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Top 7 Shopify Apps You Need For Q4 (Dropshipping Guide)

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

Top 7 Shopify Apps You Need For Q4 (Dropshipping Guide)

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Top 7 Shopify Apps You Need For Q4 (Dropshipping Guide)

yo what is going on everybody srikanasa
here so the top seven shopify apps you
absolutely need before the start of q4
now q4 is one of the most widely known
so-called seasons simply because it is
considered to be one of the most
profitable quarters of the year and that
is simply because of the large amount of
holidays that come during q4 so it's
extremely important for you to get ready
for q4 the right way now when it comes
to q4 preparation a lot of drop shippers
think that you need to do some crazy
things you need to hire a bunch of
people in order to find the best results
with you and this may actually surprise
you but that is actually far from the
truth there are in fact only a few
tweaks and things which you need to get
set up in order to really find the best
success with q4 number one thing is
setting up the back end number two thing
is making sure that you know what kind
of products to advertise and so forth
i'm not really going to go over into the
strategy of q4 in this video because
i've already made a video on that which
you can check out the link for that
video will be in the description below
but this video is just going to cover
those vital apps which you need to
download right now when you're watching
this video but let's just get right into
it the first thing you'll have to do in
order to find any type of success with
these apps however is to destroy that
like button until it turns blue i
promise not gonna take more than two
quick seconds helps me put out more
videos just like these ones but here are
the recommended apps but make sure you
watch until the end because app number
five is one of the most important apps
which you need to absolutely have on
your store and i'm gonna be going over
how to make the best use of these apps
after i tell you exactly which ones to
download but here is app number one and
it is the christmas holiday and effects
app now this app is actually something i
recently came upon and it is something i
recommend simply because it lets you put
a sort of holiday and christmas related
vibe on your entire store and there are
a lot of ways that you can do that with
this app number one way that can be done
is that you can actually add amazing
effects which are related to falling
snow as it says right here or even music
to promote a sort of a holiday mood to
your customers and i believe this is one
of the best ways to go in 2021 and
onwards because this really helps you
stand out of the crowd right when
somebody lands on your website and this
is why it's such an amazing app as you
guys can see on the screen you can have
a lot of different kinds of
customizations you can do with your app
it focuses on the animation part and
again the music part you can add these
animations on any given page that you
would like on your shopify store or you
can also just have it on the home page
and there's a wide variety of different
animations you can choose from but the
best thing that i really like about this
app is the ability to put music on your
app you can add some kinds of christmas
carols or simple christmas background
music just to kind of get the person in
the right mind if they're in the
positive mood while they're going
through your website obviously they're
going to want to buy from you and since
no other website is really doing this
this makes this an absolutely amazing
app that you should have on your shopify
store best part of all this app is 100
free as you guys see right here put your
customers in the right mind while
helping you stand out of the crowd and
overall increase the seasonal sales
during this time period so this is an
absolutely must-have app that you need
to get right now during q4 or the
beginning of q4 and best part of all it
works with all of the themes so you
really don't have to worry about this
app not working with the kind of theme
that you have so i recommend you do i
get that app but here's one tip that i
would give you regarding this app don't
overdo it with the animations or with
the music because if you try to put too
much it can do more harm than good and
this is true for anything that you do
christmas related or q4 related on your
shopify store so make sure to keep it
kind of to the point and minimal and not
to go too crazy when doing those things
but this brings me to app number two on
my list and this is the sales pop-up
conversion pro app this is one of the
best apps i have installed on my shopify
store and this is the app right here
sales pop-up conversion pro i believe
that this is one of the best apps i've
personally installed on my website
simply because of the ability it has to
kind of pop up on the side or at the
bottom of your website with a simple
pop-up which toks about somebody
purchasing a product from you just like
it is showing right here on my screen a
simple pop-up which just makes your
sword look active as if it is very
popular and has a lot of sales and
customers activity going on on your
website this is an absolute must-have
app in the beginning of q4 or even
during q4 i normally do not recommend
having this app during the rest of the
time of the year simple because this app
is more sort of the holiday season based
app it is designed to cater to the
special occasions that happen and
special sales that happen so you don't
want to overdo it with this app and just
have it on any random day simply because
that can again do you more harm than
good now this app gives you the ability
to also add a timer but there's another
app which i'll be recommending shortly
which does a better job of having the
timer right below your add to cart
button but i use this app for the sake
of the sales pop-ups that do come at the
bottom of my website especially during
q4 i utilize this heavily so this is one
app you absolutely need to have another
good part about this app is that it's
actually fully free so you don't have to
pay anything for this app just have it
during the beginning of q4 all the way
until the end and just delete it because
it's going to do a real good job of
adding social proof with those sales
pop-ups so amazing apps to have during
this time period and this brings me to
app number three on my list and this is
the gratis faction app this is a real
new app and it is a holiday themed app
but you can use this app during any
other time of the year if you wish but
it is this app right here a very simple
app with a very simple function just
gives you the ability to have holiday
giveaways and contests even loyalty
referral and birthday programs all of
these are amazing things to have which
is why i recommend you can have this
year round but the benefit about this
app is that actually gives you the
ability to have like a loyalty and
referral program it helps you boost
holiday season sales and you can also
celebrate birthdays anniversaries any
special occasion to make the customer
feel like a vip in your store and that
is exactly what you want to be doing for
your customers because if you make them
feel like a vip then what happens is
they're more likely to come back to your
store as a returning customer because of
the experience you gave to that customer
so here is exactly what the app does
right here as you guys can see loyalty
programs they can enter through a
variety of different social media
channels and you can give them rewards
help them earn points which they can
then redeem on your store i've
personally used loyalty programs in the
past and i've had a lot of success with
that it really works well with niche
stores but you can definitely try it
with a general store as well there's a
lot of popular general stores out there
using these to their advantage so
definitely worth a try and this app has
a variety of different plans but there
is also a free plan available for you in
case you want to give it a go before
actually purchasing the app itself but
amazing apps you have during the
beginning and for the remainder of q4
because it is definitely going to help
establish that loyal program and the
loyal customer base we're just going to
want to come back to you post q4 because
trust me after q4 sales are going to
dive off of a clip for a majority of
people for a certain small time period
in that time period loyalty programs
like these can definitely help you get
back a lot of the law sales definitely
worth a try during q4 but this brings me
to app number four and this is the
christmas deals calendar another holiday
slash christmas related app this app
gives you the ability to set up a
calendar full of deals other promotions
and so forth which you can then show to
your customers directly now this is
absolutely free to install but there may
be certain charges which get applied to
you based on what kind of things you do
within this app but this is the app
right here as you guys can see you can
fully decorate this calendar right here
set up certain periods of sales
occasions and special deals within this
calendar and just have it somewhere on
your website maybe even create a main
menu section where they can click on the
menu button to be taken to this calendar
and as you guys can see within each
given day you can give a certain
discount a certain sale and you can
really promote this via email so this is
really an amazing thing which you can do
offer a certain percent off on certain
collections and so forth so really a
helpful app and you just get to set up a
calendar prior to actually those days
coming so it really saves you a lot of
time and energy because you don't have
to keep on doing this as the days come
by you can just plan this prior to those
actual days and have those sales going
on automatikally when those days come so
really helpful app and really is a
benefit to have during q4 just because
of the fact that there are so many
holidays and so many things you can use
that app with but amazing app to have
during this time period and this brings
me to app number five the most awaited
app of all and this is page fly a lot of
people actually know about page flyer
already basically a landing page builder
you can create custom product pages the
reason why i recommend this all of a
sudden compared to those other holiday
related apps is simply because with
pagefly you can set up individual
product pages which can help you
increase your conversion rates
especially during q4 and the holiday
season because during q4 buying intent
and just the conversion rates increase
tremendously if you have individual
pages set up for those winning products
that you already have or those semi
winners which are maybe selling some but
not really a lot and if you're looking
for ways to find more winning products i
did release a google ads course called
the google ads mastery course you can
find the link in the description below
but that goes over strategies on how to
find running products and how to
establish good landing pages for your
products and so forth but this app page
flies sort of an addition to that
because it really helps increase that
conversion rate get you a very nicely
designed product page which you need
during q4 so really an amazing app which
i recommend and you have a variety of
different templates to choose from just
choose one that directly fits your
website as a whole and your website's
theme and then go from there but it's
definitely going to improve your page
performance both in the conversion rate
side and also the trust factor side
because i personally use individual
product landing page builders like these
ones and the conversion rate is often
through the roof doesn't matter if
you're running a niche store a one
product store even a general store these
can work really well so page fly is
something i definitely recommend during
q4 especially for those products which
are already selling for you so that's
definitely something you want to give a
go but app number six on my list is the
sales countdown timer bar 2.0 this app
just lets you put a sales countdown
timer maybe at the announcement bar at
the very top or right below on the
product page but the reason why i
recommend this app over the other app
which provides this assembly because of
the variety of different templates
available as you guys can see this
orange one is halloween related this
first one is just a general one you can
use for any occasion and it just gives
you the ability to customize it as you
need sometimes a lot of people what they
do is they add these timers right here
but if you wanted to stand out then of
course you can do an announcement bar
timer just like this one right here so
that's why this app is such an amazing
app to have and of course you want to
not use this every day you just want to
use it for those holidays which are
coming up during q4 just put up a timer
just about 24 to 48 even 72 hours before
and just let it run because this is the
best way to kind of create that hype
that scarcity factor that you need for
all of the people coming onto your
website this definitely increases the
conversion rates during q4 so something
you definitely want to look into having
prior to q4 maybe even just start
playing around with it right now when
you're watching this video but here is
the final app on the list and this app
is the estimated delivery date range now
of course during q4 during the holiday
season people are just waiting around
for their products they're very excited
to shop they're very excited to receive
their product and use it so this app
really does a good job of kind of
explaining to them when they should be
expecting the delivery so right here as
you guys can see below that's a cart
there's a box right here with all of the
necessary information so there's a
delivery order date when they should
expect the delivery and so forth and it
doesn't matter if you're drop shipping
from china or from the united states
this is one app you absolutely need to
have because people are actively going
to be looking at this section during q4
they're wanting to do their christmas
shopping prior and make sure they get
the order in the appropriate time and so
forth so this definitely helps during
the q4 buying surge and it makes your
life easy as well because then you don't
have to answer the same questions over
and over again because during this time
you're going to get a lot of customers
asking when they should expect delivery
and so forth that can actually lead to a
lot of unnecessary chargebacks which you
could have just avoided if you had just
delivery information right here below
that's a card button so this really
becomes an important app to have during
the time period and it's a very cheap
app just three dollars a month and you
get to display all of the delivery
estimate days any type of other specific
message that you want you can also
customize the widget as you would like
so amazing app to have during q4 and
just during the holiday season but this
completes my top seven shopify apps list
fourth quarter four again if you're
wanting more direct help with me one on
one i do offer one-on-one mentoring to
find out more info on that just message
me on instagram at dedicatedyoung i also
offer a full-on google ads course call
the google as a mastery course that
course can literally get you set up for
q4 and get you on the way to success so
make sure to look into that again the
link will be in the comment section
below but if you find any type of value
in this video smash that like button and
smash that subscribe button and i'll see
you guys next time

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