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Top 20 Best Ecommerce Tools and Services Part 2 | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #35

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Top 20 Best Ecommerce Tools and Services Part 2 | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #35

Top 20 Best Ecommerce Tools and Services Part 2 | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #35

everybody in this episode of the
effective e-commerce podcast we're gonna
be doing the top 20 best e-commerce
tools in services part two if you
haven't seen part one yet go check that
you don't need to see part one or listen
to part one to see part two it I mean
it's just ten more ecommerce tools and
services and this is hugely helpful I'll
recap at the end of this episode the
ones from last week last week's podcast
episode but so let's just jump into it
right now so number eleven remember this
is a continuation of the top twenty so
we're gonna start with number 11 we have
Zendesk and we'll tok more about what
Zendesk is and how it can be really
helpful number two SEO Mose Moz I
believe it is number thirteen Optimizely
number fourteen
LastPass number fifteen Bluehost which I
love number sixteen good business credit
card you should have a good business
credit card that's a great I think
service or tool it's a great tool and
I'll explain why later number 17
MailChimp and Clay vo number 18 tsumo me
number nineteen zapier and number 20
some kind of remarketing setting up
remarketing basically I hate a dural do
not use Admiral they will charge you way
more they'll overcharge there's a bunch
of stuff I set up a troll originally
which if you don't know it's a platform
that will remark it for you but they
don't optimize it it's it's very poorly
done so it doesn't take that long to set
it up yourself I will have some episode
if I don't already have some videos out
on it yet I will have some videos out
soon on how to set up remarketing but
definitely skip Admiral so let's start
with number 11 now umber 11 is something
that I haven't used too much to be
honest but all my friends tok about how
great it is and it's something I'm going
to set up eventually and that is Zendesk
so Zendesk is basically a customer
service tiketing type platform so if
you ever gone to a website and submitted
something to customer service and said
oh right you know you have a tiket
created it's tiket number whatever
pretty much all big companies do this
the way it works is my full
understanding it once again I haven't
used it yet but it it makes a lot of
sense as for bigger companies the way
that it works is that you
people you know let's say someone gets
tiket number one someone gets tiket
number two all the way to a thousand so
let's say you're gonna a thousand
requests today you can have multiple
service people working on it and they
can assign tikets to themselves and
they can escalate them they can do all
kinds of stuff it just keeps everything
organized right now the way I handle the
customer service would be dancer is
honestly just using Gmail and my method
is they our email is set up so when
someone sends us an email it goes to
Gmail and we have a policy of zero inbox
zero basically so if you handle an email
and once it's done you delete it if you
have to escalate it quote-unquote you
put it in a special folder and so we
have one folder called the Cindy check
folder or the Travis check folder and
and we'll check it depending on what it
is but for the most part we just use
delete the email once you've responded
to it
don't start responding to it until
you're ready to complete it basically
but this tiketing system is a better
way of doing it we don't have enough
issues right now and we only have really
one or two people that handle customer
service it's not that big of an issue
first but Zendesk is a good way to make
it a little bit more efficient number
two on this list number twelve really is
SEO Maas that's SEO mo zhee and this is
I've done the free trials I've never
actually paid for the service but it's
worth doing especially at the beginning
of a company you can look up your
competitors and you can look up their
backlinks you can look up a bunch of
their things so what I recommend doing
is making a list of all your competitors
or companies that are somewhat similar
to yours see where their backlinks come
from and reach out to those blogs reach
out to those websites whatever it is and
see if there's a way you can get a
backlink from them as well this is a
pretty powerful tool and it's something
also you can just kind of keep tabs on
your competitors and see where they're
getting their backlinks from but also
like what is their ranking and anytime
someone asked me oh I have a website oh
I have a blog and I don't know if it's a
legit blog or not I'll pop it into SEO
Moz and look at their black backlinks
and look at what their score is and if
they don't have a very high score I'll
tell them no I'm not gonna send you a
free box but if they have a high score
I'm like hell yeah I'll send your free
rocks why not so number thirteen
Optimizely number thirteen yeah
I think they're changing their pricing
model it was pretty cool before I think
it was free as long as you have under
fifty thousand visitors a month and the
way it works is it's a split testing
platform so it's definitely worth it if
you're if you wanted to do some split
testing it makes it very very easy to
split test things so you can basically
say hey should the the button on my
website be green or should it be red
should you know the header image say
free shipping or should it be a picture
of our product you can test a bunch of
things I'm not gonna belabor that point
too much but Optimizely is great if you
want to split test number 14 we got
LastPass LastPass is a great tool even
if you're just a one-person business but
it's very important if you're a
multi-person business and what it does
is it saves your passwords and I know
what you're thinking like that's not
that big of a deal first off it saves
you a lot of time and you don't have to
go looking up passwords so that in
itself makes the service worth it but
the other thing that it does that I find
very much worthwhile is it will I can
have my virtual assistant put in the
last pass plug-in login with their own
personal account and I can share
passwords with them and they won't even
know what the password is which is great
because it provides some privacy for you
so if all of a sudden I need to fire a
virtual assistant and don't worry
Adriene I'm not firing you but like if I
if that in which has happened in the
past where I've had to fire a virtual
assistant it's very easy just to say you
know click on their LastPass account and
unregister them so as opposed to let's
say I've shared 50 sites with them
having to go and change the password to
50 sites I can just very simply change I
can just very simply click one button on
less pass and it'll delete them so
LastPass I think it's like nine dollars
a year it's very inexpensive number 15
is Bluehost
and I think it was on my 25th birthday I
bought myself either a two or three year
plan I think it was a three year plan to
the best birthday present I've ever
given myself I don't give myself a lot
of birthday presents but Bluehost is a
hosting service provider basically so if
you're looking to host websites so right
now Shopify for instance which is a
great platform your pair
paying them not only for the service but
also to host your website
Bluehost isn't going to give you any
service they will offer to host a
wordpress site which I have probably 10
WordPress sites at least at least 10
works so every time I want to come up
with a new site if I have a Bluehost
account it's free
I mean you know I have to pay for the
Bluehost account for the first time and
it's I think somewhere between 4 to 7
dollars a month depending I think
there's higher-end plans of course but
it's right around that cost range for
unlimited websites for unlimited email
storage for like all this great stuff
and I do have a link for that effective
e-commerce column slash Bluehost
sign up using my link as always I will
give you a free one-on-one consulting
session and I think this is any serious
internet marketer should have a Bluehost
account because it allows you to put up
a new WordPress site effortlessly it's
like the easiest thing in the world to
do so definitely check out Bluehost
number 16 some kind of a good business
credit card so a lot of people I know
they start a business and they just use
their personal credit card for all their
transactions which is a nightmare and
part of the reason it's so bad is for
accounting purposes so right away you
should get a new bank account you should
get a new credit card but there's other
benefits to a good business credit card
you can get points so I just recently
flew to Hawaii totally for free I've
flown to Italy for free Buenos Aires for
free I actually flew my parents to Italy
for free as well I've flown to a bunch
of different places and stayed in a
bunch of hotels all for free using my a
good business credit card which ones do
I recommend it depends if you're doing a
lot of advertising spend you might want
the gold MX card if you're just doing a
lot of general spend you can get like a
2x cash back card like the spark
business card which is pretty good I
think it has a $500 sign up bonus
something like that there's also there's
a bunch of cards on my website go to
effective e-commerce com click on the
little online store tools section and
you can see all the top cards and
there's some bonuses in there and those
are most most of them are affiliate
links which means you still get a great
offer you get the best offer on the
market but on top of that I get a small
kickback so as a thank you always happy
to do that free one on one
salting session if you use one of my
services but getting a good business
credit card I've gone through 15
business different credit cards over the
last few years and it's paid for a lot
of flights and it doesn't hurt your
credit score contrary to what people
think it doesn't really hurt your credit
score pretty much at all
so number 17 is MailChimp and or klaviyo
MailChimp is your four first two
thousand email subscribers for free
which is a great thing so if you're
setting up a business set up a mail ship
account right away and then if you want
to graduate to a more premium version we
do have or not not we they do have clay
vo in clay vo what makes clay vo is so
helpful is it has a lot of like
triggering things so you can say you
know if someone is ordered more than
once I want to send them this special
offer I want to send this it can
basically it makes it a lot easier to
put people into different buckets and
send them different types of emails you
can do that a MailChimp - don't get me
wrong but clay vo is a little bit more
user friendly it gets a little bit more
data from Shopify so it plugs into
Shopify it plugs into commerce and you
can get a lot of information it's
basically a complete CRM customer
relationship management tool so you can
see ok not only did they purchase from
us on this state they came back and
visited the website on this state and
you know whatever they seem like they're
interested and I think it's more
powerful if you have a larger company
personally I think mail chimp does
ninety percent of what you need 95
percent of what you need maybe even and
they do have an automation tool and
MailChimp as well so when someone places
an order from be dancewear for instance
i send them a new email every week for
like 12 weeks and it's automatikally set
up so for first time customers they get
our first email is our DIY handbook and
it shows them how to DIY a dance costume
then a week later they get introduced to
our youtube channel and all and all this
good stuff and if you sign up go to
effective e-commerce comm I do have a I
have a link to both those effective
e-commerce comm slash MailChimp and
effective e-commerce comm slash clay vo
which is Cal que el a B I y ou which is
like the word
name ever there's links on the website
but what I was gonna say actually is
sign up to my email for the the free
online store success pack and you'll see
I use MailChimp and I have an automated
sequence for you to check out number 18
is sumo me and through sumo me they have
a lot of different services but the one
I like the best is their pop up so you
really want just like a cheap easy exit
intent pop up it's like 10 bucks a month
check out sumo me I'm not gonna tok too
much about this I mean they have a ton
of features but basically if you're
looking for a good exit intent pop up
soon with me ten dollars you can do a
little bit of customization I think
there's a free version too there's a
free version that works really well but
I think it's worth paying ten bucks a
month so let's get to something a little
bit sexier and that is zapier and zapier
is spelled zap2it are and what they pur
does is it connects different api's and
what API is it's basically it connects
different websites together what I mean
by this is I connect I can connect
Shopify with MailChimp for instance or I
can connect MailChimp with Google sheets
so one example is every time I get a new
email subscriber in MailChimp I want
Google sheets to put their name in a goo
in a Google sheet and and zapier does
this connection in between very very
easily you could write your own code
using Google script but if your will do
this pretty easily I'll also use it to
send out ID well I use all kinds of
things connecting different services
it's anything that you you wish that you
could have one website tok to another
website there's a good chance that
zapier does that and it does connect
with Shopify so that is very helpful but
yeah I've used it for a number of
different things I highly recommend
checking it out seeing where you can
automate your business and then finally
number 20 this is last on the list
do not use Admiral I highly recommend
against using Admiral but set up some
kind of remarketing and I recommend just
going directly through Facebook Ads
doing remarketing ads through Facebook
and going through Google and the Google
Display Network and setting up
remarketing ads
using Google so that was a lot of stuff
right there let's go over the entire
list one more time number one online
jobs dot pH number two Google sheets and
Docs number three Google script number
four Google Analytiks number five up
work number six 99designs
number seven fiver number eight jungle
Scout number nine feedback genius number
ten hot jar number eleven Zendesk number
SEO Maz number thirteen Optimizely
number fourteen LastPass number fifteen
Bluehost which is a great service highly
recommend that number sixteen getting a
good business credit card number
seventeen MailChimp and or clay vo
probably or don't don't get both of them
number 18 tsumo me number nineteen
zapier and number twenty personally I
very much dislike Admiral but setting up
some kind of remarketing I guess I don't
need to beat that into the ground too
much remarket number 20 is remarketing
and make sure if you listen to the
podcast go to effective e-commerce comm
click on the tool section sign up using
in these tools it's going to be a better
price usually using my link or at most
the same price and I'll give you that
free 30-minute one-on-one consultation
session plus you'll just be helping out
the podcast if you're watching the
YouTube video I do have links up above
and down below for a lot of these
different services and that's pretty
much it for this episode make sure if
you enjoy it leave that 5-star review on
iTunes for a chance to win a another
free one-on-one consulting sessions I'm
just giving these out like crazy to
people that helped me out so thank you
guys for your support I really do
appreciate it and have a great rest your

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