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Top Shopify Loyalty Apps

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a strong emotional connection with your customers and how loyalty programs can help you achieve that. We will also take a look at the top five Shopify loyalty apps and their features.

Importance of Emotional Connection:

Customers who have an emotional connection with your brand offer a 300% higher customer lifetime value. Creating connection and loyalty can lead to big profits and tasty dividends.

Benefits of Loyalty Programs:

Loyalty programs not only make your brand more valuable in your customers' eyes but also make you a lot more money. It is cheaper to get past customers to buy again than to acquire new ones.

Top 5 Shopify Loyalty Apps:

1. Referral Candy - offers a dedicated referrals management app with fully customizable branding options and rewards for referrers.

2. Smile.io - offers a rewards program and a referral program without many bells and whistles.

3. Marcelo - combines a loyalty program with email marketing and marketing automation components.

4. Rise.ai - offers a simple reward program with rewards in the store's currency and automated rules based on customer segments.

5. Loyalty Lion - offers a free plan for up to 800 orders and a reward program with expanded on-site and off-site actions for Shopify Plus stores and enterprise e-commerce brands.

In conclusion, having an emotional connection with your customers is crucial for building loyalty and increasing profits. Loyalty programs can help you achieve that. The top five Shopify loyalty apps offer various features to suit different businesses' needs and budgets. Choose the right one and watch your sales soar!

Best Loyalty Program Apps for Shopify 2022 - Loyalty Program Shopify Apps

In this video, we will discuss the importance of loyalty apps for Shopify stores and the best loyalty program apps available in the Shopify app store. Loyalty programs are essential for stores as they encourage customers to come back and purchase more by providing rewards and making them feel recognized.

Top 5 Loyalty Apps for Shopify:

1. Loyalty Programs and Wish List - Grow Wave: This app allows you to create a loyalty program with features such as rewards and automated reminders. Customers can also create wish lists, and you can collect emails and user-generated content. The pricing is reasonable, starting at $19 per month for up to 100 orders.

2. Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs: This app not only offers loyalty programs but also physical and digital gift cards. It has a clean UI and various integrations. The pricing is slightly more expensive than the previous app, starting at $19.99 per month for up to 100 orders.

3. Troy Loyalty Program: This app is free and ideal for starting with a basic loyalty program. It has a simple UI and syncs easily with your Shopify store. You can set different rules for incentivizing customers to come back.

4. Loyalty Programs, Rewards, and Referrals: This app offers a generous free plan with 800 monthly orders included. It has a clean UI and provides points for referrals and a VIP program. The pricing is expensive once you exceed the free plan.

5. Loyalty Rewards and Referrals: This app is similar to the previous ones and offers a good starting plan for a loyalty program. The pricing is reasonable, starting at $9.99 per month for up to 100 orders. The UI is clean and effective.

Loyalty apps are crucial for boosting customer lifetime value and encouraging customers to come back. The best loyalty program apps for Shopify stores include Loyalty Programs and Wish List - Grow Wave, Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs, Troy Loyalty Program, Loyalty Programs, Rewards, and Referrals, and Loyalty Rewards and Referrals. Try out the free trials and plans to see which one works best for your store.

Top Shopify Rewards Program Apps 2022

Hey everyone, it's Jamie from Shopify Masterclass! Today, we're diving into the top reward program apps for your Shopify store. Let's take a look at free and paid apps, their descriptions, reviews, and pricing, so you can decide which reward program app to use. But before we start, a quick shoutout to our sponsor, Profit Calc. It's a one-click profit calculator app on the Shopify App Store that helps you skip the spreadsheets and focus on growing your store. Check out the link in the description for a free trial. Now, let's get into it!

- Top reward program apps for your Shopify store

- Importance of customer loyalty and engagement

- Sponsored by Profit Calc, one-click profit calculator app on Shopify App Store

Smile Loyalty and Rewards by Smile.io:

- Easy to create loyalty, referral, and VIP programs

- Increases customer engagement and loyalty

- Points system and analytics to measure success

- Free plan and $5.99/month plan

- 4.8 stars with 4,100 reviews

Review Rewards Loyalty Program:

- Dedicated rewards page and customizable widgets

- Easy referral program launch

- Translation and point system

- 7-day free trial and $100 free plan

- $34/month plan and $429/month plan

- 4.9 stars with over 1,100 reviews

Loyalty Rewards and Referrals by Seal:

- Long-term loyalty builder with time-limited offers and points

- Pre-built themes and designs

- Free plan

- Servicing over 25,000 brands

- 5 stars with 115 reviews

Joy Rewards Loyalty Program:

- On-page pop-up and VIP tiers

- Referral program and membership status control

- Free plan and $29/month plan

- Perfect 5-star rating with 589 reviews

- Four reward program apps for Shopify

- Share your thoughts in the comments

- Like and subscribe for more content

- Shoutout to Profit Calc, one-click profit calculator app

- Thanks for watching!

10 Innovative Customer Loyalty Programs (And How To Start Yours)

Did you know that it can cost between five and 25 times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one? In today's video, we'll be discussing the importance of customer loyalty programs and how they can benefit your business.

- Customer loyalty programs are crucial for building brand loyalty and retaining customers

- In this article, we'll outline the four most popular types of loyalty programs and provide 10 examples of companies with innovative customer rewards options

Why Loyalty Programs are Effective:

- Retaining customers costs less than acquiring new ones

- Customer retention creates a significant boost in profits

- Loyalty programs formalize the process of rewarding and celebrating existing customers

- Loyalty programs make customers feel appreciated, build trust, and give them more reasons to choose your brand over competitors

Types of

Growave Loyalty & Rewards App for Shopify Stores

In today's competitive market, loyalty and rewards programs can provide significant benefits to online stores. Loyalty programs motivate customers to engage more meaningfully with the brand, increase repeat purchase rates, and turn regular buyers into loyal advocates. Grove loyalty and rewards program is fully customizable and consists of three elements: points program, referral program, and VIP tiers.

Points Program:

Grove points program motivates customers to take actions using loyalty points program, designed to drive high-value purchasing behaviors. With over 20 different rewardable actions to complete, customers can earn convertible points or discounts on the store, engaging them more actively with the brand. Customers can redeem their points for various rewards like amount discounts, gift cards, free shipping, free products, and flexible discounts.

VIP Tiers Program:

Grove VIP tiers program helps to keep the best customers engaged with VIP ranks and perks. You can create as many VIP tiers as you want and choose one of the criteria to achieve the next tier by earning points, the number of orders made, or revenue customers have brought to your store.

Referral Program:

Grove referral program encourages happy customers to represent the brand and grow the brand community. All customers receive a unique referral link, and they can get rewarded for referring their friends and family to the store.


Grove loyalty and rewards program activities can be tracked through the Grove Wave analytics section. You can keep track of the program's performance, including the referral program, to understand your loyalty and rewards program metrics comprehensively.


If you are already using a different loyalty program or have an offline store, Grove can help you easily migrate the data from previous loyalty apps to Grove and set up an easy integration with Shopify POS.

Grove loyalty and rewards program provide a significant benefit to online stores, motivating customers to engage more meaningfully with the brand, increasing repeat purchase rates, and turning regular buyers into loyal advocates. The program is fully customizable, with three elements: points program, referral program, and VIP tiers. Grove also provides additional features, such as points at checkout, wishlist, reviews, social login, and Instagram UGC, to drive further conversions, engagement, and improve user experience on your Shopify store.

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

Hey everyone, Davey here! Welcome to our first video of 2022. Today we're going to go through my 10 favorite Shopify apps. Shopify makes it so easy to install apps, it's one of its superpowers. Apps can increase conversion rates, increase average order value, and make you a ton more money. Apps need to come with warnings though, if you use the wrong apps it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table.

For those that have been following along in our lemon scrub series, you know that we've got our website all set up. Now it's time to install apps. If you haven't been following, that's okay. I'm just going to use the lemon scrub as an example in this video. None of these apps have paid me for this video. There are a couple of affiliate links down below, but I'm going to give you lots of alternatives and outline the pricing so you can make the best choice for your business.

In this article, we will be discussing the 10 best Shopify apps that can help increase conversion rates and average order value. We will be covering the benefits of each app and their pricing, so you can make the best choice for your business.

1. Ship Scout

Perfect if your product

Launch a Loyalty & Rewards Program on Shopify in Minutes | Smile.io

Hi, I'm Paige from Smile, and in this video, I will show you how to launch a Smile loyalty program on your Shopify store in minutes. If you want to boost repeat purchases, build a brand community, and increase customer spending, keep watching.

Steps to launch a Smile loyalty program on your Shopify store:

1. Head over to the Shopify app store and search for the app Smile.

2. Add the app to your store and create a customer account.

3. Name your rewards program and choose a brand color.

4. Choose your average order value and whether to start with points or referrals.

5. Preview the customer journey and different ways to earn and redeem points.

6. Launch your loyalty program.

Additional features of the Smile app:

- Edit the look and feel of your loyalty program in the branding section.

- Add more ways to earn and redeem points in the program section.

- Name your points currency and add a referral program in the referral section.

- Analyze your program's performance in the performance section.

- Enable or disable customer email notifications in the notification section.

Setting up a Smile loyalty program on your Shopify store is easy and can help boost customer loyalty and spending. Head over to the Shopify app store and install Smile to try it out for yourself. Thank you for watching!

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