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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Best Ad Network with Instant Approval | No Traffic Required | Allow Free Blog | Adsense Alternative

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What Ad Network Pays Bloggers the Most? (We tested them all)

today is a huge day. i couldn't waste a minute of it, so that's why the video is starting here in the shower. i'm beginning a quest to help you make more money with your blog by finally answering the question once and for all: which ad network actually pays the most money? um, ricky, can we film this somewhere else? it's, it's getting a little uncomfortable for me. oh really sorry, man. [Music]. okay, so here's the thing. it's not as easy as simply switching a site from one ad network to another and saying that, oh, the other pays more. we've done this. we've switched to site from a zoic to mediavine. we've switched sites from mediavine to add thrive and from ad thrive back to mediavine. we've kind of done about every switch we can possibly do in our library of sites, and it's just a small sample, and the results aren't at all definitive. and when we look out at just the entire community of people that we're involved with, both in project 24, with you here on youtube, and every community we're involved in, the results we hear anecdotally just differ from person to person, and so we need something a little bit more, which is why i'm turning to my trusty computer. we are going to do our own survey our own study and find out what's happened across as many sites as we can get, so that we can answer the question for you. i've gotta know. i've gotta know what chad network is best. [Music]. all right now. it's been seven days. we got well over a hundred people respond, and now i've got to show you the results of this, and for this we are going to do a powerpoint, powerpoint, powerpoint, powerpoint. um, ricky, you do know that show's been over for over a decade now. right, all right, though, if nate will stop interrupting me, i'm gonna actually dive into these numbers here. look, we got the survey back. well over 100 people responded and the numbers seem to speak for themselves. right, we have the minimum rpm on adsense: a penny per thousand page. are you kidding me? is zoick 61 cents? now minimum? obviously, that's like the very worst site. but let's look at the mean and the median right adsense somewhere in this 10 to 13 dollar range. is zoick right about 14? but look at mediavine and ad thrive. that seems to definitively show that mediavine pays the most and that drive is pretty close. so i thought the question was answered at this point in your quest. it looked really definitive. except it wasn't at all, and the reason is that we realized what the discrepancy was between the zoic and ad thrive and mediavine. ad drive and mediavine are cherry picking which websites they want on their platform because they have a hands-on approach and, to justify the time they're spending in hand doing some of these ads and the setup for these websites, they only want the big guys. they don't want any of the small sites that they aren't going to earn enough from, and so they have strict requirements: thirty thousand, a hundred thousand page views, and it's gotta be at least fifty percent us traffic. because of that, where ezoic is taking a lot of new publishers, a lot of publishers that have content from- uh, primarily many other countries, and so what? what it would suggest is that ezoik isn't earning as much, but actually, if you take the same type of site of onyzoic that would- that would be accepted to add thrive or mediavine- the numbers are going to change a lot. i've got a great example that just illustrated this perfectly. somebody in the survey wrote this comment that he says my rpm is very low because 72 percent of my traffic is from india and only three percent from the usa. this is somebody with over a million page views a month, definitely a site that could earn really great money. but they can't get on mediavine or add thrive and so, even though they're earning less than a one dollar rpm, izoic is giving them ads and they are able to earn a living from this site, even though most of the traffic is from outside the us. so we sent out a second survey of only those websites that had at least thirty thousand page views and that had, uh, us, uk, canada, travel. and the thirty thousand pages is generous because even mediavine now is requiring 000 sessions. it's hard for early. so now let's look at the survey data, with it more normalized, more of an apples to apples comparison between them. look at the mean, the second from the bottom and the median at the bottom. we don't really care what the men's and max's are, right. look up between izoic, mediavine and ad thrive, i mean. so it's literally a statistikal tie. there's no statistikally significant difference between those, given the number of respondents we had, which was even large. and so we say now we actually do have an apples to apples number to compare them and you aren't statistikally going to make any more difference with one or the other. now your individual site, yeah, you may make more money by one or on the other. it may be better or worse with your site, but broad terms, looking at big data, with a lot of websites, there's no, there's no one network where you say, well, once i get to this level of traffic, i should definitively switch because this network pays more. you might earn less when you make that switch. with one exception, the exception being with the zoic. zoic, has they? they want to do this study, they want to be able to show that they can pay more, they're really confident that they can. and so if you are willing to switch from one of these ad networks and you want to try out a zoic, they've guaranteed your revenue, even accounting for seasonality. i mean, if you're going into the fourth quarter and it was going to go up, they'll look at seasonality across your niche and they'll even boost your revenue and guarantee that they'll earn you at least that much. so if you do want to learn more about just izoic and their methodology, they're super confident they can outperform the others. we got a little video from them. they produced it for us. appreciate them doing that, showing their methodology and why they think it's better and how that they can do that for you. so so which ad network do you actually pick and which do we recommend? we've had multiple sites on each of these networks. we have also spoken with higher ups at all three of the companies, multiple people. we have quite a lot of experience in knowing all of them. they all have benefits and drawbacks. yes, i loved add thrive, the roll out the carpet kind of experience. their customer service is crazy good. mediavine- very similar. they're very good at customer service. they have great education and getting going on the platform is really good. on mediavine, they have a great startup experience. ezoic- the thing that's there, the thing that stiks out most to me, is they have your back even before you make it right, right, um, i, i love that. they will work with newer creators and you know, getting them the first paycheck and getting me excited about it is huge and i love that in terms like mission, like i, i want to support them because they do that. mediavine and add thrive, they do not care about you until you meet the minimums and and that hurts our industry. it really does. i mean, imagine you're a content creator and you're building and building for a couple years, maybe to get to 50 000 sessions, only to find out that you get that first paycheck and you realize: shoot, there's something about my content, my rpms are low. now i gotta go figure out why they're low and i gotta fix up my site with the zoic. you're starting to learn that early on and you're getting those first paychecks to help you know that what you're doing actually has a return on investment. okay, sorry to cut in here just like this, but i've got to tell you about the ultimate content warrior challenge before i forget. um, we are in the month of january, starting just this awesome challenge to find the world's ultimate content warrior. so, whether you're a youtube creator or a blogger, we want you to partikipate in the ultimate content warrior challenge. it's totally free to enter. you can learn more about it at incomeschoolcom, ucw. like i said, it's totally.


Your Guide To Blog Ad Networks and Making Money 💸

When I think about the future of content creation, I see it as a way for creators to make passive and consistent income off of content they've already produced once, so that then they can choose to focus their time and efforts on the projects that excite them the most. What's one way to do this? through ad revenue. Today, I'm going to give you a complete overview of monetizing your blog using an ad network so that you can make money while you sleep. Hey there, everyone, and welcome back to my channel, or welcome if you are new here. My name is Austen and I am a fashion and beauty content creator based in New York City. Here on my YouTube channel, I teach micro influencers how to create great content, grow their digital brands and make sustainable income from content creation. So if any of that interests you, please do consider subscribing to my channel for new videos every Tuesday. Now, when I first heard about passive income and making money while you sleep, it kind of sounded too good to be true, But the reality is that it's not and anyone can do it. I currently have three passive income streams for myself, And those three passive income streams made up about 17% of my income in 2021, as a content creator. So in today's video, I'm going to tok about one of my newest passive revenue streams, which is ad revenue from my blog. So we'll be reviewing what ad networks are, how to qualify for them and how to get the most out of them. Let's jump right in. First, I just want to say for any skeptiks out there, not only are blogs not dead, but they are more relevant and important than ever before. There are some content creators out there who are earning six figures and revenue solely from ads on their blog, not to mention if you know me at all. I think having a blog or something that is yours on the internet is so important, in addition to building platforms and communities on social media. So, quite simply, an ad network is a way to run ads on your blog. publishers work with an ad network and then those ads display on your site. So I wouldn't have to go to Sephora, for example, and go to someone who works in their advertising department and pitch them on running ads on my blog and why I'm a good fit And all of these different things, and potentially not even hear back, plus have a lot of extra work to do on my end. So the beauty of an ad network is that they find the advertisers for you And then those ads will display on your blog. So not only our ad networks recruiting advertisers, but they are also recruiting publishers. I call publishers bloggers, but many of them refer to those bloggers as publishers, because those are the websites that advertisers will want to place their ads on. So if this sounds good to you, you might be wondering: okay, so how do I get into an ad network? What does that look like? And before I tell you, I wanted to quickly define the difference between pageviews and visits on a blog, because I'm going to be using both terms pretty heavily throughout the rest of the video And I just want to make sure we're all on the same page. So unique visitors refers to how many individual people viewed your blog or website over time. pageviews occur whenever a full page of your blog is viewed or possibly refreshed. someone may refresh a page of your blog or view it more than once, And so, as a result, you are always going to have more page views. then you will have unique visitors for your blog. Now, getting back into the ad networks, pretty much all of them work in the same way, where you will have some kind of application process to join the ad network. So for the most part, these ad networks run very similarly to each other, But they all have some different requirements and also benefits once you join them. But a few of the kind of common requirements across the board that you can expect when you want to apply to an ad network are: number one, that you have a blog or website that is at least 90 days old or three months old. Another really important requirement pretty much across the board for these ad networks is that you're publishing your own original content. So I don't know if you guys remember in 2010, when we all had like Tumblrs and you could read, blog other people's content or reshare things. you know that was an easy way to kind of curate a lot of content online. But you really need to be not just curating but creating your own original content to qualify for an ad network. And then lots of them have certain thresholds or audience requirements before you can apply to them. And the reason for this is because if advertisers are paying to display their ads on a blog, they want to know that a the readers of that blog might be interested in what they are advertising and be that there is actually an audience there to advertise to. So today I wanted to walk you through five major ad networks that I and many of my blogging peers are part of, And this is the list I wanted to share, because in my eyes these are all pretty reputable and well known and I think there's a good cadence of requirements for whatever part of your blogging journey that you're at. Let me review these five. I'm going to go from what is the easiest to get into up to what is the most common petitive. Okay. so number one is actually Google AdSense. Now I actually use Google Adsense here on my YouTube channel. So when you see ads on my YouTube videos, that's all run through Google Adsense, because Google does own YouTube. But you can also use Google AdSense for your blog. From what I've seen online, you can apply at any time to join Google AdSense, But that doesn't necessarily mean that you will see a return from it Again, if you are a newer site or you do have lower traffic. I saw an artikle from grow traffic calm about Google Adsense when I was doing research for this video and I liked that. they kind of pitched it as you should aim to have at least 250 visits. Remember we toked about visits versus page views a day before you apply to Google Adsense to actually start to see some meaningful revenue from it. If you are looking for a step up above AdSense, there is Ezoic, and Ezoic requires 10,000 pageviews per month to join. As you'll notike, these ad networks do sometimes fluctuate their requirements between pageviews and visits, So just make sure you take that into consideration if you're applying for any ad networks. So Ezoic is another great option. If you really have started to hit a stride with your traffic and you're now consistently getting 10,000, monthly pageviews, then you can consider applying there. So I'm going to move on and tok about the ad network that I am a part of, and that is She Media. Now, she media does require 20,000 monthly page views at least to join their program. However, my blog was slightly under that when I applied and I was able to get accepted. So if you think you're on the cusp of one of these ad networks, you can look at their requirements to see if they accept rolling applications Or if you can apply at any point, And once your traffic hits a certain threshold they might be able to approve you. But I was able to get in a little earlier, ahead of that 20,000 page view benchmark with She Media and I'm so grateful that I did. I've been on the ad network now since October 2021. So it has only been a few months, But just because I can really speak personally to this one, I just wanted to say that so far I've been really impressed. I like the quality of ads. on my site. I've seen ads for, like Sephora, Squarespace, like brands that I actually use and like they don't feel spammy And I am in control of how many are kind of displaying at any given point. So I have recently added some little video pop up ads- video ads.

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Guide to the Best CPM Ad Network for Publishers

hi, i'm here today to tok about the best cpm ad network for publishers. cpm ad network systems are experiencing exponential growth. if we look at the modern programmatik environment, ad networks for publishers implemented relatively uncommon real-time bidding tikniques for media groups when they first got started. today, smaller businesses that operate with advertisers as effectively as leaders have grown to offer advertisers an accessible cpm business model of monetization. let's take a look at the features of the current and emerging ad networks to evaluate and figure out where they can best help grow your business. here are some advantages of cpm ad networks for small and medium publishers. cpm-based publisher ad networks mean that cpm rates for reimbursement for media owners is measured using the cpm revenue model. advertisers pay a cost per thousand impressions, which benefits them because generated impressions result in more clicks. in the cpc model, meanwhile, the advertisers bid for a specified amount of clicks. when such clicks are obtained, the campaign is deemed full and the views are no longer shown to consumers. that's why cpm content is mostly used for marketing and brand awareness campaigns. rather than performance base, the cpm model generates sales for the publisher based on the number of impressions served. some other advantages include how easy it is to track ad performance for publishers and its wide market reach due to its low cost to marketers. is a cpm ad network right for you? cpm is ideally adapted for a program targeted at growing brand recognition or providing a partikular message. the ctr is less important in this situation, since the publicity from seeing an ad featured prominently on a high traffic website helps support a company's brand identity or message, even though people may not click on the app. cpm content appeals to website publishers when they are compensated simply for hosting advertisements. however, since cpm prices are low, a website must provide a high volume of traffic in order to make a good earning off cpm advertising. prices for social network ads, on the other hand, are usually higher. here is our list of the 10 best cpm ad networks for publishers: public public is a simplified and cutting edge programmatik advertising tiknology provider, google adsense. while adsense accounts require clearance that isn't always simple to obtain, the platform offers a wide range of publisher options when it comes to campaign controls, payment and more add cash. add cash has advertising costing billions of dollars per month and over 200 million viewers per day. they claim to fill inventories 100 of the time, allowing publishers to monetize web traffic with minimal effort. exponential- exponential, formerly tribal fusion is one the most highly ranked ad networks on the internet, providing a variety of ad types: buy sell ads. buy sell ads is an option for beginners, since there are no minimum traffic thresholds, allowing website owners to get started right away. propeller ads- propeller adds- is an excellent ecpm ad network with good ecpm speeds. it's also simple to try their service, which allows you to monetize your website or smartphone traffic in less than five minutes. uber cpm. uber cpm is one of the fastest rising cpm ad networks, with instant site permissions and an 80 profit share for publishers. conversant media. conversant media called value click one of the leading ad networks in the industry before 2014.. it's an online advertisement firm with a track record of more than 15 years. their operation only accepts high quality websites at buffs at bus. tiknology allows major publishers to increase sales by encouraging a large number of advertisers to bid on inventory and, last but not least, medianet. they run the world's second largest contextual ads program from yaku bing network contextual ad network. there is no one size fits all solution in ad tik. if you're a publisher looking for an ad tik company that will provide you with high quality cpm ads and provide specialized cpm advertising programs, check out the cpm advertising networks mentioned in this list. all of these networks will provide you with a good user experience and cpm rate, but before making a decision, always think carefully about what's best to achieve your goals and where cpm fits into that. thank you. to learn more about cpm ad networks, visit publiccom.

Best Ad Network With Instant Approval - Google AdSense Alternatives

So you want to earn money without upgrading from Google Us. In this video I am going to share with you high east paeen add network. This network, which provides you add, is similar to Google AdSense Upprove. If you find Adsense add on your blog which is found on your blog, this add is through the network. So you will also get earning and I will show you, by doing practikal, How do you setup add on your blog. Here you will also get approval and here you will be shown practikally. So let's start the video. dude and you had adds on top of the add- how to google with your blog, How to attach, how to enter codes, how to get approval and how to add payment method. So let's start the video. but before showing the video, I will tell you one thing that is said to you in every video. If this is your first visit to the channel, please subscribe and press the bell icon so that you can get the latest video. You will find the site link in the description of the video and press the singup button. You will get a display like this: You have to register your account here by providing your email domain name and password here. Copy your domain link from here and paste it in the center space here. Enter your email here and set your password Through which you want to login, and while giving the domain, you have not given HTTP here. In this way, you have the term and condition. i have to press on the red accept button. Now all you have to do is copy the code from here and go inside your blogger platform Now. after that you have to go inside setting and after that you have to scroll down. You get to see adds TXT and there is monotization here. allow it, and here it is. Come here and paste it and press the save button. Your work as a blogger is done here. If you want to do it on WordPress, you have to visit your WordPress site. Here you have to install the plugin with the name of adds txt. After the plugin is installed, the settings here have been added. TXT is fine Here. you have to click and paste your program here. I don't want to go here, so I'm not saving here. After pasting, you have to press the verify button here. After processing, you have to put this code below the head. see this code From here. you have to copy and paste it here on top of your blogger. You have to come within the theme, Click on drop down button and here click on Edit HTML button. This is the header tag. below it you have to paste and save it. If you're looking to do it on WordPress, you'll find plugins here: Insert header and footer. after installing it, You have to paste it below the code head tag And save it from the bottom. I'm doing it here on Blogger, so I'm doing it here And here you have to press the validate button And here your registration has been successful and you can't log in from the phone here an email will come above your email. After some time you will receive email above email. Here you have to click on the link and here you will get home. you have to login here. Here you have to enter the email you had entered here and set the password and press the login button When your account will be created. there is another link above your same email. if you click on it, then all your code will come here. You have to paste this code and you can use this add above the header and your footer. I will tell you how to do that. You have to copy this code. After copying, you have to enter the layout and here is the add on the top of the home. Now you can display add wherever you want to display it. Paste this code here and save it Here. you can fit it and use it inside like what was done at home, But I don't want to use it inside the fitter. Now the second add comes here. the site bar comes where it will be used. Copy this code from here and add it to the site bar inside the layout. This is your site bar area. I want to show this add in the site bar here. I pressed the edit button And paste this code in place of the content here and press the save button. And if you want to add show, paste this code in place of the content in the HTML and press the save button. And after saving, here is the inconstant add. it has to come on top of it. That means you can use it inside the content post. Copy it and paste it into the post. After that you go to compose view button. After that you write here: ADD CODE. After that you have to go to your HTML code. that above you have to write here: add code. Here it has become yellow. remove it from here and paste the code here. Then pres update button. Now your add code has been installed. now come to the top of your blogger. Now your add code has been installed. now come to the top of your blogger. Let's see here whether our add-ons will start or not. Here an add has come on the top of your homeADDS- the google. These adds are Google Adsense adds- an add you will see in the site bar And the second also came inside the site bar because we were using both inside the site bar. An add has come here. sometimes its interface is like this, so there is no issue. You are getting to see this top add. Now let's look inside the post to see whether the add show is happening or not. Here, add is being used inside the post and add is also being used on the site bar. Two add is being used inside the post. Adds have started coming in the footer here. In this way, your Google Adsense add blog can start coming up. Now we see in the dashboard how much the earnings have been. It's brand new. it's just numbered. it's upper zero earning right now. Earnings are also available here. I will tell you how to withdraw the earnings. It is similar to Google Adsense. you have to add a payment method for earning. How to do that? you have to come inside the profile. Here you will ask for your payment details. here your email will come and here your domain will come. Here there is a free domain and here P has to see that the company is individual. then it has to be made individual. Here you have to give your content email. After adding the details, you have to press the next button and then press the conform and continue button. Now I will tell you how to add your payment method hereI will tell you that too. Here you get the payment method, wire transfer, and you can withdraw through the bank, through cheque. Here is to add bank account through wire transfer. What currency you have to use? here we have to use dollars. here you have to add your account. Here you have to give the IBAN number, give the CNIC number, give the phone number, give the SWIFT number, give the bank number and give the address of the bank, Branch name and bank city name. write here: here You have to add all the details asked for here And press the next button and see here all the steps are completed here. Here the payment method is done. Now come here to the earning section. as soon as the earning happens, you will withdraw. I hope you have seen holinga app add network approval. how you will get It has to be attached to your blog If you like it. please like the video now, Because one of your likes I get new videos like this. Comment below the video to tell how the add network is. So let's end the video. if you are visiting the channel for the first time, subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon. If you want to join Telegram, the Telegram link will be found in the description of the video. If you want to follow on Instagram, then the Instagram link will be found in the description of the video. you can go there and follow.

Top Video Ad Networks for Publishers

hi, i'm here today to tok about the best video ad networks we have found for publishers. with over 2.3 billion users worldwide, youtube has proven that video marketing is here to stay, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to know that publishers are increasingly using it to reach a wider audience and form a connection through creative storytelling. let's take a closer look and see how they differ in the advantages of each platform. what are video ad networks? simply put, video ad networks help both publishers and advertisers trade video ad impressions at scale. a strategically placed video ad can make you between nine dollars and twenty dollars per 1000 impressions, based on location, niche and other factors. there are a number of ways digital publishers of all sizes can take advantage of this by generating their own unique video content and monetizing it through programmatik demand. alternatively, you can utilize different partners that will actually produce the video content for you, so you can reap the benefits of video ads without creating them yourself. let's look at the difference between in-stream and outstream video ads. publishers who already have video content on their websites can run ads during their existing video content. this is called in-stream video ads, currently the most reliable and frequently used system for placing video ads within a relevant video context. in stream video ads allow advertisers to get into the thick of consumer video content. outstring video ads, also known as in-read or native video, are ads that appear within non-video based editorial content. publishers without video content can place video ads the same way they would an image or text ad, which is called outstream video. regardless of whether a publisher chooses in-stream or out-stream ads, they still need to connect with buyers in order to run relevant video ads. video ad networks allow publishers to connect with thousands of buyers so that video ad impressions are transacted, which is the most popular platform for video ads. before delving into the most popular or the fast and growing ad network, it's important to know that, as a publisher, you should select an ad network that offers tiknological support and the expertise needed to fight against fraudsters. here are some of the best video ad networks we have compiled. premise is one of the best video discovery engine platforms. premise is the original video discovery platform built to increase revenue for publishers by helping their users discover high quality video content. facebook audience network publishers can join the company's in-stream video ad system and use their original content. since most facebook users are on mobile devices, it's more suitable for mobile video ad inventory. ad player pro is an outstream video ad solution which enables publishers and content creators to generate ad revenue by monetizing editorial content, regardless of whether they have on-site video inventory or not. openx is a video ad network that is available across all major video ad servers, video players and integrations, including vast tags, header bidding and open rtb, maximizing inventory value via open auctions and private marketplaces. magnite is known as a curated, programmatik advertising marketplace with a global demand of more than one billion daily video ad requests. it serves all kinds of users, including mobile and desktop users. select media offers a variety of formats here, including slider, playlist in content, bottom stiky and overlay. the network runs outstream video ads and offers a bunch of reliable and user-friendly yield optimization tools to enhance revenue. unruly- joining unruly will give you access to every major dsp and trading desk, in addition to nine to five percent of top brands found in the ad age 100. verizon media is a self-serve platform that is easy to use and offers top-notch safety tools. it enables publishers to run out-stream video ads in different ad formats by placing a script. chocolate platform is one of the fastest growing video ad networks for publishers out there. this platform primarily serves mobile developers and publishers, and can be a good choice if you want to target mobile users. add media is a very unique platform as it allows users to monetize third-party videos. it also only sells impressions to advertisers who are on its platform. teeds is a self-serve platform that is easy to use and offers top-notch safety tools. it enables publishers to run out-stream video ads in different ad formats by placing a script. fiber offers a large number of ad formats. this programmatik tool mainly focuses on mobile first video formats such as vpaid for mobile. you can choose from a number of ad units, including banner, vertikal, landscape and square. undertone works with publishers who have an existing video library. it mainly promotes full screen takeover ads and offers limited ad and rich media customization options. these were some of the best video add network options for publishers that publift has compiled. to learn more about these platforms, please visit publiccom. thank you.