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Top Ecommerce Platform Shopping Cart Review

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Top Ecommerce Platform Shopping Cart Review

Top Ecommerce Platform Shopping Cart Review

this video we're gonna do a complete
review and tok about what ecommerce
shopping cart is right for you so there
are a lot of shopping carts out there
but most of them are outdated not built
for e-commerce or just lacking vital
features that you need in your business
so that leads us with just these three
right here so we have shopify
bigcommerce and WooCommerce so first off
right off the bat I got to tell you
there is a difference between hosted and
unholstered shopping carts so Shopify
and big commerce are very similar
they're both hosted shopping carts which
is what you want a self-hosted shopping
cart means that you need to either host
it on your own computer or your own
server or that you need to buy a
third-party server which is much more
common so you might need to buy Bluehost
to run WooCommerce but let's first off
let's look at Shopify and BigCommerce
and compare the two very similar
platforms except for in my opinion
Shopify is much better it has better
templates it's easier to use much easier
to use in my opinion better add-ons and
plugins that go right into it and on top
of that BigCommerce has a limit if you
sell too much you actually get bumped up
to the next here so let's eliminate big
commerce from this so now we're left
with really Shopify in WooCommerce and
before I go any further I do have links
up here and down below in the show notes
shopify bigcommerce both if you use
these lengths you get a free 14-day
trial or if you want to go with
WooCommerce you are gonna have to pay
for Bluehost a hosting service so you
can use those links up here but for now
let's go back into Shopify versus
WooCommerce so let's start off toking
about Shopify so Shopify is built for
e-commerce which is really important if
that's what you're trying to do if
you're trying to build an e-commerce
shopping platform you're gonna want
something that's built from the ground
up specifically for those needs
WooCommerce on the other hand is a
plug-in to WordPress which is made for
blogging and we'll tok more about that
later top of that it has a lot of better
features in my opinion a lot of things
that are just automatikally built into
it that are perfect for selling your
products and it has amazing apps amazing
little plugins and apps that go along
with it things that will help increase
your sales
now what commerce does have some plugins
as well some apps
they go with it except they're not
nearly as advanced as shop fives are so
some other things is it integrates
really well with Facebook Pinterest a
bunch of other platforms that's one of
the things I really like about Shopify
is they're on top of their game every
time a new feature comes out if Facebook
releases now all of a sudden you can
sell on Facebook for instance which they
did not that long ago they will release
that feature a WooCommerce since it's
tiknically a free plug-in to WordPress
they don't release those features quite
as readily as Shopify Shopify's entire
business model is served around its
e-commerce customers they're just there
on top of it overall one last thing to
note about Java is they have great
customer support if you have an issue or
you can't figure out how to do something
you can give them a call and they will
help you do that
WooCommerce does not have nearly as good
of customer support so that's a very
vital feature especially when you're
first getting started Shopify but
WooCommerce does have some advantages as
well it is tiknically free it's really
not you have to still pay for hosting
but it is cheaper it is cheaper than
Shopify so if you're on an extremely
tight budget and very tiknical
WooCommerce might make sense
another thing it might make sense is if
you have lots of small stores because
you'd only pay for hosting one time and
then each additional store is more or
less free I mean there's some
tiknicalities to this but if you're
gonna have let's say five small stores
it's much cheaper to go with WooCommerce
than it is Shopify
another use case where it might make
sense is if you're selling info project
products or digital products I sell an
effective e-commerce stok conference
since I sell courses on how you can
start an online store and I saw courses
on Facebook ads and I use a wordpress
website and the WooCommerce plug-in to
sell those info products now my main
ecommerce stores are I'm actually
selling physical products you better bet
I'm gonna be using Shopify so it's like
I said very good for blogging because
it's built on WordPress which is the
best blogging platform out there in my
opinion I'm sure some people would
disagree with that but it's the most
popular for sure top of that it's not as
professional when I tok to someone that
uses lucam
I assume they're new to e-commerce they
don't really know what they're doing I
will say there's one exception out about
literally hundreds of e-commerce
entrepreneurs that I know only one use
new commerce and he does sell a digital
product every single physical product
sell or e-commerce seller that I know
either is on Shopify or wishes they were
on Shopify so you are also more likely
to get hacked with new commerce because
itself or because you have to self host
it there's a better chance of getting
hacked on top of that I've had a lot of
people that I've known in the past that
we're using new commerce and they said
that they had some issues with that it's
never happened to me personally but that
is something to be aware of because a
lot of the plugins need updating on
WordPress there could create some
backdoor issues with that it is also a
little bit harder to customize Shopify
is much more user friendly when it comes
to customization if you're very
tiknical you can still do it with mu
commerce but Shopify is much easier and
finally last but not least WooCommerce
is more complicated to set up I
literally have a video where I set up a
Shopify store in four minutes super easy
to do you could never do that with
WooCommerce it would take much much
longer I've I'll link that down below if
you want to see the video on how I set
up a shop size site in just four minutes
so let's tok about when you would use
each platform when it would make sense
if you have info products or digital
products WooCommerce may make sense I'm
not saying it makes sense in all
situations you still might want to use
Shopify but I personally am using it for
my digital product my info product
website it also might make sense if you
have lots of small stores and you're
trying to save money and if blogging is
the main focus of your business you also
may want to take a look at WooCommerce
last but not least the only way I think
you should even consider WooCommerce is
if you're very tiknical if you are a
beginner you're new to this world 100
percent go with Shopify so 99% of the
people watching this video I highly
recommend Shopify there is a small
percentage of you out there that
WooCommerce might be a good fit for you
so not surprisingly Shopify is the
winner I have link up here and if you
use that link I will not only do you get
a free 14-day trial I get a small
kickback because it is an affiliate link
so as a thank you
I'm gonna give you a free 30-minute
consultation session to help you set up
your store no strings attached I'm not
trying to upsell you it's merely just a
thank you so you can get the link up
there or down below in the show notes in
fact this is how I can prove to you that
it's an unbiased review I don't care
what platform you choose I highly think
that you should go with Shopify but even
if you want to go with big commerce or
if you want to go with WooCommerce which
you'll need hosting for you'll need
Bluehost is what I recommend and
personally use if you use my link for
any three of those up here or down below
in the show notes I will gladly give you
the free 30-minute consultation both
BigCommerce and Shopify do you have a
free 14-day trial so if you want to test
them out and determine it for yourself
you get the the links here and last but
not least before you go don't forget to
get the online source success packs
especially if you're starting an online
store I have a checklist that I think is
everything I've learned about starting
an online store put in checklist form
things that you might not think about
such as setting up Google Analytiks and
your Facebook pixel right away as a lot
of things on there you probably haven't
thought of unless you've started a few
ecommerce businesses like I have on top
of that make sure you click that
subscribe button if you like this video
subscribe down below and I have a ton
more free YouTube videos coming out
tutorial videos how to start your online
store all kinds of great videos down
below if you click Subscribe you'll get
those for free obviously last but not
least if you have any questions please
leave it down below in the comment
section I answer every single one so
feel free to leave your question down
there and thank you so much for watching
this video I really appreciate it and
good luck on starting your ecommerce

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