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treasure hunt ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

#FunMaking #ads #kids Treasure Hunt - by FunMaking 2019

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],I think the map is over there let's go,yeah let's go now we can see where we,are,let's check I think we're right here,yeah YouTube has a lot of forces so I,think is there yeah me too,let's go yeah okay so you ready for the,adventure,yeah sure I want to look for some,treasure yeah I think this is the way to,the treasure we loved we want a very,long way but I still want to find the,treasure I'm not sure pretty sure,there's some more animals around here,say no it's dad a tiger,[Music],[Music],[Music],I'm very hungry and thirsty I'm very,tired,Oh Daniel I'm super tired just like you,but we got to go yeah it's cool,climb up the steep hill it's gonna get,me even more hungry and tired,better find a treasure yeah we need that,treasure at least I'm pretty sure it is,but it might could be let's go check it,out okay Wow do you see it yeah you see,it wait is that the treasure let's go,let's go Daniel before somebody takes it,yeah we found it,I knew it was there yeah you even said,you can feel it and it actually has,actual quote whoa,that's a bunny so cute and fluffy yeah,that's so fast bunny,yeah that lychee found some gold now,let's go to the house and put this gold,down somewhere and then we can go in the,house and goes for some food to eat,cuz I'm starving and thirsty yeah me too,let's go let's go we had a fun day today,guys,yeah thanks for watching,[Music]

Treasure Hunt #3 Wrap-up: The -ad Pattern

welcome to favorite friends we are back,with treasure hunt number three and,making our word family words today we,were working with the ad ad ad pattern,and I'm going to direct your attention,over to I have one of the books up on,the screen one fish two fish red fish,blue fish that is right there was a page,that you read has said yes some are red,and some are blue some are old and some,are new some are sad and some are glad,and some are very very bad why are they,sad and glad and bad I do not know go,ask your dad so today we're going to,build some of those words that you heard,the ad sound and I also notiked when I,was reading hop on pop that I did not,find so many words as ad but and hop on,pop pop is what is another word for Dada,Dada so hop on pop the kids were hopping,on pop they were hopping on their dad,that's right and he was becoming I,didn't have a critter to help me hold,that letter do I so that kids were,hopping on their dad they were hopping,on pop and it made him,add sad and then he was kind of angry,wasn't he and he toked about the kids,and how they might be acting kind of bad,bad that's right that's where we saw,those words so hop on pop was about a,dad that was sad and the kids are acting,kind of bad in that part of the book so,making other words let's go with this is,another word on hop on pop so he was,angry that dad he was hmm,mad mad when those kids were hopping on,his belly weren't they wasn't he he was,mad as they were doing that okay so,we'll take that critter away but if you,were reading this story that missus,Lecter just read some of those fish,we're gonna make a trickier word some,are sad but some are glad go elad glad,that's not sad the opposite of sad is,glad but we have sadly glad in our word,family okay mr. duck will move his,letter the puppy will take his letter,let's have the goat bring out his letter,H had had I had fun reading your stories,for this treasure hunt this week had,mr. pig brings out his favorite sound,had pad pad very good I have two names,for us to build Tiger is gonna bring out,his favorite sound in his uppercase,letter T add tad tab the tiger tad and,this one's a little bit tricky but mouse,is gonna bring out two letters you might,know somebody named Brad Brad that's,right friends,this was our AB family now as we do this,we put our letters away our critters,leaving we say their names of our,letters mr. Schlachter will say the,sound and you say the letter name for,instance but B that's right,a are the D the chicken has that s good,job at home everybody now this looks,sometimes we get this mixed up with the,letter D we have a letter D right here,but see the difference this says book,letter B as in boy good G our duck has,the letter G today our puppies helping,with the OL sound L the goat has the,letter H,and the pig P P is for pig uppercase T,that's right our bunny has the letter M,and our word family our main part was,app letter A and the letter D the pony,had a letter D so I thank you for your,moment and look for treasure not number,four coming up soon

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RATING Roblox Games From ADS | treasure Hunt Tycoon

well hello everybody today I am going to,play random games from ads so we're,gonna refresh this page,and let's see,which ads shall we choose let's before,we start let's go on to do a random,number generator,[Music],I'm gonna pick from one to ten,you know what so we'll refresh this page,once,and let's pick a number from one to two,two you pick this ad then,it looks prompting New Treasure Hunt,Tycoon,let's try it out then,so we are in Treasure Hunt Tycoon let's,see,treasure room okay small,can we Sprint in this cake,oh,click e or button to place in the,exhibition we have a we have a can this,can gives us 60 dollars,I'm now Rich treasure margin you can,merge Treasures I guess,merch software module choose treasure to,watch the merge treasure,oh here is where we,Break Stuff,yes kill the copper chest,we got a basketball not too bad,we got uh a plushie okay one more pot,s,[Music],Treasures can be merged I know that at,first I'm gonna cook a cooler bottle is,uh,was that a nine kilo holy,and if you guys like treasure or play,Roblox leave a like down below it helps,a lot everyone edit subscribers thanks,okay we got a football,today and get up,oh new copper chest it is like mining,simulator but your backpack is full,good merch,and trailers can be much to improve it's,Rarity,let's merge this,and that's it,thermopad,let's merge these two,plastik bottle,basketballs,and,the most used to oh eat three of these,all right let's,let's change the booth for this,um,let's put in the basketball,[Applause],time to mine some more,thing,oh we found,more copper chest,okay,silver chest,four two one we got a rare,rare Pretender toy,okay a rare football,let's go March,Let's see we can merge the football,[Music],and merge,we can,punishment in there,let's change this for a better Panda and,this for better football,92 per second not bad,let's buy some stuff,oh without shop,this looks nice,at Monster High what's up everybody's,goodbye,how about you hi time is money my friend,but we'll stop saying goodbye and the,manager I'll be providing you with some,requests come back with me for level,three chess license,how does that work,[Music],um,let's get a diamond pickaxe,let's return home,how does one get a license,maybe you,hi I am your legion keeper goodbye,okay interesting,uh,[Music],let's buy some new bags,hopefully it costs five thousand dollars,time is money my friend two more quests,to get the reward,dick 50 blocks,yeah,where's that okay it was expensive this,is expensive,oh my God she uncommon Treasures true,emoji,okay let's get our three uncommon,Treasures,true merging,oh my God,merch,yes of course uncommon,day,and,I saw this,[Music],how do I sell this,[Music],how do I sell this,this place open today,[Music],Hebrew for your first class,[Music],completely let's go to shop and buy that,I don't have enough money,[Music],I mean I'm broke,I'm a Brokey,there you go,that's what I oh seriously not again,[Music],oh what a free bag,[Music],okay,I thought it cost,a lot of money,your backpack looks great here is your,reward thanks okay there you go ready,for your next question,[Music],treasure,merch one time okay,okay here I'm gonna break this chest,oh we've got a good medal,[Music],we got another panda,Coke and a silver chest two,copper chest,[Music],you got a,a raspoon,I didn't know spools could be rare,there's no more surface chest,let's go down I guess,what we get,[Music],copper chest,all the way down we shall go,the golden chest,[Applause],maybe an epic item,got a oh nice silver chest,copper chest,more silver chest,[Music],another goat chest guys,uh merch,let's let's get more money,which one time,birch tree,yes,merch,okay,let's see what cost a lot of money,hmm,[Music],okay let's see,let's place this teddy bear,how about this this yes,dig 50 blocks,good job,anyone any more quests,[Music],[Applause],one pet in the shop,how do I buy one pet,[Music],where's the shop,oh here's a shot,[Music],looks like you have to gamble for an egg,guys gambling is not good,pets,yeah,wow what a surprise I did okay,I want the power fish oh let's go,awful fish,the song Legend,1K is one bone,oh my gosh I have no idea what I need a,bone for,10K oh yes please,I love opening eggs another piece of,fish,I need more money,that's our best buddies,had did 10 blocks let's go home,can we merge our pets,you put this,yay,[Music],yes,[Music],what's my new question,take 20 blocks,[Music],what's my pets doing,[Music],we're gonna demolish this whole place,we shall do it together,[Music],oh go to merch I guess,hardly sell stuff,probably where's the sky,doctor keeper,one more yeah I'm ready for a new Quest,my friend,do 1000 damage to any block,didn't take any 15 chests,okay let's move this,I think,we can merge these,we can merge these,we can merge these,we can merge these,yes I love merging stuff,could merge how about could merge,[Music],do we have enough money backpack all,right looks like,[Music],to buy a new backpack,[Music],um,we have a huge duck on our bed,yes sir,[Music],so,this is the end of the video overall,I'll give this,game uh nine out of ten very good,extremely wonderful,definitely suggest you to play this game,bye guys like And subscribe,[Music]

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Real Food Vs Fake Tv Food (SHOCKING RESULTS)

we haven't tried this entire time in,part of me we have two different plates,of pancake can you tell me what the,difference is uh the right one looks,bigger that is correct and that is,because the right one is filled with,cardboard but in reality both these two,plates have exactly only three pancakes,each so let me show you other ways we've,been tricked without food all right guys,what we got here is how you make the,pizza look more cheesy for the TV,commercials without actually adding more,cheese okay first to add a screwdriver,to the pizza so it doesn't fall down and,then you mix glue into the mozzarella so,there are actually not using real cheese,guy they're using glue and look at this,they're just gonna apply it to the pizza,and in just any second now look how,cheesy that looks already like women,treat the whole time like what remember,when you watched a TV commercial you're,like damn the pizza is so cheesy but,it's actually just glue next up we're,gonna bowl with some Jello okay and then,they're adding some more glue okay this,is a little bit of sauce and next we're,adding cereal guys would you look at,that that's the reason why the cereal is,floating on top because it's stuck by,glue and Jello like what this is crazy,guys and if you're ever wondering how,the perfect cereal is made is made with,glue and there's a comparison because,look how bad it looks with actual milk,versus the glue one and next up we're,using plastik ice cubes okay that's how,they do it in the movies and TV,commercials to make the eyes not melt,look at that if you're wondering why is,the Iceman melting in a movie or a show,and that is because they're using ice,cube to trick us I want you to look at,that if you're using real ice cubes it,will actually melt surprising alright,guys this is what they do for TV,commercials in order to make something,stay on top of the bowl then just put a,smaller Bowl inside of it so they can,put stuff on top without it falling down,and that is another life hack they use,for TV commercials why are you spraying,hairspray on fruits we're about to find,out okay their spring hairspray on,fruits and it's make it more shiny,nothing is real guys everything is just,a lie okay well we got here we're,putting soap in a bottle or a cup,whatever you want to call it and then,you add the drink on top oh it creates,more foam guys if you're ever wondering,how does it have so much foam whether,it's in the movie or TV show and that is,because they're adding soap to it and,guys remember everything we see here you,cannot eat the food afterwards okay,making that clear okay what we got here,we got a nice bowl of ramen why are they,putting on top they're putting corn,syrup on top why they're doing that what,is the reasoning for this we're about to,find out it makes it look more fresh oh,my God it actually does guys look how,refresh it looks nothing is real anymore,this is insane okay what we got here we,are putting a cheese on top of a bun,okay nothing unusual so far okay another,meat Patty and another cheese okay we're,melting the cheese okay nothing unusual,so far okay and we got a lettuce okay,they're putting a toothpick in there to,make it hold on still so it can look,nice and good for photos oh my God guys,okay are you seeing this they're adding,sponge to make the burger look bigger oh,my God that's how to do it they're just,add a sponge to make the burger look,bigger that is insane okay look how much,bigger that burger looks compared to a,normal one this is crazy guys the daily,Commerce those are fooling us look at,that strawberry cake guys wait a minute,are they adding lipstik to the,strawberry cake let me guess they're,doing this to make the strawberry look,more shiny,and of course it does now the strawberry,looks so much more red and of course,it's not real they're doing it with,lipstik and as you guys can see look,how much nicer it looks with lipstik,this is crazy some of the stuff I've,never seen before and you may be,wondering so what's the wall behind you,I'm writing everyone's name to subscribe,on this wall so make sure you subscribe,okay we got an apple looking nice okay,what's going on here,shocking Seekers of the food industry,I'm excited okay what we got here,oh shops by apples that are covered in,wax,what I didn't even know that guys make,sure you wash apples now because,apparently they add the wax on the Apple,to make it look more shiny okay next we,got someone pouring Fanta in a cup okay,and they're adding some paper to it why,would they do that we're about to find,out,coloring is transferred to the white,napkin oh my God guys that just goes to,show how much food coloring there is in,Fanta I mean it's pretty obvious because,there's no such thing as orange drink,right next we got a muffin oh I'm,excited to see what they're doing the,muffin okay they're rinsing it in some,water,oh no what's going on here,ah,what is going on what are they doing why,would I do that to the muffin,oh no what is that,what what is this that's my that's my,question too what is that,what,there's Cottons in muffins I don't know,if that's real or not but that's pretty,crazy okay we got two different types of,mayonnaise and they're adding some,medicine to it or some experimental,liquid to it wait why is one of them,purple and the other one's still normal,color what apparently there's some bad,mayonnaise and some good mayonnaise I,guess okay guys we're adding some honey,wait it's fake honey what do you mean,fake honey okay they're adding cold,water,wait is that how you know if the honey,is real or if it's actually fake honey,whoa,that is pretty cool,[Music],honey is diluted with sugar syrup all,that means is fake okay now we're gonna,natural honey okay what we got here okay,if you mix it in water,okay I assume nothing's gonna happen,right,what is going on,okay we're mixing we're mixing we're,mixing,oh you can see the honeycomb pattern,that's if you know if it's made out of,honey that is cool guys that is cool,what we got here is ramen I love ramen,guys leave a like on the video if you,love ramen okay because I love ramen,they're about to show us something that,we didn't know y'all if so small we all,knew this we've been tricked our whole,time look how big the packaging is of,course we've been tricked this whole,time okay we got some cottage cheese,okay they're adding iodine again okay,we're about to find out some dirty,secrets here okay one of them is turning,purple and that's harmful okay,interesting and the other one I assume,is natural ingredients and yeah like it,looks normal okay we got some fries,they're about to show us another food,commercial tricks okay I'm excited to,see how they be tricking us okay we got,a cardboard we're cutting it out okay,it's in the shape of a triangle they're,stacking it until of each other,is that cake oh no,[Music],they just been tricking us,what this whole time I thought they had,a lot of cream inside but in reality,it's just cardboard guys what why,they're tricking us like this this is,not fair look how good that looks guys,and reality it just looks like that of,course the commercial one looks so much,better but you cannot actually eat it,next up we got another burger what are,they about to do let's see they're,lighting something to heat it up I,assume wait is that how they make the,grill marks no freaking way,what they probably just put that burger,in the microwave and then just added the,extra burden marks what we've been,tricked the whole time guys look at the,difference the commercial versus real,life okay we got some dry eyes okay,what's next somehow water okay that's,how we make this smoke okay I knew that,I knew that because you know I went to,science class guys come on everyone know,that oh they're doing that to make the,food looks hot oh my goodness that makes,so much sense because most of the time,the food is just fake food so it's not,actually gonna be hot makes sense next,we got instant mashed potatoes okay,we'll get some powder

Ryan Earns His Halo with Lots of Good Choices!

this is an ad for wonderful halos whoa,I'm so excited to watch camp halo head,on YouTube that show is for so many fun,and silly characters especially EXO your,aunt if so - it was so much fun going,into a sound booth,to record my lines let's get a snack,before we watch I got it whoo I can't,wait,good choice kid looks yummy oh wait that,right yeah is that why you're still a,greenhorn bud what a mystery egg hey my,mystery egg Jim I'm crazy about mystery,eggs it's like what's inside can the,answer is no one knows maybe an old,Russian lady,oh hey turn isn't it Molly I think I,just juiced myself,[Music],that was great eggs good yeah daddy,greenhorn on top of your head hmm you're,right what's it doing there women you,have one too oh I see you three wards,how do we earn our halos I don't want to,be a Korean War I want to be a,full-blown halo well camp hello heads,they teach you how to grow by doing good,deeds some mandarins thinks it's hard,work to do the right thing but we got,this wash the dishes oh thank you right,in here,[Music],yeah whoa I'm transforming from a,greenhorn into an RV whoa my bad,[Music],all right I'm gonna try family fool,close,[Music],all mail time let's see how many I got,[Music],let's bring it inside,[Music],[Music],mommy anything else I can help you in,yeah I can you put that boat right down,there in the bottom for me okay I got a,was a door he is now becoming a ringlet,love Wow good choice kid mommy just wait,I got a surprise for you here's some,halos for love Wow Thank You Ryan,whoa I'm becoming a full-blown halo whoa,wow you definitely earn your halo here,you want anyone okay easy to peel oh,whoa which weak and seamless pure,goodness Ryan I'm trying to do the right,thing but everything keeps going wrong,you got it uh help learning how to make,good choices isn't always easy but it,sure is an adventure let's go Daddy,let's put the trash in the trash can,careful right oh good,look guys I'm becoming a movie all right,Donna Thank You Ryan look daddy,whoa hello Mila yep if you want to be,the best you really have to work at it,pure goodness always wins parents to,watch Ryan's character as well as the,other camp halo head campus to the,wiping and work their way up from being,a greenhorn to halo head over to camp,halo head YouTube channel link below and,if you know someone who could stand to,be a little sweeter share the camp hello,head video with them this wasn't add for,wonderful halos,[Music],you

Blippi Goes On A Treasure Hunt For Toys | Blippi Videos For Kids

this is an ad from jasmine oh hey it's,me flippy,i'm just using my treasure detector to,see if i can find some treasures,yeah word has it that there's a sunken,ship out here,and it might have left some treasure,around here,i haven't found any though hmm,did you hear that,wait a second there's a treasure right,here,whoa look at it,it's a ball pit surprise let's open it,up,whoa hey a little,detective blippi figurine,whoa a letter block yeah has some,letters on it,and then a little pamphlet that you can,open up,and the letter f is for flashlight,yeah and detective flippy has a,flashlight,okay well let's uh keep this,yeah cause this is a great treasure put,this in my pocket,and then let's keep seeing if we can,find some treasure,hmm yeah have you ever seen someone use,one of these,yeah this one's for just treasure in,general but some people,go on the beach and they use a metal,detector,yeah and then it beeps yeah did you hear,that yeah,it beeps when there's metal but mine,beats when there's treasure,whoa look whoa cool,a seashell but that's not the treasure,we're here for today,whoa oh this one got wet,whoa yeah the booklet the letter block,whoa and you can put the little sign,right here,and this one says a is for airplane,and hey look it's,pilot blippi with an airplane,oh that's so cool okay well i think this,one,should also go in my pocket because that,is an awesome treasure,whoa all right what else,hmm maybe we can find another treasure,did you hear that,yeah right here another one,i wonder what flippy's inside this,wait a second,[Music],this isn't a blippi this is,a key i wonder what this,key is for huh interesting,a key what do you use keys for,oh yeah you use keys to,open things up and to lock things up,so i wonder if there's another thing,around here that we can use this key for,to open up,whoa yeah,a treasure chest,[Music],and we have a key let's see if it goes,to this lock,[Music],it unlocked it yeah,i wonder what's inside,whoa yeah another blippi,whoa a letter block and it says o,is for octopus look and this is pirate,blippi,yeah and look i'm holding an octopus,hey i think this is a great time to,learn about some treasure,[Music],this place is so cool look at this,this is a diamond enlarger,wow look at that giant diamond it shoots,light rays down and then,you see things really up close,like this stone whoa or like those,gold coins or these necklaces,or these bracelets this place is so,cool oh look at this,this is a giant book of pirate ships,wow have you ever been on a pirate ship,i love pirate ships,look a person ahoy there matey welcome,to kids jewelry heights hey who are you,i am kelly the kid oh kelly the kid,that's a cool name and i think it is,time for you to go on,a treasure hunt oh a treasure hunt i,love treasure hunts,do you love treasure hunts yeah,here is your first secret clue,a secret clue it reads treasure,clues for blippi and crew,crew that's you okay let's read it,listen in close and i'll give you a tip,look for my first secret clue,underneath a golden ship,wow wait a second i know where that,could be,wait before you go you must look the,part blippi,look the part a new wardrobe,yes and good luck okay thank you,this is gonna be so much fun first we,need to look the part,yep gotta wear our pirate hat because,pirates,love their treasure and then we have to,wear,this pirate coat,how do i look not complete without,a pirate sword,[Music],all right here we go now we get to go,explore whoa,oh wow,this place is so amazing,it's so magical okay come on up here,wow look at this,wow so colorful over here and it did,tok about the color,gold yeah a golden ship,do you do you see anything,yeah right over there good job come on,wow looks like we found another clue,next to this golden pirate ship,good job huh pretty interesting,let's see what it reads okay,it reads my pink feathered friend,is at it again telling all my secrets,but can you find him,i think i know what that is pink,feathered friend,yeah that means probably a,bird that's the color pink okay,here we go,okay we need to find a pink bird,do you see any mirror,huh nope i'm not seeing any pink birds,let's see maybe over here,[Music],i love searching for clues,hmm let's see here,huh there it is,do you see that pink bird hey bernie,hello it's me blippi how are you doing,today,will you act like a bird with me go,go go,go okay the clue must be around here,there it is right up there,[Music],oh wow a gold chain,whoa and another clue good job,okay let's read what it says you're,going to need me,to go under sea i help divers swim,and protect when they breathe,hmm okay we need to look for something,that helps,someone breathe underwater what could it,be,i don't know all right let's take our,loot and keep on exploring,[Music],oh look at this wow this table,is so cool,and it's a mirror check this out hey,i see you do you see me hey,that's so silly okay and this table is,made of newspaper,oh and there's these pieces of wood,that wouldn't help you breathe,underwater that's really cool,i wonder what you use those for,some pretty lights,oh no listen,do you hear that,[Music],okay we're looking for clues not bells,look at this hello,hey it's a frog can you see the frog,he's a silly boy will you act like a,frog with me,ribbit ribbit ribbit,ribbit oh a silly frog,they can actually go underwater for,pretty long time,but i don't think they really help,humans breathe underwater,oh look at this this is a grandfather,clock,it's so big oh hey another bird,oh hello crow or is that a raven,i don't know but that's a really cute,bird,so many birds in here and i don't think,the clock will help us,clocks help you tell time not breathe,underwater,so colorful oh,and beads look at this,wow some big beads,pick four big beads hmm,we might as well do that right yeah,while we're looking for clues we can,pick up some beads,look at this one blue bead,oh let's see,another blue bead now,i have two,blue beads okay,let's see wow,there's so many beads in here and,they're so colorful,like this one this red bead,let's put that so we had two now we,added another one,so that's three beads and we need a,fourth one,how about this one a fourth bead,and this is a red bead so now we have,four big beads yeah,four big beads okay let's keep on,looking,more beads whoa and these are small,what does this sign say pick 10,small beads okay that'll be pretty easy,let's pick 10 small beads ready,one two,three four,five six,seven eight,[Music],nine last one,ten ten small,beads wow they're so colorful,wow i love these beads that was so much,fun,do you see what i see look at it,this is a scuba helmet yeah,the scuba divers wear scuba helmets,while they go,underwater to breathe yeah that's our,clue,oh look another clue,i'm so excited,okay let's read it together eight,crazy legs an octopus has,and if you find the golden one my,treasure,is yours at last okay,i know what that means we must find a,golden,octopus yeah that'd be pretty easy,all we have to do is keep exploring to,find the golden octopus,hmm,[Music],i love this place it's so cool oh,look more beads and more treasures wow,look at this oh this,has a crab in it whoa,look at that it's such a small crab,and look at these this has a beetle in,it,whoa that is a,really pretty beetle that's pretty cool,okay let's keep exploring to try and,find the golden octopus,wow,[Music],huh let's see do you see it anywhere,oh yeah,there it is it's a golden octopus,tentacle,wow look at it oh,that's so great but,where's the next clue,[Music],look at it it's a treasure chest,yeah we did it we found the hidden,treasure,[Music],it's locked how do we open it,hmm wait a second,do you remember when we were at the park,and we used the metal detector to find,the key,yeah we have it right here,yeah what if we use the key to open the,treasure chest,here we go,this has been so much fun using my,treasure finder,and finding treasure with you and also,learning about treasure,and jewelry and the blippi ball pit,surprises,well i should