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top dropshipping suppliers

Published on: December 27 2022 by pipiads

1. Using multiple suppliers is important to diversify products and increase margins.

2. Amazon is a popular and reliable supplier for dropshipping.

3. Amazon Prime accounts have been getting suspended recently.

4. This is actually a good thing, as it lowers competition and increases margins.

5. You don't need Amazon Prime to dropship from Amazon for most products.

6. It's better to focus on higher-priced products for better margins.

7. Using Amazon as a supplier is still recommended.

8. Personal Prime accounts won't be affected by a banned Prime account used for dropshipping.

9. Using multiple suppliers can prevent being sniped by competitors.

10. Diversifying suppliers can also prevent over-reliance on one supplier.

The BEST 10 Dropship Suppliers For Shopify Dropshipping

1. There are three main ways to find a Drop Shipping supplier: using a Drop Shipping supplier directory, using a Drop Shipping Marketplace, or attending a drop shipping and wholesale trade show.

2. Each method has its own pros and cons.

3. To evaluate a Drop Shipping supplier, you should check their reviews, customer reviews, return policy, drop shipping fees, product quality, and inventory automation.

4. A Drop Shipping supplier directory is a database of pre-vetted wholesale suppliers who offer Drop Shipping for their products.

5. The primary disadvantage of using a wholesale supplier directory is that many of your competitors will likely be searching the same database and using the exact same suppliers.

6. Worldwide Brands is a pre-vetted directory of Drop Shipping wholesalers that collectively offer over 16 million certified wholesale products for sale.

7. Saleho is a Drop Shipping directory that provides a directory of international dropshipping suppliers outside of the United States.

8. Doba is a hybrid Drop Shipping Company that acts as both a directory and a marketplace.

9. Doba can connect you with thousands of Drop Shipping suppliers to Source Products for your online store.

10. Doba provides a complete Drop Shipping Solution by managing all of your ordering and fulfillment operations.

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

1. The speaker is revealing their method of dropshipping with less than 10 day shipping times from China without using AliExpress.

2. They have achieved sales of around 275,000 in the last six months with a customer returning rate of 9% and a conversion rate of around 2.7.

3. The speaker credits their success to the supplier they are using.

4. They will be sharing viable options for speeding up the shipping process and ensuring customers don't have to wait too long for their products.

5. The speaker is an eight-figure marketer and coach who teaches people how to test, build, and scale profitable e-commerce brands.

6. They offer a free consulting call to one lucky winner each week and encourage viewers to participate in the giveaway.

7. AliExpress is not a sustainable way to scale an online business due to shipping times, product and quality variations, and communication issues with suppliers.

8. The speaker recommends doing heavy supplier validation and looking for a 98 or higher store rating with a 4.7 rating or higher for communication, product as described, and shipping times.

9. AliExpress should only be used for testing products, not for scaling a business.

10. Once a winning product is found, the speaker encourages viewers to find a supplier that wants to help them grow and is responsive to communication.

EASIEST Way To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Online Store 📦

1. Importance of finding the best dropshipping suppliers for ecommerce business.

2. Dropshipping is a business model that allows fulfillment of orders without holding stock.

3. Need for high-quality dropshipping suppliers for a large product base and diversification.

4. Look for suppliers with fast shipping times to provide good customer service.

5. High-quality products are essential to avoid returns and unhappy customers.

6. Importance of having multiple suppliers in case of issues with one.

7. Finding suppliers who can dropship from the same region as the target audience.

8. Consider product pricing and profit margins when choosing suppliers.

9. Research supplier reviews and ratings before partnering with them.

10. Subscribe to YouTube channels and stay updated on latest dropshipping trends and topics.


1. This video presents the top 10 Drop Shipping suppliers/websites for beginners to consider using to start a Drop Shipping business.

2. The list is in no particular order and is presented randomly.

3. Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world and offers a wide variety of products for Drop Shipping.

4. Aliexpress is a popular website that features Chinese suppliers and a vast selection of products, but quality can vary.

5. Wayfair is a UK-based website that specializes in home and kitchen products and is great for Drop Shipping high-ticket items.

6. Sam's Club is a US-based company with a wide variety of products from different categories for Drop Shipping.

7. Chinabrands is another Chinese supplier website with a wide range of products and a focus on quality control.

8. Oberlo is a platform that allows you to easily import products from Aliexpress and other suppliers to your Shopify store.

9. SaleHoo is a directory of wholesale suppliers that can help you find trustworthy suppliers for your Drop Shipping business.

10. Worldwide Brands is another directory of certified wholesalers and Drop Shippers with a focus on quality and reliability.

Top 25+ FREE Dropshipping Suppliers To Scale Your eCommerce Store 🚚

1. The video discusses the top 25 free Drop Shipping suppliers for eCommerce store owners.

2. These suppliers offer products that can be sold without holding inventory, reducing risk.

3. Online directories can provide access to suppliers, but may require fees and not all suppliers may be relevant.

4. When looking for suppliers, it is important to find ones that can ship globally and have global warehouses for faster domestic shipping.

5. Reliable customer service is important for addressing buyer issues and questions.

6. The video emphasizes the importance of researching and negotiating to find high-quality suppliers.

7. Fast shipping times are crucial for customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

8. The Drop Shipping business model can offer high rewards if done correctly.

9. The video encourages viewers to subscribe to the YouTube channel for eCommerce business updates.

10. The video also provides a link to a blog post for further information on the topic.

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping (5-8 Day Shipping)

1. The video teaches how to get fast shipping times for Shopify drop shipping stores.

2. This enables stores to scale to $100,000 per month without logistic issues.

3. Logistic side of the business is important to outsource, but requires trust in suppliers and agents.

4. Customers want good quality products and fast shipping times to be satisfied.

5. Chargebacks and refunds occur if products are not good quality or shipped on time.

6. Aliexpress alternatives for suppliers, agents, logistic teams and fulfillment centers are provided in the video.

7. A free Google doc sheet is provided with questions to ask suppliers, information about working with them and links to work with them.

8. One product drop shipping has flaws due to suppliers not having the product in their warehouse, causing delays.

9. Product quality and shipping times are more important than finding the cheapest price.

10. Use a credit card or PayPal to pay for items to ensure protection in case of refunds.

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