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Top 9 Dividend Stocks That Pay Me $1,000 Per Month | Passive Income

Published on: December 2 2022 by Sara Finance

Top 9 Dividend Stocks That Pay Me $1,000 Per Month | Passive Income

The above is a brief introduction to Top 9 Dividend Stocks That Pay Me $1,000 Per Month | Passive Income.

Let's move on to the first section of Top 9 Dividend Stocks That Pay Me $1,000 Per Month | Passive Income!

Top 9 Dividend Stocks That Pay Me $1,000 Per Month | Passive Income

what's up guys so in today's video i'm
gonna be going over the nine best
dividend stoks that pay me a thousand
dollars every single month and the best
part about this is that's passive income
which means that i don't have to do
anything at all to make this money now
imagine how nice life would be if you
had an extra thousand dollars every
single month that you could actually use
to pay off your bills or imagine being
able to go on vacation four times a year
and not have to worry about how much
it's gonna cost because your dividend
stoks pay for it and of course i wanna
put you guys on and so i'm gonna first
share the nine dividend stoks that i
currently own and then after that i'm
gonna tok about the exact strategy that
i follow that took me from making zero
dollars a month in dividends to now a
thousand dollars a month in dividends so
you can follow my exact strategy and
hopefully replicate it for yourself
all right so let's get right into it and
the first thing i just want to tok
about is what exactly are dividend
stoks so it's basically investing in a
company that pays you a percentage every
single year for example if you buy one
share of craft hanes for 43 dollars and
the dividend is 3.64
you are gonna get paid 3.64 of whatever
you invested in the company every single
year so this dividend payment is
basically just free money all right so
now that you know what a dividend stok
is we're gonna be toking about the nine
different dividend stoks that i
currently own and later on we're going
to tok about how much money i have in
these companies and how much money you
should also be investing so the first
dividend stok that i own which is
actually one of my favorites is
coca-cola now this isn't my favorite
company just because i like the drink
and the cute polar bears but because
this company has increased its dividends
for the last 59 consecutive years and at
this moment coca-cola pays a 3 dividend
which is actually really good the
company has also had decent growth it's
up 22 in the past five years and i like
the reliability and just knowing that
this company is probably never gonna cut
their dividend and i feel really safe
holding this company because it's
basically dominated the whole beverage
industry and one of the greatest
investors of all time warren buffett is
invested in coca-cola so i mean he must
know something that we don't so i am
going to continue to add money in this
every month and i do think it is a great
investment now the next dividend stok i
own is ryokan and this is actually a
real estate investment trust and it's
also known as a wreath and reits are
known for paying a really good dividend
so it's a great way to make passive
income so if you're someone that wants
to invest in real estate but you don't
actually want to go out there and buy a
house this is a great alternative and at
this moment it pays a 4.5 dividend which
honestly is really good so i definitely
am going to continue to add to this
position now the next stok i have is
johnson and johnson they've been in the
game for over 130 years and they are one
of the largest healthcare companies and
the products they sell are always going
to be in demand like band-aids johnson's
baby products and also medications and
the best part is this company has grown
as dividend for the last 59 consecutive
years and so it is really reliable so if
you want exposure to the healthcare
industry this is definitely a good stok
to look into now the next dividend stok
i have is inbridge which i really like
and this company focuses on
transportation of crude oil and liquid
hydrocarbons and so basically this is
something we're always going to need and
the best part is it pays a seven percent
dividend and has paid this for over 66
years and also gradually increases its
dividend so in my opinion this is a
solid company to hold long term if you
like dividends so i would definitely
take a look into it now the next
dividend stoks i own are partikularly
bank stoks so i have td bank royal bank
of canada bank of nova scotia bank of
montreal and canadian imperial bank of
commerce so these are actually canadian
bank stoks and obviously it doesn't
matter where you live in the world you
can still buy these stoks and actually
a lot of people who live in the us would
rather buy canadian bank stoks for so
many reasons so the first thing is that
canadian banks actually increase their
dividends every year and also they have
been paying their dividends for over a
hundred years and most of them pay a
dividend between three percent and five
percent so i'll be holding these bank
stoks forever because i love the
dividend so now that we've toked about
all the dividend stoks that i own i do
want to share with you guys the best way
you can start buying dividend stoks
because there's so many ways to do it
but there is partikularly a way that i
like to follow so i would always use a
commission free broker that has the
option to do drip and this basically
just means whenever you receive a
dividend payment instead of getting that
money in cash you actually get it
reinvested back into the stok and i
have a brokerage option that is free and
also offers drip and i have it linked in
the description of the video so you can
click on the link in the description
where it says free stok and there you
can just create your account and on top
of it being free and offering drip
you're also going to get a free stok
worth up to 250 and so once your account
is created you'll be able to search up
any stok that you want to buy so for
example i can just search up coca-cola
and then once i find it i just have to
click on buy and that's basically it you
can buy the stok and now you're going
to be a little owner of coca-cola and i
know there's going to be so many
beginners watching this video who just
want extra support and also just want
someone to walk them through the exact
step-by-step process and just kind of
guide them and so if that's what you're
looking for i also do have a stok
market course linked in the description
of the video i made it really affordable
so if you want to check that out you can
do that in the link all right so now
let's move on to the next step and let's
say now you know what dividend stoks
you want to invest in or maybe you have
some in mind but of course now you don't
actually know how you're gonna make a
thousand dollars a month from dividends
so we're gonna go over that right now
and of course i have to be honest with
you guys and set the expectation so
you're gonna need around 250 000
invested in order to actually make a
thousand dollars a month from dividends
i know that sounds like a crazy amount
of money but don't worry because i have
a plan that you can follow step by step
and basically this plan is going to get
you to that 250 000 in the fastest way
possible now this plan is gonna have
three steps and the very first step is
you have to set aside a certain amount
of money every single month and you're
gonna invest that money in dividend
stoks and i can't tell you how much
money to set aside because it really
depends on you and how much you can
afford i would say majority of people
can set aside maybe 50 to 300
every month but if you can do more than
that amount it's even better because the
more money you have the faster you're
gonna get there and the big thing with
this is you have to be very consistent
so let's say you want to put 200 every
month in dividend stoks then you have
to stik to that plan you should not
miss any month now the second step which
is really important especially in the
beginning is reinvesting every single
dividend you get paid back into the
stok and i already toked to you guys
about drip which means that your
dividend payments are going to be
automatikally invested back into the
stok but let's just say you don't
actually have drip turned on that's okay
because you can just go ahead and invest
that money back into the stok yourself
so unfortunately in the beginning you're
not going to be able to enjoy those cash
payments because everything is just
going to be reinvested again for example
if you had thousand dollars invested in
enbridge that means every year you get
paid 140 of dividends but that money
goes straight back into enbridge stok
and so on top of following these two
steps you get a bonus of course and the
stok price usually does go up with time
as long as you invest in a good company
so if we factor in the three steps i
toked about you will quickly notike
that your investment is compounding at a
consistent rate so now that we got that
out of the way i do want to go over
something that i think will make your
dividend investing process a lot easier
so i have to admit it's gonna take a
while to go from zero to a thousand
dollars in dividends so instead of
worrying about that i would just focus
on going from zero to a hundred and then
a hundred to two hundred and so on that
way you're taking baby steps and it
feels a lot easier and i remember when i
first started investing in dividends
toks it took me a little bit of time to
finally hit a hundred dollars a month
but once you do i promise it is worth it
because passive income is so nice to
have like an extra hundred dollars a
month can do a lot for some people you
can pay your phone bill it can pay some
other bills so it is a hundred percent
worth it and i know there's going to be
a lot of people watching this wondering
how much money i actually have invested
in dividend stoks so at this moment i
have a little over 250 000 and i already
shared my dividend stoks with you but
the ones i have most of my money in are
inbridge and bank of nova scotia and the
main reason for this is because i've
been holding them for a very long time
and i also like the dividend payment
with inbridge it's seven percent which
honestly is a lot and there is something
i want to tok about because i know a
lot of people are probably wondering
how'd you get 250 000 so fast but if you
do watch my channel you probably already
know how but i will explain it so i
obviously did follow the plan that i
already toked to you guys about but i
think the main reason i was able to hit
250 000 was because i invested a lot of
money every month into the stoks i
think i invested about five thousand
dollars every single month and that five
thousand dollars that i invested in the
stok market every month came mainly
from my business income and we can't
also forget that in the last year the
stok market crashed and so when that
did happen i took advantage and i bought
so much and so because of that i
basically doubled my investments so i
guess you could say i was able to hit
250 000 with some luck and having a lot
of money now please don't get
discouraged by this because everyone is
different some people can invest 20 a
month some people can invest 100 a month
it does not matter what amount you can
invest just make sure you start
investing because eventually in the
future a couple years from now you're
going to be very grateful when you start
making passive income and you can start
paying off your bills and other expenses
and here's a little life hack if you're
impatient just like me and you want to
get to 250 000 faster why not try
starting a business or some sort of side
hustle that makes you a lot of money and
then use that money to invest back into
your dividend stoks and you might be
thinking what side hustle or business
should i start well don't worry i got
you covered i'm gonna link two videos
here that you can check out but that's
all for this video and i'll see you guys
in my next one

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