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toptoon ads are annoying

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

The article discusses the promotion of incest webtoons by the website Two Mix to kids on the internet. The writer talks about the annoying ads that appear on various websites and social media apps. The ads are usually tailored to specific individuals in a demographic. The writer highlights that these ads are mostly targeted towards kids, and the website has a family-friendly safe mode. However, the website still manages to promote weird incest webtoons to kids.

Main Content:

- The writer discusses the various genres of comics available on the website, ranging from action, fantasy, comedy to romance. However, the website seems to prioritize promoting incest webtoons over other comics.

- The writer reads and analyzes one of the romance comics available on the website, which is supposed to be family-friendly. However, the comic is filled with sexual innuendos and has no backstory.

- The writer criticizes the marketing strategy of the website and how annoying it is for people who want to use the internet normally. The writer also questions why the website promotes incest webtoons to kids.

- The writer concludes that while some people might be attracted to weird fantasies, promoting them to kids is not acceptable. The website should be more responsible and promote content that is suitable for kids.

The promotion of incest webtoons to kids by the website Two Mix is unacceptable. The website should be more responsible and promote content that is suitable for kids. The writer also highlights the need for parents to monitor what their kids are reading and watching on the internet.

These YouTube Ads Are INSANE.

If you're a frequent YouTube user, you're probably aware of the strict rules that YouTube has in place regarding explicit language and content. However, despite this strict enforcement for content creators, YouTube seems to have a double standard when it comes to allowing certain ads on their platform.

Issues with YouTube Ads:

- YouTube is very strict with explicit language and content in videos, but doesn't seem to regulate ads in the same way.

- YouTube provides a sheet for content creators to fill out before posting a video to verify its content, but there seems to be a double standard for ads.

- Some ads on YouTube are extremely graphic and border on being pornographic, despite the platform's attempts to be more child-safe.

- YouTube seems to have issues with copyright infringement, taking down videos for even a few seconds of a song, but allowing ads that infringe on copyright law.

- YouTube doesn't seem to do much to regulate the ads on their platform, despite the obvious problems they present.

YouTube needs to start regulating the ads on their platform more strictly, to avoid double standards and to ensure that the content on the platform is appropriate for all ages. Content creators shouldn't be held to a higher standard than advertisers, and YouTube needs to recognize this issue and take steps to resolve it.

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

Mobile game ads are becoming increasingly prevalent on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. These ads often use misleading and deceptive tactics to lure in viewers, which can lead to addiction and microtransactions. The mobile game industry is corrupt, and websites that allow these ads to flourish are complicit in the process. This article will explore the origins of mobile game ads and their descent into madness.

Main points:

1. The rise of microtransactions: Mobile games used to require upfront payments, but now companies rely on microtransactions to generate revenue.

2. Competition for attention: Mobile game ads face stiffer competition than traditional TV ads, which leads to increasingly bizarre ads.

3. Targeted towards children: Many of these ads are specifically targeted towards children, who may not fully understand the addictive nature of microtransactions.

4. False promises and fraudulent claims: Mobile game ads rely on fraudulent claims and shocking promises rather than actual quality when it comes to their product.

5. The corruption of the mobile game industry: The entire system is corrupt, and websites that allow these crimes against humanity to flourish are complicit in the process.

Mobile game ads are a plague upon the internet, and with every passing day, they are getting worse. These ads are misleading, deceptive, and pandering, and they cannot be trusted. The mobile game industry is corrupt, and websites that allow these ads to flourish are complicit in the process. It is time to take a stand against these ads and demand a change in the industry.

Your Ads Suck Again Webtoon

- The author discusses their frustration with a company's advertising tactics and decides to revisit a previous video from their Your Head Sucks series.


- The author comments on the music used in the video and expresses distaste for certain cosplay trends.

- They critique the quality of the video and make observations about the characters and plot.

- The author becomes increasingly frustrated as they continue to watch the video and encounter more content that they dislike.

- They briefly mention another webcomic they dislike and express reluctance to continue making videos on this topic.

- The author reflects on their decision to revisit this topic and expresses a desire to move on to other content in the future.

Mobile Ads Have Gotten Even Worse

Hello, fellow lifeless corporate trends! Today we will be discussing the section of hell that contains the latest mobile game ads. These ads have become so bad that we are left wondering how they could possibly get worse. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at these ads and their downward spiral in marketing.

Sponsored Content:

Before we dive into the gallery of disappointment, let's take a moment to talk about something awesome. Today's video is sponsored by Surfshark VPN. With the reliance on the internet more than ever, it's important to have good security. Surfshark is a virtual private network that encrypts the data you send through the internet, protecting your information from prying eyes. It also allows you to access content from anywhere in the world, making it easy to watch shows in other countries. You can use my link in the description and promo code sevantics to get 83% off and three months free.

Gallery of Disappointment:

1. Diamond Theft Game: A game where you scan for diamonds or items of value on people and decide whether to steal them or not. The premise is awful and the gameplay is mundane.

2. Butt Implant Bouncing Game: A game where you pick up butt implants and see how far you can bounce them. The choices in the game are ridiculous and the animation is terrible.

3. Boxer Game: A game where you fight to the death. The knockout animation is awful and the 3D model has issues.

4. Inappropriate Game: A game similar to Episode where the choices presented are unhinged and inappropriate. It's freaky and not suitable for public play.

5. 911 Dispatcher Game: A game that makes a mockery of being a 911 dispatcher by allowing players to request a burger instead of emergency services.

6. Puzzle Game: A game where the hair patches are copy and pasted, and the puzzle-solving ability is deliberately awful.

7. Riddle Game: A game that challenges your intelligence with simple problems and claims that beating level 28 makes you a genius.

8. Ball Sorting Game: A game for toddlers where the aim is to sort spheres. The person in the ad deliberately puts the wrong ones in the rows.

9. Brick Collecting Game: A game marketed as for baddies, which is a trend that needs to be destroyed.

10. Hot Girl Games: Ads that use the term hot girl and suggest that solving a shape puzzle is hot girl behavior.

In conclusion, the quality of mobile game ads has hit rock bottom. The marketing has become more ridiculous, and the gameplay is mundane and uninteresting. We must take a stand against these trends and strive for better quality in the gaming industry. Thank you for reading and watching, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?

Experience an Epic World of Gaming

- Mobile game ads are often misleading and not representative of the actual game

- Companies use ads to target power players who spend the most time and money in the game

- The FTC has rules around truthful advertising but enforcement may not be a priority for misleading mobile game ads

Examples of Misleading Ads:

- Ads that use footage from a different game to promote a different game

- Ads that use completely different art and gameplay styles from the actual game

- Ads that create an entirely new game that does not resemble the actual game

Reasons for Misleading Ads:

- Companies use A/B testing to find the most engaging ads that will hook power players

- Animation and gameplay concepts in misleading ads are incredibly sticky for power players

- Creating a 5 second animation for an ad is much cheaper than creating a full game

FTC Rules and Enforcement:

- FTC requires truthful advertising but focuses on products with false health or financial claims

- Misleading mobile game ads may not fall under FTC enforcement because they do not necessarily lead to financial harm

- Misleading mobile game ads are a frustrating experience for consumers

- Companies use these ads to target power players and engage them in the game

- While the FTC has rules around truthful advertising, enforcement may not be a priority for misleading mobile game ads.

How To Block Specific Ads On YouTube

Did you know that you can block specific ads from appearing on your YouTube channel? In this article, we will explore the reasons why you see certain ads, the types of ads you might encounter, and how to block specific ads on YouTube.

Why do you see certain ads?

The ads that play on YouTube videos are tailored to your specific interests. They are based on your Google ad settings, the videos you've watched, and whether or not you're signed in. Here are some anonymous signals that may decide which ads you see:

- Types of videos you've viewed

- Apps on your device and their usage

- Websites you visit

- Anonymous identifiers associated with your mobile device

- Previous interactions with Google ads or advertising services

- Geographic location

- Age range

- Gender

Types of ads you might encounter:

- Skippable ads (can be skipped after five seconds)

- Non-skippable ads (must be watched in full before video)

- Overlay ads (appear at the bottom of the video)

- Sponsored cards (appear on the right side of the video)

How to block specific ads:

If you don't want to see certain ads, you can block the website and all its accompanying pages. To do this, go to your Google AdSense account and click on blocking controls. From there, you can enter the URL or URLs you wish to block. You can also block sensitive or general categories of ads.

How to turn off ads for your YouTube channel:

If you want to turn off ads for your entire YouTube channel, you can do so by turning off monetization. Go to the videos tab in YouTube Studio and select all the videos you wish to turn off monetization for. You can also turn off monetization for individual videos by checking the box next to the video and selecting off.

How to make money on YouTube without monetization:

If you don't have monetization enabled on your channel, don't worry. There are still ways to make money on YouTube. Watch the video on the screen for 10 ways to make money without 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers.

Blocking specific ads on your YouTube channel is easy, and it can make your viewing experience more enjoyable. By understanding the types of ads you might encounter and how to turn off monetization, you can take control of your YouTube experience. Remember, watching ads helps support your favorite creators, so consider putting up with them if you enjoy their content.

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