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Transform Your Tone: Shopify Success

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Today, we will be discussing how to create a win back series to re-engage customers who haven't purchased in a while. This is a cost-effective way to market to customers who have already purchased from your store and already trust your brand.

Identify Customer Type:

The first step is to identify the type of store you have and which customers have lapsed and which are in the middle of a buying cycle. This will help you to create a more personalized campaign.


The next step is to create an offer that is short and personalized since disengaged customers do not want to read a lot. Use a personalized field to make it more engaging and add a coupon code to increase the likelihood of the shopper returning.

Subject Lines:

Subject lines are crucial, so spend more time on them than the copy in the email. Include preview text, and make sure it is teasing the customer and promising them something of value that they will get from reading your email.


If the offer does not work, the next step is to explain the value that your product offers to the customer.


If you include graphics, make sure to add text as well since images may not load.

Creating a win back series is a cost-effective way to re-engage with customers who have not purchased in a while. Remember to personalize the email, include subject lines, and explain the value your product offers. If the campaign does not work, the last step is to remove the disengaged customers from your email list.

Shopify Sales Sound - I am Affirmations Meditation | Binaural Beat

Hi there, it's Crystin, the Owner and CEO of Wealth Ownership LLC. With Wealth Ownership, we focus on seven specific areas of wellness and growth as we pursue Wealth Ownership. The first is wisdom, and today, as you grow your Shopify business, we'll be focusing on the importance of mindset.

Bullet Points:

- Having the proper mindset is crucial to attracting the customers you desire.

- Relax and get into a comfortable position to practice meditation.

- Affirmations can help cultivate a positive and powerful mindset.

- You can attract wealth by aligning your actions with your desires and putting idle dollars to work.

In summary, mindset is essential to the success of your Shopify business. By practicing meditation and affirmations, you can cultivate a positive and powerful mindset that attracts the customers and wealth you desire. Remember to align your actions with your desires and put idle dollars to work to achieve financial freedom.

Themes for Shopify Stores. Best 5 Themes for 2022.

In this video, Jamie from Shopify Masterclass takes a look at the best Shopify themes. There are five themes discussed, two of which are free and three are paid. The themes are chosen to provide a broad overview and cater to different niches. A good theme can make a big impact on a Shopify store, as it sets the tone for the design and layout of the site.

The first free theme discussed is Don. It is a minimalist theme that is great for a variety of niches, from baby and kids stores to business equipment and supplies. It comes with a lot of customization options and has a mega menu and sticky header.

The second free theme is called Ride, and it is designed for sports-related stores. It has a distinct dynamic design and a nice layout.

The first paid theme is called Prestige, and it is designed for premium high-end appeal. It is great for selling luxury goods or business-related products and comes with an unlimited free trial.

The second paid theme is called Symmetry, and it is good for clothing, jewelry, and accessories stores, as well as sports and recreation stores. It has four pre-built styles to choose from and comes with a lot of features, such as blogs, cross-selling, and FAQ pages.

The third paid theme is called Warehouse, and it is designed for stores with large catalogs. It has a powerful collection page builder that lets you organize, present, and filter catalogs with thousands of products.

Overall, the themes discussed are chosen to cater to different niches and provide a range of features and customization options. The video concludes with a mention of the sponsor, Profit Calc, an app that helps calculate profits and is available on the Shopify App Store.

How to Make Shopify Pages Look Professional 2022

- Making Shopify pages look professional is crucial for newer stores.

- Five different points to focus on: language, product images, color scheme, reviews, and website format.

- Sponsored by Profit Calc, a one-click profit calculator available on the Shopify app store.

Points to Consider:

1. Language:

- Proofread all content for spelling and grammar errors.

- Ensure detailed product descriptions.

- Tailor word choice to audience.

- Use language that resonates with users.

- Make sure all content is written correctly.

2. Product Images:

- Ensure clear and relevant product images.

- Use high-quality professional images.

- Show product in use to give customers answers to questions.

- High-quality photos can enhance product descriptions.

3. Color Scheme:

- Have a coordinated color scheme relevant to industry.

- Choose colors that resonate with audience.

- Avoid using too many bright colors.

- Use light background themes for most eCommerce stores.

- Use examples of eCommerce color palettes for reference.

4. Reviews:

- Have a review app on your website.

- Gather real reviews from customers.

- Include photos with reviews.

- Collect reviews about size and other relevant factors.

- Make your store look more credible and professional.

5. Website Format:

- Follow conventions for website format.

- Use pre-built themes with expected formats.

- Customers expect certain conventions like navigation in the top menu and add to cart buttons on the product page.

- Stick to expected website formats to make your store more user-friendly.

- Improving the professional look of your Shopify pages is essential for newer stores.

- Focus on language, product images, color scheme, reviews, and website format to make your store more credible and professional.

- Use examples and follow conventions to make your store more user-friendly.

- Try Profit Calc for a one-click profit calculator app available on the Shopify app store.

How To Increase Shopify Sales With SMS Automation

- In this video, Justin Cener teaches how to increase Shopify sales conversions revenue by using SMS automation.

- SMS marketing is a level up from email and can result in 80%+ open rates and higher click rates.

- Automating SMS can create powerful campaigns without the need to spend time daily messaging customers or setting up individual messaging.

Pain Points:

- Shopify doesn't have a built-in way to do SMS marketing, so an app is needed.

- The app used must work with all different types of themes, products, niches, and store setups and be easy to use with no prior technical experience.

- The app must allow for automations to make it easy to use.


- The app used is S Notifier, which is highly recommended for its automation features and ease of use.

- SMS marketing through S Notifier has been getting over a 95% open rate with a 35% click-through rate.

- The app is pay-as-you-go and integrates with Shopify to provide all the necessary data.

How to Set Up S Notifier:

- Install S Notifier in the Shopify app page.

- Go through the welcome onboarding section and set up TCPA GDPR consent, update Shopify settings, and manage checkout language options.

- Activate the automations or create your own using triggers like abandoned carts, order confirmations, and welcome messaging.

- Use variables to personalize messages and add incentives like coupon codes.

- S Notifier is a powerful and easy-to-use app for SMS marketing and automations.

- SMS marketing can result in higher open and click rates, leading to more sales and profits.

- By setting up automations, SMS campaigns can be created and managed without the need for daily messaging.

- S Notifier is a cost-efficient option for SMS marketing with its pay-as-you-go approach and affordable pricing.

How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email for Shopify

- A welcome email is the first email that customers receive after signing up for a newsletter.

- It sets the tone for email marketing and is opened more often than regular emails.

Steps to Write a Welcome Email:

1. Navigate to Automations and create a new automated workflow.

2. Click on Welcome Series and give it a name.

3. Create a trigger that sends an email when someone joins your email list.

4. Compose the email with a personalized thank you message and explain what customers can expect from your email marketing.

5. Add a subject line and preview text that teases customers to open the email.

6. Include any discount codes or promotions in the email.

7. Preview the email and make any necessary changes before enabling it.

Tips for Writing a Welcome Email:

- Inject your own personality and brand into the email.

- Don't come across as too pushy by selling products in the welcome email.

- Offer a discount code or promotion to entice customers to make a purchase.

- Use a subject line and preview text that grab the customer's attention.

A well-written welcome email can set the tone for your email marketing and entice customers to make a purchase. By following these steps and tips, you can create a personalized and effective welcome email for your newsletter subscribers.

Top Tier Shopify Store Design (Learn From This)

In this video, Ari takes a deep dive into the top-tier Shopify store design of Buy Humankind. He analyzes everything from their branding to their social media strategy and ads, emphasizing the importance of both good design and effective marketing. Ari notes that Buy Humankind is easily doing six figures per month in revenue, and he admires their mindful product design and use of sustainable materials. He also praises their simple yet effective website design and how they use serif fonts and earthly tones to enhance their brand aesthetic.

Moving on to their social media strategy, Ari observes that Buy Humankind is mainly active on Instagram, with over 110,000 followers. He suggests that they could improve their engagement with their community by posting more often and engaging more with their followers. Finally, Ari analyzes some of Buy Humankind's ads and notes how well they match their brand aesthetic and how they use user-generated content to promote their products. He also points out the overwhelming quantity of ads they are running, which indicates their success in the market. Overall, Ari learns a lot from Buy Humankind's approach to branding and marketing, and he encourages his viewers to do the same.

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