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Top Facebook Ads: Best Performance

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Creating Effective Facebook Ads: 3 Key Factors to Consider

- To create high converting and profitable Facebook ads, there are three key factors to consider.

Factor 1: Nail Message-Market Match

- The biggest reason why most Facebook ads fail is because of a poor message-market match.

- An unrelated message means that the offer doesn't resonate with the market's pains and problems.

- An unappealing message is packaged wrong and doesn't catch someone's attention.

- To solve this, marketers must match their message to their market by researching their target audience and understanding their pains and problems.

Factor 2: Implement the 40-40-20 Rule

- The 40-40-20 rule is a breakdown of the three elements responsible for ad success.

- 40% is for the market, 40% is for the offer, and 20% is for the copy and creative.

- Facebook's targeting options make it easy to find and get in front of the right market.

- Creating an irresistible offer is key to getting potential customers to pay attention.

- The copy and creative must be persuasive and influential to stand out in a competitive market.

Factor 3: Leverage the Marketing Rule of Seven

- The marketing rule of seven was first introduced by the movie industry in the 1930s and states that it takes around seven touchpoints to get a potential customer to take action.

- Follow-up is essential to building deeper connections with potential customers and creating opportunities for repetition and touchpoints.

- Taking advantage of all the tools Facebook offers, like creating custom audiences, can help marketers follow up and show up for potential customers.

- To create effective Facebook ads, marketers must nail message-market match, implement the 40-40-20 rule, and leverage the marketing rule of seven.

- These key factors can help marketers create high converting and profitable Facebook ads and turn potential customers into loyal customers.


Six Examples of Successful Facebook Ads in 2019

In this article, we will explore six successful Facebook ads that have been run in 2019. We will break down each ad, explain how it worked, and highlight the important elements that led to its success. By learning from these examples, you can improve your own Facebook ads and boost their performance.

Example 1: Interior Design Company

- Offer: Free interior design consultations

- Image: Nicely designed kitchen

- Headline: Moving house? Redecorating?

- Benefits: Beautiful interior design, stress-free, managed project

- Call to Action: Sign up

- Key takeaway: Offer something that people want and make it low risk

Example 2: Gym Studio

- Offer: Free personal training session

- Image: Stock image of people working out

- Headline: Free personal training session

- Benefits: Expert personal trainers, commitment to fitness goals, get results

- Call to Action: Sign up

- Key takeaway: Identify your target audience and emphasize the benefits of your service

Example 3: Online Bakery

- Offer: Mouth-wateringly good, low-calorie cakes

- Image: Colorful image of cakes

- Headline: Mouth-wateringly good, low-calorie cakes

- Benefits: Smothered in white chocolate buttercream frosting, topped with fresh fruit, only 150 calories per slice

- Call to Action: Shop now

- Key takeaway: Use fun, playful copy that fits your brand and offer a discount where possible

Example 4: Online Shoe Retailer (Carousel Ad)

- Offer: Wide variety of shoes

- Image: Carousel ad with multiple product cards

- Headline: Wide variety of shoes

- Benefits: Stylish

The ONLY Facebook Ads Course YOU Need

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Facebook ads. We will cover the basics, the inner workings of the Facebook advertising ecosystem, and how to set up your own business manager.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are advertisements that appear on your newsfeed and are products or services offered by businesses. More than 2 billion people use Facebook every month, and advertisers bid to show their ad on those people's devices. Facebook advertising is an online auction, and each time there's an opportunity to show someone an ad, an auction takes place to determine which advertiser will have the chance to show their ad.

How to Win an Auction:

To win an auction, the ad with the highest total value wins. The highest total value is a combination of three major factors: the bid, estimated action rates, and ad quality. Engaging in clickbait and engagement bait does not improve ad performance. Together, estimated action rates and ad quality measure the ad relevance. Facebook subsidizes relevant ads in auctions, so more relevant ads actually cost less and see more results.

Understanding Business Manager:

Business manager is the structure beneath Facebook advertising that is extremely vital to understand. Every single business manager can have multiple ad accounts, pixels, pages, catalogs, Instagram accounts, media assets, and payment methods. It is the parent of everything that you will do in the Facebook ads ecosystem, and it is crucial to build it correctly.

Creating a Business Manager:

To create a business manager, go to business.facebook.com/overview and click Create Account. Enter your business and account name, your name, and your business email. Once you've created your business manager, you can access it from the left-hand navigation bar. You can also create a backup business manager in case your primary one gets flagged for policy violations.

Navigating Business Manager:

The left-hand navigation bar contains the dropdown for your business managers, ads manager, audiences, ads reporting, ad account settings, and business settings. The main section contains ad account performance, pages, and alerts. The business settings section contains a lot of different options, but we will focus on events manager in this article.

Facebook advertising is a complex system that requires a deep understanding of its inner workings to succeed. By building a solid business manager and understanding how to win auctions, you can achieve industry-leading results for your brand or agency.

I Found The BEST POSSIBLE Campaign Structure For Facebook Ads

In this video, the speaker discusses the importance of structuring Facebook ad campaigns properly. They emphasize the need to avoid audience overlap and to strike a balance between testing variables and not overloading Facebook's machine learning process. The speaker shares their agency's successful campaign structure for three common Facebook advertising strategies: direct to offer, lead magnet, and only present content.

For the direct to offer strategy, the speaker recommends using one campaign per product range and creating warm and cold audience ad sets. They suggest testing one cold audience targeting option per ad set and including all warm audiences in the warm audience ad set. The speaker also recommends using advantage campaign budget optimization and keeping the ads consistent across ad sets.

For the lead magnet strategy, the speaker advises creating a lead magnet campaign with a warm audience ad set and four cold audience ad sets for testing different targeting options. They suggest excluding people who have already opted in for the lead magnet in the warm audience ad set. The speaker also recommends using the same ad format across all ad sets and testing videos and images.

Overall, the speaker emphasizes the importance of properly structuring Facebook ad campaigns for optimal results and provides helpful tips and strategies for doing so.

Meta Performance 5: The New Best Practices for Facebook Ads

Facebook has launched a new set of best practices called the Performance Vibe that can help advertisers increase the effectiveness of their media dollars on the platform. In this article, we will discuss the five key performance levers outlined in the Performance Vibe and actionable steps for each of them.

Performance Levers:

1. Account Simplification:

Reduce the complexity of your ad account by having fewer campaigns and ad sets. Facebook suggests having less than 20% of your ad sets and campaigns under learning to reduce the amount of time spent in the learning phase.

2. Creators for Direct Response:

Partner with creators for your creative to leverage trust, authenticity, and originality. Facebook recommends investing 10% of your budget in branded content ads, which is essentially white-listing, and increasing it to 50% if you see more traction.

3. Creative Diversification:

Test out different types of ad creative formats to scale your ad accounts. Facebook suggests monitoring creative fatigue and audience saturation.

4. Conversions API or Cappy:

Install Conversions API or Cappy to measure your results accurately and pay close attention to your event match quality to ensure your events match up correctly with your pixel and Cappy data.

5. Business Results Validation:

Measure your results accurately by doing conversion lift studies and using third-party attribution tools like Northbeam or Triple Whale to scale or decrease spend based on trustworthy data.

The Performance Vibe is a simple strategic framework that can help advertisers increase the effectiveness of their media dollars on the Facebook platform. By implementing the five key performance levers outlined in the Performance Vibe, advertisers can set up their Facebook ads for success.

Ex-Apple Marketer Breaks Down the Best Facebook Ads & How to Make Them

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of creative marketing for a product. We will be analyzing different examples of successful creative marketing and the elements that made them work.

Some key takeaways from the examples we will be looking at include:

- It's important to address any potential obstacles or concerns a consumer may have about your product and explain how it overcomes them.

- Showing the product in action within the first few seconds of a creative can capture a viewer's attention and increase the chances of them sticking around to learn more.

- Highlighting the product's unique features, such as being waterproof and breathable, can be a big selling point.

- Including happy customers and reviews can also help build trust with potential buyers.

- Knowing your target demographic and tailoring your creative to their interests and concerns can also be effective.

- Using playful, upbeat, and visually appealing elements in your creative can help it stand out and generate more engagement.

Overall, the key to successful creative marketing is to understand your product and your audience, and to find creative ways to showcase its unique features and benefits.

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Your Facebook Advertising Strategy: How to Make it Work in 2021

- Traditional Facebook advertising strategies are no longer as effective as they used to be.

- Facebook Lead Ads, once considered a bad choice, are now amazing due to recent changes and secrets.

- Campaign structures and default settings have changed, and it's important to set them up for success.

- Insider tips on how to set up and structure a profitable campaign.


- Focus on acquiring quality leads that are relevant, motivated, and capable of buying.

- Test three different audiences to find the best performing one.


- Test three different lengths: short, medium, and long.

- Figure out what length of content and level of description works best with your market, offer, and message.


- Test different images, videos, gifs, and carousels to get someone to stop the scroll.

- A good video will beat a good image, but a good image will beat a bad video.


- Use ad set budget, not Advantage campaign budget.

- Set five times to ten times the cost of desired lead per day per ad set.

- Set two times to three times your Max cost of desired sale per day per ad set.

- To make Facebook advertising work in 2021, nail your market message match.

- Follow insider tips on campaign set up and structure.

- Test your audience, copy, and visuals to find what works best.

- Use ad set budget to control your budget and allocate it to the best ad sets.

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