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Top Shopify Suppliers: Source Inbox Agents

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Dropshipping is a popular business model that allows online sales without inventory or product handling.

- Finding a good supplier or agent is vital for success.

- The majority of dropshippers find it challenging to find a suitable supplier in the early stages.

Tips for Finding the Best Dropshipping Suppliers and Sourcing Agents:

- Avoid AliExpress and Alibaba as they are not built for dropshipping and have many disadvantages.

- Consider automation apps or tools such as DSers, but be aware of the limitations.

- Finding a dropshipping agent that works on your behalf in the country you are dropshipping from is recommended.

- Consider factors such as whether the agent matches your business model, cost, delivery time, and customer service.

- Check the fulfillment services of the dropshipping agent and ensure they can scale with your business.

- Look for experienced and reliable agents with good reviews and additional resources.

- Finding the best dropshipping supplier or agent requires research and consideration of various factors.

- Choosing a dropshipping agent that matches your business model, has good customer service and fulfillment services, and provides additional resources can help you succeed in dropshipping.

SourcinBox Dropshipping Review: Pros and Cons

Hey guys, it's Brendan here and today we're going to take a look at Sourceinbox Drop Shipping. In this review, we'll cover the pros and cons, pricing, and everything you need to know to get started with Sourceinbox.

- Sourceinbox is a premium and reliable Drop Shipping agent that sources products for your online store.

- They offer faster processing and shipping, lower prices, and easier order fulfillment compared to traditional AliExpress Drop Shipping.


- Sourceinbox is available on Shopify, WooCommerce, Shop Plaza, Cart Panda, yampy, and Nouvem Shop.

- They set themselves apart by being a sourcing agent for your specific needs in your Drop Shipping business.


- Sourceinbox sources a variety of different products directly from manufacturers in China.

- They negotiate directly with manufacturers to get you favorable prices.

- They also help with quality checks, packaging, and product warehousing.

- Sourceinbox offers private labeling and customized product specifications, packaging, and product logo inserts.


- Sourceinbox is free to add as an app.

- They have additional services, but the pricing is not listed publicly.

- There are no monthly recurring subscription fees.


- The dashboard allows you to search for products, import AliExpress products, and fulfill customer orders.

- Sourceinbox also offers product photography, customized cards and labels, and one-on-one customer service.

- You can manage your sales analytics and profit and loss statements within the app.

- Sourceinbox offers a wide variety of options and stands out among other Drop Shipping agents.

- They are free to sign up with and have no monthly fees.

- If you're looking for a reliable and efficient sourcing agent, Sourceinbox is definitely worth checking out.

BRANDED Dropshipping Agent with NO MOQ! Shopify Dropshipping 2022

In this video, we will look at how to dropship branded and private label products to set yourself apart from competitors and make more money with your dropshipping store in 2022. We will discuss an amazing dropshipping agent service that allows you to dropship completely custom-branded products with your logo printed on the product and packaging.

Bullet Points:

- The dropshipping agent service we will discuss is called bs dropshipping

- They work directly with suppliers and manufacturers in China to allow you to brand your products with no minimum order quantity

- You will have to pay a setup fee for the logo mold, but it's usually around $10 to $20

- Shipping times are lightning fast, with around 10 days for the UK, 3-4 days for Italy, and around 10 days for the US depending on the product

- By dropshipping private label and branded products, you can keep customers happier and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases and referrals

- Building a brand around the product with your logo printed on it is easier with bs dropshipping

- Affordable prices for the products allow you to add higher margins and make more profit on every sale

- Fulfilling orders with bs dropshipping is straightforward by exporting orders from Shopify or Woocommerce to an excel sheet and emailing it to them

- Payment can be made through PayPal or bank transfer, with a $2.50 fee for every product dropshipped

- Bs dropshipping offers an excellent service considering the fee they charge

If you want to start a brand around a product but don't have enough money to invest, bs dropshipping is an excellent way to go. With no minimum order quantity for most products and lightning-fast shipping times, you can keep customers happy and make more profit on every sale. So, check out their website and contact them through WhatsApp for more information.

Say Goodbye to Aliexpress! Top 3 Suppliers for Shopify Dropshipping Stores in Q4 and 2021

In this article, we discuss the downfall of AliExpress and unreliable suppliers, fake tracking numbers, and slow shipping times. We provide three suppliers that offer faster shipping times to keep customers happy, reduce chargebacks and refunds, and increase profits. Additionally, we offer two websites to find private drop shipping agents.

- Discuss the issues with AliExpress and unreliable suppliers

Top Suppliers:

- Sourcing Box: fulfillment company that sources products, houses them, checks for quality, and offers branding customization

- Hyper Skew: similar to Sourcing Box, recommended by colleagues for good customer service

- CJ Drop Shipping: offers creatives, has multiple warehouses globally, and has good experiences reported by peers

Finding Private Suppliers:

- Use Upwork and search for drop shipping agents

- Alternatively, search for drop shipping agents directly on Alibaba

- Offer private agent access to the first ten action takers who follow on Instagram and DM with the word supplier

- Encourage engagement and wish success for the remainder of Q4 and 2021

How To Dropship WITHOUT AliExpress On Shopify (Fast Shipping Methods)

- The article discusses how to drop ship products from China with less than 10 day shipping times without using AliExpress.

- The author aims to make over five million dollars with his e-commerce brand and document the process to help others start their own online stores.

- The article emphasizes the importance of transparency and provides examples of shipping times.

Why AliExpress is not sustainable for scaling:

- AliExpress is only good for testing new products, but it is not sustainable for scaling a product.

- There are massive variations between suppliers' shipping times and product quality, making it a random game on whether the supplier will do a good job or not.

- The author advises studying suppliers heavily and building rapport with them to ensure quality products.

Alternatives to AliExpress:

- Eperlo and Spocket are two alternatives that offer faster shipping.

- Eperlo provides shipping lines that are not available on AliExpress, but it is more expensive.

- Spocket focuses on products that ship from the US and Canada, but its product library is not the greatest.

Using a private agent:

- The best and fastest way to ship products out of China is to use a private agent who has connections in China with fulfillment centers, shipping lines, and manufacturers.

- The agent can find the best factories, product quality, and price combination, improve it for you, and use the most consistent shipping lines.

- Working with an agent is not just a better drop shipping process but also a way to level up your game and build a longer-lasting brand with more consistency.

- The author's shipping is set up in China using a private agent and Yun Express to ship products with less than 10 day shipping times.

- The next stage is to achieve three day shipping times by using a US fulfillment center, which is cheaper in the long run and gives customers the best possible experience.

- The article ends with a call to action to subscribe to the author's channel for more great content about building an e-commerce brand.

A General Introduction of SourcinBox

Hey everyone, I'm Hongbin, co-founder of Sourcing Box. Today, I want to introduce you to our company and provide you with more information about what we do.

About Sourcing Box:

- We are a professional drop-shipping agent from China.

- Although we were officially established three years ago, our key members have experienced in dropshipping business for five years.

- We offer fast shipping with nice prices to fulfill your orders.

- So far, we have about 1,000 active customers and the number is growing.

- In our office, there are over 30 Sourcing Box members including customer managers and IT engineers.

- We keep recruiting more and more fully capable new members for our customer manager team and IT team to support ever-growing customer requests and provide efficient customer service.

- In the meantime, over 20 employees in our warehouse are processing the products and shipment in our 4,000 square meter warehouse.

What We Can Do for You:

- We offer a whole supply chain solution including sourcing products, customized branding, checking quality, arranging shipment with multiple shipping options, offering reliable and responsible after-sales service, etc.

- We work directly with manufacturers and all the mainstream carriers. The resources we've got enable us to source products with prices as low as possible and ship different kinds of products to all popular countries for you.

What's Special About Sourcing Box:

- We've been investing a lot in Sourcing Box app to improve work efficiency and user experience. It is completely free, and it's becoming one of the most powerful drop-shipping apps.

- We explained in one of our blogs that we don't offer free shipping like AliExpress does. However, our pricing, i.e., our shipping price for each order, is based on fixed fee and weight fee, which is more reasonable and saves the shipping cost for you.

- If you login Sourcing Box app under check recharge under the section my wallet, you find we offer cashback at different rates when you recharge over two thousand dollars each single time.

- It's absolutely free for you to keep your inventory in our warehouse.

- We offer reliable and responsible after-sales service in cases like damaged products, run products, lost packages, etc.

- We have been working with all the mainstream carriers in China, and we offer a wide selection of shipping options covering pretty much all popular countries.

How to Work with Sourcing Box:

- We accept orders placed on Sourcing Box app.

- Before you place orders with us, please make sure that you've got a customer manager to source the products and process orders.

- If you want to know the products and the shipping price from us, please send us your sourcing requests on Sourcing Box app.

- When you accept our price, we'll send you connection requests to connect the products on your store, or you can just import our products to your store.

- As long as the products on Sourcing Box show connected, the orders of the connected products will automatically sync to Sourcing Box app.

In conclusion, we are the timesaver, cost saver, first order processor, and professional with responsible after-sales service and honest communication. We look for long-term business partnerships. Don't hesitate to contact us by the ways below, and we'll be updating more videos to share information about Sourcing Box supply chain China shipment and other matters about the dropshipping business. Thanks for watching!


In this video, Camille Sutton, aka The Econ King, shares his secrets for achieving fast shipping times of four to seven days when dropshipping on Shopify in 2021. He explains how to use the supplier CJ Dropshipping, which has warehouses in many countries, to avoid buying in bulk and spending too much on shipping costs. Camille gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the back end of your Shopify store to take advantage of CJ Dropshipping's warehouses. He recommends using high-ticket products with high perceived value to make this strategy profitable. Camille also offers a giveaway of a 30-minute consultation call to one lucky viewer who likes the video and leaves a comment. He provides a disclaimer that he is not sponsored by any of the companies he mentions but recommends CJ Dropshipping based on his personal experience and success.

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