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Top 3 Best eBay Dropshipping Software in 2021 for Beginners (w/BONUS)

Published on: December 2 2022 by eCom Tom

Top 3 Best eBay Dropshipping Software in 2021 for Beginners (w/BONUS)

Top 3 Best eBay Dropshipping Software in 2021 for Beginners (w/BONUS)

have you been looking to start drop
shipping on ebay but you're not sure
which software to use well be sure to
smash that like button because in this
video i'm going to show you the three
main software that you need to be using
on your ebay drop shipping store
in order to make it as easy and as
automated or semi-automated as
possible and i know in the past there's
been a lot of tok about not using api
related software i will be going over
that a bit
but we're also just going to be toking
about software that will not touch upon
this whatsoever
it will make your account safe to move
forward with drop shipping in the future
and you'll be able to avoid
any potential flagging or issues with
ebay in general and also one thing to
say it seems like ebay has lessened up
on trying to get accounts in trouble or
anything like that for retail drop
shipping so we will be toking about
retail drop shipping software in this
video and also be sure to check down
below if you want a free ebay drop
shipping mini course
to teach you how to get started as
easily as possible so be sure to
subscribe to this channel also if you
haven't already
without further ado let's go into my
computer all right so here we are inside
of my computer and let's go over the
number one first software that you need
to be using you know you can start
drop shipping on ebay by doing
everything by hand moving items in and
out of stok changing prices but if you
are doing retail drop shipping
like walmart onto ebay or home depot
onto ebay then you know it is going to
be a lot of work as things do
tend to go in and out of stok you know
quite frequently and change
price a decent amount so you want a
program like sku grid so back in 2018
the end of 2018 ebay started flagging
accounts that were doing retail drop
using api related software skewgrid was
the first one to move over to a non-api
related software
and there's two ways you can connect it
so look into it when you're setting up
your sku grid account
i teach this inside of my trainings and
it's going to be either through their
file exchange
chrome extent extension or just the file
exchange token in general i use the
token method of repricing
it's much easier i think and it's a lot
more consistent but you know you can use
either or i started off using the chrome
extension so why sku grid you know first
off it it reprices a bunch of different
websites you know you could do ebay
you can drop ship with amazon on it it's
it's getting into facebook marketplace
etsy there's a ton of them supported
marketplaces all right here could have
just scrolled down
um and there is a ton of different
suppliers so if you log into your
account and actually look at the
suppliers on the left hand side right
um if you're in the us which i'm
assuming most people watching this video
there is a lot there's like over 450
different suppliers
so any of these suppliers you can sell
on ebay and you know sku grid can
in and out of stok your items check
that website scrape that website
and they do have a handful of wholesale
suppliers that they've been adding in
over time
as well which really makes it that much
more powerful the software if you want
to go the
completely allowed wholesale drop
shipping method so not only that
skewgrid is also extremely cheap it's
really it's only like 15
a month for the cheapest plan you don't
need a very expensive plan in order to
get started with sku grid
it's just very cheap in general like the
tokens that you pay for
are dirt cheap and you know it's just a
and just all-around great software one
thing i can say about it is that it is
slightly confusing to get started
there is a lot of trainings over here on
the left hand side they have some
support they have some decent support
but one thing i can say is that you need
to be watching the trainings and if you
if you don't have some form of a course
or anything just teaching you you're
going to spend some time actually in the
trainings deep down inside of the
trainings learning them
and really getting started with it it
could be a pretty steep undertaking when
you first get started they do have a
youtube channel as well
but it is something to look into uh
there's definitely easier softwares to
get started with but
none of them are anywhere as close to as
in depth as skewbird is as you can tell
this is just all of their us-based
no other software compares um here's
their uk no other software compares
a lot of people tok about autods they
only have like five or six different um
suppliers they support maybe a little
bit more now
but this is really what you want to be
um using and this is what all the people
that are serious about dropshipping on
ebay or
amazon are using and you're going to see
some results with it i can tell you
it will take time to get set up but the
price and just how
just overall this versatile it is it is
the best software out there so that's
number one
if you want to get started doing it by
hand i know people have done it they've
they've gotten a lot of items up by hand
and it has a lister
skew fetch um it has a lot of stuff so
huge powerful program the best one out
there and also stay tuned until the very
end because i will show you one extra
software and that's about it for sku
grid so let's go into the next one
all right so here we are with software
number two and i forgot to mention with
sku grid that pretty much there is a
affiliate link down below if you want to
check it out you will get uh
20 000 free tokens which is going up
pretty much credits it's gonna
it's gonna do pretty well for you get
you set up for at least a month when you
first get started for free
and it's gonna help you out so if you
wanna check that out i would appreciate
thank you so also there's zik analytiks
that's number two these two are the most
powerful sku grid and zik so zinc is
going to be your product research tool
you can do everything by hand like i
said with product research as well
but it's just not really worthwhile it
takes so much extra time and it's just
not as efficient where was uh zika
i clicked on the pricing right here you
don't need anything more than the
starter plane you don't need the
standard or the enterprise plan
um you just get starter if you pay for
the monthly right now it's twenty four
and usually it's thirty dollars it's
really not that much of a breaking of
the bank and for
for what you get out of it it is by far
the best product research tool for ebay
i don't know if there's any that really
can compare
there used to be like three years ago
two years ago but nowadays there really
isn't much so
zik analytiks pretty much took over the
market and they're they are the best and
that's why they took over
so zika analytiks once you log in
there's a bunch of different things over
here on the left hand side to click on
but really all you need to know is the
competitor research tool
and i have a bunch of videos on this i
can link them up above pretty much all
you want to do is take your competitor
that you know is drop shipping from
whatever supplier you're looking at say
walmart home depot or anything like that
and from there you're just going to take
their name their ebay name and put it in
here and click search and when you do
it will show you how many sales they've
had in the last 30 days dollar amount
the amount of items they have
the amount of items like which items
have sold how many times those items
have sold i have tons of videos on it
out there
i'll probably make another one pretty
soon about it and that's
really the power of it you can scrape
people's stores you can really figure
out what the best selling items are out
and from that you already know usually
what supplier they're being sold from
and then that works hand in hand with
sku grid because you can list them up
and then skewbird will do the pricing
and the restoking of those items for
you so that's why they work so well
together they're by far the most
powerful tool i would say two tools for
your store you know the one that finds
you the items and then the one that
prices and stoks your items because you
don't want things going out of stok you
don't want to be selling items that
aren't in stok you don't want to be
selling items at a loss
um these two items work perfectly
synergistikally or software works
synergistikally together and it's really
the the
you know the power duo of ebay drops me
i've been using these two programs now
hand in hand i've been using
zik for like three and a half years
maybe and skew grid probably for
two years now over two years so
they've they've tested the tail of time
and you know they've they
they've made it so these two programs
all together are like 45
a month if you get like the most
expensive version of it or like you
don't get the discount that the zika
analytiks has right here
and 45 a month is very cheap to be able
to run an online business that makes you
thousands if you do it correctly so
let's move into software number three
also there is a link down below i
believe you will get five dollars off
your first month
if you sign up through the link and then
mention down here in the chat on in the
bottom right my face is covering it
you mentioned in the chat that you
signed up through ecom tom's link so
let's move on to software
number three at the moment all right so
here we are with software number three
four number three is spot and pace so by
far the first two skewer at anzac
analytiks i suggest that you do get them
and i would go as far as say you need
some people might argue that that you
can do it without them
but even if you can do it without them
it's not worthwhile and it's not worth
the headaches that you could possibly
get because of you not putting setting
up those two softwares or using those
two software spot and paste you could go
without don't get me wrong
but it's only like 15 a month and once
you start rolling in sales it will
really take off
and really help your business because
all it does is it copies
and pastes in your your supplier or your
that buys the items from you their name
their email and everything and then
paste it into the suppliers website
but the thing is that you can program it
to any supplier and it's very easy to do
and once you start making a ton of sales
copying and pasting everything by hand
and switching back and forth between
pages and everything like that not only
might screw up your cash back portals if
you're going through cash back it also
is just a huge pain nobody wants to be
doing that much copy and pasting
and for 15 a month i can guarantee you
spot and paste will
save you a bunch of time it's on chrome
i also believe they might have firefox
i'm not sure um but you know there is a
lot of testimonials about it it works
for ebay it works for amazon it works
for a bunch of different
forms of drop shipping i think it
integrates into shopify as well
and facebook marketplace which we've
been toking about a lot i don't know
what spot and face light is maybe that
uh oh only using amazon's supplier
didn't know that was a thing but for 15
a month which i believe it is um it's
definitely a great tool to be having you
can look into exactly what it does
and exactly how it works in trainings i
teach inside of my course as well
and it's definitely by far the best
program out there for copy and pasting
i don't think there's too many other
competitors again they took over the
market and
they're the ones so that's it for copy
and paste tool i
i think you need it you really do but
some people might argue that and if
you're not doing that many sales it
might not be worth it for you right away
but i do think like sku grid and sick
analytiks are necessary and
there is a link down below again each
one has a link this one i believe is 10
for the lifetime um so you'll get like a
1.50 off every single month if you sign
up through the link
down below so let's go into number four
here and tracker bot i'm not just saying
it because i'm on the cover from like a
couple years ago of their home page
uh from one of their ads they ran but no
they are a great tool and
you know they're very helpful in the
fact that they they upload your
your tracking numbers for you again this
might be something where somebody says
it's not that necessary
and i i you can you can come up with
that yourself i personally do use it i
use the non-api version just because i
don't want any api related software
connected to my ebay account if you have
any questions about that it's been
something we've been going over for
a couple years now i'll link a video up
above um but
pretty much it just helps you if you're
using amazon which i've suggested not to
drop ship amazon on ebay for the last
two years now
it will do the blue care express if you
still want to go that way
um i i don't do that i highly don't
suggest it but also they're adding new
new suppliers all the time and they're
really um
you know it's really just a great
consistent software you know there's
really no
complaints with it it does what it does
um very well
and and that's really what i have to say
about it it's cheap i believe it's only
like 15
a month it works well and there's really
no reason not to have it again if you're
not doing that many sales it might not
be worthwhile to get
if you are doing a decent amount of
sales again it's twelve dollars a month
it's really not that much altogether
these software these
these programs like 75 dollars a month
max if you wanted to
i mean sku grid does get more expensive
over time if you want it to
but when you first get started it's like
75 a month there's no other business out
there that you can get started for 75
dollars a month and be able to make the
potential money that you can
with ebay drop shipping so don't even
try to find workarounds or say that
that's too expensive
if it's too expensive um you know you
can work by hand
but again programs and software like
this are going to help you out in the
long run and there's no doubt about it
i believe i do have a ace an affiliate
of something some sort down below so
click on that link i forget what it is
i'm sorry
but hopefully this video was helpful if
you're a beginner this is what this
video was for the beginners out there
check out the free ebay dropship mini
course that i do have below
you know these are the programs that you
need these are the base programs that
i've been using on my
stores for the last two plus years ever
since ebay started flagging people for
using other types of softwares
these programs haven't changed two years
strong you know i don't see any reason
why it's not three to four more years
it is exactly what you need to be doing
and this is this is
these are the programs so hopefully you
take action if there's any other ones
that i missed that you think
are important then let me know down
below um
but or you know maybe don't because you
might want to keep them a secret for
yourself but
either way thank you very much for
watching this video and i will see you
in the next one

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