is a superpower
obviously and ten times bigger than the
Canadian Army if those two armies fought
your money should be on the Canadian
Army if they fight unconventional that's
what happened in Vietnam that's what
happens a lot in these like
unconventional situations and so why do
I keep hammering this in you're gonna
find yourself against competitors with
more money than you you're gonna find
yourself against competitors that are
bigger stronger you know better than you
in almost every aspect you got to think
to yourself how do they expect me to do
this so a good example for me with let's
go again with performance nut butter is
some of my really big competitors their
strategy is to go retail my strategy is
to go direct to consumer and it's even
more segments of MAG because some of my
competitors also are direct to consumer
but I have strategies that they don't
know about and I'm not about to share
this podcast right this second I share
them in my videos but I don't want to
make it too easy for any of them so
that's number three David and Goliath
don't make me think is number four so
the book don't make me think really I
can kind of summarize it but it's worth
a read one hundred percent the whole
point of a website or any kind of this
process but let's say specifically a
website is to sell your product and the
best way to do that is to make it so
your customer does not have to think
make it as easy as possible this is what
the GRANDMONT test is you get your
grandma in front of the computer and see
if they can make a purchase on your
website and if they can't then you're
doing something wrong in fact also watch
them how do they navigate your website
how simple is it for them it should be
effortless it should almost be a
mindless activity where it's just so
common-sense and I go to some people's
websites and I'm honestly a little
perplexed on how to navigate it so your
navigation if you have more than one
product you gotta be able to
differentiate between the different
products very easily make it a binary
decision in someone's mind let's say you
had two different products they should
know that if they have this set of
requirements they get product a if they
have this set of requirements its
product B and there's almost no overlap
so don't make me think it toks a lot
more in detail about how to make that
book number five Think and Grow Rich so
thinking Grow Rich is an amazing book
it's one of those first along with how
to win friends and influence people it's
one of the first books I read about
self-help self-improvement and it's a
brilliant story so Napoleon Hill I
almost said Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon
Hill went around and things like the
early 1900's like 1920s maybe or
something like that interviewed the top
500 most successful people and tried to
figure out what do they have in common
and he found there was a bunch of
different traits and he put him in this
book Think and Grow Rich a bunch of
different print principles one of the
biggest ones and I think I misunderstood
this the first time I read the book but
one of the biggest ones is faith more or
less he keeps toking about in the book
you have to have faith you have to have
faith and when I first thought about it
I thought he meant faith as in a belief
in God or a belief in higher power
I don't think that's what I mean I think
maybe he means a little bit of that but
I think he
or so means you have faith that
everything's gonna work out and that
you're going to be successful you have
to have like just blinding faith that
it's all gonna be okay and it's going to
work out and it makes sense because when
you 100% know deep in your core it's
going to work out you'll continue to
look for those opportunities even when
it feels like you're about to fail and
in the book he toks about 99% of the
world's most successful people their
biggest success came right after their
biggest failure and this seems to be a
strategy or a common theme in most
people's life including mine to some
degree basically I've thought about this
a lot too and in the book it makes it
very clear you're going to feel like
quitting before you end up being
successful like that's just how it is
so no matter how optimistik you are at
this point in your entrepreneurial
journey you're gonna feel like quitting
for sure at some point so that's
thinking Grow Rich number 6 e myth
revisited so the e-myth revisited is all
about how to systematize your business
I'm gonna keep saying this all these are
amazing books this is a really good book
about making you think how to make
systems in your business that will work
for you an example of this is I use a
bunch of systems with my virtual
assistant I
a system so it's if this happens do a if
this other thing happens do B if all
else happens do C and these systems make
it so you don't have to be in your
business constantly you can hire other
people to do it including virtual
assistants and or just you know any kind
of employee email or visited toks a lot
more in detail on how to do that and why
it's so important number seven primal
branding so it's about how to create a
brand for your company how to create and
this is I followed this book a lot for
performance nut butter and one of the
big things I learned from primal
branding is you really needed to find
who your customer is but part of
defining who your customer is is
defining who it's not and for
performance nut butter my product is for
a healthy people that are interested in
you know getting healthy fats in their
diet etc it is not for people that like
candy bars if you eat a candy bar a day
or you know okay you want a candy bar
like the
- your snacks don't buy my products you
are the exact opposite of what I'm
looking for it goes into a ton more
details on everything and how to
effectively create a quote-unquote
primal brand so people will be screaming
your story from the rooftops number
eight along with this theme this is a
book I'm currently reading the book is
actually called building a story brand
it's I think by Donald Miller I believe
is the name of the guy but there's also
a book that I'm interested I just in
doing research for this video I found
called lead with a story probably
somewhat similar story brands really
good the first four or five chapters or
first half to two thirds of the book is
a must read for every entrepreneur after
that it starts being a little less
interesting in my opinion alright I
still have six more to go we're getting
close to someone actually my favorite
one I did say for last that's how it
usually goes number nine is Jab Jab Jab
right hook the whole point of this book
is social media how to properly do
social media and the point of Jab Jab
Jab right hook means jab is like giving
content so you want to give good content
give good content give good content and
then boom right hook ask for a sale ask
for something and in the book you toks
about a lot of companies either only jab
or only right hook and if you think
about with boxing if you're just jabbing
all day long you're never gonna get a
knockout and it once again if you think
with boxing if you're just constantly
throwing right hooks the guy is just
gonna be dodging you constantly that's
how it is with marketing - if you're
constantly throwing right hooks you're
constantly asking for the sale
people are gonna learn to avoid your
Instagram account your Facebook account
whatever it is number 10 trust me I'm
lying so this book is all about public
relations PR and it's got some really
good tips on how to go out and kind of
spark a new story like get in newspapers
get in different publications you know I
think it's it's another really good read
just to kind of get those gears in your
head spinning a little bit on how you
can get on blogs how you can create a
story that people are interested in
number 11 good - great so number 11 is
good - great and it's been a while since
I read this book I remember when I read
it I really liked a lot that's why I
included on this
list he goes over I believe a bunch of
different businesses and toks about
like how they went from good companies
to great companies you know it's
actually been a little while I just
remember this book really did impact me
when I did read it so you check it out I
will put in the show notes below I'll
put a little bit more information on
that number twelve essentialism another
book that's very similar is the one
thing so essentialism was really good
because it toks about you know what is
the essential things that you need to be
doing like what do you act and i think
it's a good thing just to remind
yourself every once in a while like how
essential is what you're doing and I
find myself a lot most entrepreneurs
find themselves a lot doing things that
aren't necessary for the business in
fact I'd say for the average
entrepreneur eighty percent of their
time is spent doing random junk that if
it didn't get done wouldn't really
impact their sales numbers that much so
consensual essentialism throws in a lot
more detail about that this is a book
that I'll actually probably reread now
that I'm now that I'm toking about it
but it just reminds you to do what's
essential and to figure out it gives you
tips also for figuring out what is
essential and what is not essential
so number thirteen the Steve Jobs
biography the Elon Musk biography all
the other biographies out there Steve
Jobs in Elon Musk are two of my favorite
biographies I'm adding to my list I
haven't read it yet but I've heard such
good things too Sam Walton from Walmart
biography the Jeff Bezos biography was
all right it wasn't that great in my
opinion just for whatever reason it
wasn't my favorite biography but anytime
you can hear the story of another
entrepreneur it inspires you and I think
that these people stand out but I want
to try to find more more biographies
that aren't quite is big people if you
all know actually I think the Andrew
Carnegie biography I read that one as
well that was pretty good there's
there's a lot of those out there
the Andrew Carnegie biography one of the
things that was interesting from that
was he toks about basically at the peak
of his success he was working he's me
you know he's one of the richest men in
the world and he was working four hours
a day and he said in those four hours
you got more done than most people do in
a week and I I think about that a lot
when I feel like I'm working hard but
not really moving a lot I think about
Jew Carnegie would only work for hours
and that is one of my goals and actually
in the next few weeks I'm gonna I'm
gonna start doing that working for hours
in the morning and then taking the rest
of the day you know to read if I want to
read like do whatever I want to do and
the truth is I enjoy working and I enjoy
reading new books and that is work but
it's a little bit of a rant I've got two
more books before we wrap this up book
number fourteen launch and launch is and
I keep saying this it's an amazing book
it's this one specifically is for email
marketing no I mean part of its really
helpful for email marketing but it tells
you how to launch a product and I think
this is something that I really learned
a lot from in fact launching performance
not butter I use this anytime I launch a
course for effective e-commerce I use
more or less the launch strategy I'm
gonna continue to use this I have a new
course I'm in the process of working on
right now
and I'm gonna use the launch strategy
even more so for that so it toks a lot
about email marketing it toks about the
I think it's the horizontal sales letter
so if you remember in the old days there
was the vertikal sales letter where you
had to scroll down a page and it would
just try to sell you on some kind of
product he toks about the horizontal
sales letter were you over the course of
let's say 10 days you sent four or five
different emails with videos and instead
of it being one long page it happens
over the course of many days and it's a
very effective strategy for making money
number 15
last but not least we have the 4-hour
workweek and this is a classic it's
almost overplayed this is the book that
really put into words everything I was
thinking about wanting to quit my
corporate job wanting to start my own
online company wanting to be able to
travel the world and just live that
beautiful lifestyle that we've all
wanted to do since we were kids and it
gives a lot of strategies too on how to
actually do that how to be more
toks about the 8020 principle the
Pareto principle also known as and it's
basically 20 percent or so if you take
you know what you do in a day for
instance or what you do over the course
of a year 20 percent of what you do over
the course of a year will really lead to
80 percent of the results and this is
true for most things so I look at what I
did last year
of what I did led to more than 80
percent of my income that 20 percent
Bing launching performance nut butter I
spent very little time on that and it
made most my money then second place for
me was effective e-commerce I didn't
spend a lot of time on effective
e-commerce and it made a lot of money
that's why I'm starting to take it ate a
lot more seriously the other thing it
toks about is batching so you should
only check your email once a day which I
do in fact effective e-commerce emails
I'm only checking them once a week now
on Wednesdays because nothing that
happens with effective e-commerce is
that urgent so I'm not super worried
about it performance nut butter and my
other businesses I need to check emails
I don't need to but I check them once a
day just for peace of mind so that is
all 15 books let's read them one more
time the Lean Startup how to win friends
and influence people David and Goliath
don't make me think Think and Grow Rich
emeth revisited primal branding story
brand Jab Jab Jab right hook
trust me online good to great
essentialism the Steve Jobs Elon Musk
all those cool people biographies the
book launch and then finally the 4-hour
workweek there are links down below to
all these books if you're listening to
the podcast go to effective you got
commerce calm use the links there
affiliate links and I get a small
kickback so I'm always appreciative of
that if you enjoyed this video I have a
video right here that you will really
like go ahead and click on that video
I'm sure you will enjoy it

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