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trump instagram ads

Published on: January 19 2023 by pipiads

The Trump campaign released an ad on August 19th, which has become the campaign's most popular YouTube video with over 20 million views. However, many of the clips in the ad are taken out of context to skew Biden's statements on China.

Dissecting the Ad:

- The ad takes clips out of context to skew Biden's statements on China.

- The first clip at 23 seconds in skews Biden's nuanced point that the US wants to see China rise.

- Another edit skews Biden's remarks on China's competition with the US, which he believes is positive development.

Hunter Biden's Business Dealings in China:

- The ad pivots to Biden's responses to his son Hunter's business dealings in China.

- Biden answers questions about Ukraine, but there is no indication that Hunter did anything wrong or was part of any corruption in Ukraine.

- There is no evidence that Hunter Biden pocketed exorbitant amounts of money from China.

Foreign Election Interference:

- A top elections official revealed that Russia is primarily denigrating Joe Biden, while China and Iran don't want Trump to win re-election.

- Pelosi referred to a US intelligence assessment, not a statement by Chinese officials.

The Trump campaign's most popular ad takes Biden's statements out of context and pivots to his son's business dealings in China. However, there is no evidence of corruption, and foreign interference in the election is a significant concern. It is essential to look at the facts and context to make informed decisions.

Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads • Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016

We conducted a focus group research study to gather the opinions of Trump's loyal supporters on his campaign ads. The participants were shown fake ads that were designed to push the limits of their support for Trump's vision for America. Here are some of the key points that emerged from the discussion:

- The study aimed to explore how far Trump's loyal supporters can be pushed in their support for him.

- The participants were shown fake campaign ads, and their reactions were recorded.

Campaign Ad 1:

- The ad suggested that guns should be available in every ladies' room in America to prevent transgender people from using women's restrooms.

- Most participants disagreed with the idea, believing that people should use restrooms according to their biological sex.

- Some participants felt that the issue had arisen due to Caitlyn Jenner's public transition and Obama's policies.

Campaign Ad 2:

- The ad implied that Hillary Clinton might not be a woman, and Obama may be a woman.

- Most participants found the ad entertaining and saw it as Trump's way of counter-punching against the media.

- Some participants preferred Trump's blunt and straightforward style of campaigning.

Campaign Ad 3:

- The ad proposed an invisible electric fence to keep illegal immigrants out of America.

- Most participants thought it was a good idea, but they were skeptical about the logistics of getting all Mexicans to wear shock collars or bracelets.

- Some participants suggested alternative solutions such as chips in the arm or vaccination.

Campaign Ad 4:

- The ad suggested using porta-potties as bait to lure Mexicans into a trap and then deporting them.

- Most participants found the ad humorous but saw it as a starting point for a more practical solution.

- Some participants questioned the ethics of such a plan and its potential impact on innocent people.

- Trump's supporters appreciate his direct and unfiltered approach to campaigning.

- They are willing to support him even if his ideas are controversial or unconventional.

- However, they also expect him to surround himself with intelligent advisors who can help him implement practical solutions to the challenges facing America.

We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day

In this article, we will be discussing a humorous video in which two people attempt to eat like Donald Trump for all their meals. They document their experience and share their thoughts and reactions throughout the day.


- The video starts with the two individuals expressing their desire to be the best and number one.

- They begin their day with an Egg McMuffin and a Diet Coke for breakfast, followed by a three-cookie snack.

- For lunch, they have two Big Macs and two fish fillets but remove the bread from the sandwiches and eat them with a knife and fork.

- They complain about the lack of food and how they are still hungry despite eating a lot.

- For dinner, they have a well-done steak with tureens of gravy and a bacon crumble salad with Roquefort dressing.

- They end the day with a chocolate cream pie with two scoops of ice cream.

- Throughout the video, they make jokes and comment on their experience, often using colloquialisms and interjections.

- They also discuss their thoughts on Donald Trump's eating habits and how they compare to their own.


- While the video is humorous, it highlights some unhealthy eating habits and excessive consumption of processed foods and sugary drinks.

- The lack of variety and nutrients in their meals can lead to health issues in the long run.

- The video also showcases a lack of portion control and mindfulness while eating, leading to overeating and discomfort.

The video is entertaining to watch, but it also sheds light on some concerning eating habits. It is important to have a balanced and nutritious diet and practice portion control and mindfulness while eating. We can learn from their experience and make healthier choices for ourselves.

trump new campaign ads

This article discusses the recent update on the 2020 Presidential Election, with the Trump campaign running new attack ads against presumptive nominee Joe Biden. A Wake Forest political scientist was interviewed to provide insight into the ads and what voters can expect in the months ahead.

- The Presidential Election is in exactly 24 weeks

- The Trump campaign has started running new attack ads against Joe Biden

- A Wake Forest political scientist was interviewed to discuss the ads and the upcoming race for the White House

Trump Country:

- President Trump and his supporters refer to North Carolina as Trump Country

- He earned the 15 electoral votes by defeating Hillary Clinton by a larger margin than polls predicted

- However, a majority of North Carolinians did not cast a ballot for Donald Trump

- North Carolina is expected to be hard-fought and is one of the small number of states that will decide the election

Attack Ads:

- The Trump campaign has attack ads targeting Joe Biden over his relationship with China, where the virus originated

- The ad aims to make it clear that President Trump was right to impose a travel ban and that Biden was wrong to call it hysterical xenophobia

- Biden points to the need for diplomacy and working with China to stop the way they had been ripping off the United States in trade

- The Wake Forest political science professor says the ad designers are hoping and expecting viewers to pick up on the implied message that Biden is not fit to be president

Campaign Challenges:

- Large gathering restrictions remain in place, making it unclear when or if voters will be able to see the candidates in person

- The Trump campaign is intent on getting back to rallies when it is safe

- A spokesperson for the Biden campaign responds to the ads by criticizing Trump's failed leadership and neglecting warnings from experts and Biden himself

- The Trump campaign is encouraged by recent internal polling showing he has closed the gap from being down nine points four weeks ago to being tied

- Voters can expect to see more ads in the weeks ahead, but it remains uncertain when they will be able to see the candidates in person.

Watch Donald Trump's First Campaign TV Ad

Donald Trump airs TV ad focusing on immigration policy

- Ad aired for the first time in battleground states

- Ad portrays America under Hillary Clinton as rigged against Americans

- Ad focuses on Syrian refugees, illegal immigrants, and convicted criminals

- Ad claims that Trump's America will be secure and safe for families

- Trump aims to keep focus on Clinton's perceived shortcomings, rather than his own personality

- Republican Party wants campaign to be a referendum on Clinton, not Trump

- Trump's recent speech focused heavily on attacking Clinton

- Trump needs to focus on key states and run a more conventional campaign

- Kellyanne Conway, new campaign manager, suggests focusing on 7-8 key states

- Trump needs to win key Democrat states in the Upper Midwest and Florida to have a chance of winning the election.

The Justice Department Investigates Trump & Instagram Faces Backlash | The Daily Show

President Biden has tested negative for COVID-19 and received approval from his doctor to come out of isolation.

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to combat inflation, making it harder to buy a house.

Two studies have concluded that COVID-19 likely started at the Wuhan markets, leading to questions about what to do with this information.

The jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery is over a billion dollars, leading to discussions about how lotteries are essentially a form of taxation.

The Justice Department is investigating Donald Trump's involvement in the plot to overturn the election.

China is considering invading Taiwan, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to visit Taiwan has created tension between the US and China.

Instagram users are complaining about the platform's changes, which include more video content.

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have called for Instagram to make Instagram Instagram again and stop trying to be TikTok.

CEO Adam Moseri defended the changes, stating that they are designed to improve the user experience.

Overall, the world is facing a variety of challenges, including COVID-19, inflation, geopolitical tensions, and changes to social media platforms. It remains to be seen how these issues will be resolved and what impact they will have on people's lives.

Trump Releases First TV Campaign Ad

The 2016 US presidential election is heating up, with Donald Trump releasing his first TV ad targeting his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The ad features some of Trump's most controversial proposals, including a temporary shutdown of Muslims entering the US and building a wall on the southern border. Meanwhile, Clinton is facing questions about her husband's past and how she plans to use him on the campaign trail.

Main Points:

- Donald Trump has released his first TV ad targeting Hillary Clinton, featuring controversial proposals.

- Clinton is facing questions about her husband's past and how she plans to use him on the campaign trail.

- The war of words between Trump and Clinton is heating up, with both candidates trading insults and accusations.

- The Clinton campaign is not backing down in the face of Trump's attacks, and is keeping Bill Clinton on the campaign trail as a secret weapon.

Bullet Points:

- Trump's ad calls for a temporary shutdown of Muslims entering the US and building a wall on the southern border.

- Clinton is facing questions about her husband's past, including accusations of sexual assault.

- The war of words between Trump and Clinton is getting more heated.

- The Clinton campaign is not backing down and is keeping Bill Clinton on the campaign trail.

As the first big vote in Iowa approaches, the 2016 US presidential election is getting more intense. Trump and Clinton are trading barbs and accusations, and the Clinton campaign is facing questions about how it plans to use Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. It remains to be seen how this will all play out, but one thing is clear: the race for the White House is on.

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