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Trouble with Instagram Reels? Here's the Solution!

Published on: November 20 2023 by Tech Paradise

Trouble with Instagram Reels? Here's the Solution!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Instagram Reels: An Alternative to TikTok
  3. Common Problems with Instagram Reels
    1. Reels Not Loading or Working
    2. Missing Reels Option
    3. Aspect Ratio Issues
  4. Temporary Method to Enable Reels
  5. Permanent Method to Enable Reels
    1. Account-Based Problem
    2. Application-Based Problem
  6. Troubleshooting Steps
    1. Clear Cache and Reinstall Instagram App
    2. Ensure No Third-Party Instagram Apps
    3. Change Password and Privacy Settings
  7. Reporting the Problem to Instagram
  8. Deactivating and Reactivating Instagram Account
  9. Conclusion

Instagram Reels: A Solution to TikTok Ban

Instagram Reels has emerged as a popular alternative to TikTok since its ban in July. However, some users have reported issues with Reels not working or loading. This article provides effective methods to resolve these problems and enable the Reels feature on your Instagram account.

Common Problems with Instagram Reels

Reels Not Loading or Working

Many users have experienced difficulties with Instagram Reels not loading or working properly. Upon tapping the Reels icon, they receive error messages such as "no internet connection" or "can't load Reels." Refreshing the app does not resolve the issue.

Missing Reels Option

Some users do not have the Reels option visible on their Instagram app. Instead, they see the old plus icon used for posting pictures and stories. The absence of Reels prevents them from watching or creating Reels content.

Aspect Ratio Issues

For those who can access Reels, there may be problems with the aspect ratio. Reels are only displayed in a 1:1 aspect ratio, similar to a square post, instead of the original 9:16 aspect ratio. This limits the viewing experience for users.

Temporary Method to Enable Reels

If you are unable to access Reels on your Instagram account, there is a temporary method to enable the feature. By switching to another account where Reels are working, you can watch and share Reels on your main account. However, this method requires constant switching between accounts, which can become tedious in the long run.

Permanent Method to Enable Reels

To permanently enable Reels on your account, you need to identify whether the issue is account-based or application-based. Clearing the app's cache and reinstalling it can help determine the nature of the problem. If Reels work on a different account but not on your primary account, it indicates an account-based issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

To troubleshoot Reels-related problems on your Instagram account, follow these steps:

  1. Clear the cache of your Instagram app.
  2. Ensure that your account is not logged into any third-party Instagram apps.
  3. Change your password and remove logins from all devices.
  4. Consider changing your account from private to public, if currently set to private.

Reporting the Problem to Instagram

If the issues persist, it is advisable to report the problem to Instagram. Take screenshots of your Instagram profile, homepage, and camera screen (without the Reels option) and submit a report through the app's Help section. Clearly describe the problem and request that the Reels feature be enabled on your account.

Deactivating and Reactivating Instagram Account

As a last resort, you can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account to refresh it on Instagram's backend servers. After deactivating for 24 hours, reactivate your account to potentially resolve the Reels issue. Remember to follow all the steps carefully for this method.

In conclusion, Instagram Reels provides a compelling alternative to TikTok. Despite some technical issues, there are temporary and permanent methods to enable Reels on your Instagram account. Troubleshooting steps and reporting the problem to Instagram can help resolve these issues and enhance your Reels experience.

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