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Track Dropshipping Items Efficiently

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, I will be sharing my top 10 favorite products for the month of January 2023 and Valentine's Day. These products are all new and have the potential to be successful.

Product 1: Gesture Sensing Smart Robot

- Almost 600 orders on AliExpress with 4.8-star reviews

- Based on gestures from you, the robot will perform a certain movement

- Price recommendation: sell for $44.99, cost is $24.37, profit margin of 20%

- Countries to target: e-packet countries minus Mexico, Brazil, and Italy; top six are UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland

- Interest recommendations: Hot Toys, toys, gadget geeks, and kids

- Ad copy: Smart robot is the toy kids go crazy for. Signing and dancing in response to your actions. Best gift for children. Shop here.

Product 2: Thick Knitted Turtleneck Shirt

- Almost 2,000 orders on AliExpress

- V-neck shirt with a fur interior to keep you warm through the winter

- Price recommendation: sell for $44.99, cost is $11.71, profit margin of 23%

- Countries to target: US, Canada, UK

- Interest recommendations: Asos, clothing, H&M, Zara

- Ad copy: Spend the winter without getting cold. Free shipping worldwide. Shop here.

Product 3:

INSANE METHOD To Find ALL Winning Dropshipping Products & Facebook Ads in 2 MINUTES!

- The importance of finding winning products for e-commerce and dropshipping

- The power of reverse engineering Facebook ads

- The recent change on Facebook Ads platform that allows for more transparency

- The strategy that will be taught in this video

Main Body:

- Using the Info and Ads feature on Facebook to spy on ads of successful brands and individuals

- The importance of video ads and using the Videos tab on Facebook to find viral products

- Example of a winning product: scratch-off maps

- Using Aliexpress to find winning products and comparing prices with the Facebook ads

- The importance of creating original videos and adding watermarks to protect the ad

- Recapping the research method for finding winning products and ad copy

- The importance of knowing how to target on Facebook Ads to fully utilize the winning products and ad copy

- The research method taught in this video can help build successful e-commerce and dropshipping stores

- Scaling up with the winning products and ad copy can lead to five digits a month

- Thanking the audience for watching and encouraging them to keep hustling.

How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes!

Hey guys, it's your boy Jordan back with another ecommerce video. In this video, I'll be showing you exactly how I found a $10,000 a day product on my Shopify store. We're even going to be going out and finding one together live in under five minutes. So, let's get started with the video!

- In this video, I'll be sharing my exact strategy for finding winning products on Shopify.

- I'll go over the simple criteria that I look for in a winning product.

- I'll share the exact strategy that I use to find these products.

- I'll show you how to validate products to make sure that they have potential.

Criteria for Winning Products:

- Look for products that are already selling well on Amazon or other dropshipping stores.

- The opportunity to mark up the product for three times the cost that we get it from our supplier.

- Room for improvement on that existing competition.

- Find products that improve the quality of your customer's life.

Method for Finding Winning Products:

1. Go to Amazon and click on Best Sellers in the top left corner.

2. Click on the Movers and Shakers tab to find products and trends that are on the rise.

3. Look for products in categories such as baby, beauty and personal care, health and household, home and kitchen, and electronics.

4. Choose a product that fits the four criteria for winning products.

5. Validate the product by checking Google Trends, AliExpress, and Google for competition.

Using Viral Vault for Finding Winning Products:

- Viral Vault is a software that delivers two high-quality winning products every day.

- The software provides suppliers, Amazon listings, and even a video ad for the product.

- It also includes a crash course with a step-by-step beginner strategy for getting your first store up and running.

- Finding winning products on Shopify is not easy, but it's possible with the right criteria and method.

- Use Amazon and other tools to validate the product and check for competition.

- Consider using Viral Vault to accelerate the process and get high-quality winning products every day.

Drop Shipping Aliexpress Products — How To Handle Drop Shipping Order Tracking | #155

Title: How I Handle Tracking Numbers in My E-commerce Business

In this article, I will share my approach to handling tracking numbers in my e-commerce business. I will discuss whether I set up a page for customers to find their tracking numbers or only send it upon request.

My Approach:

- I only give out tracking information if I get an email inquiry from a customer.

- When someone orders an item on my store, I buy the item in their name from Aliexpress.

- I take the order number from Aliexpress and include it within Shopify in the tracking field.

- I deactivate the checkbox where it says send a confirmation to the customer about the fulfillment.

- When a customer reaches out to me per email and asks for the status of their order, I search for their name within Shopify and find their order.

- Within the tracking or fulfillment settings, I can find the Aliexpress order number that I copy there.

- I then go to Aliexpress, search for that order number, and click on tracking information to retrieve the tracking number.

- I only send the email with the correct tracking number if the customer has requested it.

Overall, this approach works well for me as it simplifies the fulfillment process and ensures that customers only receive accurate tracking information when they need it. While others may have different systems, this method has proven effective in my e-commerce business.

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping | Shopify Product Research | Winning Products

In this video, we will be exploring Bigspy.com, a tool that helps us find winning products for dropshipping by spying on other people's ads. We will also be discussing an amazing place to source products and much more.

Using Bigspy.com:

- Register and create an account.

- Two versions available – free and premium.

- Premium version recommended for serious dropshippers.

- Click on Ecom and then Search now.

- Filter by platform, language, marketing objective, and date.

- Click on Comment to see the most commented products.

- Look for products with high shares, comments, and likes.

- Check out the ad and the website.

Finding Winning Products:

- Look for products that are suitable for different people.

- Take note of the website and product details.

- Look for products that have a lot of impressions and comments.

- Look for products that are selling.

- Source products from fulfillment.com.

Bigspy.com is a great tool for finding winning products for dropshipping. By using it to spy on other people's ads, we can find products that are selling and source them from fulfillment.com. This will help us build a successful dropshipping business in a more professional manner.


Congratulations on receiving your first order! It's an exhilarating feeling, but fulfilling it can be a bit daunting. In this article, we will break down the process of fulfilling orders to help you get started.

Fulfilling Orders:

1. Install the Google Chrome extension for your website.

2. Click the order product button on the Overload website.

3. The extension will auto-input all shipping information and launch to Aliexpress.

4. Ensure that you have a packet set and include a message requesting to leave out receipts and promotions.

5. Click confirm and pay to complete the order.

6. Aliexpress will update you with a tracking number in a few days.

7. Update the customer with the tracking number.

Fulfilling orders may seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools and knowledge, it's a straightforward process. Take it easy and enjoy the rush of fulfilling orders for your customers.

How to Blind Dropship from Aliexpress (hide the supplier + hide the price!)

Blind dropshipping is a popular method of shipping an item without adding any identification or marketing in the package, so the customer doesn't know where it came from. In this article, we will discuss how to get a supplier to blindly dropship and show you what it looks like for the customer when they receive an item that has been blindly dropshipped.

How to Blindly Dropship:

Getting your items blindly dropshipped is super simple. All you have to do is go to the checkout page in AliExpress, leave a message for your supplier, and ask them to not include an invoice or marketing material with the package. You can also ask them to please blindly dropship the item. The sellers on AliExpress are used to working with dropshippers, so they understand our needs and know how to ship packages out for us.

Tips for Choosing a Supplier:

It's important to pick a supplier that has a good feedback score. You want to be looking for suppliers that have a feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million. If you pick a supplier that has a feedback score above 2,000, then you know that they are experienced, established, and are almost certainly working or have worked with dropshippers. If you pick a supplier that has a feedback score of less than two million, then you know that they're not doing insane amounts of volume and so they're going to be more attentive to the messages that people leave on their orders.

AliExpress Unboxing:

To show you what the customer receives when they order an item from you, we did an AliExpress unboxing. We ordered a bunch of items from AliExpress using the quick method that we teach. We received the packages, and we unboxed them one by one. We showed you what was inside each package and that there was absolutely no advertising material in it at all. We also demonstrated that the customer would have no idea where it came from, as there was no packaging inside which would indicate where it was from.

Blind dropshipping is an easy problem to overcome, and it's important not to get held back by concerns about marketing or invoices. Instead, try to find a solution, and it's almost certainly going to be simpler than you thought. Choosing the right supplier is also crucial to ensuring that your blind dropshipping runs smoothly. We hope this article was helpful in teaching you how to blindly dropship from AliExpress and that you found our AliExpress unboxing video informative. If you're interested in dropshipping, be sure to download our free eBook on How to Make 10,000 a Month Online From Dropshipping.

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