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travel products dropshipping

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to generate $6,000 per week through dropshipping travel products on Shopify. We will cover finding profitable products on Aliexpress, doubling or tripling the price, and using Facebook ads to drive buyers. However, it is important to note that testing different products is essential to succeeding in this niche. Testing products usually takes an hour per product, but we will show you how to do it in just four or five minutes using the app, AdChill.

- Discussing how to generate $6,000 per week through dropshipping travel products on Shopify

- Importance of testing different products

Finding Profitable Products on Aliexpress:

- Use Aliexpress to search for travel products

- Search by orders to find the most popular products

- Look for products with over 100 orders and good star ratings

- Test a lot of products to increase chances of success

Using AdChill to Test Products:

- AdChill allows for easy importing of products

- AdChill cuts down on time-consuming parts of the process, such as making videos and defining Facebook ad targeting

- AdChill automates audience creation and scaling

- Importance of testing different products

- AdChill saves time and streamlines the process

- Join the mastermind group and subscribe for more valuable content.

10 Top Selling Dropshipping Travel Products You Can Sell in Your Own Store

Hey there, Earthlings! In today's video, I'll be sharing the top 10 dropshipping travel products that you can sell if you're interested in opening a travel dropshipping business. These are the top-selling products on AliExpress, which is where I source products for my own dropshipping store. These products are some of the best-selling ones, and hopefully, they will give you some ideas of what to add to your store or help you generate some new ideas.

So, let's jump right into it!

- Covering the top 10 dropshipping travel products

- All products are top-sellers on AliExpress

- Great for anyone interested in opening a travel dropshipping business

Top 10 Dropshipping Travel Products:

1. Travel Pillows

- Variety of styles and sizes

- Made of memory foam, pellets/beads, or inflatable

- Could open a niche store selling only travel pillows

2. Universal Power Adapter

- Important for travelers

- Great addition to any travel business

3. Travel Backpacks

- Great for storing clothes, laptops, and other gear

- Easy to carry and have multiple compartments

4. Travel Document Holders

- Keep passports, cash, and credit cards organized

- Essential for overseas travel

5. Travel Luggage Tags

- Essential but often overlooked

- A nice addition to any travel dropshipping store

6. Luggage Straps

- Lightweight straps to attach smaller bags to larger luggage

- Convenient and easy to use

7. Luggage Scale

- A must-have for travelers to avoid extra baggage fees

- Great addition to any travel business store

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones

- High-quality headphones for travelers

- Great niche to focus on in your store

9. Luggage Locks

- Keep luggage safe and secure

- Great add-on item for your store

10. Neck Wallets

- Keep important documents safe and secure

- A great addition to any travel business

How to Open Your Own Travel Dropshipping Store:

- AliExpress is a hassle-free way to source products

- No requirements, registration fees, or monthly fees

- AliDropship is a great plugin to use on your WordPress site

- Two options: build your own store or outsource the work

- Free lifelong updates and customer support

- Check out their blog for free actionable content on marketing and promoting your business

- Thanks for watching!

- Subscribe to the channel for more videos on dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and online business.

- Check out the blog post for a refresher on the top 10 dropshipping travel products.

Dropshipping Travel Products (2019)

In this video, the speaker shows how to dropship in the travel niche, specifically on Shopify. The process involves finding profitable travel products on Aliexpress, putting them on your store, and using Facebook ads to drive buyers. Testing multiple products is crucial for success in this process, and the speaker shares how to do it quickly using software like AdShow. They also emphasize the importance of social engagement and upselling. The video is a valuable resource for anyone interested in dropshipping or the travel niche.

Shopify Dropshipping $100,000 in 1 MONTH While Traveling in Europe COMPLETELY Free! [Pt. 2]

I traveled through Europe for 30 days, visiting seven countries, 14 cities, and staying in 13 hotels, all while generating over 100,000 in sales for my e-commerce stores. In this article, I'll be breaking down how I covered this entire trip with credit card points, specifically Hilton and American Express.

Week Two: Santorini, Athens, and Munich

- Santorini:

- Used 161,000 American Express points for three nights at a more expensive hotel, but worth it for the insane view and cool pool

- Sales were down 18 but still profitable at $2,585

- Room tour shown in video

- Athens:

- Five-star hotel lobby was cool, but rooms were not up to par

- Sales were up 33 but fluctuating up and down

- Did tourist things in Athens

- Munich:

- Visited museums and German cafe

- Up 7% in sales for the day at almost $3,800

Overall, my trip through Europe was an amazing experience that I am grateful for. Using credit card points allowed me to travel for free and still generate a significant amount of sales for my e-commerce stores. I hope that my tips can help others have the same experience and freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

What Its Like To Travel While Dropshipping | Follow Me Around

The author wakes up to a new Shopify store with orders at zero dollars. They are in Bali and have to figure out the shipping issue. They are travelling to Thailand in a few hours. The author has been working and answering DMs for a few hours.


- The author is in Bali and has a fresh orange from California.

- They have to figure out the shipping issue with their Shopify store.

- The author is travelling to Thailand in a few hours.

- They have been answering DMs but their Wi-Fi is not great while travelling.

- The author feels a little bit of work, travel, and fun.

- They are wearing pants for style but it's too hot in Bali.

- The author is travelling to Thailand and took three flights.

- They finally arrived at Kosamui, an island in Thailand.

- They rented mopeds and plan to explore the island.

- The author gives a tour of their villa and shows the ocean view.

- They have been working on their dropshipping business and closed new clients.

- The author is excited about launching a new business.

- They had difficulty leaving Bali and had their camera and passports stolen.

- The author is in Malaysia and has travelled to different countries in the last 24 to 48 hours.

The author gives a tour of their villa in Kosamui, Thailand, and shares their experiences travelling to different countries. They also talk about their dropshipping business and plans to launch a new business.


These are my top 10 favorite products for the month of January 2023, including hidden Valentine gems and New Year bangers. As Thee Con King, I've researched industry-leading websites like Peaks to Sell and Amazon, and even checked Google Trends and Facebook ad libraries to ensure that these products have massive potential and are not saturated. In this article, I'll introduce my first two products and provide information on targeting, recommended prices, product descriptions, advertising tips, and more.

Hey guys, it's Kamil Sanon, aka Thee Con King, and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! In this article, I'll be sharing my top 10 favorite products for the month of January, including some hidden Valentine gems and New Year bangers. These products have been carefully researched and selected to ensure that they're not saturated and have massive potential for success.

1. Gesture Sensing Smart Robot

- AliExpress link: almost 600 orders, 4.8-star reviews from 89 people

- Method: researched on industry-leading websites, checked Google Trends, and Facebook ad libraries

- Product description: groundbreaking gesture control technology, the best gift for children or RC fanatics, promotes creativity and fun activities that don't revolve around mobile screens, has lifelike joints and movements, responds to different commands based on gesture

- Recommended product price: $44.99, product cost: $24.37, profit margin: 20

- Target countries: e-packet countries minus Mexico, Brazil, and Italy; top six: UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

- Advertising tips: use engaging videos and images, use UGC content and POV content, target interests like Hot Toys, toys, gadget geeks, and kids, use ad copy like Smart Robot is the toy kids go crazy for, sign and dance in response to your actions. Reduce screen time and get yours now.

2. Thick Knitted Turtleneck Shirt

- AliExpress link: almost 2,000 orders, 3,000 orders combined on AliExpress

- Product description: enjoy a pleasant feeling of warmth even in freezing cold, luxury material for maximum comfort, slim fit but soft and comfortable, suits for women, hardly wrinkles and easy to manage, stretchy lightweight material

- Recommended product price: $44.99, product cost: $11.71, profit margin: 23

- Target countries: top six, Europe

- Advertising tips: use image ads or carousel ads, target interests like Asos, H&M, and Zara, use ad copy like Spend the winter without getting cold, free shipping worldwide. Shop now!

These are just two of my top 10 favorite products for the month of January, and I hope you found this article helpful. Remember to research and test products carefully, use engaging videos and images, target the right audience, and offer competitive prices and shipping times. Good luck with your dropshipping journey!

I Tried Dropshipping Digital Products For 30 Days (How Much I Made)

Drop Shipping Digital Products: Is it Worth it?

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of drop shipping digital products and how it can be a profitable business model. We will also be providing step-by-step guidance on how to start your own digital drop shipping brand.

Step 1: Choose a Winning Niche

- Health, wealth, and relationships are the best selling categories across any type of products.

- Choose a niche that solves a problem or multiple problems for your target audience.

Step 2: Choose Your Products

- Digital products such as ebooks, video courses, and podcasts can be instantly delivered to your customers.

- Make sure your products solve a problem or multiple problems for your target audience.

- Source your products through PLR content or outsourcing through a freelance service.

Step 3: Make Your Products Attractive

- Get specific with your niche and target demographic.

- Choose a brand name that appeals to your target audience.

- Rebrand your general products with specific and memorable names.

Step 4: Set up Your Systems and Automations

- Use Shopify or a similar platform to create your online store.

- Use tools such as Oberlo or AliExpress to automate your drop shipping process.

- Use Facebook ads or organic reach to get customers to your store.

Digital drop shipping can be a profitable business model if done correctly. By choosing the right niche, products, and making them attractive, you can create a successful online store. Use the step-by-step guidance provided in this article to start your own digital drop shipping brand today.

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