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Trustworthy China Dropship Agent

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the presenter shares strategies for finding a dropshipping sourcing agent to help source and ship products for your Shopify store. The agent can be from China or the US and can offer discounts on products.

- The video discusses finding a dropshipping sourcing agent to help scale your business and offer product ideas.

Strategies for finding an agent:

- Start by searching on AliExpress and reaching out to sellers to build a relationship.

- Look for companies that act as dropshipping agents, such as Sourcing Box or HyperSKU.

- Hire an independent agent through websites like Upwork.

- Join dropshipping groups on social media sites like Facebook or Reddit to find leads and connections.

Tips for finding a trustworthy agent:

- Look for agents with a track record of success and positive reviews.

- Ask for videos or evidence of their sourcing facilities and warehouses.

- Be careful of scams and anonymous individuals who may not be legitimate agents.

- The presenter encourages viewers to work with him and his team for mentorship and strategy building for their Shopify business.

How To Find a Good Sourcing Agent For Dropshipping 2022? |5 Must Ask Questions To The Sourcing Agent

Tips for Finding a Reliable Sourcing Agent

Are you looking for a sourcing agent to help you scale up your business? Here are some tips to help you find a reliable one.

1. One Person Service Provider or Company:

- Be careful when working with a single service provider as the risk of getting scammed is higher.

- A bigger company may be more reliable and safer to work with.

2. Look for Experience:

- Choose a sourcing agent who has been in the game for at least five years.

- Experienced agents have built up relationships with different factories and are more resourceful and dependable.

3. Reviews and Feedback:

- Check social media platforms for reviews and feedback.

- A sourcing agent with a social media presence is more credible and reachable.

- Ask for customer feedback or referrals to check their background.

4. Communication:

- Make sure your primary point of contact has good written and spoken English ability.

- It is essential that they can perfectly speak both your language and the language of the supplier.

5. After-Sale Support:

- Understand how your agent will handle any problems that arise.

- Knowing how they will handle defective or damaged goods will give you an idea of how they will handle problems in the future.

Working with a reliable sourcing agent can make your journey easier and increase your potential for success. Daily Fulfill is here to help at every step of the way. Contact us on our website or join our Facebook group for more information. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel!

Cheapest Price=Best Option? How to Find a Reliable Dropshipping Agent |Wholesale Supplier From China

Hey guys, this is Echo from Daily Fulfill. Welcome to our Daily Fulfilled channel. Many of you might be still looking for the cheapest price, but is the cheapest price always the best option for you? I really doubt that. You might say that you need the cheapest prices to maximize your margins, but I'm afraid that it is not true if you consider it in the long run. Today, I'm going to tell you why Chippsy Surprise is not always the best option.

Reasons why the cheapest price is not always the best option:

1. Poor product quality

- The same type of product can have various qualities. Take leggings, for example. The inner fabric difference leads to different hand feel and weight.

- A weight of 300 grams costs 5,500 grand at 700 grams. So the prices could be a lot different.

- The thinnest one is the cheapest one, and it is difficult to tell differences from photos.

- So, you sell good quality leggings in your store, but your suppliers ship the poor quality one. Imagine how many complaints you will receive from customers.

2. Slow and very new shipping methods

- The cost of e-packet shipping is cheaper than the price of sea shipping, but the shipping service of an e-packet will bring you a lot of headaches.

- No checking updates for a long time and stuck at warehouse or customs.

- Your customers have to wait months to get their parcels and keep asking you where the parcel is.

- Also, some new shipping methods provided, and you are not familiar with claiming three to five days shipping worldwide but quite cheap prices. You need to know the truth that fast shipping costs cannot be cheap.

- New shipping methods mean not much experience. Whether they are capable of handling large order quantities in holiday seasons or they have a good solution for local delivery, we have no idea, but it is risky to do that.

3. No guaranteed after-sales service

- They only need to ship out your orders, and you don't even know if they do take good care of your orders until your customers receive parcels.

- But what if some issues happen, like the parcel lost, possible damage, inferior products, etc. You will need to deal with all complaints by yourself, even some issues caused by your agent, but they don't need to take responsibility for that because you paid services which after-sales service was not included.

- And many customer staff start disputes and ask for returns. You paid the cheapest prices to maximize your margins, but in the end, you have to pay more to deal with after-sales issues. Things will become nasty, and I believe that you don't want to get into these situations.

If you are now scaling up professional and reliable dropshipping agent as a partner is super vital. The best fulfillment service is much more important than the cheapest prices. Quality products, reasonable prices, faster shipping, guaranteed after-sales service, and good communications matter a lot. All of these bring your customers better shopping experience, happier customers, and higher sales. Hope you guys find this video helpful to you, and millions thanks if you give us a thumbs up. Show the support with this video and don't miss out by subscribing to our channel. I will keep updating ladies and news in the e-commerce business. We share a lot of related content in our Facebook group as well. Also, check out on our website datingfulfill.com. You can get free quotes there. What we deliver will provide is one on one VIP service for each professional drop shipper. Daily Fulfill is a solid support, and you just focus on what matters. We make your business easy, and we scale together. This is Echo from Daily Fulfill. Thanks for tuning in. See you soon. Bye.

Hot to find a Good Dropshipping Agent in China?

Title: Tips on Evaluating and Hiring a Drop Shipping Agent for Your Africa Business

In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to evaluate and hire a drop shipping agent for your Africa business. We will cover when is a good time to hire an agent, how to find a drop shipping agent, and what to look for in a drop shipping agent.

When is a Good Time to Hire a Drop Shipping Agent?

- If you are just starting and don't have a winner, it's best to dropship from an express platform.

- Once you have found a winning product, it's time to hire a drop shipping agent.

- A drop shipping agent can help you find direct manufacturers from factories, lower your tracing costs, improve your shopping process, and enhance customer experiences.

How to Find a Drop Shipping Agent?

- Search for drop shipping agent reviews or drop shipping suppliers on Google or YouTube.

- Evaluate the agent's performance and ensure they offer instant communication and support.

- Look for agents with applications that integrate with your Shopify store for convenient order management.

What to Look for in a Drop Shipping Agent?

- Make sure the agent doesn't recommend hot products and sources products only for you.

- Ensure the agent provides excellent customer support and has a team of specialists to assist you.

Hiring a drop shipping agent can help you grow your Africa business by reducing costs and enhancing customer experiences. Use these tips to evaluate and hire the right agent for your business's needs. Visit our website to sign up for our drop shipping services and receive support from our team of specialists.

Experience With Best Sourcing Agent & DropShipping Agent from China | Stanley Nieh

Hello everyone! My name is Benny and I have been doing dropshipping for the last year. For the past six months, I have been working with CJ Dropshipping. Today, I would like to share my experience of working with them. But before that, I would like to show you the beautiful place I am in right now, called Pushkar. It is located in the Rajasthan desert in India and I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Experience with CJ Dropshipping:

- Communication: One of the biggest challenges while working with suppliers in China is communication. However, with CJ Dropshipping, I have a sourcing agent named Jeff, who is available 24/7 for any technical or other issues that I have. Jeff has excellent English and always responds on time with solutions for my problems. This has made communication much easier and smoother.

- One Stop Shop: CJ Dropshipping serves as a one-stop-shop for all your dropshipping needs. If you are dealing with multiple vendors in China, CJ can work with all of them and get you most of the items that the other suppliers have. They can get it for you directly, usually at a better price than Aliexpress. They offer lower shipment fees and much faster turnaround time, which means your clients will get the items much faster.

- CRM System: CJ Dropshipping has a very good CRM system that connects to your Shopify app. Through this system, you can connect all the items that you found on Aliexpress and CJ will source it for you. It is very easy to handle and they always offer excellent customer support.

In conclusion, CJ Dropshipping is an excellent company that I would recommend very warmly. If you use them, your business will look much better and your way of handling products from China will become much easier. They have many other options like print on demand and custom items that you can explore. I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for reading!

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping: Why AliExpress Isn't the Way to Go

- Drop Shipping has faced criticism due to low quality products, long shipping times, and scammy websites associated with AliExpress.

- Nathan Nazareth, an e-commerce expert with multiple seven-figure online sales, addresses the issue and explains why having a private supplier is crucial for success.

Why AliExpress Fails as a Supplier:

- Long shipping times and poor product quality result in dissatisfied customers.

- Overcomplicated process leads to more money spent on customer service, refunds, and chargeback requests.

- No reliability or accountability from AliExpress product pages results in a bad reputation for Drop Shipping.

The Benefits of Having a Private Supplier:

- Faster shipping times, typically two to five days, and potential for white labeling.

- Negotiations for lower prices and better shipping options as volume increases.

- Improved profit margins over time.

How to Find a Private Supplier:

- Reach out to suppliers specializing in the product you're selling.

- Contact smaller suppliers who are more flexible with terms.

- Use Auto DS or other platforms to connect with agents or suppliers directly.

- Be cautious and build relationships with suppliers to avoid scams.

- Drop Shipping isn't dead, but AliExpress as a supplier is unsustainable in the long run.

- A private supplier is necessary for success in e-commerce.

- Finding a private supplier can be tricky, but with the right methods and caution, it is possible to establish a reliable and profitable relationship.

Reliable Sourcing Agent From China To Help You Grow Your Dropshipping Business

Are you tired of the high product prices on Aliexpress? Do you want to save 15% of your inventory cost? My name is Jing Shan, a sourcing specialist with over 10 years of experience in China. Today, I am here to help you grow your shipping business.

Benefits of Using 1688 and Local Chinese Carriers:

- Lower product prices compared to Aliexpress (5-15%)

- Faster delivery times (1 week for Australia, USA, Canada, UK; 7-14 days for other countries)

- Full range of customized services for branding and marketing strategies

Why You Need a Reliable Sourcing Agent:

- Language barrier with suppliers on 1688 and local Chinese carriers

- Common problems with Aliexpress sellers (long processing times, middleman fees, limited customized services)

How I Can Help You:

- Free product sourcing service

- Reasonable fees

- Support from product sourcing to order fulfillment

If you want to save money and time while getting the full range of customized services for your business, reach out to me through my Facebook. Let's work together for a win-win business relationship.

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