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Top US Shopify Stores: Discover the Best!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hello and welcome back! In this video, I'm going to show you how to find a complete list of Shopify stores, how to find the store owner or CEO's name, and how to easily collect their email addresses.

Step-by-Step Guide:

- First, visit the website myip.ms and provide the Shopify link's IP address, which is

- Click on the Whois Lookup button to see the IP owner, which is Shopify Inc. You can also see all the websites hosted with these IP addresses, which means all the websites using Shopify right now.

- You can extract all the website URLs by clicking on View All Records and hiring someone on Fiverr to get these data extracted on an excel spreadsheet or on a Google spreadsheet.

- Verify that all these websites are actually built with Shopify by using a tool like Umbraco Laser.

- To collect the owner or CEO's name and their email addresses, use a search engine like LinkedIn by typing the website's domain name, owner or CEO, and LinkedIn.

- Once you find the owner or CEO's profile, copy their name and profile URL, and use Cell SQL to extract their email addresses.

That's it! This is how you can find a complete list of Shopify stores, find the store owner or CEO's name, and easily collect their email addresses. Don't forget to check out the links I've attached in the video description for your easy access. If you found this video helpful, please give it a like, share it with your friends, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Thank you for watching, and have a good day!

How To Easily Sell Worldwide on Shopify (No Apps!) | Shopify Markets

Shopify has made it easier for e-commerce brand owners to sell in different markets, different countries, and different currencies with their recent updates. The new feature is called Shopify Markets and is now included in regular Shopify plans. This article will explain how to set up Shopify Markets and take advantage of its features.


Shopify Markets simplifies international selling by allowing you to reach new geographic regions and optimize your business for global sales. Here are the top three features:

1. Different prices and domains for each market

2. Local currency for each market

3. Automatic translation of your website based on different markets around the world

Shopify Markets also allows you to include duties and import taxes in your pricing, making it easier for customers to purchase products without any additional fees. You can also split your market shares on Shopify, allowing you to do reports on how many sales come from each market.

How to Set Up Shopify Markets:

1. Click on Add a Market in the Markets section of your Shopify dashboard.

2. Give your market a name and add countries or regions.

3. Choose a language, currency, and if there are any duties or import taxes.

4. Modify domains, shipping zones, and performance from that specific market share.

Benefits of Shopify Markets:

Shopify Markets allows e-commerce brands to keep everything in one place, simplifying the setup of pixels and overall logistical aspects of the back end of the POS Shopify. It also makes it easier to connect with any ad platform. Consolidating everything in one place helps the advertising platforms learn better about your brand.

Shopify Markets is a great change for anyone using Shopify and currently running ads. It simplifies the setup of pixels and the overall logistical aspect of the back end of the POS Shopify. If you're an e-commerce brand owner making at least 20 to 30,000 dollars a month, check out the first link in the description for a demo call with our team.

How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step)

newsletter section because I want tocatch the attention of our visitors andcommunicate the main benefits of theproduct before asking for their emailaddress so I m going to click on thissection and then drag it up here to themain benefits section now for the textpart here we want to clearly communicatethe main benefits of the product and whythey should buy it so I would simplyput in three to five bullet points hereabout the main benefits of the productfor example for this blender I would putportable and easy to use blend anywhereand anytime perfect for on-the-gohealthy lifestyle and then I would alsoput some images here that clearly showthe product in use so people can get anidea of how it works and what it can doand then for the button here again wewant to assign it to the product page sopeople can buy it and then we can put atext like get yours now or buy now orsomething similar that fits to yourbrand now for the next section of thehomepage we re going to add some socialproof and show our customers that otherpeople have bought and are happy withthe product so we re going to add areviews section here on the left sideclick on add section and then we regoing to choose the reviews sectionhere on the left side so it looks likeit s this one here so let s add thatsection and then we can simply click onedit and then change the content here sofor the reviews part we can use a toolcalled Loox which is a Shopify app thatmakes it super easy to collect reviewsfrom our customers and then displaythem on our store so I would recommendusing Loox but you can also just managethe reviews manually by adding them toyour store one by one but with Loox it sjust a lot easier and saves a lot oftime so I m going to assume that we reusing Loox for this store now once you veinstalled Loox and collected some reviewsyou can simply go to your Loox dashboardand then copy the Loox shortcode thatyou can find here under the widget tabso let s copy this code here

The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

- Q4 is approaching rapidly and the year has gone by quickly

- It's important to have a brand-building mentality for dropshipping businesses

- Today's case study is on the dropshipping store, Warmly


- Warmly sells modern home decor and has a congruent website design

- They get over 200,000 monthly visitors and 99.64% of their traffic comes from Pinterest

- They are estimated to be making at least a million dollars per month

- They use QuadPay for higher ticket items and have a fair refund policy

- They have a long shipping time of 3-5 weeks but it makes sense for furniture items

- They don't have any reviews on their website but have a large following on Pinterest

- Dropshipping is a genius business model and Warmly is a prime example of success

- The Sales Source tool is a great resource for dropshippers to find store inspiration

- It's important to have a brand-building mentality and provide value for customers

- Warmly is an impressive dropshipping store that provides inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2022 | Set up a Shopify Store in 13 Minutes

In this Shopify tutorial for beginners, we will show you step by step how to use Shopify to build your own online store from complete scratch. Let's not waste any time and get started!

## Introduction

- Get a 14-day free trial for Shopify

- Choose a store theme

- Customize your store

- Set up legal pages

- Add products

- Set up payment and shipping

- Launch your store

## Steps

1. Get a 14-day free trial for Shopify

- Go to the description of the video and click on the first link

- Sign up for a new Shopify account

- Type in your email and click on start free trial

- Set your password and click on create your store

- Skip the survey by clicking on skip

2. Choose a store theme

- Click on online store

- Click on themes

- Scroll down and click on explore free themes

- Choose a theme that fits your business

3. Customize your store

- Click on customize

- Edit all your store pages

- Rearrange or delete sections

- Add new sections

4. Set up legal pages

- Click on settings

- Click on policies

- Generate policies using Shopify templates

- Add policies to the footer menu

5. Add products

- Click on products

- Add a product name, image, price, and quantity

- Add the product to a collection

6. Set up payment and shipping

- Click on payments

- Set up payment providers

- Click on shipping

- Set up shipping zones and rates

7. Launch your store

- Click on the little i icon next to online store

- Test the customer experience

- Make sure everything works perfectly

## Conclusion

Congratulations! You have successfully built your own online store using Shopify. Remember to constantly update and improve your store to provide the best customer experience possible. Good luck with your new business!

Top 16 US Dropshipping Suppliers With Fast Shipping For Shopify Stores 🚀

With the increase in online retail shopping, dropshippers can take advantage of higher profit margins. To do this, they need reliable suppliers. In this article, we will cover the top 16 US dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store.

1. eBay:

- Millions of products in various categories

- Seller protection for both buyers and sellers

- Easy to spy on competition

- Open marketplace with various shipping and return policies

2. Wayfair:

- Large selection of home goods

- Fast shipping from domestic warehouses

- My Way program for free shipping and exclusive products

- Niche limitation to home goods market

3. AliExpress:

- Unlimited product range

- Low cost and domestic warehouses

- Fast shipping to US customers

- Lower product quality and no bundle options

4. Costway:

- Free standard shipping on all items

- Guaranteed 90 day exchange or return period

- Limited shipping carriers and shipping out with Costway logo

5. Banggood:

- Low pricing and various product categories

- Dropshipping friendly with product recommendations and cashbacks

- Special programs and professional product videos

- Flawed warranty and return policies

6. Overstock:

- High quality products at fair pricing

- Price match guarantee and Club Zero program for free shipping and cashback

- Limited to home goods and furniture niche

7. CJ Dropshipping:

- Product sourcing solution and quality control

- Pod print on demand solution and white label branding options

- Complicated user interface and limited shipping carriers

8. Walmart:

- Discounts, great prices, and price match policy

- Vast selection of products and next day delivery

- Lack of payment options and no PayPal payment option

9. Etsy:

- Unique and creative products

- Personalized notes for higher profit margins

- Over 2 million sellers with different return policies

10. Amazon:

- Fast and free shipping with Prime

- 30 day product returns without reasoning or restrictions

- 110 warehouses in the US

- Reading product reviews before dropshipping

11. Costco:

- Wholesale business model for higher profits

- Over 20 product categories and unique products

- Limited payment methods and lack of dropshipping perks

12. Sam's Club:

- Exclusive to members only with cash back rewards and savings

- Multiple product categories and free shipping

- No PayPal payment option

13. Home Depot:

- High quality home improvement products

- Free two day delivery for 1 million products

- Tax exemption program and price match policy

- Customers responsible for return shipping expenses

14. Target:

- High quality items with over 45 private labels

- Special Red Card program for free shipping and discounts

- No dropshipping perks

15. Lowe's:

- Fast and efficient shipping and three shipping methods

- Business credit cards and pro loyalty program

- Protection plan and no dropshipping perks

- Higher shipping fees for some items

16. Printful:

- On demand printing and fulfillment company

- Customization options and no need to order in bulk

- Lack of control in fulfillment process and quality control

- Need to pay attention to return policies

To successfully run and scale your Shopify dropshipping business, you need a dropshipping automation tool like AutoDS. With AutoDS, you have complete control over your business with price and stock monitoring, easy product imports, and more. Use these top US dropshipping suppliers to your advantage and take your business to new heights

How to SPY on Successful Shopify Stores - 100K/day. #shopify

Are you tired of trying to find winning products on Shopify stores without any luck? Simply Trends is the solution to your problem. This tool allows you to spy on successful Shopify stores and track their sales and live orders. By analyzing a very successful Drop Shipping Store, we can find its winning product with the click of a button. Simply Trends also allows you to find suppliers, track store traffic and see what apps and analytics are being used by your competitors. With the ad spy tool, you can find winning ads and use them to create your own. Additionally, the Facebook ad section lets you see what platforms your competitors are using to run their ads. Tick Tock ads are also available for analysis. Finally, Simply Trends allows you to find suppliers by copying the URL of a winning product or uploading an image. With all of these features, Simply Trends is a must-have for any drop shipper.

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