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Top 50 Black Hat Dropshipping Tactics

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

We all know that some people are gaming the Amazon system to their own advantage. It's always fascinating to see how they're doing it because once you know how somebody's gaming the system, you can report them, get them out of the system, or you can use the ideas yourself. In this article, we'll explore how some Amazon sellers are gaming the system.


- Premier E Retail: This seller only sells one thing, which is the brand Wonder Sleep. They have 8,000 ratings and sell for $80 per month.

- Brand Registration: Premier E Retail has registered the brand Wonder Sleep, and we can see the trademark registered on the USPTO website. The trademark is owned by Lision Liu, who's based in Shenzhen, China.

- Multiple Trademarks: Lision Liu owns 50 trademarks in the United States, including Wonder Sleep and Tethy's.

- Disparate Products: Premier E Retail sells a variety of products, including a wireless security camera and mop and bucket sets.

- Ratings: Premier E Retail has a lot of ratings, but it's unclear how they're getting them.

- Gift Card Reviews: Premier E Retail is giving redeemable gift cards in exchange for a five-star review. This is against Amazon's terms of service.

- Fake Gift Cards: Premier E Retail is also giving out fake gift cards, which is dishonest.

- Review Team: Premier E Retail has a review team that leaves reviews on all their products, including negative reviews on other sellers' products. They have multiple seller accounts for each trademark and quickly ditch one if caught.

Premier E Retail is an Amazon seller that's gaming the system by using a review team and giving out gift cards in exchange for five-star reviews. They also have multiple seller accounts and quickly ditch one if caught. It's important to be aware of these tactics and report any suspicious activity. Remember, it's not recommended to engage in any black hat stuff yourself.

$3500 Per Day Secret VIP Method Dropshipping - BlackHatProTools | New

In this video, the YouTuber, Beast of EECOM, shares a top secret tip that can help find proven winning products on Aliexpress that are being drop shipped by other drop shippers.

How to find winning products:

1. Search for VIP links on Aliexpress, which are created by suppliers for drop shippers.

2. These links are generally not for the public and are only for drop shippers who are scaling their businesses.

3. Search for products with high order amounts and little to no information.

4. Contact the supplier to confirm the product and get more information.

5. Periodically go through VIP links to find new winning products.

Finding winning products can be challenging, but using VIP links on Aliexpress can be a game-changer for drop shippers. This method is top secret and not widely known, so take advantage of it before it becomes saturated. Don't forget to stay up to date with the YouTuber's content and course, which are aimed at helping entrepreneurs succeed in the dropshipping business.

(WARNING) Amazon Ends this Black Hat Strategy

Amazon Penalizes Sellers for Manipulating Search Ranks: What You Need to Know

Amazon has recently retroactively penalized many sellers for manipulating search ranks. In this video, we will discuss what happened and what you should avoid doing.

Main Points:

- Amazon has stopped Two-Step URLs which embed search terms to drive traffic to listings and boost sales velocity.

- Rebates, which involve giving a percentage of money back to customers who buy products, have also been stopped as they manipulate search rank.

- Amazon has cracked down on Search Find By (SFB), a process where sellers manipulate customers to find and buy their products, thus manipulating sales rank.

As Amazon continues to crack down on black hat strategies, it is important for sellers to be aware of what is and is not allowed. Avoid using Two-Step URLs, Rebates, and SFB to prevent penalization. Instead, focus on natural and organic ways to increase sales.

How To Make Money Online With Pinterest Bots (INSANE BLACK HAT AUTOMATION)

Hey, what's up guys? Chase Ryan here and today we're going to talk about how to make money online with Pinterest bots. I'm going to give you an insane black cat automation strategy that allows you to promote your services or affiliate offers very fast without spending any money or having any experience. You just have to click a couple of buttons to do this. So, let's talk about how this strategy works, and then we'll dive into how to make money with it.

Using Ninja Pinner for Automation:

The tool we're going to use is called Ninja Pinner. It allows you to gather pins from Pinterest and either auto-comment on those pins or invite people from those pins to pin on your Pinterest. You can also re-pin people's pins, but what I use it for the most is just auto-commenting on different pins. One of the best ways to make money online right now is by using robots to automate your comments on different platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, or even contact forms. The results are absolutely crazy, and I have been able to get a crazy amount of signups.

Making Money with Affiliate Offers:

Let me show you a new offer that I've been promoting, Pictory. Pictory is a tool that allows you to automatically make videos with robots, and this tool already has in the last couple of days over 417 sign-ups with the different automations that I'm using. A lot of these are going to end up turning into paid subscriptions. I did the same thing with Jasper, and over the last week or so, I've been able to get a crazy amount of signups.

Setting Up Ninja Pinner:

So let me show you how easy this is to set up. The first thing we're going to do is go over to ninjapinner.com, click on Pinterest bot, enter our email, and click on get instant access. This is going to give us a free 7-day trial, and you don't have to enter any payment details. Once that's downloaded, we'll click set up and run through the installation. When the app opens, it's going to ask you for your Pinterest login, so obviously, you have to have a Pinterest account to do this. You will get taken to a dashboard, and you're going to go click on the search bar up here and look up things around whatever you want to get people sold on.

Automating Comments:

If I want to get people into an affiliate around some sort of online tool or software that makes money, I could go to make money online. I could also do like YouTube videos for video editing. What I'm going to do is start gathering ids. This is going to give me a bunch of different pins around whatever the topic is. I can then stop it and click on auto comment. I can click here on what comments I want to send. I can double click and either click on new, which is probably what we're going to have to do if you don't have any comments yet or click on edit and edit my existing comments.

Using Variables:

The cool thing about this tool is it allows you to use variables, so I can say, Hey, %name. It's going to pull their username into the comments. I could also say, Hey name, have you checked out PictoryBot yet? The reason why I'm going to use that is I recommend that you get a forwarding address with any sort of tool or affiliate that you have. So, what you do is you go to godaddy and type in the tool's name. If my affiliate link is this, I can forward a domain to it. I can buy that domain and just buy it for whatever 12 bucks.

Selling Services:

If you want to sell services, go and look up something like local business or look up an area. Start gathering ids, and a lot of these are going to have websites associated with them. When we comment, instead of doing a comment that says, Hey, have you checked out this tool yet? I could say, Hey name, I saw an issue with your website. Would love to offer to fix it for you for free. Can I send over a report? Now, when we send those off, we're going to automatically start reaching out to people that probably already have websites, and we can start offering them services.

So, the principles are very similar no matter what you're doing. You're really looking at two main things, either selling services or usually selling affiliates. You just want to hook them in with some sort of question, and you can pretty much replace your message or whatever you're saying with whatever your offer is. If you want to take my full course on automation and robots, I have a course called AI Profits. It shows you how to set up every single one of these bots. We'll see you in the next one!

4 Black Hat Tricks to Increase Clicks and Conversions on Amazon by Piggybacking Listing

Smart Seller Lab is a marketing tool that can help businesses grow fast online at a low cost. Whether you're an established company, a brick and mortar retailer, a local business, or an Airbnb host, Smart Seller Lab can help you promote your products on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and WordPress. In this article, we will discuss how to increase click-through rates and conversion rates for listings on Amazon using standard price, shipping cost, sales price, merchant fulfilled, and fulfilled by Amazon.

Tricks to Increase Click-through Rates and Conversion Rates for Amazon Listings:

- Set up a standard price and sales price: When setting up your listing on Amazon, you can set up a standard price and a sales price to show customers that they are getting a discount. For example, if you're selling a pencil, you can set up the standard price as $12, and the sales price as $5.97.

- Use merchant fulfilled: You can choose to fulfill your orders as a merchant, which means you'll be responsible for shipping the product to customers. When using merchant fulfilled, you can set up the standard price as $4.95, which will show up on the listing page.

- Piggybacking offer: You can also make a piggybacking offer for your listing. This means that you can make an offer for $4.95, even if you're charging shipping costs. This will significantly increase your click-through rate, as customers will see a lower price on the search results.

- Primary and secondary buy box: Amazon has a primary buy box, which is where customers are more likely to buy from. If you want to make another offer, you can use a secondary seller account. If the conversion rate for that offer is higher than the existing buy box, your new offer will show up in the secondary buy box.

- Expandable buy box: The expandable buy box shows different prices and shipping options for the same product. To show up in the expandable buy box, your offer needs to have a low combined price of sale and shipping.

Using these tricks, you can increase your click-through rates and conversion rates for listings on Amazon. By using Smart Seller Lab, you can promote your products on various e-commerce platforms and grow your business online at a low cost. If you have any questions or want to learn more about online marketing techniques, you can chat with us on our website at smartsellerlab.com. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and leave a comment on this video to let us know what you want to learn. Happy selling!

(black Hat) How To Mess With Your Competitors

- There are some bad actors out there who will do whatever they can to mess with your Amazon business.

How to Mess with Competitors:

- Use the maxed out credit card trick to tie up their stock.

- Use the pre-order trick to tie up their stock until the delivery date.

- Continuously do this until all their stock is tied up.

Defensive Measures:

- If someone does this to you, email [email protected] with your ACE and screen grabs of what's happening in your account.

- Black hat techniques can be used defensively or offensively.

- It's important to know these tactics in order to protect your own business and recognize when someone is messing with you.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy -🤑*$10.00 per Sign Up*📌with a BLACKHAT Method.

Hey guys, Daniel Ume here, an internet marketer who makes most of my money online. In this article, I'm going to show you how to take advantage of an athlete marketing program to make a lot of money for yourself step by step. These guys are going to pay you $0.01 USD for every signup that you get, which is practically one cent for every sign up. They're also going to pay you over $10 for every new trial, and I'm going to pay you $2 per sale.

- I'm going to show you how to make money with an athlete marketing program

Part 1: Getting Approved

- Join the SEM Rush affiliate program

- Impact is the network that hosts the program

- Fill out the necessary information to apply

Part 2: Making Money the White Hat Way

- Join SEO and blogging groups on Facebook

- Find people who need an SEO expert and get them to sign up for the free trial

- Make $10 for every new trial

Part 3: Making Money the Black Hat Way

- Use micro working sites to get people to sign up for the program

- Examples of micro working sites include Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer

- Talking to people is key to making money with affiliate marketing

- Use white hat and black hat methods to increase your earnings

- Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more tips on making money online

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