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Top High-Ticket Dropshipping Ideas

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Mike Bastille reveals the best dropshipping niches for high ticket items and how complete beginners can earn $100 to $700 a day with no experience. He explains that high ticket dropshipping is a more sustainable and profitable business model compared to low ticket items, as it offers higher profit margins, more stability, and consistency.

- Mike Bastille reminds viewers about the free workshop for making money online and shares his ecommerce successes.

- He highlights the benefits of high ticket dropshipping and shares his experience with low ticket items.

Best niches for high ticket dropshipping:

- Home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and ovens

- Computers, laptops, and accessories

- Fitness equipment and accessories

- Gaming equipment such as PlayStation, Xbox, and controllers

- Watches and accessories

- Collectibles such as comic books or rare coins

- Jewelry and accessories

Pros of high ticket dropshipping:

- Higher profit margins

- More sustainable and consistent business model

- Lower customer support needs

Cons of high ticket dropshipping:

- Higher startup costs

- More time and money needed for shipping

- Requires more research and experience

Tips for successful high ticket dropshipping:

- Focus on quality to avoid returns

- Search for premium shipping options

- Use professional photography and persuasive copywriting

- Offer great customer service

- High ticket dropshipping can be a profitable and sustainable business model if done correctly.

- Researching the niche, offering quality products, and providing excellent customer service are key to success.

$100K Per Month High Ticket Shopify Dropshipping [Step By Step Tutorial]

So, how did we achieve a hundred thousand dollars in ten days with this high ticket Shopify dropshipping strategy? In this article, we will explore the key elements of this strategy, including high ticket dropshipping, the pros and cons of this approach, the best selling niches, how to find the best products and suppliers, and the best platforms to advertise your products. We will also discuss the importance of good logistics, the challenges of advertising and finding suppliers, and some free ways to find potential winning high ticket products.

- This article will share our success story of achieving a hundred thousand dollars in ten days with a high ticket Shopify dropshipping strategy.

- We will provide insights into the key elements of this strategy, including the best niches, products, and suppliers, as well as advertising and logistics.

High Ticket Dropshipping:

- High ticket dropshipping involves selling more expensive products, typically priced between $100 and $1,000.

- The pros of high ticket dropshipping include a higher profit margin (30-60%), better quality customers, better shipping times, and less competition.

- The cons of high ticket dropshipping include the need for a bigger budget to get started (around $2,000-$4,000), more risk, and the need for high-quality customer service.

Best Selling Niches:

- The best niches for high ticket dropshipping include extreme sports, high-end tech, luxury clothing and fashion, and luxury home decor and furniture.

- These niches offer a perceived value of luxury and quality that attracts customers.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping for 30 Days (HIGH TICKET)

In this article, I will be sharing my experience with high ticket dropshipping on Shopify. I tried this for the last 30 days and will be sharing the results with you in this video. Before I do that, I want to explain the difference between low ticket and high ticket dropshipping.


- Low ticket vs. High ticket dropshipping

- Low ticket: anything from $0 to $100

- High ticket: anything from $1,000 and above

- More profit in high ticket and faster shipping

- Working with established brands and not creating your own brand

- The process of finding suppliers for high ticket dropshipping

- The story behind my high ticket dropshipping store

- My previous dropshipping experience with an eyelash brand

- My store got banned in June and I had no income

- Started a new store in July in the bathroom niche

- Contacted suppliers and closed three brands

- Results from the first few days of July

- Day 1: spent $64 on Google Ads and got back zero sales

- Day 2: spent $979 and got back zero sales

- Day 3: spent $79 and got back $999 (first sale)

- Day 4: got no sales

- Day 5: got no sales

- Day 6: got no sales

- Day 7: got no sales

- Magic touch on Google Ads and results

- Day 8: spent $55 and got back $1,048

- Day 9: got no sales

- Day 10: got no sales

- Day 11: got no sales

- Day 12: spent $38 and got back $2,399

- Left the store running by itself for two weeks

- Made around $9,500 with only 10 customers

- Only spent $700 in ad cost

- Profit overall was around $1,700

High ticket dropshipping on Shopify can be profitable with the right strategy and suppliers. It is different from low ticket dropshipping and involves working with established brands. It is important to have cash flow to be successful in e-commerce. I will be sharing more about my high ticket store and a new business I am starting in future videos.

Top 10 Niches For Dropshipping in 2023 📈

In this video, Anton Crowley from dropshiplifestyle.com shares the top 10 niches for Drop Shipping in 2023. Before he begins, Anton stresses that choosing the right product to sell is only the first step in the process of building a successful Drop Shipping store. The following steps include market research, website creation, supplier approval, conversion optimization, traffic generation, and outsourcing.

The top 10 niches for Drop Shipping in 2023 are:

1. Nursery room furniture - this niche is recession-proof as parents still want the best for their children even during tough economic times.

2. Camping gear - with people spending less on vacations, they may opt to invest in camping gear for local trips instead.

3. Automotive parts - people are more likely to repair their cars during a recession instead of buying new ones.

4. Power washers - people may look for side hustles during a recession and selling prosumer power washers can be profitable.

5. Alternative energy - with rising bills due to inflation, people may look for ways to save on energy costs and invest in solar panels or mini windmills.

6. Hydroponics - people may want to save on grocery bills and grow their own fruits and vegetables at home.

7. Pizza ovens - people may cook more at home during a recession and invest in fun equipment like pizza ovens to make mealtime more enjoyable.

8. Bounce houses - people

How High Ticket Dropshipping Changed My Life | My Story

- The author, Joe, is a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Iowa.

- He owns a multi-million dollar high ticket drop shipping business.

- He left corporate America after realizing he didn't want to work for a boss and wanted to do something for himself.

- He stumbled upon high ticket drop shipping and it changed his life.

Why High Ticket Drop Shipping:

- High ticket drop shipping is a more profitable and sustainable model than traditional drop shipping.

- Instead of selling cheap products from AliExpress, you sell higher-priced products through American or domestic suppliers.

- You only need to make a few sales to generate significant profit.

- You are selling to customers with intent to buy, which makes it more reliable than other e-commerce models.

How Joe Got Started:

- He bought a course from two YouTubers that taught him the basics of starting a high ticket drop shipping business.

- He learned how to create a business entity, build a website, and reach out to American suppliers.

- He made mistakes along the way, but eventually found a niche that worked for him.

- His business now generates anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 in revenue per month, with a profit ranging from $20,000 to $50,000.

Why Joe Loves Being an Entrepreneur:

- Leaving corporate America was one of the most life-changing decisions he's ever made.

- He loves being his own boss and having the freedom to make his own schedule.

- He's excited about the potential for growth in his business and wants to share his knowledge with others.

- High ticket drop shipping is a viable and profitable e-commerce model.

- It requires hard work and dedication, but anyone with enough drive and common sense can do it.

- Joe's goal is to help others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors and grow his YouTube channel along the way.

10 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Products for 2023

In this article, Joe and Mike discuss the top 10 best dropshipping products to consider for 2023. They start with bomb shelters and move on to pumps, solar pumps, well water filtration systems, energy storage solutions, and wind turbines. They emphasize the importance of having an angle or niche for your store and being an authority in that area. They also recommend setting up your store with clear policies and information to avoid Google suspensions. Overall, the article highlights the importance of adapting to changing times and considering new products to meet consumer needs.

Top 10 Niches For High Ticket Dropshipping Products

When it comes to dropshipping, choosing the right product is crucial for success. In order to build a sustainable business, it's important to provide customers with quality products that provide real value. Anton Crawley, a knowledgeable and successful drop shipper and content creator, shares his advice on how to choose the right product.

Anton Crawley, the founder of Dropship Lifestyle, has been building, growing, and selling online stores since 2007. In 2013, he started Dropship Lifestyle to share his system of drop shipping high-ticket products from domestic suppliers through his online course and annual retreats. Anton's strategy has some strong core business principles, such as evergreen products that have consistent demands, high-quality high-ticket products, building genuine relationships with quality manufacturers, and no extra long shipping times.

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